How long until this gets deleted?

Yeah he has pedo face (thumbnail) and the gamma smug demeanor, that’s why they want to visit the little girl’s room. In the UK they’ve been caught showing up at all-girl schools. That’s why women hate gammas we sense the Well actually it’s hebe speech. Like ‘let’s be reasonable’ gaslight. Or wanting abortion clinics but low taxes and to claim political neutrality (if you want the Pill and abortion clinics for consensually made babies, you’re Left wing). Libertarians are lefties. They’re just openly selfish lefties.

It isn’t pattern recognition, it’s predation. They isolate a weak vulnerable target and are sadistically aroused by domineering and inflicting pain on them. It’s nurture that makes the pedo, not nature.

“science says” no it doesn’t citation? quite the opposite, pedos were often abused themselves, called cycle of abuse

apparently – there it is

“attraction not the action”

it’s both, this is why lesbians are never based

it’s like saying you have a driver’s license but you’re not a driver because you’re not in your car 24/7

All child abusers are pedophiles, as are the ones who long to abuse a child and haven’t YET. It’s the same group, at different times. Hungers don’t go away the longer you obsess over them.

The thing pedophilia has in common is the DESIRE to abuse children.

Some desires are unacceptable e.g. maiming, torturing, murdering.

So important I made a venn.

I posted how Youtube is enabling pedos (MAPs/minor-attracted persons sounds a lot better than child abuser, dunnit? child predator) but videos like this will probably get taken down.

New rules kick in Jan 5th? Nobody is talking about it?

Meanwhile they post all the race mixing propaganda that genocides white people, which is apparently fine. So discussion of sexuality is fine, as long as it’s the Love is Love pedo political stance. That’s more powerful than a national government.

It needs to be law that people can disapprove of sexual attraction (from pedos to their close kin furries and weebs). I can’t believe it, but it needs to be. No exceptions. Otherwise parents cannot reproach their own kids. Consider the consequences of that. They can get to the children, to self-hate and never breed and it becomes ‘hate speech’ (is Youtube a government?) to tell your daughter no mudsharking and your son no rice cooking.

People call them monsters because they see the outcome statistics of child abuse.

They either go gay, get a drug problem, sleep around, commit suicide or all four.

Sexual attraction is a choice because it’s a series of actions.

Like porn abuse. You choose to look it up, ogle and form preferences.

Paraphilias are a choice.

The Devil made you do it, that is no excuse.

Degeneracy is a personal character defect. Nobody forces them Clockwork Orange style to watch toddlers in bikinis or teenager try-on videos.

Some of the mommy bloggers literally post stuff to appease pedos, including nude pics of their kids on instagram. Enabling, aiding and abetting pedophilia needs to be a crime.

Otherwise the Marxist grooming teachers get away with it.

You can’t let porn exist on the internet then wonder why it’s traumatising kids into weird fetishes because they’re groomed with it as minors.

You see this common argument from weak men like “but my porn is fine and totally not degenerate” it’s designed to change your brain. Escalation like a drug addiction. Supernormal stimuli. It isn’t even depicting sex, it’s depicting a synthetic Sodom. Why do guys have school uniform fetishes? Porn teaches you what to like by horror and disgust, initially. In the brain, the amygdala activation of arousal is the same for attraction and horror. The usual suspects hijacked this. It’s brainwashing.

Porn biologically traumatises your brain, like PTSD. The common pairing to masturbation and endorphin release is the only reason they come back. It’s paired stimuli, classic conditioning. Hence, hypofrontality brain damage, like PTSD cases. Why do you think some men are disgusted by the idea of sex with a real woman? Or a local woman, who resembles their mother? Their brain is traumatised. It’s supposed to disgust the sexes away from one another, it’s the nice cop of Marxism. Isn’t diversity silly, here’s an Asian faking an orgasm who looks 13! Anyone denying this must be one. Pedos can be made and Hollywood knows this.

There’s also a creepy push to make their kids sexual and romantic ever younger:

Who chose that thumbnail?

If you can convince a boy they’re a girl, then what’s all the egging them on to call non-whites ‘beautiful’ all about? Gaslighting. That’s why they wish to isolate the targets from dissent. You can groom someone into being gender dysmorphic but also sexually dysmorphic, which is all a paraphilia is.

The pedos are claiming born this way but porn escalation is studied and known.

Full image:

The pink group cannot separate itself from the yellow, both literally and metaphorically.
There is no attraction to minors minus pedophilia, by definition it’s the same thing.
They don’t need ‘help’, that would enable it, they need an executioner.
Like how crossdressers don’t need surgery, just attention.
This is defending rapists.

Roosh should rewrite his rape article about kids, as satire this time. Switch out the words and republish.

If a person cannot be trusted in public without committing a crime, we used asylums for that reason.

Fuller version:

Pedo logic is blame-shifting with an external locus, to absolve of personal responsibility.

sounds familiar

You can have a lot of fun with Guardian headline makers.

Then again Calisto MT font and colour 160 hue, 0 sat, lum 31, red 33, green 33 and blue 33 do a passable job. Or you can edit my own guardian parodies and switch around the words. Cut and stick job.

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