SJW owned by tiny child

Even literal children aren’t putting up with their shit now.

You love to see it.

There needs to be a reddit forum called Tired of SJW BS or something like it. Social Justice Fails?

How can a generation of adults have such a woeful understanding of the natural world? How the F are you still alive, even? Been in similar situations myself where they had to look it up on their dumbphone. Before going quiet and telling a different, gaslightier version to other people, where they had my answer and everybody clapped. They really are just Cluster B fuckwits and kids know a headcase.

Test every child’s IQ and tattoo it on them, on their forehead, then we no longer need degrees. DONE.

The morons need to know they’re morons.

Gattaca had it right.

If so, SJWs would not exist, having no moral high ground to deny that some of the stuff they say, while there may be grains of truth in parts of it, are generally very stupid. A weak explanation is still weak, even though it’s an explanation technically. They point to the grain of truth to justify it, which is false dichotomy, it doesn’t need to be Your WHOLE argument is correct or not, logically. The premise of debate suggests objective reality so.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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