The goose-stepping Boomers I told you about

Can they just fucking die already? How much treason must one generation (mostly) breed?

comments before they’re deleted:
“We asked a thousand Wolverhampton residents what they thought of the new restrictions, here’s what the only 3 to agree with us had to say.
Old man- I’ve never trusted Boris but I’m happy to follow all the rules he breaks. Nice hand picked responses there.
Never any opposing views…the media are utterly pathetic! 🙄
He reminded me of the old Austrian woman who was asked about the forced lockdowns in Austria. She seemed quite happy for the unjabbed to be locked up(though the Austrian gov logic is beyond me.The unjabbed can go to work,for ex in a cafe/bar/restaurant and serve customers,but after their shift they must go home and not go out to the same cafe/bar/ restaurant they were in earlier for fear of infecting the poor vaxxed.🤪🤪🤪
It must be frustrating spending trillions on a plan for generations, and billions on silencing and demonizing people who question it. Just for it to be slowly rotting from the inside out. Interesting to watch though. Very entertaining.”

The Boomers are happy to go along with this because it gives them a feeling of power to see others suffer ‘for them’, everyone else is either giving an MP answer (about masks, not the rest) or not talking.
People cannot tell the truth on camera though, or when it’s criminalised they could be arrested and disappeared, CCP style.

Nobody asks, what rules? Is it a crime? What crime is it?

The “jab” numbers are FAR lower than 80%. Far far lower. Otherwise they’d pull an America and make it a workplace mandate. However, most workers haven’t had it, including illegals, so the companies would collapse.

If the Boomers were okay with killing the unborn, they’d be fine locking up the born like prisoners, if not marching them to camps to think about what they did.

“If there is truly no narrative then how did tesco do an advert about the covid pass before the government announced it?”

“This man is not speaking for the majority of us. This is the kind of person we need to be protected from. He is nothing more then a yes man an obedient semi conscious sub human”
In another video they found the only three white people in London.

The most obedient cuck looked like a member of the Hitler Youth. This mass psychosis is caused by pathological altruism. “I don’t want to lose my human rights but I’ll do it for imaginary other humans, who are also doing it for me”. Morons. Become a human farm, openly, to be nice!

The funniest part is don’t question the science.
Questioning scientists is the entire scientific method.

White people would rather be thrown into camps and die than seem less nice.
They’d rather let you rape nana than be called racist. What a mind fuck.
The head job of WW2 propaganda has made us suicidally nice. When that mental block lifts, there’ll probably be a mass slaughter because the longer you repress something, the stronger it returns.

All those happily commenting? Fat and happy. Wait until the unjabbed immigrants stop picking your vegetables. Lose a few extra pounds. See if you fucking love science and diversity then.

They don’t love diversity, they love slavery. Non-whites working so they can take the money as a “pension”. The Roman dotage was only possible from slavery too. As they bred with the slaves, freeing them, there was no more pension, so the Empire collapsed. Otherwise, do you think the Boomers would love it half so much? Judas was paid. They don’t see countrymen, they see slaves working so they don’t have to, so they can be idle. Pensions are intergenerational usury, at best. They are anti-Christian.This is why deflation never happens, the pensioners will never allow it to happen. Investments should go down 50% of the time. A widow’s stipend from the church requires they stop being a filthy degenerate and follow the church rules.

We should be able to forgo paying for Boomer retirements, if we forgo getting a pension ourselves.
Ah, but the system is rigged. Slaves cannot say no. Younger people cannot refuse to pay, it’s ageism.

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