Softly softly teachy Brandy

Spoiler alert: camps are made for YOU. Yes, YOU. They systematically reach full capacity i.e. the entire local population. They do this by making people go missing or passing it off as a medical death (Auschwitz was a hospital camp). This isn’t their first rodeo.

This idea you can be a right-thinker and avoid the inevitability of a camp by going along is how you end up in a camp, after the first smaller wave of rebels is chucked in.

Spoiler: all camps are concentration camps.

See, prison has a procedure and rights and evidence. You can’t just lock someone up, but the UK has been building camps as ‘mega prisons’ and I discussed the concentration camp architecture prior.

Camps are for dehumanisation, part of the genocide process.

The emergency powers are tyrannies, totally illegal. Especially since they’re based on lies, like the known lie of that bullshit apocalyptic model of deaths. Why aren’t those model-makers and pushers in prison?


As we have a look throughout history. Any type of government run ‘Camps’ have never lead to positive outcomes. I’m not just referring to world war 2 either.

Australian here. Appreciate you talking about this I feel crazy these days, half of Australians are okay with this though which is genuinely even more concerning

Remember those ones, they’d snitch you in as the first wave of camp attendees and will expect your help when they are the second, third waves. Right-thinkers are snitches.

An immigrant complains about losing family ties, total wanker:

I’m an Englishman living in Australia. This pandemic started 2 weeks before my parents were to come and visit us (including their grandchildren). In Western Australia we’ve not had the same draconian rules yet, but the total border closure has meant that I’ve not seen them (except via Skype) for nearly 5 years. Australia it seems is returning to its national origins as a penal colony.

What did you expect?

White immigrants are some of the dumbest fucks alive. “I moved away but muh culture!” DUH.

The border is not always open, it isn’t a sodding garden gate!
You are not entitled to enter a country you chose to leave.

Sadly not sarcasm:

I’m from Melbourne – we seriously need some international intervention, we’re afraid that this may get way out of hand.


These are the people who’d politely line up for the firing squad, holy fuck.

Another entitled white immigrant bitching about borders:

I’m a dual national with the uk and Australia. I have ALWAYS been aware of the authoritarian nature of Australian society vs dear old blighty. I used to put the heavy handedness of the policing in aus down to the fact that police have a glock on their hip and that there is a dearth of serious crime to keep the fuzz occupied. I now think there is something more deeply psychological going on. We are extremely cuckholded by the govt and people can be very individualistic and unempathetic here. When Australia stopped nationals from India coming home during the pandemic, I was shocked how much public support it had. People were willing to pull up the draw bridge and let their fellow countrymen suffer. I have never been so ashamed to be Australian as I have since this pandemic.

Those two terms are exclusive. They are not Australian and never will be, if you look at their priorities. Assimilation is a myth. If they wanted to be ‘home’ they would have stayed there. They go to weddings of hundreds of people and expect to come back to whitey land. Because we dumbly allow it, for now.

Don’t be an immigrant if you don’t wanna be treated like one.

I like borders so I stay in mine. We are far too nice to entitled white Kevins/Kens, who chose to emigrate and bitch and nag endlessly about the situation they literally signed up for!

The virtue signalling turns my stomach:

I’m West Australian and I’m embarrassed and saddened that this on the state government agenda, not everyone knows this is happening, not everyone sees where this is leading to, those who draw parallels to internment camps are ridiculed, most fail to see it all starts seemingly innocently then the sense of bewilderment of “how did we get here how did this happen” sets in, countless interviews with German citizens after the war and even South Africans both recorded their confusion as to how it ended up and all believed they didn’t advocate for it, but it still happens when people do nothing

Saddened? It’s a camp! You should be furious!

They’re too dumb that they still trust authorities:

I returned to Queensland from the UK, having just watched my mother die a horrible death, only to be placed into a Brisbane quarantine hotel being run a very similar to these camps.

I had very mild symptoms in quarantine. I wasn’t taken to hospital because I was unwell, I was taken so they could observe how my symptoms evolved so they could add my information to a database. In fact they refused to even give me paracetamol for a mild headache because they said “we want to see what happens without medication”. Like what the actual fuck?

They get paid for you to be there. Bill them all this when it’s proven a farce. They were happy to kill you.

This is why medical treatment needs consent! Huge Nuremberg violation! Put the docs on trial!

Oh, they get dumber!

Once I was released from hospital, Dr Jeannette Young, the then CHO, released many of my personal details during a press conference because another person in a completely different town was found with covid of the same genomic sequence as mine. She accused me of being the spreader upon release from hospital and promptly subjected my 12 year old child to a blood test every few days for 2 weeks. She sent a testing squad to his school along with 2 other schools in the vicinity. And after all that, it became obvious that I was not the person who had spread the virus in the first place, because literally no one caught covid within my sphere.

Aktion T4, the early days.

Testing squads become firing squads.

Scaremongering in the UK killed my 74 year old mum. She was so terrified about leaving her home, that she sat on symptoms that eventually turned out to be the cancer that killed her. I’m now learning that her story is part of a growing statistic, with over 750k people in the UK being diagnosed with cancer too late to do anything about it.

They’ll never get it. Depopulationists want you dead, it’s their religion.

Or the ‘vaccine’ is causing the cancer to come back? No, logic doesn’t apply to what that age group MOSTLY RECENTLY have in common. That would be too scientific! Causation, what’s dat?

I’m sure all the resurgence cases are also a TOTAL COHENCIDENCE.

Candice Owens asked a fair question along these lines, “If we (US led allied forces) sent the military into Iraq to defend its citizens from an oppressive government infringing upon their human rights, why are we not sending the military to Australia to save its citizens from an oppressive government infringing upon its citizens’ human rights?”

Oh the white fever gold digger.

Shill for Jewish corporations. Her?

Scary part is that most Australians think that the “camps” are a conspiracy theory!! The majority don’t understand what they have lost and don’t seem concerned.

Oh, they know. They’re cowards and snitches. They play dumb to evade legal recourse later.

So when the people they ratted out go missing, they can use the cognitive dissonance to feel morally superior. Insanity. Fake nice virtue signalling people are Biblically EVIL. Gossip gets people killed.

They just announced more funding for “quarantine facilities “ in Canada. A good question might be, with 80% vaccinated, why are they all increasing these horrific measures?

As an Australian, I see mass psychosis in the community happening here. There is no focus on the Government impositions but rather focus and attacks on the people who are opposing the draconian measures. It is deeply concerning and distressing. I have lost many friends for expressing my concerns. Thankfully my family are all on the same page about how wrong it is what this Government is doing. I am unvaccinated and basically confined to my home. I work for the Federal government who ironically haven’t mandated the vaccine. What does that tell you?

Reprobates hate those with a conscience. They would kill you if they could get away with it, like using the Government as an appeal to authority. Following orders. Being a good citizen, civic duty to snitch. Reprobates are shameless, they have no soul, no conscience, no humanity. Only spite and lies. Actually they’ll lie and say they knew all along and pretend to have been tricked. Screencap their social media now. BEFORE Christmas. Big happenings coming. Epstein-style scandals too.

Never forgive the people who’d snitch on you for Wrongthink. Write them out of wills NOW. Tell them so. Shame the shamers. Roar like the lion of the Bible with the truth. When they side against blood and friends for deceitful faceless authorities, they are always morally wrong. Evil is mundane and mediocre and dull. Doing Evil makes their life feel more fun and self-righteous (not just). They’re human hunting.

As backseat drivers, but only currently. They’d break into your house or trick you into coming to the door so they can take you away, and consider themselves noble for it!

My dad and his wife and my brother live in Australia and I can’t believe this is allowed to happen !!! Respect Scotland 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The society that permits the cucking of re-marriage allows this to happen. For shame. They have none so it’s no guessing where they’ll go (somewhere hotter than Australia). Deathbed conversions won’t fool God, he sees your wicked heart, deceit and treachery.

You don’t get to abandon God’s Law then wonder why it doesn’t protect you.

I am in Aussie… and I am astounded to see family member opposing family member. One lady told me she cant spend xmas with the family because she is V-free. I know of friends turning against friends as the pressure mounts towards 17 Dec to be V-ed or locked-out.

They’re lying about the juiced numbers.

They fear the control group.

Purebloods should avoid the shedding risks. It’s been proven in other maladies to happen. The companies noted it to shoo it. The Moderna founder said it happens. When they banish you for being right, remember this in your will and tell them so. Also, NO ORGAN DONATIONS because they consented to the experiment. Tell them this NOW while they can be smug and tell you they don’t want your organs. This is important legally in case they try to force you later, including emotional blackmail. While they can taunt you about dying of the cold before they do. Wanna bet?

There’ll be mass global violence by year’s end, probably as they announce new measures like a UK lockdown of the pure. Don’t go to New Years’ events.

The vibrants won’t like that.

Is the problem is that too many people here in Australia get too confident with government decisions, people who speak out like you and me about this are thought as ‘overreacting’

minimisation abuse

The government has a hand in all of this damage. They wouldn’t let us go back to work unless we were vaccinated but the rest of Sydney the rules didn’t apply. I’m unvaccinated and I am still in lockdown. The lockdown started in early July and I will be able to enter a restaurant for the first time next Wednesday. It has gone way too far. People have protested for the last 6 weeks every single week. 10’s of thousands with no media coverage.

Another race traitor boo-hoos because they were stupid:

I’m an Aussie who lives in Japan. I can’t realistically go back to visit my family, haven’t been able to introduce my children to their grandparents in person. If I wanted to it would be upwards of $12k just for hotel quarantine. Then there’s no guarantee I’d be allowed to leave. It’s bullshit but I’m glad I’m in Japan – Japan is really winning at the moment: very low cases (people claim it’s because of you-know-what-mectin but despite it being permitted I can’t actually find information about its usage rate), but moreover the government is STRONGLY in favour of informed consent and STRONGLY against forcing/coercing the jab and against discrimination against unvaxxed. Compared to Australia it’s wonderful!

You CHOSE to be an immigrant, fuck’s sake. Cry me a river, Cuckee-San.

Japan is still pushing poison, STFU with your Asian supremacy cuckery.
They hate wytpopo and countries and are really desperate to see them suffer, standard gamma Secret King revenge fantasy shit, like Black Pigeon Nags, they will constantly compare to rationalise why they left their homeland only to bitch about immigrants…. I bet those grandparents are delighted to have grandkids that look stolen from Epstein in a Thai brothel. Rice cookers are so disgusting in pushing their ‘isn’t my fug kid cute?’ gaslight on us all. No. No they’re not. Stop asking us to sexualise your kid, it’s an abomination. They look like chubby little Downies. With similar autism rates.

These guys actually think dating a mongoloid midget makes the manjaw respect him:
Below: (one of the JOLLY cucks with his Koreaboo waifu, actual subtitle)

These white fever gold digger women will delay having children with the guy out of resentment (they wanted Western immigrant status to show off to relatives and later, bring them over) and have the bare minimum number of anchor babies (ideally one) to keep Mr Pasty Gamer Moneybags around. Eventually they’ll leave him especially if he loses money. Mixers lose. Bible says so. They’re not teasing you, they’re humiliating you for betraying your race. As you deserve. Good on the gold digger because those weak white genes are best removed from our own pool. Your kids could be the product of adultery, from the times she ‘visited family’ (ex-BF in a love motel) and you’d never check. That’s omega. Omega isn’t attracting no women, it’s attracting sociopathic cluster B users. I’ve seen guys with literal neckbeards, obese, claim to be Alpha Males because their Asian wife fucks them for the visa. That’s an omega, guys.

How many kids a woman wants with you shows her respect for your masculinity.

One or two kids by IVF and C-section? She hates your guts, pack a suitcase. Tiger Moms are hell in divorce court, ask reddit redpill and MGTOW forums. If she doesn’t want 4-7 kids, she isn’t traditional. If she pretends to change her mind after marriage, divorce her before the first kid, it’s easier. Try to void it.

1 to 2 kids is literally postmodern lawyercunt numbers. They also delay by like 7-10 years then act surprised when menopause means they don’t have more kids. Wake up to this stunt. Like Dog Moms.

As someone who has move to Australia over 20 years ago, from a place where a police state existed I can say that in Melbourne in particular there is a huge overreach as the government is playing games. It is grasping for power when there is no need to. But this is ‘I think’ only overlooked by the people as the people of Australia have never experienced this type of thing before. And the feeling is that there is too many people who are a bit laze thinking that this will soon pass and it will all go back to how it was before.

White people are too stupid to think they can be genocided.

Until it happens.

If they wanted to put blacks or Jews in camps? They’d care more.

Because they view those as stupid helpless groups.

My sister works for the school district in California.She has refused the vaccine and has to test 2 times a week to remain employed or get the vaccination.The majority of her coworkers have been vaccinated.Almost everyone besides her are sick.Because they have been vaccinated they are being required to keep working and are considered non covid illness.The numbers are getting ready to skyrocket in California. The kids are exposed to the vaccinated and whatever illness is infecting them.

ADE or PIE or VIE – or the clotting thing I mentioned.

Another immigrant bitching about their own stupid decisions:

I am an Australian living in Europe and have not been able to go back during the pandemic time. I have elderly parents, one of whom has dementia in a nursing home, who I have watched deteriorate when he was not allowed visits from my mother for months on end. I have watched what is going on over there with horror. But what I have found most horrifying is the amount of people who have supported these measures. People who were usually ‘left-leaning’… I have had many arguments with people who have been friends for a long time over challenging the restrictions. But most were of the idea that what has to be done, must be done and we are doing better than you over in Europe… It appears that media is playing a big role in the fear-mongering, but the inaction, or lack of protesting, is not something new to Australia. It is a highly regulated country and people seemingly either don’t know or don’t care. I’m happy though that people outside of Australia are talking about it, as often Australia (being so far away) falls outside of the general discussion..

You knew that when you abandoned them. Shit people. Scum!

Covid’s Final Solution is killing the host.

The !vaxxed chose their fate. It’s the people following the Holy Spirit’s warning and heeding it I care for.

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