Look at the (weeb’s) wives. + I was right, in news items

I called it so many times, I don’t know what else to write at this point. This is why inter-marrying should be and used to be very, very illegal. It’s like free real estate for Marxist money printers and honeypots.
I am Nostradamus with a vagina, apparently. I am so, so sick of being right. I just happen to have sources from multiple circles who tell me enough pieces of info to piece together. Plus a High IQ but…. well, duh.

At this point, how many of my predictions haven’t come true (yet)? Must be less than six, out of hundreds.

It’s also in the Daily Mail. They have not pushed it, they have suppressed it.

CCP spies all over the place. Not always Chinese.
Honeypots, also thrown at celebrities abroad to ‘own’ them with blackmail material.
I have been calling this for literally years.

Hunt always had cuckface, like most of these losers. I suspect partial pedoface but only boys, it’s the lip’s inability to smile and the dead eyes (see pic). A long philtrum and close-together eyes is a sign of pedophilia in men, especially the sadists.

Note the possessive, femdom ‘handler hand’. She is also standing, leaning and holding him down, common to race-cuck marriages.
Remote control in the background is taking the piss.

Who’d be jealous of a dog like that, seriously?? But that’s literally the only line of rhetoric they have, she has a bigger jaw than he does (see pic). Contrary to what angry flaccid American neckbeards think, non-obese does not equal hot. Not at all. Especially when it has Dumbo ears, slitty high T eyes, no forehead/twohead (mental midget) and the flats of Africa nose of the cliche Mongoloid.

Seriously, she’s like a 2 in unedited pics. They don’t send the hot ones, those would be suspicious.
I suspect many of them are trannies with adopted or IVF surrogate babies. It’s the lawyercunt eyes and boat jaw combo. Doubt fertility.

“The programme has been praised in Beijing for its viewing figures while its reports on the pandemic have been credited with ‘playing a unique role in communicating the Chinese narration of the epidemic to the world’.”

The facts always run contrary to Vox’s Based Asian bullshit.
Get off the Chicom cock, please. They vote Left*. No cuckservatism here, weeaboo. The full bioweapon story will make him look really, really stupid, if not traitorous to American lives. But China is playing 500D Nationalist chess? That is in no way a good thing for whites.

*The ‘Left’ Marxists call them Model Minority, that should be a red flag. Like China.

“‘It’s about embedding content from Chinese state media or made in collaboration with Chinese state media that local audiences are already watching,’ she said.”

They’re literally buying our schools. This is invasion on every possible front.
Even Hitler didn’t have the balls to try and buy our schools.

“He met Ms Guo in 2008 when she was recruiting Chinese students for Warwick University.”

It should be whites only, and they shouldn’t permit foreign students either. If you want better schools, build them yourself (if your IQ tests aren’t fake – and gay) rather than Trojan Horse-ing ours. This is entryism and nobody on the controlled ops right dare say it. Who do you think is paying the SJWs, including Anti-fa? Who wants to destabilise America and get to their kids for Communism?
If white students were wondering why Uni is so expensive and impossible to get a place – it’s your race. In your homeland. America knows they’re stealing national security info from various departments.

Note: they always change their first name to something white-sounding. This is a spy tell.

Part of infiltration. Should be illegal but, hey.
God forbid white men grow some stones. Lucia is a feminine form of Lucifer, btw.

There’s a reason SJWs fear to speak my name. I know them. I conquer. And I’m bloody right.

In other news, h/t Anonymous Conservative:

Storm’s comin.

“It couldn’t happen here” – idiots.

More cases in UK compared to pre-ModRNA

Menstrual issues post-clot shot

Spike detox? Doesn’t work like that.
However, I would suggest potassium mega doses, since that’s heart-protective. Lots of people been craving ‘nanas.

“US tracks stolen funds converted into Bitcoin, identifies the wallet, procures the “private key,” and seizes the bitcoins. I really don’t understand the mechanisms of crypto, which I know is unacceptable and I am working on it. But if the US can identify a wallet, and then obtain a private key on their own, doesn’t that mean they can seize any bitcoin anywhere, if they set their sites on it? Personally, I have always felt neighborhood observation posts were told to monitor neighborhood internet activity for any crypto activity, and get all the info to track and take the funds through classic surveillance and tech-monitoring techniques, and put that in everyone’s files. So IMO, no crypto is safe, secure, or anonymous. My own feel is the elites will set up a way to short crypto as it peaks, and then reveal how controlled it is and cause a crash, which will make them even more money than they have made off the rise of it.”
Yes, 10/10. Digital tulip NFTs. All have a backdoor. Human error a data entry ‘problem’.
Aren’t there Crypto ETFs (see below, yes)? And Digital Birkin bags. It’s a joke. Whore of Babylon Beyonce was talking about this FFS, NFTs I mean.
How does crypto work?
It doesn’t, it’s shitcoin. Rothschild owned. I had an opportunity to ‘invest’ very, very, very early and looked into the security before the propaganda fired up. If MSM is pushing it, it’s dead. EMP would make it useless anyway and any border control WOULD confiscate it, throwing you into a camp until you talk, tortured or not. It’s stupid to brag that the key is in your head. Same applies to a safe – then you lose fingernails. Spent electricity is not valuable, it’s a waste. The technology is not unique. Anyone can make a crypto, rendering it useless.


They’ve been awarding softcore for years, even in kid’s films.

“The Army is looking for internment/resettlement specialists. That is either very, very good, or very, very bad.”
Is the Muslim lesbian President?
Seeing is not believing.

I warned about this.

ModRNA > dead babies
Oh look, correct again!

NZ goes full Aktion T4
so fatal they have to kill them
no depopulation nooooo

High BP, sign of the conditions I mentioned in my micro-clots post

Norway: 98% Omicron fully modded
nothing to see here

That isn’t the Baphomet hand gesture, that’s the Freemason hand gesture, who also worship Baphomet.
Important difference. Proof:

Frank’s Preservation sign of Freemasonry

There are others:


It’s the Please Don’t Kill Me, Cabal sign.

Useful: http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2013/03/billy-grahams-collection-of-masonic.html

Mentioned: the Hell Fire Club, previously covered. I’ve been there.

“It is made to remind the person giving it of his oath taken, that if he discloses the secrets of the Order or gives aid and comfort to its enemies, he should have the right breast torn open and the heart torn out. In sum, this is a ghastly sign warning of death to he who dares betray the Order of the Illuminati.”

It’s a tourist attraction, many have. Satanist Mecca.

Weird the things one grows up seeing and assumes have an innocent meaning, like a song one hears later. Transpires? Not innocent at all. I have several items and know many hand gestures I still don’t know the meaning of.

Theosophy was that Russian woman’s plagiarism job, often seen visiting the NY Library to rip off better writers.
“worldwide community, aim is Universal Brotherhood”
yep the manosphere is gender-swapped theosophy, take a cookie

The Theosophical Society is a worldwide community whose primary Object is the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction, based on the realisation that life and all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisibly One

Founded in 1875, the Society draws together those of goodwill whatever their religious affiliation (if any), social status, gender or ethnicity.  The Society promotes such understanding through the study and practical application of the Ageless Wisdom of Theosophy.”

Gee, I guess pushing mixing was their own idea?!

The manosphere is also pushing Manly P Hall’s work, blatant Satanist.
Which I covered ages ago. By their fruits.
Some of this New Age ‘living consciously’ shit has been manosphere for years now.

The pro-Buddhism push is Theosophy too, it denies God.

Global investors, = China
White genocide in real time. They’re doing it in white countries to reduce white family formation. The need to pay rent will make us serfs to Chinese people and their CCP banked loans.

See (d)

Make it illegal for companies and banks to own family dwellings. It’s monopoly.

Anything foreclosed must immediately be sold at actual market value, no auction tampering BS.

Best President ever:

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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