Halving the remainder

Who warned you about the fertility impact, before a !vaxx was recognised to even exist?


Who talked about shortening lifespans and posited a halving of the remainder?

Little Old Me. It’s on the depopulation tag somewhere, recently (months ago).

Golly Gosh and Golly Gee.

Funny he slags off the old Comic Guy for copes and pretending to know All Along then you get this shit:

“The vaccines couldn’t inspire an immediate Ebola-like reaction, or no one would permit themselves to be injected. On the other hand, if the vaccines were as harmless as the common cold, they would not serve the depopulationist agenda. That’s why I suspected, from the start, that they would target human fertility in some manner, as it would take years before the adverse effects would be sufficiently recognized by the public.”

Would this be before I called it in the They want to sterilise you post?

Or the sperm damage study links, much later?

Still none of these men call that male fertility is easier to destroy than female.

He’ll be claiming to Know That All Along in about… six months.

I wouldn’t mind if he linked me, or God Forbid just said he read it somewhere else. A token hat tip wouldn’t kill him. This is why they ‘forget’ links, being ‘too busy’…. then you wouldn’t need them to regurgitate, wrongly.

“However, the evidence being presented by the Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results”

-or common sense? You can either murder the oldies or the nippers?
I never claimed all my predictions are that complex…. they don’t need to be?
Midwits assume all theories must be complicated and sciencey. Sometimes it’s a basic application of elementary logic. Set population, set endgame. Limited number of methods to play. Like chess.

“shows a plan that is very nearly as insidious as a fertility-targeted attack. Instead of triggering lethal results among a reasonably small percentage of the population, the !vaxx is designed to reverse the recent advances in life expectancy. This lifespan-reduction approach is also much less disruptive and more efficient than the fertility-targeting approach, because it specifically targets the removal of the least productive and most expensive segment of the population, the elderly.”

Not really, it euthanises the Boomers who served them for legalising abortion (while evading it themselves) and slow-killing the ww2 gen with opioids for the STAWK FIRE retirement options plan to spend their golden years raping 13yo thai boys. Pensions profit from early deaths, when you fund death, expect yours. The wages of sin is death and no generation prior to the Boomers celebrated the Satanic Do as Thou Wilt search for pleasure and orgiastic hedonism quite so brutally. Most won’t even leave their kids a cent to inherit, and many Boomers are being abandoned in boxes, unburied by kids who hate them. They even want rockstar funerals, it’s peak manchild. They cared more about their funeral MEMEME style than their children’s lives and whether the grandkids could play outside safely. But hey, the gardener is cheap and the illegal (read: slave) nanny gives good head, right? If it feels good, fuck society? Satan hates his own servants, remember? You cannot reverse medical advances, they become irrelevant. This is the Final Destination school of murder. They have sequentially attacked (Jap organ study) major ports of genetic weakness, as I covered in an autopsy study some time ago. It’s a genetic weapon. Black people have more heart issues only in America due to interbreeding with whites, they’re not actually pureblood African. That’s their genetic weakness. The needle doesn’t see melanin and descend! You cannot medicate out of it. The Bible calls them bastards and says they shall not enter into the Lord’s presence. Marriage was only a matter of paperwork in the past few centuries, historically it was blood and only a way of referring to blood (i.e. bad blood will out). Bastard refers to bloodline adulteration (Seventh Commandment) but Vox won’t admit that due to his own family mixing, alleged by himself.

In the post I cba to find, I modelled based on years remaining, and time each demo would sniff the bullshit e.g. 50 with lifespan of 70 now only has ten years left approx. It isn’t that hard. It’s primary school maths. This is white genocide pushed at white countries but he doesn’t actually care about white people so he won’t mention that.

This is the problem with ripping off the suppositions of others, you miss large parts of the point. If I wrote absolutely everything about every vague whimsical fart of a prediction, nobody would have the time to read it. I’m not gonna sit there counting ripples my pebble makes, I presume you can infer with your supposedly big brain, man.

You could’ve just solicited information on the topic, but that would be humble. Midwits don’t do that.

You just cavort into the situation and assume you understand everything.

Like assuming the fertility angle is about the women, when it’s actually about the men and both HPV and herpes are responsible for dwindling American male fertility (not the women). Or how stillbirths and miscarriages are up because Boomers are still becoming dads thanks to the 70 is the new 20 bullshit. Statistics exist and it’s glaring, you cannot continue to blame the women and expect accurate predictions, especially while claiming at other times men are the doers in society. That includes wrongdoing, men are most evildoers too. The protection racket for evil men means you deserve to die out, America has never existed genetically as a homogeneous country. Why would we care about the race-mixing country? You don’t care about your future either or so many wouldn’t be buggering off to bugger transsexuals? God said to shun such men but when you defend them because they make funny tweets (like pedo-defender Milo) no wonder your political aspirations turn to shit. Women are sick of it. Women are naturally more conservative. It’s Bernie Bros not Bernie sisters. Stop doing the brainwashing FOR the Left, most Marxists are men. God forbid you do some actual research or your base of childless anime fappers might have some hurt feelings as they look in the mirror and see the degeneracy is themselves, they’re the monster, the Jews just encouraged it. Nobody forced them to log onto hardcore hentai porn the past 20 years. Nobody forces them to join Tinder and wonder why the Asian Tiger Mom divorces them once she gets her culturally mandated paler babies? The data is out there, dipshits. Even MGTOW forums are waking up to it, yet Vox is still playing the Left’s Model Minority card. It’s expired. If your waifu will only behave on the leash of being in the non-West, you married a subhuman and you know it. What kinda Elliot Rodger kids do you imagine are coming down the pipeline, and who is responsible for this? Certainly not white women, minding their own business and paying their own bills instead of living off you. Look down at your own mutilated dick and ponder why women don’t want ya. What are they missing out on, exactly?

[The quality of women is generally down too, but those incentives were enforced by men marrying whores. Women mostly want the wedding ring and will degrade themselves in any way to get one. Traditionally, your parents chose your bride, not you. To prevent the whore selection contaminating your bloodline. Ah, but they hate traditions really, don’t they? They laugh at Austen novels and their love matches while bragging they met their future bride getting drunk in a bar – and she dared wear white.]

The 50s are long gone but that generation raised the Boomers due to a shortage of children generally. Some GIs refused to marry and partook in the readily available pussy parade, prior to hippies. That was the start. If a culture has too few marriages and children, r follows.

Why would women want to invest in postmodern men? What is there to invest in? Women see the diseases and adultery and Boomer trade-up divorces and think, why bother? There’s logic in that.

Now Big Pharma is killing off the generation who wanted to be immortal, admitting they wasted their own life. Family men never want to undo that choice, it was more worthy than careerism and fornication – the bread and circuses of low IQ men. But guys looking forward to acting like a worthless whore in foreign countries? The Pleasure Island change to asses is almost complete. Did not expect gene therapy.

No wonder no self-respecting woman wants a used-up manwhore. Would he be desirable in the 50s? What did porn say versus reality?

Boomer Peterson made this error in his lectures, talking about who women would sleep with. 1. That selects only for the minority of r-women. 2. They’re mostly on contraception so you cannot apply findings to normal women. 3. If you ask them about reproducing with a man, the answer is totally different. They neglect to do this on purpose to peddle lies aka women like manwhores. No, they don’t. Would any woman marry James Bond? Seriously?

Especially since his STD-riddled body is probably sterile and hence useless to us. Women don’t want men, they want good genetic fitness. Most women don’t even like men, since modern men are manchildren.
Long live modRNA in the degenerate bloodline, I think they’re doing us all a favour. Evil, but ultimately a cleansing by fire. Those most on board with Marxist media are genetically ending themselves. This is great, cause for celebration!
Future generations will thank them for getting the whores of the sexual Left to self-sterilise.

Mark my words.

“Lifespan reduction is also less dangerous to the depopulationists, as it’s easier to explain away a general decline in life expectancy than a massive increase in stillbirths and sterility, and perhaps more importantly, avoids infuriating tens of millions of young men and women in their twenties and thirties who are in their physical prime.”

Both. They plan to blame the baby thing on global warming. You’ll see. Especially testes damage.

Physical prime means nada if they’re financially dead supporting Boomer pension funds that rely on student debt. Boomers are trying to take it all with them. Why should young people work so oldies can golf? If you can golf, you can work. No more welfare for fellow whites. I’ve heard entitled Boomers bitch about their pensions (since immigration causes inflation) and when I told them “You could always get a job” (literally what they told me as a kid, when I needed school supplies*) the gasping, flustered outrage! Didn’t America outlaw slavery? Based on age is still slavery. In Best Post I discussed the labour strike, young people are not having it anymore. No more free cruises, Boomer. Atlas has been shrugging slowly for years. What is there to work for, when people off the banana boat blowing up our kids get 5 star hotels?

This genomic murder is a feature, not a bug. You listening, VD?

I am not a nice person. I am not a milksop race traitor scumbag making a buck or stroking an ego. My personal feelings mean nothing and the future is everything. This is not theoretical, this is not fun. I do not enjoy this. I hate this situation made by prior generations. Alas, it falls to people like me to deal.

You don’t even see people like me. Our predictions just.. happen. Models become policies, like magic. People like you are most certainly NOT consulted, despite your little online diaries, since you don’t have nearly as much data as we do. Your throbbing ego interferes with upstairs brain and you care about being nice over right if it defends your internet friend. That is no man to me. People like me look at the results, look at the outcomes, and fuck everything else because nothing else is material. Do you want the thing or not? It’s very simple.

I laugh at this situation but mostly the fact I’ve wasted years of my life handling it. A better society would’ve had better uses for a brain like me. Currently, all genius withers on the vine. Naturally, others like me resent this idiocracy. Did you suspect no revenge plots were brewing among such people? I wouldn’t call myself a social Darwinist but … sometimes they’re right. Too many births in one direction merit a correction. Life is one gigantic equation. Know the tree by its fruit, BURN the tree with bad fruit – Bible.

Ah, but the fake Ks never mention that, do they? Do you really think it’s about fucking trees?

What do we need to do for white people to survive? This drives me. Nothing less. I don’t give a fuck about your kumbaya hug the faggot Boomerisms. That rape-enabler shit will die with you, I don’t want those cultural infections to spread to my people. When it’s self-defence, every option is on the table. This is war. Especially weaponising something aimed at your own people, back. A backfire effect. They gave us psyops to destroy our own genetics, after all, turnabout is fair play. A gun is not bad, a gun given to your enemy is bad. If your enemy has guns, you need guns. Basic logic, right? So if the enemy has genetic weapons, we have…? Wait, sit around and hope they have mercy? Does that match white history?

If I’d said this nearly two years ago, it would’ve sounded insane. Now it’s happening.

Vox makes a Satanic mistake. Death is not Satanic. Death is a servant of God. Satan tricks Man into killing himself. Death is an angel. Death is not responsible for your sins. Fearing Death is like fearing Life. Why? There’s no purpose to it. Death might suck, life is more likely to suck. Why bother? Like the emotionally repressed wankers who call it stoic, pissing themselves with histrionics every time they get ‘man flu’.

Being emotionally stunted isn’t stoicism, kvetching like a Jew over Hell isn’t Christian. The more people go to Hell, the better. They aren’t here hurting people and ruining that Christian society you claim to love. Do you think the American halcyon 1950s were a coincidence? Or a logical result of the eugenic culls of the 20-30s? You’re all too weak to admit it, read your own history. You bumped off your retards’ ability to reproduce before the Reich did it. You inspired them, not the other way around. You didn’t win that culture war with elbow grease and pinup girls. You killed the competition prior to their very conception, which is fully permitted and endorsed by the Holy Bible itself. Your civilization comes at a price. The wages of sin is death. You pay for your peace with the death of your degenerates, the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of the Satanic. Don’t lie to me. Don’t try to save them, that’s Satanic. Jesus died young. Are they better than Jesus? Love the sinner is Satanic rhetoric. Jesus never said to stop giving degenerates the death penalty, but the fake Ks heard it. Reprobate scum. Revenge is mine saith the LORD. Do not interrupt with God’s Will, that is a sin also. Stop bailing out the morally bankrupt for your feelgood simpering and tacky virtue signalling. When you remove the punishment and make excuses from male cowardice, there is no crime. You are vice signalling. That is Satanic pride. Adults have a choice over their personal decisions, they have agency and legal culpability. No more manchild “this thing ruined his life” – men ruin their own lives. Don’t do the crime if you won’t do the time. Justice is bloody. Most people don’t want justice, they want an exemption.


Am I fully clear, now? Was this wordy explanation sufficient for my ethical position? Can you model it in future posts like the Chicom corruption as something you’ll claim to know All Along?

How many men truly want their just deserts? How many men just want gibs from God?

What if your lot is to burn? As a Christian, I’d accept it. Some things are more important than individual people. The men who assume they’ll go to Heaven, are definitely going to Hell. God never forgives men who act like Satanists, whether or not they know it. History won’t remember someone like me, and it isn’t necessary. I want results and I don’t care who snuffs it from coof serum to get them. Poisoning an unwanted guest is morally valid, especially when you’ve asked them to leave politely. Poison, the woman’s weapon. None of you blokes really think, do you? Immigrant elderly are crushing our NHS and other systems. Good riddance. People actively voted to kick them out, but pedo MPs refused to listen. It’s war.

So no, it isn’t a terrible thing that people are dying. Death is good. Death is godly. Death is holy. Death was devised by God. God says Christians aren’t to fear death.
It’s terrible that good people are dying, due to the Lies and Deceit Brigade. This is critical.

However, every holy war has its casualties. This is a war of principalities, fought via bodies. Let the bodies hit the hospital floor, they are shells, mere vessels. Did you imagine re-taking the West spiritually would involve no deaths? Seriously? The Bible says about bathing our feet in blood, did you miss that bit?


Here it is.


“Verse 23. – That thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies; i.e. “I will bring them back for thee, my people, to dip your feet in their blood.” The same metaphor is used in Isaiah 63:1-3; but it is God himself who, in that passage, has his feet reddened in his enemies’ blood, And the tongue of thy dogs in the same. The Authorized Version has omitted one word of the original here. Translate, And that the tongue of thy dogs may have its portion from the same (comp. 2 Kings 9:35Jeremiah 15:3).”

Do you believe in God’s moral compass or your own? I put my faith in the Most High. He is vengeful. Therefore his vengeance is always good. He is goodness.


3 “I have trodden the winepress alone, and no one from the nations was with Me. I trampled them in My anger and trod them down in My fury; their blood spattered My garments, and all My clothes were stained. 4For the day of vengeance was in My heart, and the year of My redemption had come.…

This is why Trumpkin hasn’t openly opposed it yet. Does your model match reality, or mine?
Which is better for the future? How to make America great again, like Great Britain? That’s demographic, isn’t it?

Look on every proud man and humble him; trample the wicked where they stand. – Job 40:20

If Jesus can die, so can the mixed kids constituting an abomination. Look at the death rates by race, especially pay close attention to the mixed, where made available. Problem or solution? What does the modRNA do? Fitness test. It’s a fitness test in a vial, scythe in a vial. Who is most fucked by this? REJOICE BROTHERS. The people who traded for donuts and pizza, that’s who.

The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked. – Psalm 58:10

I suppose some weak-willed wankers would consider me a monster, especially since I’ve suggested depopulation strategies to high-ranking people in the first place (including here). I’m no more a Nazi than a Tory MP. Immigration made problems, I present solutions. It’s like dealing with termites. I’ve linked to Gov white papers that discuss demographic unrest before, how u think I know dis?

Listen closely, I have never once complained about it killing people, per se. I complained they were forcing it onto people, including children, and that there was no informed consent. I want it to kill people. I want it to kill stupid Marxist adults, specifically. The vial will be a kinda genetic draft for a war that should have happened, if we weren’t brainwashed. You are not a long range planner, I am. Who would prevent the mass deportations required to keep the peace? That’s required for our very survival? There you have your answers why certain people, including me, never moved a toe to stop this.
To body bag the Marxist race traitors, first we must… tag them? Who will riot against MAGA? Who is saying Down with Western Civ? Who is happy to get the modRNA to preen on social media? Who hates God and Jesus? Could these be the same people? If only we used the lessons of Aktion T4 to trap them.

By making it look like every single ‘stupid’ Christian was going to die. The Poles trusted the science. Until they didn’t. How do you prevent genocide? Tricky question, isn’t it? Apply the rhetoric to the wrong side. Involve biomarkers so turncoating isn’t an option. It’s written in your very skin. They can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. There are no second chances, until they find the cure was a cure… for them.

Will they ever admit it? Compare to did they deserve it? Their own family now know who would’ve thrown them into concentration camps. This is… priceless. Will they be permitted to corrupt the children now? Will they cuck their own genes now? How do you make a grand psyop to out every spy in every family? Introduce an invisible enemy, which doesn’t exist. Fake starting gun strategy. Expose the mass psychosis.

therefore as surely as I live, declares the Lord GOD, I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, it will pursue you. – Ez 35:6

We warned those who would listen. Christians are told to use discernment.

*they refused to provide for their kids and grandkids and now the shoe is on the other foot. No more ageist bailouts. Grow up, man up, bootstraps style. ‘Member? Get a job, freeloaders.

When debts can be discharged or returned as a mis-sold product, then pension funds collapse. Plan accordingly.

If you cannot move out, marry, and breed, that’s financially genocide, see sections c, d.

There’s a reason even the Guardian is scared to quote me.

The Time of Debauched Boomer is almost over. The time of Nationalist Christians has almost begun.

We can vote for deportations, or try to, nice and civil. The Boomers import more Trojan horses everyday, we’re done with them. They are guilty of treachery, carrying the death penalty in the Bible. They will go down as history’s greatest slavers, born to aborted blood, they enslaved immigrant workers, foreign workers, iphone makers and their own children. Vox will never dare drill down this point, I wish!

They even brag about owning shares of the fruit plantation.
Hammer them down on it.
If owning cotton plantation shares was evil, how moreso Apple? The unpatriotic US tax evaders?

Multicultural Brotherhood is Pleasure Island. Free needles. End of the line.
Reducing reproductive capacity to K levels is only a problem if you ain’t K.

3 responses to “Halving the remainder

  1. “You are not a long range planner, I am.” heh
    Glad I lived to see it. Mom and dad were fucked up teenage boomers, and I an early fucked up x’er. Though I have managed to leave my offspring landowners.
    It’s not the generations, it’s the rabbits, and there are more each year.

    lemmings – cliff

    I dearly hope you are prepared to ride it out. Clear fields of fire and all that.

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