Vets coming to conclusions

Therefore, their deliberate with-holding would constitute a crime against humanity.

Are we not also mammals?

Trump signed in that law that people can use experimental drugs for fatal conditions.


Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug.


nb Most cancers are pathogenic so imagine my shock.

Ivermectin has powerful antitumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells. This may be related to the regulation of multiple signaling pathways by ivermectin through PAK1 kinase. On the other hand, ivermectin promotes programmed cancer cell death, including apoptosis, autophagy and pyroptosis. Ivermectin induces apoptosis and autophagy is mutually regulated. Interestingly, ivermectin can also inhibit tumor stem cells and reverse multidrug resistance and exerts the optimal effect when used in combination with other chemotherapy drugs.

2 responses to “Vets coming to conclusions

  1. Ivermectin was developed for human use as an antiviral. It was only found much later to be good for parasites in livestock. Right now, tests using it to control or stop cancer and tumors are being conducted and the trials look good.

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