UK news

Now the arse-covering begins, hoping to blame the common cold for damage not showing up in purebloods. Anything but ADE.

You cannot leave, like, eight eggs just inside a woman that need to be taken out.

If she falls pregnant or over-bleeds during her period, she could literally die.

That is attempted murder.

But this isn’t about depopulation, apparently.

Unexplained infertility is usually either racial incompatibility or latent STD infection damaging the gametes. They never stipulate their STD-checks were both completely clear, do they?

They’re literally Nazis. Scottish NATIONALIST PARTY.

Scotland’s SNP also have State Parents, where basically an SJW stranger dictates your kid’s life if they don’t like your lifestyle as real parents i.e. they dislike your Christianity.

One response to “UK news

  1. Well, I’m hardly a purebred, and happy with that because I have respect for Jesus, the mongrel, as well as all those ancestors who were Asians that invaded Roman Europe for centuries. One really strange thing, when getting the DNA testing done away back when, no race was mentioned and with all my American Indian ancestry, they stated I was German 🙂 American Indians came out of eastern Asia, as did the Germanic hordes. Like my stepmother, a woman who was in the Schutzstaffel, said, Ain’t no pure nothing. Two aunts and a mother-in-law, also former SS, said much the same.

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