Deutsche – dead man walking Is it too soon to say, I told ya so? “Deutsche Bank Culls Top Leadership, Dumps Unwanted…” Too soon, but closer than ever. #calledit ‘ere we go ‘ere we go, ‘ere we go….

The fall of Deutsche

It’ll be known as that in future, I think. That’s the canary. Deutsche bank. It’s mathematics. Population and food production, it’s called food security because historically, riots are food riots. He is gently reminding the Left (especially the Communists) who produces their food, who keeps them alive. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. America […]

Deutsche Bank hates Brexit Yes, it must be terrible. Isn’t, isn’t Deutsche THE bank propping up the Eurozone right now? And they misuse the term logical fallacy. That triggers me most.

Pride goeth Vindicated by He only covers his own ass “has received another large amount from the celebrity CEO to help pay for her defense.” Told you, told you, told you so Wheeeere’s Johnny? I’m gunnin’ for ya, you’re a shithead among monsters. and others supporting “Of course the celebrity CEO throws in women […]

Track record of failure

Deutsche Bank’s Crisis Will Likely Lead To U.S. and Global Banking Crisis “What is troubling and indeed significant for American policy makers, however, is the nearly complete failure of our friends in Europe to address their banking sector, either in terms of cleaning up bad assets or raising capital to enable the cleanup.” Yeah, blame […]

Link: Cryptos and Brexit

Central banking requires one world government. OWG must be forced because it is unnatural and doomed to fail. It’s a tad naive to think anyone with power will just…. give it up. However, Brexit is psyops. Legally, what we voted for is a “sovereign exit”. When we leave, we enforce/prove our sovereignty. AKA the […]

The current year in summary

Imagine living in the current year and thinking Nato and the UN, EU and Co were made for our benefit. Extraordinary. I’ve got my eye of Sauron on Deutsche. SOON I’ve long predicted this but I’ll abstain from happy-dancing just yet. See “Racking up” especially.

Dwarf gold You don’t count BOE? Sweden?┬áThe anal-tight cling of the Swiss? Denmark? Deutsche bank? I mean sure but… like it’s the only one. Think of all those “abandoned” safety deposit boxes. I bet some even date back to WW2… or the Russian Revolution. Or items from Napoleon.

Keep calm and keep your savings account I write today to give you a juicy, finger-licking hint about a certain feathered business story today. What makes the new company so important? “At KFC we listen to our customers to help us to evolve our menu and the choices we offer. For some time, we have received requests to […]

Racking up

Debt and ammo. This is no mere coincidence. I’ve been checking up on my old predictions. Today, military engagements! I shocked a few sleepy people by mentioning the EU collapse war game by Germany. Why does any army fight? It’s obvious what they’d want. Their money back. Please note the source is themselves, […]