The theft of moral authority

I disagree, somewhat. From a knowledge of history. It wasn’t even called feminism until the late 19th Century. 1st Wave – opportunity to work Some of 2nd Wave – opportunity at work 3rd Wave – supremacy everywhere, free stuff, forced outcomes If you read the moral justifications, they can handily break down by generation. Victorian […]

When did British morality die?

The recent interest in the Eisenstadt v. Baird case might make it look like I’m picking on the Yanks. OK, I was, but I can also pinpoint a moment we were morally doomed too. 1977. Subsection (1) above shall not affect the offence of conspiracy at common law if and in so far […]

Appeal to Authority is not an argument

Let’s go through a handful. I’ve had a spike in traffic this past week from people too spergy to know sarcasm when they see it. I don’t mind accommodating humourless prigs but then they try to order me around like I should seek their approval and that’s… that’s a thing, apparently? Mrs Grundy supported Hillary, […]

The weak man fallacy is postmodern moral relativism

In short, you can’t judge our worst because you don’t appreciate our best. Yes, it’s the Marilyn quote writ spergy. It’s a form of manipulation that snidely suggests: unless you cede ground (cheerleading for us, hang Burden of Proof), you must have no ground to cede (intones reciprocity may be given in exchange like a […]

Do women just hate all men? (serious)

TLDR: Yes but also no. Yes for their actions and endorsements, not for being male. It’s more resentment than hatred. Like the hippy slutty Boomers. 7,000 words. This is going to answer some questions I believe merit being taken seriously because it ties into biology and our future. It is brutally honest and true, whatever […]

about Only Fans

So-called prostitution has never existed. It only occurs in societies with usury, financial slavery. Men work hard or die in battle and saddle their families with debt because cost of living (evil concept) outpaces “inflation” (a synthetic form of slavery caused by usury). Inflation is unnatural and must be opposed by all sensible people.The natural […]

Christian leaders to PM on !vax tyranny

https://vaccinepassportletter.wordpress.comIf you’re not free, you’re a slave. It’s that simple. This challenges the notion of the freeman. Does the Gov own your body to take consent from the individual via coercion and intimidation? If so, can we hold them financially and medically accountable, fully, as legal dependents? (nb And how much !vax damage is covered […]

Explaining sex, marriage and problems thereof in this era

Men have sex for the pleasure, women for the ego trip. Stay with me, it’s worth it. I’m giving away Woman Inc. trade secrets here. Don’t use them for evil. It’s erroneously claimed women fantasise about rape. Hell no. No woman has ever done that. It’s a fear worse than death for women, just ask […]