I’ve read a lot of blogs in my time.

Scholar is a fancy word for chronic sleep deprivation with a shiny certificate allowing you to lord it over filthy proles

Mainly, they just irritate me.

As long as the quality is better than most bloggers I'm A-OK!

Why? Because those people rarely know what they are talking about. And should they talk about a subject they are expert on i.e. themselves, the chances are that no one cares.

I do posts of varying lengths and tag extensively. Choose what you like.

I do posts of varying lengths and tag extensively. Choose what you like.

I post in bursts because I refuse to put out something inferior. I have an extensive formal education, I can’t count my qualifications even on both hands (except if I use each hand twice) and I study extensively in my spare time subjects I am not formally qualified for. This gives me a more complete knowledge as I can draw conclusions others cannot see. As such, I also must remain anonymous to preserve my increasing RL status without compromising blog integrity.

I'm so vague I may as well be inhuman unless my ego catches up to me

Knowledge is power, and commonly a cheaply bought power at that. Only a fool wouldn’t utilize such opportunity for idea exchange. I drag in lots of perspectives.

Expect the occasional descent into NSFW. It's the Net.

Expect the occasional descent into NSFW. It’s the Net.

However, I acknowledge academia is not the only field for learning. Life experience, something I have in copious amounts for a variety of (sometimes unbelievable) scenarios, also informs what I write.

Nor do I expect you to.

Nor do I expect you to.

Why the hell should you believe me? I could be anyone? I say: Isn’t that better? To let the ideas and prose speak for themselves without a faux appeal to authority? You could sit next to me on a train and never know. I could be your teacher, your shrink, your best friend, your sister. I could be on TV, explaining one reason for the anonymity. I could be author to that newspaper article you just read. Does it change the content of the message or its objective truth? Fuck no.

I could be anybody or nobody to you, the ideas are paramount.

Once acquired, I taste delicious.

Once acquired, I taste delicious.

To begin with, I have chosen to blog here and see how the die land. At least the ride should be entertaining.

Insert Einstein quote about God playing dice with the world.

P.S. Feel free to steal from my epic GIF collection.

Dismissive, comedic yet strangely informative.

Dismissive, comedic yet strangely informative.

And please use any and all Adblockers, anti-trackers, proxies, private networks possible.

You don't want work to know you've been here.

You don’t want work to know you’ve been here.

If not…

Otherwise these are your marching orders chum

If you’re an SJW or other far-left twit who is immediately enraged and filled with hate at my very life, read this and know that from the bottom of my heart, I do not care about you either.

It’s a thought experiment. Do you think memes are serious too?

22 responses to “About

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  2. Figured this would be of interest. Both are from feminists. The latter talks about sex-ed and how a 11-year-old having sex shouldn’t be called a ‘slut’.

    View at Medium.com

    Remember: feminism is all about equality. All about open discussions! What’s that? Not a rapist? Well, you’re a member of the patriarchy so of course you’re a rapist!

    Especially if you’re a WHITE MAN.

    This one caught my eye. She writes gay fanfiction, is a feminist, and writes about her periods.


    If you scroll down, you will find a story where a girl who hit puberty early (probably didn’t have a notable father figure in her life) and had sex in GRADE SIX. Here’s a snippet:

    “Looking back, I can confidently say that it wasn’t the sex that made her self-esteem plummet, that made her turn to drugs and drinking. It was our peers’ lack of understanding about sex that did it. We had bullshit sex ed that basically amounted to a week talking about how babies were made. No one discussed anything. Nothing about safe sex, nothing about orgasms, nothing about consent, nothing about slut-shaming, nothing about birth control, nothing about double standards, nothing about homosexuality or any other sexuality, nothing about trans* issues, nothing about gender, nothing about anything that actually mattered.”

    None of those things have anything to DO with sex-ed, but hey, that’s modern sex-ed for ya. But we know trannies are oppressed because people say so and women aren’t women if they have periods…yeah, you get the memo.

    As a woman I am all for slut-shaming. I despise them. They are diseased and should be condemned as such.

    The woman mentioned in the second blog – her name is Courtney Smith. Here is where she does her ‘serious’ stuff:


    I believe she could use a visit from you and your readers. Best wishes and kisses.

    • They are contamination vectors, slut shaming also arises for paternity reasons too but the STD thing is indisputable. I approved this comment so people can view it, but I don’t know quite what you expect me to do. These people are messed up psychologically, they’re sadly common, encouraging children to have sex should be classed as paedophilia by proxy or something.

  3. Howdy. In response to your earlier comment:

    I just wanted to showcase the stupidity. And maybe to hear your personal thoughts, especially on the neuroscience bits.

    You’ve also stated that you know anatomy. I found this tumblr where the med student: female, feminist, 3.0 GPA, and who thinks homosexuality is A-OK, lies to people here:




    I think it’s amusing if you look through that archive of young women failing their courses and thinking they can get to med school.

    Also: there was a fundraiser for a black female-to-male transgender who’s asking for $6,000 (US) dollars for her surgery. I forget the link, but I’m sure you can find it if you Google it.

    Given that you’re sort of a doctor, I wonder: what to do with these wannabes?

    • Thankfully the high-stress situations of med school would filter these people out. They want the money and prestige with none of the work. The memory demands alone would tax them to breaking point, deliberately. If a doctor has ‘anxiety’ over basics, they’re useless.
      I make no professional claims about what I am/do IRL, but I do have an educated opinion of sorts and try to provide evidence wherever possible. If only these people had a similar level of intellectual honesty. Still, anyone taking medical advice from the teenage twits of tumblr is too stupid to listen to good advice anyway. These people cite the same psychiatric/medical foundations who used to count homosexuality as a mental illness and chemically castrate them. Yeah, those guys have no personal motives, ever before nor now. They ignore studies which run contrary to their opinions (unlike real scientists, who love that), they believe in scientism, a progressive version of liberal faith whereby they think all of their beliefs are valid without testing, or testing is wrong etc. http://www.aaas.org/page/what-scientism
      This girl keeps using the buzzwords, singing the lyrics, but doesn’t understand them, like a robot dancing out of sync to a melody. She cites Tyson, a known fraud who fabricates information and distorts data. http://thefederalist.com/2014/09/10/super-scientist-neil-degrasse-tyson-doesnt-understand-statistics/ A good scientist would point out all hypotheses and tackle them all, she just leads the reader into the direction of her personal views. How objective. While she bolds the CDC as an authority figure (fallacy btw) she ignores the homosexual rape causing an HIV spike in underage boys/minors. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/age/youth/index.html?s_cid=tw_std0141316 These people are actually damaging to gay people, encouraging dangerous behaviours, and there is substantial evidence “homophobia” has a greater level of genetic inheritance than homosexuality itself. Making its shaming bigoted, by its own admission. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18347968
      Ideally, it would be socially acceptable to laugh down any SJW who tries to get on a humourless high horse as if reading blogs equate to a formal education (cough cough). They’re clearly living in a deluded wonderland detached from common reality. I think in our lifetime we will see a recognition from psychiatry, if they’re honest. Social Justice Syndrome, anyone? Perpetual state of victimhood is a symptom common to many mental ailments.
      I think the tide will turn. They will do something, attack somebody at a demo, get somebody killed if they’re allowed to go unchecked, above the law.

  4. The is some of the most sophomoric self-indulgent wank I’ve read online.

    lol “I approved this comment so people can view it”. So fragile you couldn’t stand the heat.

  5. “To let the ideas and prose speak for themselves without a faux appeal to authority”

    This is laudable, but wouldn’t it work better if you didn’t mention your numerous qualifications and “increasing RL status”?

    • Yeah, except I like making money. Lots of money. As do my friends, who help out with info. I’m not throwing anyone under the bus for the approval of strangers. My predictions and info keep being revealed as truthful.
      Well, people do pose questions to me about these things, better not to ignore it entirely. I’m just admitting that I have sources, that is all.

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  7. Hello,

    You say females chose a male largely based on how he looks (I remember a graph you made)
    Doesn’t that contradict the whole game theory ?

    So basically you’re saying to us guys, get fit, and if you’re not genetically blessed, you will never attract women at that point?

      • So even if a guy is “socially awkward”, perhaps a bit introverted, it doesn’t matter if he is hot ?
        What if he’s poorer than you ?

        Will a girl laugh at a 21 year old male virgin ?

        It feels very refreshing to read red pill truths from a female.

  8. Finally someone with good Viveka. (Sanskrit Term for the mind’s ability to Discriminate information using one’s wisdom to find what’s right and wrong, or what’s real and fake, “Right Understanding”)

    Most people are lacking in this ability. They subscribe to a certain philosophy and start taking everything as the Truth, whether it be Religion, Politics, Lifestyle, Social Views and groups,etc. They stop thinking and questioning, just keep absorbing information.

    Well whatever, I can go on. Anyways man or woman,I read couple of your posts they are good!

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