Tesla’s family origins

This appears to check out, based on historical migration patterns and naming convention.


Why do Americans try to do European history?

We can scarcely cope. We have to check which war we mean, there are that many.

Any improvement on this theory, link me, bitches.

Update: would it be so hard to mass-test a bunch of relatives?


Link: Tolerance isn’t a virtue


It has never been a virtue.

It has never been Christian.

It is trumpeted as a false form of charity. Charity, the virtue, doesn’t deprive.

Dear friends, we must keep in mind that tolerance is not a Christian virtue.  We have heard this before. It actually is a pagan one. (Believe it or not, it was actually Ghandi, not Christ, who coined some form of the phrase, “hate the sin, not the sinner.”) Indeed, the idea of tolerance is an ancient pagan idea, in fact, it is at least as ancient as Jezebel herself.  To the point, though, consider a moment how tolerance brought into Israel by Jezebel backfired. Consider how dangerous tolerance is. In other words, at first Jezebel’s pagan practices were permitted. Then they were accepted. And then anyone who dared challenge her pagan practices was killed.  Tragically, this is how false doctrine and pagan practices work.  Indeed, error typically emerges into the church and a culture in three stages.

They never ask you to tolerate goodness.

It is always the same.

Tolerate vice. Tolerate sin. Tolerate evil.

Why? Evildoers would rather continue unopposed.

If you want to play the scientism quote game, fine.

As the great Edmund Burke once said, for evil to succeed, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.

Note: NOT Einstein.

Cowardice is frequently admonished in the Bible, along with the blasphemy of denial and other forms of ignorance, from the same root as to ignore.


To turn a blind eye.

To permit and allow without sanction.

Chaos. To allow pride. To fall from the grace of righteousness and moral probity, standards.

The answer, because tolerance is the opposite of repentance.

Simpletons: There is no evildoer, there is only evil.


There is no murderer, there is only murder.
There is no rape gang, there is only rape.
There is no noun, only verb.
There is no human, there is only being.

Actually, shit, let me put that on a t-shirt.

gay science part 2

part 1



Many misconceptions held by brainwashed Americans.

“Jeffrey” writes

I also wanted to inquire as to if in my previous comment I abided effectively by your 3 specified rules. The civility part seems to be a non-issue. However, what about the other rules? Religion has no right to claim a monopoly on the subject of marriage. Fundamentalist Christian types are opposed to abortion, however, that has not been made illegal. Of course, the U.S. was based on religious freedom, not religious supremacy. There are other freedoms as well, not just religious freedom. Some people claim that homosexuality is a sin, that homosexual behavior is sinful. Now, if people are born gay, that claim holds no water. If people woke up and decided to be gay, that claim may be legitimate. You say nature did not select gay people to be parents for good reason. What about women that still have ovaries? What if the pregnancies of lesbian couples are the result of those kept intact and sperm donations? In that case, your claim could be refutable. There is also no scientific support that same sex parenting is bad, at least none that has been reported insofar as I know. Some talking points regarding same sex parenting is that kids will inevitably become gay. As if that is actually a bad thing. Want to know why there are gay and lesbian people in our world’s population? Blame the straight parents in some cases for that. Either that or blame biology.



I replied with the same rules in mind, so yeah.
You’d think civility is a given but the American comments I get in the junk feed dispute that.
Marriage is a religious institution. There’s no such thing as a secular marriage, it’s the union of two spirits. Atheists don’t have spirits. State endorsement is a layer of protection, it doesn’t make the matter. People can pretend to get married all they like, doesn’t make it any more legitimate in the only law that matters, the enshrined divine law. Whichever religion you pick.
Roe v Wade is easy to overturn, it’s just case law.
It will happen eventually, under a Christian state full of Mexicans or an Islamic one.
The US was never based on religious freedom, it was based on the Rights of Englishmen and America still retains English Common Law, which is founded on the principles of the Church of England.

You should be able to tell from the fact you speak English?

There is religious tolerance, not freedom. It’s a misnomer. We tolerate prayer mats, we don’t tolerate infidel blood sacrifice. Satanists, for example, are still committing animal rights abuses.
Religion isn’t an excuse.

But unlike atheism, at least it has one.

New ones are invented every century. Cough Scientology cough.
You hold liberty and egalitarianism as the state religion. Those are philosophical principles based in the Christian religion. They don’t exist elsewhere.
Keyword there: IF.
It is not, so it is not so.
The burden of proof is on those claiming genetics.
Sexuality is fluid. That fluidity is represented as consensual choice in sexual matters.
It’s a classic mistake to assume scientific reproduction applies to Darwinian sexual selection. Darwin wrote frequently on human intervention making everything worse.
To straw man a hypothetical impossibility based on the premise of evolution is not even wrong. Refutable, though.
“There is also no scientific support that same sex parenting is bad, at least none that has been reported insofar as I know.” You have never tried to look then, there is plenty if you look for it.
“Some talking points regarding same sex parenting is that kids will inevitably become gay.” parents forcing their children to conform to their own lifestyle choices? no, that never, ever, ever, ever happens
“As if that is actually a bad thing.” Did you skip over the part with the drug abuse, self-loathing, HIV rates etc….
“Want to know why there are gay and lesbian people in our world’s population?” child abuse and teratogens, statistically
“Blame the straight parents in some cases for that. Either that or blame biology.” Why not both?

Reminder: Immigration hurts the Third World

Can we see a bloody update please?




You need more data to beef up your gains. Self-referential lolz get old.

If half the global population is so poor, and white people can’t save them because that’s racist, then I guess we should just leave them to it. They can help themselves? We don’t have space to bring them here. It doesn’t exist.

The data’s on our side, but you wouldn’t know it.
We need TED talk level educational metaphors.

comic sustainablepopulation

Otherwise, the pink ones will condemn everyone.

The Indigenous People’s Front

Credit: Disdainus Maximus

Thank you, as an Indigenous Person in my native homeland.

It’s nice to see you dropped the racist falsehood of Magic Dirt.
And the lie of warmongering ethnicity, to embrace righteous nationalism.


The right-wing after all, has always striven to represent the voices of the the indigenous and native over the colonialist and oppressive.

One question remains

The Indigenous People’s Front


The Front of Indigenous Peoples.

This is important.