Biblical basis of socialism and work ethic


“10 Whoever loves money never has enough;
    whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income.
    This too is meaningless.

11 As goods increase,
    so do those who consume them.
And what benefit are they to the owners
    except to feast their eyes on them?

12 The sleep of a laborer is sweet,
    whether they eat little or much,
but as for the rich, their abundance
    permits them no sleep.

13 I have seen a grievous evil under the sun:

wealth hoarded to the harm of its owners,
14     or wealth lost through some misfortune,
so that when they have children
    there is nothing left for them to inherit.
15 Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb,
    and as everyone comes, so they depart.
They take nothing from their toil
    that they can carry in their hands.

16 This too is a grievous evil:

As everyone comes, so they depart,
    and what do they gain,
    since they toil for the wind?
17 All their days they eat in darkness,
    with great frustration, affliction and anger.

18 This is what I have observed to be good: that it is appropriate for a person to eat, to drink and to find satisfaction in their toilsome labor under the sun during the few days of life God has given them—for this is their lot. 19 Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God. 20 They seldom reflect on the days of their life, because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart.”


Bonus: a check against the cult of natalism.

Ecc 6:3

A man may have a hundred children and live many years; yet no matter how long he lives, if he cannot enjoy his prosperity and does not receive proper burial, I say that a stillborn child is better off than he.


Everyone’s toil is for their mouth,
    yet their appetite is never satisfied.

Eco-Hitler, really

Man must not fall into the error of thinking that he was ever meant to become lord and master of Nature. A lopsided education has helped to encourage that illusion. Man must realize that a fundamental law of necessity reigns throughout the whole realm of Nature and that his existence is subject to the law of eternal struggle and strife. He will then feel that there cannot be a separate law for mankind in a world in which planets and suns follow their orbits, where moons and planets trace their destined paths, where the strong are always the masters of the weak and where those subject to such laws must obey them or be destroyed. Man must also submit to the eternal principles of this supreme wisdom. He may try to understand them but he can never free himself from their sway.” — Adolf Hitler

Source: Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 10.

National Socialism is politically applied biology.” — Hans Schemm, Founder and Head of the National Socialist Teachers Association   Source:  Die Biologe 5 (1926), p. 281.

Yes I have met socialist teachers.

We rarely bother to repeat ourselves, though.

We just call them teachers.

Deep and understanding feeling for nature is the foundation of every culture.” — Hermann Goering  Source:  Blätter für Naturschutz 18, 2 (1935).

“The whole of organic nature on our planet exists only  by a relentless war of all against all. … The raging war of interests in human society is only a feeble picture of an unceasing and terrible war of existence which reigns throughout the whole of the living world.” — Ernst Haeckel, Father of German Ecology

Source: Ernst Haeckel, Monism: The Confession of Faith of a Man of Science.  Tr. J. Gilchrist (London: Adam and Charles Black, 1895), pp. 73-74.

“Christianity [is] a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature.” — Adolf Hitler
Source: Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s Secret Conversations, 1941-1945 (New York: Farrar, Straus and Young, 1953), p. 43.

Yep, teachers.

When we National Socialists speak of a belief in God, we do not mean what naive Christians and their clerical exploiters have in mind. …The power of nature’s law is what we call the omnipotent force or God. …We National Socialists demand of ourselves that we live as naturally as possible, that is to say in accord with the laws of life.  The more precisely we understand and observe the laws of nature and of life and the more we keep to them, the more we correspond to the will of this omnipotent force.” — Martin Bormann, NSDAP Party Secretary

Cult of Gaia again. Animism is the biggest clue. Naturalistic fallacy too.

Getting drunk on high proof beer is unnatural, MARTIN.

Source: Boria Sax, Animals in the Third Reich: Pets, Scapegoats, and the Holocaust (New York: Continuum, 2000), p. 106.

The German countryside must be preserved under all circumstances, for it is and has forever been the source of strength and greatness of our people.” — Adolf Hitler

Source: Hitler quoted in Raymond H. Dominick III, The Environmental Movement in Germany: Prophets and Pioneers, 1871-1971 (Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 1992), p. 81.

“Nations whose feeling for nature dissipates because they destroy their homeland, carry the seeds of death in them; they only continue as a nation artificially.  Nations with a strongly defined feeling for nature, like the Germans and the Slavs, overcome even the hardest blows and have an unlimited capacity for regeneration.  Therefore a government that seeks to maintain the feeling for nature of its people is smart, and to that end no sacrifice is too large, no means too small, and everyone who helps with that serves his Völk.” — Hermann Löns, Popular Writer in Second Empire Germany

The Homeland belief is the core of eco-warrior bullshit.

Some sacrifices are obviously too large. Appeal to exception.

Source: Zeitschrift für Vogelschutz und andere Gebiete des Naturschutzes 1, 1 (1920), p. 44.

“Man should organize his existence meaningfully in the natural sphere of his living space, should make everything that nature offers him useful for himself while being conscious of his responsibility, should be the master of nature but at the same time its protector and conserver.” –Julius Wagner, German educator

Source: Julius Wagner, Die Biologie im Dienste heimatlicher Landschaftskunde (1934).

Those are opposites. Wild or controlled, pick ONE.

So much for superior race, ehh?

The morality and customs of Germans are derived entirely from the organizational unity of blood and soil.” — R. Walther Darré, 1931

Source: R. Walther Darré, Um Blut und Boden: Reden und Aufsätze (München: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachführung, 1942), p. 57.

Hippies would’ve been full nationalists under slightly different conditions, they obsess over land they claim is home.

“The domestication (the culture) of man does not go deep–where it does go deep it at once becomes degeneration (type: the Christian).  The ‘savage’ (or, in moral terms, the evil man) is a return to nature–and in a certain sense his recovery, his cure from ‘culture’.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Source: Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power, Fragment 684

That isn’t a cure, it’s a death sentence and a waste. Noble savage is crap.

“Sparta must be regarded as the first völkisch state.  The exposure of the sick, weak, deformed children, in short, their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more human than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject.” — Adolf Hitler

Source: Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s Secret Book (New York: Grove Press, 1961, p. 18.

They would’ve still been useful, just not soldiers. They didn’t have to have kids. Nowadays the people who’d hate their kids for being like them convince themselves they don’t want kids, which fixes itself. Limit abortions but offer free vasectomies, see what happens. It’s easier to empty the chamber than to sell kevlar. Bad people don’t wanna be burdened any more than society wants the burden of them. You don’t have to celebrate disease and the intellectual void of Sparta is a key reason they went extinct. You need a scholar class.

Mentally, each generation was starting from zero, with no evolution, unlike Athens.

By selective breeding out the most intelligent genes (which take years to distinguish from diseased abnormality), throwing the baby out literally, with the bathwater, you pruned your tall poppies out of VANITY.

It’s as bad as Christianity encouraging the children of whores and bastards of rich men, then keeping those parents alive despite the Bible instructions on adultery and whoredom (aka promiscuity, immorality) to keep fucking up at societal expense, while telling smart men and women to go celibate in the clergy.

GENIUS. If you hate us.

Good tree, good fruit. HE TOLD YOU. You cannot be shocked at the increasing entitlement/irresponsibility of the modern average, the Vatican encouraged our moral weakness so we’d NEED THEM.

Jesus told you to burn the bad tree. How fucking clear do you need it to be? DO NOT enable whoredom and adultery. That’s IT.

There were no exceptions given by the tree that says it’s really sorry.

The most virtuous and intelligent must experience the pressure and rewards to breed.

THAT is civilization. When you reward the criminal, where is the crime?

There are more requirements for a driving license than a marriage license. Wow. That is not an advanced society.

Soldier cults are another form of death cult, for the bravest, smartest, fittest. A meat grinder.

Those smart people frozen to death for an extra toe could invent new weaponry, asshats.

You cannot run a civilization with ONE caste, it isn’t a treehouse club.

“The German people have always shown their great love of animals and the question of animal protection was always near their hearts.  For thousands of years the German people have always looked upon their household  and farmyard animals as their companions, in the case of horses as their fighting companions, and as God’s creatures.  To the German, animals are not merely creatures in the organic sense, but creatures who lead their own lives and who are endowed with perceptive facilities, who feel pain and experience joy and prove to be faithful and attached. …Under the influence of foreign conceptions of justice and a strange comprehension of law, through the unhappy fact that the exercise of justice was in the hands of people alien to the nation (i.e., Jews) — because of all these conditions, until now, the animal was considered a dead thing under the law.” — Hermann Goering, August 1933

Source: Hermann Goering, The Political Testament of Hermann Goering. Tr. H.W. Blood Hermann (London: John Lang, 1939), pp. 70f.

Weakness. How many brooding men are encouraged to buy a dog? Disgusting waste, as a visitor to the Romans once famously noted, to waste affection for one’s children on a lesser animal. They were cuddling their little dogs and ignoring their own children, if they had them. To an extent, pets bring down the West. Hunting or mousing or no.

“The German landscape is something unique that we cannot disturb and have no right to destroy.  The more densely populated our ‘living space’ becomes with settlements, the greater our hunger will grow for unspoilt nature.  The ever increasing spiritual damage caused by life within the big city will make this hunger practically uncontrollable … when we build here on this the landscape of our homeland we must be clear that we will protect its beauty; and in places where this beauty has already disappeared, we will reconstruct it.” — Fritz Todt

Source: Franz W. Seidler, Fritz Todt: Baumeister des Dritten Reiches (München: F.A. Herbig, 1986), p. 113.

“Despite all its efforts, the side [in war] that hasn’t got the natural riches must end by going under.  The world’s wealth is boundless, and only a quarter of the surface of the globe is at present at humanity’s disposal.  It is for this quarter that everyone is fighting.  And its all in the natural order or things — for it makes for the survival of the fittest.” — Adolf Hitler, 13 October 1941

So technically Hitler said it.

Source: Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944.  tr. N. Cameron & R.H. Stevens (New York: Enigma Books, 2000), pp. 53f.

Comic: Eco-Hitler Youth girl

Why does this crazy angry girl look like old photos of the female Hitler Youth?

Little Hitler personality, makes sense I guess.

If she didn’t have this, she’d have to be cute. Why do we pretend to listen to loud but vapid children and adults?

Even the pigtails. It’s no coincidence they get a blonde-ish little white girl, is it?

OPTICS. Spielberg knew that well. The eco-Hitler people have weirdly Aryan requirements.

Go be annoying in Chinese smog, Global Warming Greta.

Same chick, I swear.

When the world fails to end before they need to get a job, will they drink poison Kool-aid with the rest of the cult?

“Crisis!” cries chicken little. Meanwhile:

The biggest lie of Marxism (socialism) is that they care about people, when statists will slaughter anyone to benefit the “state”, it’s a mass delusion (sacrifice is for your people, not legal structures) or mass hysteria (The Lord will provide!!!) in that regard. Every “Government” policy is an IQ test until proven otherwise.

Most pollution is Asian – THEY DON’T CARE.

A fraction of fractional reserve

Bank panic.

Remember Trump is a Boomer.

That would help the welfare cliff. Otherwise starving seniors will burden their kids, who can’t work those hours – less revenue instantly.

Capital gains should be taxed the same or actually more than wages, since they did nothing to produce that money unlike an actual job. More popular would be to swap them around, make the CG tax rate the new income tax for all (provide incentive for ambition) and the old income tax rate uppermost becomes the new CG tax. You need to encourage people to work, not to park fiat debt into foreign companies that AREN’T HIRING domestic workers (i.e. no revenue or remittance into oblivion). Buybacks show how fake stocks are. Those CG gains are pixie dust. Turn AWAY from the iceberg! You don’t have enough lifeboats!

All bank accounts you ‘think’ you own, you don’t. Even the rich people are extended a credit line of X, called fountain pen money. Deposit, real, is written up as CREDIT aka debt.

Recently on the Guardian

Forcing immigrants to abide by law somehow a problem.

Omega 6 rancid bullshit being pushed as ‘sausages’

Get the Trades Descriptions Act people on this bollocks.

“Plant-based protein – from peas, fava beans and rice – has been used to create the “sausages”, enhanced with a trace of beetroot to lend a “meaty colour” and coconut oil to create juiciness, enclosed in a casing made from algae.”

Mycotoxins from algae, lead, arsenic and mercury from rice, a waste of peas…. it isn’t even organic, loaded with pesticides. If they hate carnists, why replicate it like a sinful sensualist?

“Manufacturers, supermarkets and restaurants are all scrambling to cash in on a changing food landscape in the UK as consumers embrace flexitarian diets –”

Not by choice, they’re poor.

It found early backing from legendary Silicon Valley financiers Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – and later from Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio – before it brought its first product, a chicken-free “chicken”, to market in 2013.

The “salmon” rolls are crafted from an Asian root vegetable called konjac, a colourless jelly-like substance which is being used increasingly to fashion vegan versions of faux fish and seafood. All the sushi is hand-rolled and packed in 100% biodegradable packaging.

Peasant food that tastes like shit. Hard pass.

Eat what your ancestors did.

Search “ancient [country] diet”

Kill people to save….. what?

The polar bears are being miscegenated out of existence with grizzlies.

A genuine warning, but keep importing people with TB in their system!

He wanted to make a big deal out of it even when they were dating.

Now he’s considered a whipped little cuck.

The BBC has apologised for failing to warn the Duke of Sussex before broadcasting and publishing online an image from a neo-Nazi social media group that called him a “race traitor” and depicted the royal with a gun pointed at his head.

You could give up the title, and then nobody would have a right to an opinion on it.

The image, published on BBC Online and broadcast on News at 10, was a stylised collage from an online post on a far-right platform, which also included blood splatter and a swastika, and was captioned: “See ya later race traitor. #racetraitor.”

fake and gay

like harry and smegs

It raised “serious security concerns” for Prince Harry and “caused his family great distress specifically while his wife was nearly five months pregnant”, a spokesperson for the duke told the Guardian.

like they say to the proles, if you don’t like it, don’t look? you wanted to attention whore bragging about her exoticness, ya prick

if you don’t like muslim rape gangs, stop looking at ’em! they’ll magically vanish

that little narc would love to control his image but his concubine has ruined it

nobody respects him, before we didn’t really notice him

he married her to take down the monarchy’s reputation and succeeded- why moan?

Both the BBC internally and the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom rejected a complaint by the duke, ruling that the use of the image in a report about the activities of the group was clearly in the public interest. However, the BBC has now apologised for not warning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before broadcast and online publication in December last year.

It isn’t our fault you married a fug.

The corporation said it recognised that “before publishing seriously offensive material we need to be vigilant in balancing the impact on individuals against the wider good which may be served by publication”.

In a letter to Harry, the BBC also said it had committed to strengthen its guidance on the use of content that poses risk of offence to the individual portrayed.

Harry’s spokesperson said: “His Royal Highness welcomes the letter from the BBC relating to the shocking image published by BBC News last year as part of a report on the activities of a British neo-Nazi group with links in the US.


disliking a gold digger isn’t a crime

“His Royal Highness raised the issue with Ofcom about the rebroadcasting of this racist image due to his concerns that hateful and dangerous propaganda had been spread globally by the world’s most important public service broadcaster. Due to the credibility of the BBC, their choice to publicise this material created an open door for all other media to reproduce it.”

he married her because of her race, THAT’s racist

he kept bringing it up, he claimed to be spiritually African, he has a racist fetish

he attacked the media about it while dating

While welcoming the BBC’s apology, Harry did not agree with the decision to broadcast the image. “His Royal Highness maintains that instead of reproducing the image and giving a platform to something that would have only been seen by a few, it should have been described so that others would not potentially be influenced by such an inflammatory image,” the spokesperson said.

But the term is accurate.

It’s like saying gingers have no souls, it’s clearly true.

The BBC Online article, which investigated the activities of Sonnenkrieg Division, reported: “One image suggests that Prince Harry should be shot for marrying someone of mixed race and exclaims ‘see ya later race traitor’.”

sounds hokey, registers fake

who in the BBC made it?

I suggest “god hates a race traitor” next time, BBC, with the Thou shalt not commit adultery bit.

Nobody wants him dead, we want him poor, divorced, paying huge child support and watching his kids embarrass him.

The BBC reduced the size of the image online the following day, and removed it two days later. The corporation said the image had been removed because public interest in the article had reduced.

Harry was the only person to complain to Ofcom about the issue.

After the BBC report, Michal Szewczuk, 19, from Leeds, who created the image, was sentenced to four years and three months in a young offender institution,

but he’s foreign, they must be wrong

after pleading guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five counts of possession of terrorist material, including the White Resister Manual and an al-Qaida training manual.

the things they plant, what bullshit

Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, from Chiswick, west London, who admitted two counts of encouraging terrorism, was sentenced to an 18-month detention and training order.

again, foreign

they’d know?

The duke had complained to the BBC that publication of the image fell “below the generally accepted standards as to harmful and offensive material” and there was insufficient justification to warrant the publishing of the image, given that it had been created by the group to incite criminal action.

nobody cares enough to touch him, we prefer to laugh at his misery for the next X years

marry in haste, Harry

The BBC did not uphold the complaint, maintaining publication was in the public interest. Ofcom also did not uphold the complaint, ruling there was “clear public interest” in conveying “clearly and impactfully the offensive nature of the group’s messages” and that it was editorially justified.

Harry later discussed his concerns with the BBC’s director general, Tony Hall.


so you claiming you married her blackness is okay

but other people noticing isn’t?

why not wear it like a badge of honour?

because you know it isn’t

you heard it here first but he’s planning to dump her to shame his family, to salvage his rep (won’t work) and thinking his kids will leave him immune to criticism as a white guy in politics

he’s going to put all the blame on HER (racist) despite his choosing to marry her, that was his plan in choosing such a cold woman

I’m actually on her side now, he’s a monster. DARVO piece of shit. She’s trash but he represents us.

I hope Charlie revokes his title, he might. They didn’t get HRH.

Prince Harry has spoken out on racism on several occasions. In an unprecedented statement when news of his relationship with Meghan Markle became public, he criticised “racial overtones” in reporting. Earlier this year he said “unconscious bias” passed from generation to generation could lead to racist behaviour in people who do not believe they are racist.

like wearing a Nazi uniform?

marrying a black woman to use her like a weapon? ‘fuck you Dad!’

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “This image was highly offensive, but in our opinion, its inclusion in the article was editorially justified as it was used to condemn and illustrate the racist group’s activities, which was in the public interest.”

A BBC source said: “This was an important piece of journalism which led to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of two members of a neo-Nazi group.

why don’t they name these things? because you’d be able to check and see what they were actually talking about

The image of the Duke of Sussex was included to show the abhorrent nature of their behaviour and Ofcom has subsequently concluded that there was a clear editorial rationale for using the image which, in the context of the news report, was considered unlikely to incite crime.

“Naturally we regret the distress caused and we apologised for failing to warn Kensington Palace in advance that it was to be published.”

if police attended the burglaries beforehand, he’d still be alive

black woman complains about ghetto catcalling

druggies are shocked that drugs are connected to violence

Labour forgets it was founded by jews.

nobody wants to live in London

poles sense legal consequences

idiots don’t do research, or talk to historians

[even I knew that]

foreign students too big a profit margin to hold accountable


They’d ban pets too

Since dogs and cats, like humans, are carnivores. [Forward-facing eyes, canine teeth]

Most meat goes to PET FOOD.

How many Guardianistas wanna put Rover down for the Nazi traitor Soros?

Or the SJWs kill the cats?

All Freemasons are like him “muh greater good, end justifies the genocide”. It’s a cult, and you’re not in it!

Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers

Soros meat ban link, hard to find:

Extinction Rebellion is known for its awareness-raising protest events and for making demands aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change,

we don’t negotiate with terrorists

although some fellow green organisations see their methodology as unrealistic. An anonymous person has allegedly acquired Extinction Rebellion (XR) working files that, among other things, contain information on the organisation’s donors, WordPress blogger Paul Homewood reported. The person who uploaded these files claims that they were not obtained via hacking, but due to poor privacy settings set on shared documents.

According to the purported Extinction Rebellion files, one of the over $1 million donations to the group’s cause was made by famous US immigrant and financier George Soros. The sum provided by Soros was concealed even within the alleged XR working documents.

Extinction Rebellion activists protest in Paris, using fake blood © SPUTNIK Extinction Rebellion activists protest in Paris, using fake blood The generosity of other donors was not concealed. Joe Corre, co-founder of the lingerie outlet Agent Provocateur, allegedly donated £50000, Greenpeace – £10000, and the European Climate Foundation – £20000. As of now, half of the money raised in 2019 remains unused, according to the documents.

EU empire, keep ’em weak.

Extinction Rebellion is a climate advocacy organisation seeking to achieve a drastic change of climate policies around the world. XR seeks to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, using methods of civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance. Their actions and threats have raised eyebrows, including a proposal to shut down flights from London’s Heathrow Airport in the Summer of 2019 using drones, although that plan was eventually shelved.


Trump under attack by 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros


Meanwhile, my go long approach to winter-wear pays rich dividends. The other day a woman in a shop laughed at me for buying “all the jumpers” – oh sweet summer slag…. (also, why do people have a go when you shop where they work? Like, I pay your wages, hush?)

We have shortages all the time. Get a space heater. They go first.