Or castrate rapists?

After all, that is the cultural punishment here and doesn’t kill them.


Trivial measures won’t change a thing.

Especially while the media is taking tax revenue to oppose you.
And other forces opposed to your life increase national debt.

The leeches become ever more bloated, but I guess don’t look at them?

And circumcision has always been barbaric. The prepuce has an evolved function, in both sexes, where is Dawkins when you need him?

Especially barbaric in light of the 60s, impairing a future adult’s pleasure should be a sue-able offense. The religions admit this is the reason for it. The purpose is to reduce sexual function. If they did that with any other organ, they’d be arrested.

And sexual satisfaction studies are very clearly that both men and women prefer the body the way Nature intended.

Sexual activity can be good for the body, that doesn’t justify rape.

There is no such thing as an “uncircumcised man” either, America, there is a normal, natural man.

The linguistic benchmark is the control group. We don’t reference tooth decay with unfillinged person!

Mutilated men are often (read, sarcasm: always) dry, too deep (cervix slammers) and “need” lubricant to account for their disability. The lack of natural slip actually increases infection rates on ALL counts, contrary to propaganda. Imagine fucking sandpaper.

Castration would also prevent the “spread of HIV” better than circumcision, if you want to be pedantic.

Arguments aren’t one-way streets. One disease is not any more or less important than the rest or overall health. First, HARM NONE.

What’s one percentage of flesh to another? Loki’s Wager.

The foreskin is a component of the structure called penis, so to remove the whole thing is no more evil.

If you allowed circumcision done on condition the adult child could sue their parents, that would be fine.

If any other adult harmed them, they could sue. Why are parents exempt?

Circumcision is correlated with plenty of mental issues later on and this was known way back in the Victorian era (Freud was sex-obsessed for a reason). The 20th century has taken a physical approach to what is psychologically scarring.

And totally ignored issues of consent, the right to physical integrity and sexual pleasure, not to mention a child’s freedom FROM religious imposition. The fact it matches their parents shouldn’t matter. It cannot be undone once they’re 18.

Christians don’t do it for a reason.

For those who objected to the title –

Is castration more barbaric than rape?

We already pay for castration on the NHS. I didn’t see any opposition with the procedure.

The worst rapists make their way to an area of easy pickings.

The European system essentially pays them to rape.

The purpose of welfare was a bribe to stop all crime.

Please, hold your sides.

They are in violation of their terms and hence, it should be stopped too.

What is the incentive?

There are two components – 1. welfare from a system none of their ancestors died for (you didn’t build that) and 2. no deterrent from the worst of crimes. This is better than the systems of their home countries (death). It’s a sound compromise. If they don’t like it, they are free to go somewhere else, we have a stringent culture of penal codes that made Vlad Tepes look like a kiddy with a bundle of twigs. We have a right to that strict culture (it’s our culture!) for defending those who harm the innocent. It’s the essence of liberalism.

Removing the eyelids would entail many of the same medical risks as these and we’re horrified by that.

Signs you’ve been overtaken

The signs were there.
How is paying for product placement legal? If it’s an advert, shouldn’t you be paying the viewer? Shouldn’t there be a discount? Where are the consent people?
Why aren’t your factories forced to move back? At least for the sensitive technology sector.
Doesn’t this explain some of the anti-nationalism of Hollywood? Aren’t they benefiting solely from their white privilege? Are there other racial privileges?

The people responsible for all this killed Nokia and BlackBerry.

Which culture is dominant?
Look at who’s complimented in films, who’s playing the music, selling the art.

Who reports the news? Big one.

You’ve been replaced, America. I hope your Fifth Column was worth it.

It’s so inane I feel like that time I was trying to convince an actress that no, Botox wasn’t vegan.

Nothing inject-able happened without animal product and testing.

What’s worse than man face? The schmoes who are attracted to it.

Gay but in denial, every time.
In an androgynous time, preferring still more masculine features is indicative. The conscious mind finds that identity too much to tolerate for social reasons.
Another possibility is projecting their own urge for self-improvement based on self-loathing. Plus vanity. Lots and lots of vanity.
If they were really into the art of it, they’d make art of it.


Instapundit linked to a brutal piece on The Death of Women’s Bodybuilding.  Even the author’s ostensible defense of female body builders is devastating:

However true that may seem on the onset, in reality, no man has the right to say that. Personal femininity is defined by each woman for herself and of herself; even if what’s staring at her in the mirror has developed a man face — five-o’clock shadow and all.

Even the seemingly gnarliest of females have an aspect of femininity. As long as she has a va-jay-jay and all X chromosomes, she could make a vintage cigar store Indian look like Cameron Diaz and somewhere in there is going to be a vestige of what makes her feel like a girl.

But the author’s greatest disgust is reserved for the men who find such women attractive:

Interestingly, there is a subculture that finds these extreme cases…

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Lots of options


I guess Hiddleston.

He hates people bringing up Eton.

Never bring that up.

Nobody knows why he suddenly left.

Trust me, I know from experience he’ll fucking loathe you for joking about it.

No spouse, I just wanted to point out it could be hundreds of men.

The manosphere hurts men by pretending this doesn’t happen.