With every modern advantage

I know this has been pointed out by others, but given every modern advantage, our “artists”, celebrated in the media, are still producing inferior works compared to the average in ancient times.

Behold, amygdala atrophy.

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I’m as good with actual art as I am with faces. Without going through everything because that would be harsh, a reproduction does invite comparisons. Gem quality on right superior, shape even and smoother (just worn at top), border is perfect with some gaps, modern border wobbles and varies, While both leg pairs seem muscled, the right is in keeping with the figure and the left on the man would tauten as lifted, a knowledge of anatomy. On the modern, the legs are fat because the left is as big and the upper torso shrunken, the right arm (his right) is shriveled compared to the antique and the left attempts to compensate with fat, almost out of socket from body compared to the antique, where the arm is held close to the body, in joint, in pose to stabilize weight. Left figure seems to have visible spine whereas on the right he has defined muscles including possibly abdominals. The flat hair on the right is fashion but correct for side of head, the left misinterprets this design and there’s no hair almost, the head seems almost to cave in at the back and touch the border. Facial details show the difference the most though. The antique smiles.

With modern microscopes, electronic tools and an example to imitate, this wouldn’t pass muster back then.

Scientism as ugliness

Empty, soulless man-made crap.

Where is the elegance?

The sophistication?

The form that isn’t functional!!!

Globalist culture is no culture.

If you want a scientist on the matter:

“If this does not appeal to you sufficiently to recognize in me a discoverer of principles, do me, at least, the justice of calling me an “inventor of some beautiful pieces of electrical apparatus.” – Nikola Tesla, 1907

Sign of the times

K-times artwork vs. r.

Never trust a teacher.


Despite this being her job, and she volunteered, it’s ruined beyond repair.

Children exist who could’ve done better. And how could a woman get the makeup wrong?

“the art restorer Carmen Usua suggested that it might be impossible to bring the statue back to its original state, due to incorrect sanding, questionable coloring, and dodgy work on the plaster. The culprit now faces a fine from the Spanish association of art conservators and restorers, who plan to bring the issue to the Prosecutor’s Office of Navarra.”

Big fine, it’s cultural heritage.

Make him remove it


By hand.
Defacing the work of others is not art, rabbits.

“Scorning the artist’s efforts, one unimpressed person commented online: “Desecrating historic art is not art“, while another said: “As a medievalist I am deeply shocked that the French authorities can allow such defacement.””
Almost like they’re paid…
“Despite the backlash, artist Varini has remained positive about his work.”
That’s because he’s trolling you.
“He said the circles “perfectly” match the city’s stonework and dismissed locals’ concerns saying their reaction shows they are “deeply attached to their heritage”.
His tongue is deeply attached too.
“In 2013, Varini placed giant geometric shapes across the facades of nine Victorian buildings around Granary Square in King’s Cross, London.”
Kill it with fire.

These people think their “work” is immortal.

I happened to be listening to French jazz while reading this and the contrast is quite funny. These people were outdated in the 1960s. Their “movement” is a zombie, dead but still shuffling.

The art “market” is one major tax dodge.

The issue with a status signal, once it loses value it’s lower than dirt.

It’ll end up in a scrapyard.