Series: Why is modern art so depressing?

The Banishment of Beauty

Well it deliberately instills hopelessness. 

That’s how you weaken the white man (as well as encouraging him to mix out of existence or fail to protect his female relations from “Asians”).

Acedia is currently defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church as spiritual sloth, which would be believing spiritual tasks to be too difficult. In the fourth century, Christian monks believed acedia was not primarily caused by laziness, but by a state of depression that caused spiritual detachment.

Keyword: detachment. The vices of CM media are designed to numb and dull and finally dissect your mental sense of connection to your soul. It’s an occult thing, and a binding to evil entities in its place. How many modern men identify with their vices? Their smoking, drinking, whoredom? How many men identify personally AS their porn addiction? Or defined by their “taste” in porn, which was initially conditioned by disgust? There’s a replacement of identity, like a cult. They are enmeshed with evil. That is the evil choice.


James Bond was the beginning of the end of the white man, a worthless degenerate cucking for the bankers funding Government. Ian Fleming happily married. However, Bond is an atheistic, alcoholic, sociopathic, violent, race-mixing, virgin-ruining, narcissistic manwhore. And kids were encouraged to watch this? Instead of having kids and being a man, graduating to actual duty, he spreads disease in every country with the Mary Sue levels of pussy parade in every flimsy excuse for a plot. And that is why Jewish anti-white Hollywood holds him up as “cool” and the ideal for the white man to emulate thoughtlessly. A man with no future but to die, a useful idiot, a pleb for the powerful, a mere tool. He goes where ordered and does as told. He’s like a dog with a gun. The West will be better off when this worthless wretch’s cultural legacy is dead. He is literally the disposable man, complete with/known by number. Have you noticed how cinephiles happen to be total losers? High time preference is death.

Because the return of syphilis is “glamorous”. 

Men really have been massive suckers, falling for this.

Anti-white hedonism is their sales pitch and the dumber men lapped it up. Only to think it’s mere coincidence, years later, when their lives are total shit. The Boomers fell for this initially but some Gen Y and now Z are actively far worse. For all their faux, virtue signalling calls to “end degeneracy”, start in the mirror, Tinder users.

You can’t slag off those Boomers when you’re worse than them.

Bond looks like a gentleman, acts like a whore. He’s clearly bisexual, as spies have to be. Similarly modern art fakes inspiration and everything claims to be art, like all men think they’re gents, when the term does have disqualifiers. All art mediums have suffered from failure to apply exclusionary standards. Men used to have actual heroes in media, military generals, kings, married men with kids, good Christian men every time. You can’t find a Hornblower type of hero now. Individualism self-worship is a Jewish thing, it’s never been white. Men are respected according to in-group value, the antisocial is encouraged in ALL art forms now.

Their links are dead now, here’s a reupload.

Lefties only steal: Apple from this German

Apple ‘designers’:

Good design is long-lasting

It avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated. Unlike fashionable design, it lasts many years — even in today’s throwaway society.

well they failed there concrete buildings are hideous

they fall apart and nobody wants to live in them

nothing dates more postmodern than grey concrete and white plastic

Apple rips off a peculiar brand of it.

30s German minimalism, if you know your stuff. Braun came after that German efficiency, explored by other white nations too.

Kupka, 1930.

They applied the same idea to the population with mixed results.

Ikea was founded by a Nazi lover, fact.

The irony is hilarious.

Minimalism is a white aesthetic.


Conservative art death threats

Left Uses Threats, Violence to Stop Conservative Art

Conservatives often complain how little right-of-center content exists for them to consume. You can’t withdraw from pop culture, they cry. Engage, don’t retreat.

  • Make conservative art
  • Share conservative art
  • Inspire the next generation of conservative artists

That’s understandable, and smart. What happens when these same artists, daring to shake up the Left’s cultural stranglehold, runs into death threats?

When they said “make good art” they meant “art I find morally good, as an evil person”.

You could make a bloodied wax foetus and they’d praise it if you called it Liberty.

Call it Moloch and they’ll SWAT you.

I hate these people

If you need to paint over something, start with colour by numbers.

Don’t take someone else’s art and go instant karma Marxist on it.

No “artist” would actually do that. Artists respect other works. R-type trash.

There’s a metaphor about our modern world in here somewhere.

They “hate” Western civilization but they wanna live here and enjoy the perks.

They won’t do their own thing. Far, far away….

In a similar vein?

The people who chop up antique books need to be burned at the stake, it’s the only way to be sure.

Like no, butchering knowledge in its pure form is not a sculpture, Sandra.

Cultured people hate you now. They want respect but disrespect history and heritage.

Cultures take time to develop and personally, to appreciate. The people who say “everyone is creative” are 10/10 cunts who shouldn’t have been encouraged as children. Trashing good things is expression sure but not art.

Same as those people selling off an antique book page by page.

It feels like the bad restoration people but intentional destruction of the superior culture.

They should be shamed. Brats who grew up with anti-social behaviour praised by bad parents/teachers.

You know those were wall doodlers.

If I flipped you the bird right now, it would certainly be a powerful emotive expression… but it wouldn’t be art.

Abstract artists replaced by AI

Putting the “art” into artificial intelligence.

 I’ll show myself out.

It was only a matter of time.

Now avoiding the real job market by becoming an “artist” isn’t an option, either!

They look like demons that escaped some Lovecraftian hellscape.

Still, better than Glenn Brown.

Like something a mad syphilitic patient would paint in the asylum.

Picasso was a hack who ripped off a lesbian anyway.

Then her symbolism makes sense.

Arums Ii Painting by tamara de lempicka

Guess what those flowers represent.

And with ideas like this

Who’ll want to buy their pieces?

The “art market” is only still going as a respectable tax dodge.

And a tool to corrupt.