Sign of the times

K-times artwork vs. r.

Never trust a teacher.

Despite this being her job, and she volunteered, it’s ruined beyond repair.

Children exist who could’ve done better. And how could a woman get the makeup wrong?

“the art restorer Carmen Usua suggested that it might be impossible to bring the statue back to its original state, due to incorrect sanding, questionable coloring, and dodgy work on the plaster. The culprit now faces a fine from the Spanish association of art conservators and restorers, who plan to bring the issue to the Prosecutor’s Office of Navarra.”

Big fine, it’s cultural heritage.

Make him remove it

By hand.
Defacing the work of others is not art, rabbits.

“Scorning the artist’s efforts, one unimpressed person commented online: “Desecrating historic art is not art“, while another said: “As a medievalist I am deeply shocked that the French authorities can allow such defacement.””
Almost like they’re paid…
“Despite the backlash, artist Varini has remained positive about his work.”
That’s because he’s trolling you.
“He said the circles “perfectly” match the city’s stonework and dismissed locals’ concerns saying their reaction shows they are “deeply attached to their heritage”.
His tongue is deeply attached too.
“In 2013, Varini placed giant geometric shapes across the facades of nine Victorian buildings around Granary Square in King’s Cross, London.”
Kill it with fire.

These people think their “work” is immortal.

I happened to be listening to French jazz while reading this and the contrast is quite funny. These people were outdated in the 1960s. Their “movement” is a zombie, dead but still shuffling.

The art “market” is one major tax dodge.

The issue with a status signal, once it loses value it’s lower than dirt.

It’ll end up in a scrapyard.

A 27,000 year-old necklace

white people


Dates from the Ice Age.

At this point, I am totally showing off.

Maybe Vox Day’s Time to Civilization concept would be best applied to tools and jewelry evolution?

I’d say coins but we literally invented numismatics. The Goddess Moneta’s temple was literally opposite the ancient mint. [Some sources claim in the Temple but it was all generally the same sacred space.]