Video: Can national debt grow forever? [America]

Counter-question: Can the national population grow forever?

Yes, that’s the truth behind mass immigration.

It’s debt per head.

Globalization = The West innovates and gives away all the developments it made to the rest of the world to use for free. Because factories?

All the QE is in the stock market, pretty much.

Pension funds, specifically.

Don’t believe me? You’ll see.

What happens when those oldies die off? Huh…?

It’s like the old medieval trick of making a castle look guarded.

The American economy is propped up by corpses.

OT Socialism kills purchasing power by banning gold-backing. Old people living off the lifeblood of the infertile young (pensions are the socialist wet dream, the impossible dream*). They wanted minimum wage and other red tape but they also want cheap stuff.

Global debt cannot be paid off by the current global population.

We’re heading for a correction of population after economy. The financial flood, where anyone living above their IQ means will be wiped out. This includes people struggling in the West because they made the worst financial decision – they had kids they couldn’t afford.

This is the easiest world to live in, ever. If you struggle now…

This is also what happens when you feed the bears, or in this case, the people having kids with no maternal/paternal instinct to actually care for them = famine. In China under Mao, parents ate their children. In living memory.

*It’s impossible to spend more than half your life not working (I know these people), have a higher standard of living (college is not the welfare party, pensions are) and not ruin the country. Children are the original pension, if you don’t have them, nobody else’s kid owes you shit. (Although we should stop the bachelor tax for schools – a service they don’t use, that’s discrimination, parent doesn’t count as a minority group because they choose it).

The crook landlords will want a bailout, I guarantee it.

Rigged system

You’re right Jimmy. Damn it, you’re right.

It’s like a running race with someone in a Ferrari.


Something else that I meant to mention in this video is the outstanding student loan debt. It’s insane. That will absolutely play a part in this. Additionally, there is currently more DEBT in the world, than MONEY that exists. Think of the implications of that. Lastly, i noticed when I watched this that I stated that “most people” work for publicly traded companies…which is actually inaccurate – most people work for small businesses. Something else to clarify is my comments at the end about industries that thrive during economic downturns. (I mentioned debt consolidators and hospice care – however, debt COLLECTORS and senior living establishments are really at the front of the line). Hopefully the next economic “downturn” isn’t quite as catastrophic as many are predicting.

Bank of “America”

Call Kurtis: Safe Boxes May Not Be Safe After All

“Federal rules say banks can drill a box without permission only when there is a court order, search warrant, delinquent rental fees, requests from estate administrators, or if the bank is closing a branch.”

How along until they liquidate it for a bail-in?

“However, none of those reasons applies to any of these cases. Safe deposit box consultant Dave Guinn trains bank employees on proper safe deposit box procedures. He says federal law requires that banks give customers adequate notice.

“A notification should be made either by registered letter or by certified receipt letter,” said Guinn.”

Savings, yes, but for who?
I’ll bet you the gold was pawned.
“She says, “I can’t ever replace it. It’s irreplaceable, doesn’t matter how much its worth.””

This should be unacceptable theft.

In a real America.

It’s easy to realize and hard to admit that the reason Cabal got such a firm grip on America, more than any country, is that they must have had a hand in its founding/treason.

Instead of bread and circuses, foodies and selfies.

comment explains how it happens
“This happened to me recently as well. I was lucky, my stuff was still in the box. But I was told they couldn’t find a record of it in their computer system, but managed to find a paper copy of my contract which didn’t have an account number on it. What kind of a bank does this?”
First they delete you.

Also, what is a bank if your racial enemies own it?

They don’t have to confiscate anything, you line up to hand it to them!

“Over many decades there have been numerous ‘independent news sources’ warnings of these very things coming, but people mock the warnings as ‘conspiracy theories’. How far will it have to go? When savings/checking accounts vaporize will people believe the ‘crackpot warnings’ then? With regard to money – notice the bills say ‘Federal Reserve Note’ – the people don’t actually ‘own’ that money…the Federal Reserve does; they are only granting the holder permission to use it. But they can, and do, at times, simply confiscate it on a whim. The people haven’t owned money since Gold and Silver Certificates – which were payable in actual gold and silver, which has real value – were done away with. Federal Reserve Notes are backed by nothing. We’re in the middle of a huge Ponzi scheme.”

I disagree.

I can think like them.

A note is a contract, yes?

Note of slavery bond(age).


The money owns the people.

Think about it, the rich are most invested in that system. Like quicksand.

The poor cannot rebel, needing it to survive. It’s perfectly constructed.

Why aren’t you allowed to be paid in anything else? Simultaneously buying dead debt and going into it.

Why are there too many confusing “laws”? Gods make real law. Who are the guards?

You work on the invisible grey plantation, they give you little green tokens and you thank them.

Oh yes, you thank them for it.

I may have had too much coffee today.

Chinese debt 300%

Again, they want a war. They need a war. Or the People will overthrow them.
Worse than reported Japan.
Real is more than reported.

“The biggest problem isn’t the overall levels of debt, McMahon says, but the pace at which it’s been accumulated.

He says that around a decade ago, China’s debt levels were about 160 per cent of the size of its GDP.

Asiaphiles STFU.

“Now it’s somewhere between 280 and 300 per cent,” he says.

Doubled in a decade.

Commies can’t run economies.

When other countries have accumulated debt that quickly, they have “almost invariably experienced a financial crisis”, McMahon says.”

They wanted to take over the world. Instead they’ll be fighting over their neighbour’s spleen.

I’d like to see global debt by nation. Their record-keeping has been poor, so it’s much, much worse – and Communists only keep poor (especially rural) records when a famine is close.

They’re keeping Western Boomer real estate out of bankruptcy.

Where’s your fake news IQ now?

Collectivists don’t have a high IQ. Screwing the producers leaves everyone starving.

I’ll trust China’s data is honest when all whites with an HSBC account find their money has gone missing.

I tried.

Isn’t property tax, rent?

It does pay to make a list of all the things you fear could happen in the next ten years and check each year if any happened so you know you didn’t imagine it.

“..its simple. The Rothschilds own all the resources, through their shell corporations.
That’ll happen anyway.

Bring on the thorium before it’s too late.

Property tax must be stopped, we can solicit all the utilities privately.
And to tax the childless for other people’s children is a theft of child support, it’s a fraud.
Communism relies on property tax because it implies the State will always be the true owner of property.
Isn’t it rent to politicians? They shouldn’t be able to confiscate something they don’t own.
It used to be that anyone can open a bank, can’t do that now either.
State schooling also keeps kids out of the workforce from competing with the low IQ. The tax burden on the parents is heavier so nannies take over and they too are taxed. The child learns you don’t have to work to be looked after, by the State. Affection for teachers overtake filial loyalty.
Every Empire is destroyed by pensions, all nations are growing them like a tumour on the young.
Given all these facts, the Government should pay you to take on property (where you become responsible for maintenance and choose to take on the impossible tax burden).

You don’t truly “own” it and it is an imposition on human rights to charge someone to live, since we all must live somewhere and stamp duty should be the one tax on that land, bundled.

To see who will sink straight to the bottom, look at mortgage fraud again.
What happens when you let communists pretend to be successful.

“Thanks to the easy credit that has spurred the housing boom, many young Chinese have abandoned the frugal traditions of earlier generations and now lead a lifestyle beyond their financial means.
The build-up of household and other debt in China has also sparked widespread concern about the health of the world’s second largest economy.”

“Government policies are also protecting the interests of homeowners. City governments have squeezed land supply to keep land prices high


and made secondary market trading less attractive, with new home buyers left to compete for a few new developments. Meanwhile, there is no property tax, which encourages homeowners to hold on to appreciating property assets.

Sure, that won’t change. If you see free food in the forest, what trap?

Pension fraud, mortgage fraud, energy dependence, food security issues.

“But the figure could be misleading because it failed to reflect regional differences and it under-reported many hidden family debts in China,

not an honour culture, a liar culture
Who cares if you’re deceitful, as long as nobody knows?

a recent report by the Institute for Advanced Research at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics said.”

Just in case you think the old people can afford to bail out the kids when they need to eat.

“China’s first home buyers are, on average, younger than those elsewhere in the world, with most of those in Shenzhen in their 20s and 30s.”

They can’t tax the young to save their economy. The money is already gone.

Should you feel sorry for frauds?

Mai has lent 600,000 of the 800,000 yuan he got from a bank after using his first flat as collateral to a money shark promising an annualised return of 20 per cent. Wang gave the bank fake documents showing her monthly income was 18,000 yuan – about 1.6 times her actual salary. It did not ask any questions.
Neither see any problem, because the value of their underlying assets, the flats, have risen.
The value of Mai’s two flats rose from 3.8 million yuan last year to 6.4 million yuan last month, while the value of Wang’s unit is now 2.93 million yuan, up from 2.6 million yuan.
“I think I made a smart and successful decision to leverage debt,” Mai said.”


Let ’em burn.