I see you, Dark Lord


In any event, back in 2014, the Bank of England helpfully explained how modern money is actually created in an article entitled Money Creation in the Modern Economy (pdf).

Yeah that was the only one I could be asked to read, mate.

…and it’s a press release, actually?

Try reading it.


There’s no such thing as a rich person.

The zeroes in their bank account are bullshit.

The credit “extended” by banks is like a limit on a credit card – it’s debt.

I recognise my own shitty formatting in his post.

Of the two types of broad money, bank deposits
make up the vast majority — 97% of the amount currently in
circulation.(6) And in the modern economy, those bank
deposits are mostly created by commercial banks

Similar bolding, subtle.

senpai noticed me

Wait until you find the Government release white papers I used to review (e.g. last link).

Among others






I must admit I’m a tad disappointed not to get a passing mention. It took me five hours to format all that BOE verbiage. I do wonder if he frequently rips off little blogs without a hat-tip like this, because he’s posted eerily similar content to me before, with similar conclusions (based on the opinions of well-connected friends, he doesn’t have). Look at his little lemmings in the comments crediting this find to him.

This time is blatant.

As stated: “First thing ya gotta know about me. I cannot stand ripoff merchants.”

Why would he be reading obscure, old BoE papers? He wouldn’t.

I had a bloody good reason.

Maybe I should just keep my best info back in future, if I won’t get any credit?

Yeah, until further notice, no good papers. Manners maketh man.

I did have further insights on that BoE related topic but now I’ll keep them under my hat.

If you think women are so thick as not to vote, then do your own research, bitch!

The SJWs cite you but they’re scared of me. I’m the one that shall not be named.

I’m sure the big-brained book wigger won’t have ANY problem coming to the same fresh info and conclusions I did, right? Plot twist: my IQ is higher than his. This should be interesting.

I don’t go on about my IQ because I’m not insecure nor a man (but I repeat myself), but it is. I’ve taken special high IQ ones too. It doesn’t seem important but I DO perversely enjoy being called thick on the basis of having tits. That never gets old. I seem just as weird as other people I know with a similar IQ range, this isn’t my personality. All super high IQ people seem strange and ironically dumb to arrogant normies. That’s how you spot us. We seem strange but end up being spot-on. Again and again and again.

I don’t have to do this, it isn’t my job, it’s an act of charity and if I wanted an ego boost I’d wear a low-cut top on camera talking about it. The least I expect is a little credit. Not even a link! just “h/t disenchantedscholar“.

I’m sick of male bloggers ripping me off while insulting the intellect of my sex.

They also ignore the anti-promiscuity evidence re men and other important red pill studies. Mala fides much?

Yet I was here before many of you.

Might stop blogging altogether, actually. I’m sick to the back teeth of this puerile bullshit. This has happened over a dozen times with various “intellectuals”.
I’ve been here a decade now. I assumed it would stop and these men would grow up. Over 6,000 posts. And you wonder why women aren’t online? Posting with you? This is why. First world sense of fairness. So much for Christian humility, to admit you learned something from a girl!

Ego so fragile.

I don’t need this. I have better things to do. Things that I get credit and money for.


Page 42;

“The US position as the world’s most indebted nation makes it vulnerable to stock market collapse, currency runs and economic crisis, as well as global currency manipulation.”

Page 43;

A major pandemic may be the instrument that causes a reverse in the process of globalization as national responses to contain infection will involve significant restrictions on personal mobility and interaction over a lengthy period. Some states may even be destabilized by the effort and resources required to address the situation”

I call it re-nationalisation. 

I’m ahead of all of you.

Super Fun “Fintech” Enslavement

Give the central banks all your data! What Government?

You can trust them, like all NGOs! They’re so committed to your right not to abuse your freedom of speech.


Cards are a worse disease vector before anyone says it.

Think about it, you hand the same card to everyone, put it in your wallet, in your pocket, on a tray in the kitchen, down on a notepad, after it’s been in the SAME MACHINE at the banks and ATMs that millions of other people have used. Unlike cash, cards absorb nothing. Whether metal or plastic, they harbour more disease than anything.

Most people put them in their mouths, watch them, at ATMs or to open a bag.

That’s why they forced chips into your cards all those years ago, without asking. Not enough people were signing up. If the chip’s in your ring or shirt, you’ll identify with it. It’s close to your body, so why not make like the soys of Sweden and “biohack” it into your arm like a Nazi experiment?


Yes we know what you are up to. Soon it will be abolish cash, lets have a one world digital currency and have a microchip implant in your hand. Look its cool all the celebrities are doing it like the Kardashians. No no no its the mark of the beast

Why bother with yellow stars and pink triangles when all you need to do is brand a prison anklet with a poisoned apple (bite hole) and send them to sleep with various “meditation” apps and phone options?

You don’t even need to hack them, they buy it from you!

re banning cash, why not have a referendum?

oh, the nations want that… but the banks don’t

They cannot switch to a One World Gov currency if people are hiding cash under the mattress. All must be traced.

Embrace your financial shackles to bankers you’ve never seen or heard of, it’s FUN!

You’re totally not being set up to “bail in” the corporations*. Elon Husk is your fren!

The laws haven’t been set up already, don’t look!





Classism. They work for the banks, not you. They will rob the workers to save the non-living “banks”.

Robin Hood going down was a “technical error”, repeat after me.

The Fed is the flashpoint, trust me.

They’re robbing you – to pay you! Socialist kindness!

*Face it, we’re already living under Marxism, the cultural part is just sauce.

Marxist goal #1: have the Collective buy and own the Means of Production.

In PC business speak, bail-in the corporations.

Who will then go bankrupt anyway.

‘Tis but a dip


Reminder, last week:

It’s never a profit unless you cash it out.

Redditfags deserve to suffer, those big-brained wiggers.

You can only float on delusions like the coyote over the cliff for so long.

But this is actually minor compared to what’s coming. It’s a dip. Not a correction, comparatively.

Oddly, none of the big stock Youtubers are furnishing us with pearls of wisdom.

I wonder why.

If you think they’re on your side… check that assumption.


“We need multiculturalism for the economy” lie

Worst slow-down since 1760-1800.

Dare you to look at the welfarites as a percentage, Bloomberg. Compare the demographics historically, compare them! The welfarites on pensions are the worst, tanking us the same as Rome.

No Shit Central: When you allow companies to import workers from literally everywhere, the domestic workers go jobless.
Also, why try? as many have told me, when they’re discriminated against for being white.
If you’ll never get the promotion, why work hard?

Guess the deportations can commence without fear of Muh GDP.

Diversity is our strength, look at GDP! So good for companies, it must be enforced by the State!

Repeal the Race Relations Act and let people hire by MERIT.

Remember, as national IQ drops, so does GDP.

You can’t really threaten high IQ people (nationally nor individually), we’ll just scale down production to shake off the leeches like a dog shaking off fleas. I said in Best Post, we’re on strike.

Sorry I gibs no spare shekels to your share price, Mr Banker Man.

Tax capital gains fairly (at min. parity) or the income workers won’t bother.

Diversity is the death of productivity.

I promised a year or two ago I’d “deep dive” on our economy but data like abortions, crime, drug abuse isn’t actually really collected, let alone available. Coincidence?

The 4% rule doesn’t actually work? (esp for FIRE)

THANK YOU. A person who can math!

The FIRE thing is mostly a gimmick for Boomers to con Millennials into slave living away their youth while inflating the stocks they rely on to retire themselves. Any Get Rich Quick or Easy Money scheme in the MSM is bullshit.

You’re being sold a lie.

Most people (by IQ, income, medical status) can’t do it. If the barrier to entry is nil, it’s a scam.

Let them suffer. Let the innumerates suffer. Enjoy their decline.

Sloth is a deadly vice and they always pay eventually.

I love it when the “when am I ever gonna use algebra?” idiots end up financially screwing themselves with something like FIRE. Assumptions make an ass of you, a starving ass who wasted your youth on a Boomer promise. The MSM is run by the worst kind of Boomer. Gen Y and Z are now the prime fresh meat targets.

Just one income stream is fucking retarded. I don’t care who you think you are.

If you’ll pardon my french.
Retiring to an inflated Asian market especially (full of race cucking Boomers who’ll soon die while you plan to live there, lowering market demand) is among the dumbest things an American can do. You are American, you already won the global citizenship prize and your options are like clipping your wings to live in most of Asia. Now, maybe Japan would be nice. Maybe. But I only know one person who did that, and it’s rural Japan. Otherwise, enjoy your slice of that pandemic action.

For one, they assume they can liquidate at market or above, among foreigners who hate them and it would be easy to settle back in America.

Historically, once you’re out of America, you stay out.
They’ll be priced out in the interim period and all the costs to reconnect them in the system would eat into their supposed savings.

They also won’t get a safety net from being out of the country for years, should their Cunning Plan fail.

They’ll be treated like a refugee… except less black, so worse.

It’d be better to live cheaply in Italy like Vox Day. Same race so safe, some security net, low pandemic risk, rural area quite safe. Pretty much everywhere is better than Asia, including S. America. Personally, I’d rather move to Brazil (a white area) where the multiculturalism means I could blend in, as opposed to sticking out as dangerously foreign everywhere I go in a homogeneous area – even if there’s a war on. They’re not long range planners, most of the chucklefucks doing this.

I still hope as many of them leave the West as possible. The trash can take out itself.

It’d be an excellent way to get rid of lazy people who’d later burden our system anyway.

Purge the r-type, I don’t care if they claim they’re white. Third World work ethic? Stay there plz.

It’s probable America would bar them from re-entry, especially if they expected welfare without having paid into the system for years.