It’s almost as if any company to misuse Tesla’s name is cursed.

and now

I said naming it after a dead guy seemed bad luck and that April Fool might just be Musk.

Bad taste, at least. People rely on him.

Elon Musk announces ‘a thorough reorganization’ at Tesla, will be ‘flattening the management structure’

Because Communism has never been tried.

He didn’t pay himself a salary, that was the first sign you’re dealing with an idiot.


I wonder if the mass slaughter of the unicorns will have a peppy name in the history books.

Like Night of the Long Knives but business shivs?

I vote for Mass Slaughter of the Unicorns. Sounds very Potterhead.

Magical, like our fiat debt cyst of a stock market.

Will Tesla be the black swan?

I hope I’m wrong but…

come on. It’s me.

“Government subsidized technology is developed and Musk cashed in. Then cashed out. Then left stock holders holding the bag. It’s like the Simpsons monorail episode…”

It does sound like that, exactly. He was so wise.

In Tyler we trust, right guys?

Anyway, the timelines might be blurry but I have a great batting average.

There’s a snowball effect with this here can.

Snapping at a question, temper temper. You’re not married to those people.
And they’re investors, you can’t (threaten to) fire them.

Production in China? ….RIP.

Ousted from his own company after being a sneaky cow at Paypal?

Exactly like Edison, amazing.

Dwarf gold

You don’t count BOE?

Sweden? The anal-tight cling of the Swiss? Denmark?

Deutsche bank?

I mean sure but… like it’s the only one. Think of all those “abandoned” safety deposit boxes. I bet some even date back to WW2… or the Russian Revolution. Or items from Napoleon.

Guardian asks after basic maths

Boomer author, guess the ending.

As a Boomer-

Millennials are struggling. Is it the fault of the baby boomers?

You had 10 cows, you have 20 cows.

Are you a thief?







…. Meanwhile, your neighbour is in debt for 15 cows.


How much will they hate you? (In cows)

The only calculation Boomers can do: Benefit to me = Good.

When they say the maths adds up, that’s all they mean. They’ll go to their grave swearing blind it adds up.

A Boomer saying the younger generation deserves to be robbed blind is like a rapist saying she looked up for it because she was attractive.

Why Big Pensions kill societies

Of all the welfare, it’s the biggest and most undeserved chunk.

Unlike a child, they could work.

Unlike a child, they could have saved.

Unlike a child, they demand non-relatives with no control over their existence to slave for them.

It is impossible to continue a society with any prosperity while the old votes themselves in the lifeblood of the young. There should be a sane limit on all pensions so we can’t fund them out of debt, at least. We talk about genocide and this is a genocidal condition – its effect literally suppresses the birth rate.

Gen Y cannot afford to have children, look around.

Gen Y cannot afford to get married either, which ought to come first.

Gen Y can barely even afford to move out. These are facts.

There has been too much inter-generational theft – sorry – wealth transfer. It’s ageist. They don’t deserve all kinds of free shit because they survived a certain number of solar cycles.

The elderly now are the most spoiled in history. It shows.

No generation before had the luxuries they do. Still, they want more.

Nobody after will enjoy the same either. A huge shift of redpilling in the young as they figure this out.

Softly, softly.

It killed Rome, it’s killing us. I think it’s absurd to expect someone else’s children should fund your dotage. It’s the most negative manifestation of nationalism. I am your neighbour, I owe you fuck-all because of that coincidence. An Englishman’s home is his castle, and we hate intruders (including relatives).

I will find it particularly sweet when the public sector workers don’t get paid by Daddy Government. Let the police blame the teachers, the teachers blame the unions, the unions blame the police. Let them at one another, all screaming LEECH. Let’s see how much they love their socialist whip hands then.

Quick question: Do you currently have over $245,000 (£180,000) in your bank account? That’s how much the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected it would cost a middle-income couple to raise a child to the age of 18 in 2013. For higher-income families, that cost ballooned to $455,000 (£330,000).

Might be?

And that’s ONE child. We aren’t even talking replacement.

I heard a very shrewd man say “marriage is for the rich” and he’s spot on.

Who made it so expensive to have kids?

The Boomers. Pressure on all things wedding, baby and schooling.
Oh, but the fertile nulliparous workers are being taxed to pay for other children’s food/shelter and schooling. We’re literally rewarding the stupid fuckers. Forcing us to barely get by and never save, as a generation. So you can’t borrow the money (it’ll go up) and you’re being leeched off and you can’t save.

Not to mention, if men choose to never propose, baby machine isn’t getting switched on. Ever. K-women need that security. The anti-natal propaganda has worked just fine on many of the dunces among men, who are literally committing genetic suicide but tell themselves it’s a good thing. They might as well self-castrate. Gods like Zeus weren’t revered for fucking around, if you actually read they were revered for their fertility – making lots of heirs.

When the Baby Boomers complain “their” pensions disappeared, we can all point and laugh. “Yep, that’s what you get when you genocide your own children.” We know many of the immigrant children are not being supported by working parents. So they will never support the pension system either.

It’s already happening. We in the West have done all the worst things possible – abortion, easy divorce, adultery, fornication with abortifacients (still counts) and medicine exclusively to keep the old and infirm a burden on the workers.

Now there’s a baby bust, apparently. Three generations in the making. Thanks, Sexual Revolution!

It just so happens to coincide with handing out birth control like Smarties.

Do the people pretending to care about population replacement want to restrict birth control, the way it was originally intended? To just married parents who didn’t want more? Nope, and those degenerate single people are part of the problem. Their ride on the gravy train will be over pretty soon too. Almost everything we fund presently is temporary, inc. STD and abortion clinics. So these things will correct in the coming years but it won’t be pretty. I’m just saying we take the bitter pill now (including my lot, that did nothing wrong but be born) instead of the fatal one later. That would be logical… so everyone fights me on this.

Selling our country (literally, the land) has priced out the fertile natives.

Yay, more genocide.

It’s impossible to push against more than one of these trends. They’re bigger than people.

Where are the kids meant to live? School catchment areas? I read about those recently for a friend and they’re a huge factor in pricing (basically the more white an area, the better the hospitals, schools etc, low crime). A premium for the rarity of living among one’s own. It never used to be expensive because it never used to be a rarity.

The fact you can get welfare to live in London, paid for by people who can’t afford to, floors me.

The parents/grandparents would rather live in undeserved luxury than provide for the spawn they didn’t abort.

This world makes me sick.

These forces cannot continue much longer. It’s impossible to do the right thing.

The worst pressure amounting to white genocide comes from older white people. This is how Empires fall.

In a world where you can’t even sit down for an ice cream to calm down, even Ben & Jerry’s ice cream contains pesticides that reduce your fertility and the drinking water includes birth control. That is disgusting. Ban it on environmental grounds alone.

We are totally fucked.

A new paper by the TaxPayers’ Alliance sets out the economic landscape in which the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will make its latest interest rate decision, and makes the case for not raising borrowing or spending despite superficially alluring low interest rates.
  • EVEN if interest rates remain at their historically low level of 0.25 per cent, then the national debt is projected to reach 234 per cent of GDP in 2066-67.
  • However, it is very likely that rates will go up soon, and when they do, the national debt as a percentage of GDP is also projected to rise.
  • By 2066-67, any increase in interest rates will mean a significant increase in the national debt as a percentage of GDP.

Their bold.

That’s going by official numbers, which are …wrong.

Who do we owe this fucking money?

Can’t we just break their kneecaps with a naval fleet?

Those were the days.

They’re being Pollyanna, guys.

The UK’s fiscal situation is still very fragile :
  • The UK’s national debt currently stands at £1.7 trillion.
  • This is equivalent to 89.3 per cent of GDP.
  • When compared internationally, the UK has the eighth highest national debt in the EU and the fifth highest in the OECD.
  • In the financial year ending March 2017, the UK’s national debt increased by £68.1 billion.
  • This is the equivalent of £5.7 billion a month and £186 million a day.
  • The UK government spends £48.4 billion each year on debt interest payments, more than it spends on the police transport combined.

Someone’s gonna have to work that off.

Can you guess who?

The cocky liberal arts champagne socialists who think they’re too good to work a real job. That’s who.

It’s going to be precious once they figure this out.

Don’t interrupt them as New New Left eats New Left. Just let them slowly clock what’s actually been going on this entire time. When the police lose their pensions will be interesting. Teachers?

The Neo-Nazis will also fail, the solution to socialism’s collapse is not more sodding socialism.

Santa didn’t bring them toys, they gotta make toys too.
Socialists are confidence tricksters on a national scale.

Negative effects to UK economy

In addition to higher debt interest payments and a bigger national debt, there are other serious negative effects of increased borrowing that are not currently part of the debate:

(i) The UK has a floating exchange rate and so has a small fiscal multiplier. So if capital does not come from other parts of the UK capital market, it must come from other economies. This results in the real exchange rate rising. This has a negative impact on the competitiveness of UK exports.

(ii) Index-linked gilts form approximately 25 per cent of the UK’s gilt portfolio, a high percentage compared to other highly developed economies. As a result of the relatively high proportion of index-linked gilts, the UK’s level of debt is particularly susceptible to increases in inflation. Therefore, the MPC has a further incentive to consider a moderate increase in interest rates in order to curb inflation.

try capitalism

(iii) The UK pays interest on the bonds which it issues in the form of yields. If the national debt increases then these yields will have to increase in order to attract investors

Fuck investors.

(iv). Very high national debt can have a negative impact on economic growth. For example, borrowing can crowd out other investment as investors loan money to the government, rather than to the private sector. Nations typically see growth slow when their debt levels reach 90 percent of GDP, with the median growth rate falling by 1 percent and average growth falling by even more.

Good news – we can’t take more immigrants.

Bad news – we can’t take the current population.