Binaural beats for brainwashing

Wait, that shit actually works?


I see no reason this could be used for political reasons. No Siree.

Biohackers just want x-ray vision to see tits, let’s be honest.

4th wall break dean winking wahey

Notice biohackers never do anything with their dick? What’s gonna happen to it, do they think, when they switch over to their robot body, or pure information form? Chop chop.

And you don’t even have a clitoris, imagine.
Would you give up an evolutionary pleasure button? Aren’t many female biohackers, are there? A woman’s body is already perfect. You don’t mess with that.


You didn’t see the manwhore in AI with a massive real flesh dongle, did you? Big decisions to make. Will you nerd out so much you eunuch yourself a la Bruce Jenner? Well, I guess most of them are circumcised so they’ve technically already lost the joy of it. [Random but: The lawsuits from all that child abuse would be too much to handle. It’s unnatural to chop off something we evolved to have, and women develop a repulsion to it, which doesn’t make it sound better. Jewish mothers really dislike their sons, there’s nothing stopping them doing it to daughters too. At least Muslims are consistent. You can’t trust self-report studies, especially when it comes to the male genitals. Notorious for lying in sexology circles. You can trust the sexual partners, with no identification one way or another, with anonymity (no revenge). The “compensatory” behaviors of circumcised men and shorter endurance show something isn’t right. When you get a strong non-biased methodology, the results of losing most of your genital nerve endings is apparent. ]

Fun fact: UK knows dongle to mean penis.

Link: Millennials aren’t entitled, they’re just objectively better

Finally, something nice to balance out the bad propaganda effort from the generation too embittered to admit they’re not the youth generation anymore (generally Peter Pan syndrome). Millennials, by contrast, can’t afford to grow up.

However, there’s less certain drug use, drinking and more political involvement.

Millennials Aren’t Entitled—They’re Just Better Than You

Yeah, just look at the stats.

People don’t on this topic. That’s all you need.

Smarter, saves more, sleeps around less (the world isn’t an American campus).

Superior at technology, less income but record number of hours worked at inhumane levels. More self-employed instead of waiting to become the boss, which we know will never happen and wants to buy a house and settle, values career and saving for a family, being responsible, financially conservative, values experiences like good (home cooking quality) food over old status symbols and tries to pick up new skills, like cooking.

Yeah, you wish you were us, 50yos dressing like a skank and doing all the shots. Not just women.

Hook-up culture is Boomer media trying to brainwash Millennials into sleeping with them and some gen X. Nah, we still prefer our own generation, like every other naturally does (assortative mating), thanks.

Saviour complex and toxic relationships

Something I don’t want to mock, excellent!
You’d think for the part of the internet that goes on, and on, and ON about victim complex, they’d also cover literally the other half?

“If you want to be the savior, you’re essentially saying to your partner that you see them as a project to be fixed.

Even if the challenge of their flaws isn’t the primary reason you’re attracted to them and even if they want your help, it still sends the message that you think they need to improve and better themselves somehow.

First of all, you’re dating someone, not flipping a house. You might convince them to make minor lifestyle changes, but you can’t expect them to completely overhaul themselves. It’s a little bit condescending to treat them as your personal pet project.

Unless you’re at least psychologically healthy, don’t. Sick people make other sick people even sicker.

Maybe they do want to make changes. Maybe they do have a certain goal in mind. That’s great. Allow them to accomplish something on their own. You can support them without spoon-feeding them.”

Don’t throw off the power dynamic, it’s unhealthy and neither one will be happy.

“You’re their partner, not their parent.”

And there it is.
Paging Doctor Freud…

“Second of all, your partner might be perfectly fine with the way they are and not want to make any changes. If you look for flaws as a means of finding a purpose or direction for the relationship, that speaks more to issues you might want to address within yourself.”

This is a male problem in particular. Hoe > Housewife? Hoe isn’t short for housewife.
They’re a person, they aren’t a broken car. Fix, repair, review are not words you apply to people.
You need to like them and they need to relax and be human around you without panicking you’re jotting a performance review in your head.

You may laugh but I’ve seen a lot of men do just that and wonder why every woman resents them. They intellectualize their controlling tendencies for ego. Golden rule, dudes. They never ‘improve’ other men.

Rescuers have a condition, the expectation you’ll save them back. In abundance of their effort.
It isn’t altruistic unless you mean the pathological kind. It’s calculating and dishonest.
This is why you pay therapists, the motive to help is clear.

If one person is Dad, but Tyrannical Dad, and always right, you’re wrong to be with them. They don’t want a relationship, they don’t want to relate and be vulnerable, they want an assistant.
If they can’t see themselves clearly, they can’t see you over their issues.

“Your partner is not your therapist, nor are they obligated to heal your past wounds.”

Where do they learn this? Ally McBeal?
I’ve seen men complain woman B, C, D… was evil because they didn’t ‘prove’ they were different from woman A. That’s an issue with woman A. Your issue. Especially if she’s your mother. Without woman A, you’d see those others clearly. They’ll never fix it or admit they seek rescue because it would mean being humble and accepting weakness or wounds. Avoiding help isn’t impressive, ’tis but a scratch, right?
Don’t get me started on the ones so jaded and terrible they’ve managed to turn the greatest thing in LIFE, into a child’s game.
Better to punch yourself in the nuts repeatedly, it’d hurt less.

Even if you do save them, what then? You have nothing in common anymore.

If they’re perfect, why would they stick around with you, the one who thought they were broken, instead of moving onto someone better? Objectively better.

Why hate on fairytales? The originals were hardcore. Anyone who believes the Disneyfied versions is already too simple to educate.

Male narcissism and misogyny

So many studies, so little patience.

Yes, a core trait of inferiority.

It isn’t a complex, if it’s a fact.

Logically, you cannot feel threatened by an outgroup if you are secure. So either they are insecure or lying about who’s the superior sex. Bears don’t have to tell racoons they’re bigger.

Paper: Shame and Trauma

I don’t fully know what to make of this, I’m leaving it here.

It’s short.

Usually hypercritical parents (no, one isn’t off the hook because they enable it) are responsible.

I think a lot of depression is actually deep shame.

Proportionate and deserved shame is good for you, as it points out. I refer to deep-set developmental shame you might not know is there. At least religious shame has standards.