Stop telling women that God will give them a husband later if they delay marriage now

There’s a lot of sweeping assumptions here. There are less quality people. People. Men and women, but since most of aren’t bi, we tend to fixate on the opposite sex. However, due to economic factors alone, even the good ones aren’t getting established financially until their 30s, something Aaron Clarey covered at some point. Combine with other facts like dual incomes are needed based on cost of living, cost of children/a child being more than a house and especially if the woman earns a lot more, she needs to work part-time. There’s nothing wrong with men doing some childcare duties however, we’ve heard for years from men how easy and fun it is and I’m sure they’re mostly just as good at it. However, aside from culture (people used to marry in their 20s, not teens, to establish themselves socially) it’s a hard economic issue. It’s money first, then culture telling us the bachelor lifestyle is good instead of degenerate, and finally, the issue which cannot be rushed unless you want higher divorce rates – finding someone not just of quality, but someone in that already narrow band where you’re both good for each other and can work together, similar ideals etc.

They need to get married probably, but more important is to stay married.

There’s a heavy blaming tone in pointing the finger at women for what is The Domain of men. How many bachelors have you known that just gave up? That is pathetic. Such a person doesn’t deserve the title adult, let alone man. Is their behaviour not their own fault? Who’s got hypoagency now? And these are meant to be the strong community leaders we’re supposed to respect and swoon over? The guys parked in front of porn and video games, so inspirational. And often the guys giving out this advice mock the married.

Anyone delaying on purpose deserves to be alone. It’s the secretary problem. But that’s all the Have it All crowd. 

Imagine how a man and a woman from the 40s would look at your life. If they wouldn’t respect you, why should modern people? It’s a social kind of horseshoe theory where the women who disapprove of modern man the most are either feminists – or heavily traditional. Lumping the latter in with the former, don’t wonder why we avoid you for being too aspie to know the difference between criticism and penis envy.
Men do not deserve respect for existing, nobody does. What goes on between engaged/married people is their private business, these are adults we’re discussing.
The Peter Pan issue is real, I’ve heard a lot of young women bemoan the snowflake men in our generation refuse to grow up (and move into full adulthood). You complain that people can’t cook and other self-reliance, everyone should know those things, okay. But how many 30-somethings still act like teenagers? Is that acceptable? Where’s the shame? I bet the number of times you called them on their shit approaches ZERO.

It’s completely traditional to ask a biological man to man-up. Not to marry just anyone for the sake of it, and he controls the selection, not her, but at least start acting like an adult on most fronts. Is that SO much to ask for??

How is a woman supposed to date adult men when none exist in her age group? They may be biological adults, but psychologically they’re thirteen. How is he supposed to keep a family when he can’t keep his sock drawer clean? When will the men self-police and decide on some kind of common standard before bitching about how they’re entitled to XYZ in a woman, as if sperm is the more expensive, evolutionally valuable quantity here (we know that’s a lie and it puts us off you because you don’t get It) and as if women don’t commit more in our fertility (physically, literally) and in pure manhours (irony, we give up basically the rest of our lives, men have breaks from the home). Women follow men. No suitable men? …’Where are all the women’, they ask? Waiting for men to get their act together, that’s where! We shouldn’t have to tell you to be men, that’s how dire the maturity situation is. Mentioning this makes me very uncomfortable and that’s why I’m cautious not to be too specific because this is for men to decide amongst themselves, taught by living examples, not some conceited guys with opinions on marriage who can’t keep a girlfriend over two years. Find your role models who are living it and learn the only way that works.

I heard recently a guy made a stupid mistake and people said ‘aw, he’s just 21’ like he was 12! No, if you’re old enough to vote and die for your country, you’re old enough not to fuck up. The only reason we have special snowflakes is cos the culture keeps giving them sympathy instead of a slap from reality. Bring back adult standards – for all adults. Fairly common sense stuff.

Oh and those supposed ‘good men’ don’t want to commit anymore. At all. To anyone. There are 18yo ‘good’ men, who refuse to commit, like the feminists of yore, thinking they can play the field, Have it All, and scoop up the same quality woman just sitting around waiting for him like a bobbing duck once they’ve racked up STDs past their sexual peak (18 for men). Despite the weaker pair bonding/family loyalty offered by all types of sluts, inc men. Did I mention the rampant porn addiction too? Cos that’s cheating, the brain doesn’t know the difference. Men offer the commitment, that isn’t women’s fault. So it isn’t so much a case of when will the women settle down and your forefathers would’ve laughed you out the room for loading that question, as why won’t the men propose to anyone? What’s wrong with them or their life? Since men control the proposal, the lower marriage rate is directly their fault.

“And they think they’re entitled to some goody-two-shoes wife, that another, better man would otherwise be assigned socially?…

They think they can Have It All like SATC scum? This doesn’t happen, and a manwhore has a high divorce risk too. Nothing to do with the woman. You can’t be a player and settle down, they’re mutually exclusive lifestyles and mindsets. Your brain is literally wired differently. The studies show they’re dissatisfied whichever wife they do get because they’ve been spoiled sexually. Spoiled. Like an apple. Rotten.” source

Your question is wrong so you’re all asking one another questions about female psychology instead of actually listening to women. Sausage fest won’t tell you anything you dunno already. If you wanna intellectually masturbate one another, fine, go ahead, sorry to interrupt. However, your question’s false and loaded with incorrect priors. If you want something to chew on and resolve this problem than merely talk about it, listen up.
In sum, it isn’t Why won’t women marry men and follow their lead?
As it is;

  1. Why won’t adult men act like it?
  2. Where are the male role models living the dream?
  3. Why won’t men propose?
  4. Why can’t men keep a family?
  5. Why do men feel entitled to XYZ like a social contract and what is their payment due for receipt of these things?
  6. Why can’t a man find a woman who respects him?
  7. Why do men expect a woman who doesn’t fully respect him is a good marriage candidate and how much of the blame is his?
  8. Why don’t modern women respect the modern man and his lifestyle and what can be done to raise standards all around?
  9. Which behaviours are to blame for this and how does each sex contribute to these?
  10. Should we emphasize marriage for all, at what age, under what conditions, when is divorce permissible and what about everyone else? Should people wait until meeting the right One and how can this process of courting be sped up and how many children should married couples be encouraged to have and when?

If you ignore all those questions, no wonder you go round in circles like dogs chasing your tails.
Is bitching about people the respectable thing a Head of a Household would do? Knowing he’ll have a wife from that group and probably daughters? Would you respect that man?
A lot of these topics are an excuse to punch down (yes, down) at women and sound as bad as feminists.

There is no honour any more.
Men in particular lack poise.

Point to me a modern man with complete dignity.
Where is modern man’s integrity, as he insults women clubbing, but come Saturday night, guess where he is?

Turns out women with self-respect quickly lose interest in any man who negs them like a tart, degrades their entire sex casually and overall treats them like dirt and the cause of the world’s problems. Gee, I wonder why the bitter guys are single and only attract feminists….


Man helping a woman with proper handgun marksmanship Man helping a woman with proper handgun marksmanship

Dalrock blogged a splendid post about people who claim that there is a shortage of “good men”. He says that if there really were a shortage of good men, then people who want women to actually get married would be telling women not to delay marriage, but to instead get serious about marrying early, when their ability to attract a man is at its peak.

Dalrock writes:

We can see the same pattern in Dr. John Piper’s recent post Why Are Women More Eager Missionaries?*  Piper explains that missionary work has become a pink ghetto:

…the actual situation among most evangelical faith missions is that between 80–85% of all single missionaries are women. It is a rare thing, like two out of every ten, for a single man to make missions his life’s vocation, which results in the overall statistics being that one-third of those…

View original post 1,211 more words

Video: Fake “Nice Guy” moves, really manipulation

If you’re doing it for a reaction, you aren’t doing it to be ‘nice’ (endogenous, innate and continues to exist in every setting with any person or even alone).

They often try to seem ‘safe’ so you depend on them and they can abuse you (inc cheating). Run.

They care about looking good, too. So they won’t own up to their actions or play dumb and blind to the true cause. Run.

Men and women are not the same but we are equal in humanity. Nobody using anybody else.

Fake nice guys are crazy.
No, clinically. There is something wrong with them.
They can’t just be normal, they feel a need to control any interaction with a regular peer.

That’s crazy.

10 signs of a commitment-phobic man

They’re the ones thirty years from now wondering where his Dream Woman went and/or why she never showed up.

She married another man. It’s a competition. For female fertility. You lost it.

Timing is everything? You need to select from your age-peer group while the pickings are good (preferably below 30). Divorce risk increases with age gap.

“A man that doesn’t talk nicely about women has never felt like he was worthy of them, and probably spent many years feeling like he could not handle them.
Which means there is a good chance he doesn’t feel like he could handle you. Some men are just downright bitter and angry towards females and see them as a pain because they have felt rejected by them their whole lives.”

Slam dunk.

“Nature didn’t make us to be smart all the time; it made us to be as easily willing to have sex as possible with the man who got to our ears by sweet talking so we could pass on our genes and propagate the human species.”

“Some men just constantly blame women for things that go wrong in their life. There’s a legitimate reason for this; men don’t understand women; so they cannot handle them; and when they can’t handle them and they see their lives falling apart, then the EASIEST thing to do is look for someone to blame; a WOMAN!
See – If a man’s reaction to problems in the relationship is to blame you, or constantly point out where you went wrong, then you have a problem.”

“If a man talks badly about men who are married, or who are taking care of children, then it’s a pretty good sign he doesn’t care much for a deep commitment with a woman.”

It’s like a feminist saying how much she admires single mothers.

What is any sane man going to think of that?

R-types. Be vigilant.

For example, the single dating pool will contain almost all the misogynists, those who fear women*, a far higher proportion than the world at large. Very few trick a woman into an unhappy marriage and it rarely lasts. So yes, encountering more bad apples when dating is correct flagging but you need to spot and next those, to move onto the ones in your league.

* Yes fear. They fear women. They avoid women. Why avoid something inferior to you? Wanna know a secret?

Men are terrified of women. All of them. They rarely admit it and then just from the sides e.g. women are mysterious, women are crazy, I’ll never understand women. If it’s a descriptor you could apply to a bear, they’re scared. 

Are women intimidated by men? No. The trappings of success or the threat of violence.

Men are intimidated by talking to us alone, let alone in large groups. QED.

Female attractiveness and male resources, an exchange

As explained by Monroe.

Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty?

You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty….

But my goodness, doesn’t it help?

And if you had a daughter, wouldn’t you rather she didn’t marry a poor man?

You’d want her to have the most wonderful things in the world and be very happy.

Why is it wrong for me to want those things?

Telling a woman not to crave the security to raise her children is like telling men to have children with ugly women out of pity because don’t they deserve a chance? It’s unnatural and wrong, morally.

If you don’t like it, get a sex change.

These are evolved response sets.

Men want babies. They crave sex and companionship.

Women want babies. They crave love and commitment, and isn’t the last easier with a man who can afford to commit time, too?

Evolutionary imperative makes men desperate

Yet what do the horndogs do? Blame the women. Reminds me of Eve Teasing.
We aren’t oversensitive to view friendly socializing as flirting! She make me think things on purpose!

Yes, it’s a subtle claim to mind control via feminine wiles.

Yet if an ugly woman, for example, fancied them? They have a right to say No, to have that right respected and to have standards.

If you don’t treat women like equal humans, don’t be shocked when they refuse to stick around.

Depends. Are you the sort of guy who believes a woman owes you something merely because you fancy her, and she’s done something wrong to you because she doesn’t fancy you back?

If so, yes, you should end the friendship…for her sake. You were never her friend to begin with. You were only playing the role of a friend in order to try to get something from her. Do her a favor and drop the pretense.

Are you the sort of person who is genuine about friendships and who values his friends? If so, no, keep the friendships, because real friendship rocks.

Instrumental relationships are not true. Some of the lower quality of either sex try to wiggle their way into a higher league’s affections via friendship. They did this from the beginning. It’s a deception. It is insulting. It is fake as fake tans, false nails and weaves.

Fake emotions are a million times worse than fake hair colours (the preening which men can do too). Those are the clinical actions of a sociopath.

And it doesn’t work.

Take responsibility for a failed con? Nope. When in doubt, blame the bitch. Is it a man, who can never take responsibility for his own actions? Really, is anyone socially attracted to that?

Not to mention, physical attraction can wane in both sexes over time, making them seem more like a sibling. There is a window of opportunity where intentions must be made known, verbally. This isn’t anyone’s fault. The petulant boys who blame girls for not fancying them are displaying an ugly entitlement. Entitlement is ugly. Arrogance is ugly. Status is attractive. Confidence is always an act, but attractive when based on real character traits.
You don’t buy sexual favours with kindness. Gentlemanly behaviour is extended to everyone, even animals. It is the right thing to do and quite noble, it is about the person themselves, merely exposed in how they treat others. It is unconditional, the opposite of instrumental.

On the topic of another impossible situation, there is no such thing as a non-shallow choice for a woman, when viewed by a hostile man. If she chooses the poor boy, she’s dumb and he must be a bad boy underdog. If he’s rich, she only wants his money and resources, but the evolved needs of her sex is also her fault? If she chooses based on looks, what about smarts? If she chooses based on smarts, what about appearance? If she wants someone who can make her laugh, what about security? If she wants multiple traits because she can command them, what a shallow bitch!

There is no correct answer when you are dealing with an immature boy. 

You cannot win. They will rationalize whatever you have done because their feelings Uber Alles.

Women are not the enemy. They are the prize. You must earn and win them. That is called romance. You do not need to play.
Men are the enemy. Other men are the competition. You need to keep them away from your wife and your wife happy, even if you get one, it never really stops, the need to prove yourself. However, you’d never see these bitter brats mouthing off to other men, for fear of a fight. And that’s the problem. Men do not self-govern within their own sex anymore, forcing women to behave in masculine ways to protect ourselves. They’re cowards, bullying women for having agency, then gaslighting us for ‘having none’ (overtly false claims of hypoagency) because we didn’t make the ‘right choice’… They are terrible prospects for any woman, absolute losers that will never reproduce short of rape. But they feel entitled to a woman, like a piece of property (the term side piece springs to mind), because aside from the sex they presume to deserve too, and be amazing at (or called such), they want to boost their status among other men.

Yep, it’s all homoerotic.

The natural solution is to go gay.

Please, just go.

stop don't come back sarcasm no please go leave wonka

Thankfully many of them go fake MGTOW (trailing around after women telling them how much they avoid and never needed women).

If you want a woman with a man’s mind and sex drive, you want a man. Stop kidding yourself.

Either you want women for being womanly, or you don’t want us at all. Those deluding themselves on the last self-sabotage in relationships they do get. They need the Right Woman to ‘fix’ them… nobody can do the work you refuse. Self-improvement originates from the Self.

Previously, women would have been protected from exactly these sort of socially dangerous men.
Two types of sexual harassment, the obvious kind – swiping, petting, groping, lewd remarks etc.
Then the nagging. The whining. The guilt-tripping. Begging like a dog. The rape law calls it coercion. Consent must be freely given or it is not consent, similar to signing a contract under duress brings it into dispute. Simple contract law, applies to the verbal kind too. It isn’t even about the sex, legally. It’s about the emotional arm-twisting, the passive-aggression under the various guises of faux innocence. They know exactly what they’re doing. You know, male borderlines are under-diagnosed?

Sexual harassment isn’t really a male problem. Should we scream about it? Say the nature of crime data itself is sexist? Of course not, that would be futile.

Doesn’t mean we should tolerate criminal behaviours either, because the criminals belong to a certain group or sexual culture is normalized.

At this point, these whiners have constructed a narrative so twisted as a logic pretzel, it is impossible to make a ‘correct choice’. On one hand, we must protect ourselves against rapists. On the other, any man, no matters how much he bothers us or politely we refuse or let him know he is making us uncomfortable, any man should be treated kindly, because it takes a lot of ‘courage’ to talk to us, fellow humans in heels.

Pick a correct answer to agree upon before you bitch among yourselves that we don’t select it.

Counter-signalling only works if you have status to signal in the first place.
Otherwise, the error counts as beneath those who signal normally, and those who don’t signal at all aka the bottom of the shit heap.

Tying in to the emotional incontinence point firstly, if women are the more emotional and default oversensitive sex, why don’t we harass men in public?

Where does lust count in the hysterical hormonal stakes? They can’t plead special exception because aside from being a fallacy, and we know men love to be logical, women have lust too and we manage to treat men with dignity in public so much so, they complain about the most trivial things as if they’re comparable e.g. did you see the way she looked at me after I said I wanted her to ‘sit on my face’? What’s that bitch’s problem?

In context, those males make MEN, real, good men, look terrible, and at the very least, you need to sort out the conduct of your peers socially, get some new sexual etiquette into society, before starting on the people re-acting to the chaos.

Immature men are not the responsibility of stranger women. They do not make us look bad.

Evolution isn’t an excuse, or women would have the right to kill any man who flirts with them, on the grounds that he could have raped them, he had the physical strength, so all she could do was defend herself from the unprovoked interaction.

Men happier in marriage

If they controlled for social desirability bias in women, that would be significant. Moreover, few men requiring clinical treatment ever seek it e.g. ED, porn addiction, fetishes including a fetish for youth as part of a midlife/existential crisis. Men will be arrogant about their sexual diseases from perverse shame and claim what was called hyperaesthesia (high libido, excessive sensitivity and obsession) is a sign of potency, when it’s quite the opposite, it’s a sign of weakness and impotency. Put it this way: if no woman can satisfy you, that isn’t a fault of the women.

As Havelock Ellis said, strength requires repose and these men are neurotic wrecks, anxious about sex most hours of the day. Potent men aren’t obsessed with it, it has its place in private (no exhibitionism, no kissing and telling) and exhibit high self-control and high arousal thresholds.
Promiscuity and whoring by such men is narcissistic and hence, unfulfilling, the itch coming back stronger like an addiction, because they cannot connect with the opposite sex, it’s really masturbation with another/stranger’s body.

This study doesn’t fit very old findings when women were bound to the home (really what we’d now call false imprisonment) but in the context of modern intersexual relations it has a cause: balanced marital satisfaction is based on an even power dynamic. 

An even power exchange may be found in people who are not the same, it doesn’t require strict equality.

Women happier after husband dies

Physiologically, marriage is healthier for men than bachelorhood.

Happy wife, happy life is true
The man does have the romantic obligation to lead, that’s the masculine role, women often complain he treats them coldly (“He doesn’t try anymore!”, it’s like being friendzoned but with a legal obligation). This is the man’s fault and women are more liable to listen to his complaints in a good mood but pride constrains them. Modern metrosexual men complain their wife doesn’t initiate sex – like a porn star. Well, she isn’t supposed to, those women are acting and usually quite frigid (some type of misplaced libido, like male porn addicts). Impotence is a male issue, poor male performance is bound to make the woman feel offended.

Smarter women, no higher divorce risk

MGTOW is a good thing for the gene pool, the inferior quality husband self-selects out, it’s a eugenic effect similar to the ancient societies where few men ever reproduced.

If they’re iffy about producing a child, they’re unfit to raise it. Same goes for women.