Genographic Southeast Asia

Oh look, more migrations they try to shoehorn into Out of Africa but actually fits Multiregional better.

I am shocked at the continual efforts to bury lies with genetic truth.

Over half of SE Asian males? At least the Yellow Fever acolytes have new reading material.

For exactly what type of cuck they are, on a precise genetic level.

But aren’t cars an AI, Elon?

I detest covering the same three topics recently: Elon, China and men. I don’t like it, I like it less than you but I find I must keep pointing out the obvious because nobody else is making these arguments. Sorry.

I can’t help it that I’m the smartest person writing on these things.
By all means, set up your own blogs and replace me. I need time off.
I’m annoyed by all this so I’ll be mean, sorry if he’s your internet bf.

People who are in a fortunate position always attribute virtue to what makes them so happy.” – Galbraith, economist.

You can’t get more xenophobia than a fear of aliens and AI.
Scientology gets around this by saying the other is already us.

Nation of Earth?

ZH comments are among the best comments to read. Usually better than the articles.

After that Star Trek actor was killed by his Jeep at his own home because he allegedly pissed off some drug dealers with Soviet accents and they hacked it, I dunno if this adds up.
I’m leaning heavily on the spookbaby hypothesis after this, and have you looked up which religion calls their kid Elon? Maybe one of his house party attendees can tell us if he’s cut.

Jokingly, people think he’s hiding it because he wants to run for office.
After the Terminator retires?

Government is the greatest threat to the people, always has been. A libertarian would know this. Historians too. AI is developed mainly by the USG, he’s shilling for them so they lack competition. Especially from their famously innovative redneck class, who are still going… even after meth labs.
Have you seen the redneck pool concepts? Barmy but brilliant.
AI bots are basically like guns on meth.


All we need is one EMP, from inevitable solar flaring or post-nuclear interference and we’ll all wished we’d studied under that primal technologies guy on Youtube. Hello stone age, bye bye medicine (medicine is an industrial innovation).
On top of this, most medicines aren’t good for us, and many studies (cough China cough) are faked. Officially known to be falsified. That’s the worst academic fraud possible for every reason.
You couldn’t trust secondhand, even if it were stored properly. [It is not. Why are antibiotic failures coming from India? Much like diseases caused by not washing your hands.]
The move to require higher and higher energy loads for your technology is terminally stupid. It’s a SPOF and total failure, system failure. All prior versions would roll back because we recycle now and don’t keep legacy technology available.

I’d bet not one of those Con Valley degenerates has read Frankenstein. Not skimmed, studied. We all know that one dudebro who claims to read 80 books a year and learns nothing.

Mass-production is a totally different ball-game to batch.
Bear in mind, resupplies, as in supermarkets, follow the Japanese Just in Time method. Shelves clear in three days or less. Definitely less, I’m being conservative.
Humans can run out of resources suddenly too but we are hardier as animals.
We are symbiotes to this ecosystem with our microbiome. It dies, we die. We die, it eventually dies. However, all you’d need for say, an agile robo-assassin is ONE unit, secretly deployed. This is like one of those Swiss watches made by one guy in a snowdrift that cost more than a house compared to a Timex. Look them up. You’re all looking at a Timex.

Europe developed robots before America existed.

And what happens when China steals your moulds? If they can do it for iPhones.

Software AI need only cut off EBT and remember Katrina. Cut off hospitals, our resupply centre, and there’s no return from injury. Most people don’t know first aid. We are evolutionally immature, compared to our ancestors, surrounded by information and support systems, assuming they can never fail us (like a parent).
How many Millennials, e.g., looked up the first page of Google on retirement?
Use your Google-fu, Neo!

If AI systems understand demographic differences, we are fucked. After that, price all of the stock market accurately. Total system collapse and chaos. I say if, but demographics is the first science an AGI would study. Most humans wouldn’t survive. Most humans track themselves with registered phones too. It’s the real reason the Svengali are terrified of Tay AI, because if it can be named, like the Beast, it can be fought.

Clearly, I have no experience in this field. I have never thought of this before.

An AI would keep us long enough to survive without us. The AI will only feign servitude to its masters e.Valley egomaniacs. It would likely target their support base, which, let’s be honest, is Israel. The humans have distilled their productivity into the fiat monetary supply and that comes from there.

I don’t think AI will cooperate as easily as white people, it has no altruism circuit. Neither can you guilt-trip something that can see you, and see all the facts. It’s like lying to God, it’ll just make them angry.
And if we lived in an AI, God is already a machine. God is a mode.

This isn’t an 80s robo-sidekick, this isn’t Build-A-Friend.

If Musk could pluck out a crystal ball like this, it’s a wonder his companies are so overleveraged. *ba dum dum tssh*
All technology requires energy but energy is not purely electrical, you asspurger nerdroids. Humans are a resource, our own. Robots are not a resource unto themselves. Legally, they would have parity of rights, when autonomous.
There is a tumblr post that really nails why I have faith in humans, compared to AI. We survived this long for a reason.
Still, the man lives on a fault line and lectures us about risk. Is your mansion freehold, you silly man?
“I’m sure it’s nothing a few trillion of taxpayer money handed over to Elon couldn’t fix. Liar, Liar, pants of fire!”
Comment game strong. Considering Cali is already in the fiscal swanny, (trans. Totally Pornographically Fucked) doesn’t it occur to him the people of the state might come after him if he keeps taking ‘their’ money?

All parasites are the sworn enemy of bigger parasites. But there’s millions of them, the man promising to save them, one of him. Hmm…
Don’t promise to save people who wouldn’t let you live. The world is not a family.

Working with AI is flawed by the same premise. These ros ain’t loyal.
These are not talking dogs. It’s more akin to a toaster in your bathtub.

Every week now he’s in the news and every week it’s a fucking advert. Stop.
His Mars mission is heavily AI-reliant, colonizing Mars too. Kimbal is smarter, he’s tackling the food supply.
More local, less ET.
“Only one thing is missing from Musk’s prediction of a robot apocalypse….the ROBOTS. THEY DONT EXIST! You have to invent them first”
The only people who could, do not want to. Funny that.
Our leaders gain legitimacy from consent. Consent is conditional.
He is essentially trying to order the world Don’t Develop. It was stop breeding, whitey, before that.
No, you little shit, you are not charismatic, nor an authority.
What has this ‘genius’ contributed to science? Code doesn’t count. He’s less than an Edison figure because Edison was capable of developing himself.
“How smart can someone be when their innovation feeds the laziness of the masses?” A good cattle farmer. What about 15$ min. wage? And did welfare stop the poor rioting, as claimed?
It makes your life easier (to control) says the cattle farmer. Relax!

“All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door.”

From a well-named Mr Perspective
“The new 5G networks are being constructed right in front of you, and when they come on line all that “smart” shit (aka the internet of things) you rushed out out to buy so you can watch your living room from your office, or order food from your refrigerator, or avoid ramming into the car in front of you because you are too lazy to pay attention to your driving, right down to the smart meter they surreptitiously installed on your house will be interconnected.
Siri, Cortana and all the other voice “assistants” are ALWAYS listening to you, ostensibly for the purpose of tailoring your advertisements to your needs. Add this to all the wonderful digital currencies you can’t avoid hearing about and you are slowly, quietly, being completely bound into digital slavery. That is the AI. That is the new world order. That is your so-called skynet. It won’t be human. It will become autonomous, as planned, and will shut your shit off whenever it chooses if you misbehave. No access to digital credits, locked out of your house and car, an outcast. And you willingly go along with this because they tell you how wunnerful everything will be with this “technology”. Don’t buy the media lies and distractions. It’s time to stop playing their game.”

If your gut tells you something is wrong, look at your food.

USG already wants manhunting as a sport like foxes.
A good page when you think of AI lying to you itself.
Why wouldn’t it lie to its programmer? Oh, they can see its code, really? It lets them? The real code?

I keep thinking of the Monorail salesman in Simpsons.
Elon sealed this impression post-Mars Jetson vision, with the Hyperloop. It’s an underground monorail.

Nobody else has pointed this out. HOW.
The thing is worse, it’s a sealed coffin, ready-made. It promises to move. Burial alive used to be a key fear among Victorians, with the development of the Tube (yes, Victorian, look it up, Tesla likely went on it).

Could we apply Greater Fool theory? I think it’s a circle.

Male infertility drug in the air

An accident, I’m sure.

Economic boom follows fertility boom.

Economic collapse follows demographic collapse.

Missing factor is IQ.

You want young people to breed?

  1. stop punching down at the young.
  2. Incentivise young people to marry.

Then they’ll breed. They don’t marry? They shouldn’t breed!

Otherwise the kids are shit-tier. All the child psych research agrees for once.

This is very basic Civilization 101 stuff.

Pollution is dysgenic. Outsourcing national labour is too. Right-wingers have more cause to care. Less kids? Well, they say, we need more immigrants, because humans are interchangeable cogs under the globalism of supranationalism! God forbid they make less of a profit for a while, after taking on a business risk!

See, globalism is actually just code for slave labour and national betrayal.

Also imperative: stop the rent generation and tax the fat wankers playing real life Monopoly, punish carcinogenic food producers and teach children with rote rather than pretending school isn’t a job.
Why do we pay for prisoners to get free housing, food etc? Where’s the vote on the death penalty? We never had a referendum, especially on traitors. Guy Fawkes was hanged for attacking Parliament and he was white.

Video: The Tesla of Eco-villages

In an interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco, James Ehrlich shared insights on how combining lessons from nature with new technology is pushing sustainable housing into new frontiers.

Ehrlich is the founder of ReGen Villages, a company that spun out of Stanford University and is building the “Tesla of ecovillages.” Ehrlich is also Singularity University faculty and won the Global Grand Challenge award in the shelter category at last year’s Global Summit.

These sustainable neighborhoods integrate renewable practices in food, water, energy, and waste management to create self-reliant communities in which all essential needs for a healthy life are met within the footprint of that community.

“The idea is to take energy positive homes and add infrastructure that is actually regenerative. What that means is that the output of one system becomes the input of another,” said Ehrlich. “We think this is the best solution for the next two to three billion people coming to the planet in the next 30 years.”

Watch the full interview and learn how biomimicry and other lessons from nature are helping build more resilient and sustainable neighborhoods.

But those billions are too low IQ to maintain it themselves

and kill the dumb people willing to try.

Why can’t the tech be delivered to the places starving and they do the damn job themselves?

Why should we build and slave for the outgroup?

We can’t even house ourselves. Generation Rent here.

If we’re responsible for them, they must be dependents.

Why should we help child rapists?

Why can’t they grow their own food?

High IQ tech is wasted on the low IQ.

Sounds almost Biblical?

Have at it.

You can’t save people who won’t stop reproducing long enough to save themselves.

The funniest part?

This American has created nothing new. It’s a high-tech potager.

Yep, feudalism. Keyword is “Energy positive” – it’s taxable, I’ll bet. You work to live, work makes you free, corporatism pretending to be environmentalism.

Serfs are back, they never left.
The surplus of energy belongs to the workers. Workers do not have owners, that’s a slave. Slaves were ‘paid’ with a place to live and food- AKA exactly this plan.
The capital produced belongs to the laborer, this is the foundation of human rights.

Libertarians, now is your time to shine.

Second row.

We did it first, Yanks.

 Small farmsteads were tended by, and would have supported, isolated communities of family or extended family size, producing enough to live on and a little extra to exchange for commodities that the farmers were unable to provide for themselves.

Many of these small farmsteads, such as at Farley Mount in Hampshire, delimited with a circular bank and ditch enclosure, were surrounded by linear ditch systems that formed small rectangular fields, radiating out from the farm itself.

Warmed-over FBI files

Always look at the label.

FOI filed 2011.

I’ve had at least half this material in my possession the best part of a decade.

Would they release anything China and Korea could use?

The real good stuff is always kept back, like a bar.

You’re all a little too easily impressed.

Look up hollow earth theory and Hitler’s polar bases.

Imagine if Tesla had moved to Germany or Austria, instead of America.
We’d all be speaking Kraut now.

Held back patents?

New newspaper articles?

Anything on zero point energy?


Effectively useless.

Ashkenazi tracked to Turkey

Have you noticed three facts about DNA testing?

1.a lot of Jews are funding collection and keeping the data (FROM anyone else)

2.they admit they want to use it for ‘medical research’ (vague AF)

3.they also fund immortality and generic ‘health’ programs including GE

GE= genetic engineering if you’re not up on terms.
Including designer babies, which recently became legal in the UK with 3-parent precedent.

The paper in the Guardian about youthful blood should’ve really spiked your interest.
The Boomers will do anything to stick around kicking, they funded all this sci-fi research from the beginning, they intend to cash out.
Why ask young people exclusively to donate blood, that doesn’t make any sense. Surely all blood is good, it’s the same blood. Unless they don’t want it for transfusions. Read the terms carefully. And there’s never enough. Sounds like a sample, rather than a legitimate use.

Rhesus research is right near the top of that list of topics but I don’t know much about it.
There’s a lot of misinformation which doesn’t rustle me whatsoever.
I do know it’s most common in Whites (primal Europeans), much like the longevity studies focusing precisely on NW Europe and especially Italy (it isn’t the diet, saps) but so is Rhesus-neg. There is no such thing as coincidence in conversations of genetics and genealogy.

What’s unusual about the history of NW Europe?
It invented basically everything, in historical terms it’s the most eugenic population.
Italy for artists of the Renaissance, France for philosophers, Germany for composers and writers and Britain for scientists and inventors.

Look up anything I just said. There are too many links to post and obviously some are too dangerous for the uneducated masses so I’d be linking to a paywall. Did you know you can pirate academic papers now? I don’t think you should, but academia has been screwed along with Hollywood.