Video: Trial by sex

Like divorce is new.

The Victorian emphasis on female frigidity (aside from being an excuse to outsource orgasms to competent machines) was actually more of an over-reaction to the common claim of male impotence.

Female frigidity really doesn’t mean much in a society that doesn’t value the female orgasm, Victorian men had a love/hate relationship with anything that connected their wife to their faking-it mistress. At least, it isn’t necessary for conception. Historically, it’s meaningless.

This has yet to appear in a Game of Thrones episode but it should.

Jordan Peterson: “Sex is dangerous”

There are people who don’t know this?

Have you read any history books, ever?

Where did syphilis come from, huh?

The original position of misogyny is that women carry disease.
Women are evil for making us lust (dude, look away).
Now we know it’s quite the reverse, women are more exposed to male vectors.
Women suffer higher infertility and more reproductive cancers than men.
However, men still need high awareness of the risk, a very real, fatal risk.

Here’s a law, which I’m gonna call Scholar’s Law:

If you assume the opposite of any typical Boomer position, it is likely to be correct.


Technically, sex should classify as the most extreme sport, if we are foolish enough to consider it as exercise at all!

The Spanish Flu pandemic was also caused by soldiers. Slutty, slutty soldiers. I’m sure the weakened immune systems didn’t allow their vaccines to mutate….

They cared more for their boots keeping clean than their penis.

New hormone explains frigid men

Could the levels be depleted by behaviour somehow?
Such as porn abuse?

Did you check adrenal function? In compulsive masturbators, the system is fine but the head’s wrong and eventually the glands pack up and give up.
The masturbators are not actually frigid, although their nervous system might be damaged with time. The idea that looping any addictive behaviour is fine for your health is Peak Boomer.

And by Jove, that title. It’s so true it’s painful.
The butthurt it shall produce, I should buy shares in painkillers.

Penis size and attractiveness

I’m posting this so completely normal men don’t beat themselves up over a non-question.

Normal evolved for a reason. Normal being just over 5″ long, girth varies.

TLDR: It needs to be proportionate to body size.

As in, the supposed preference might actually be a preference for greater health overall.

Reproductive abuse

is the non-PC term.

I guess it might apply to men but that definition has yet to be written since men don’t carry.

Interesting but incomplete.

It centres around carrying a baby. The anguish, stress, pain and humiliation.
And men complain about cuckolding. Which is an omission.

Most popular actions are

  1. throwing away birth control or tampering
  2. lying about sexual status, including STDs, but especially fertility. This includes specifics e.g. certain positions or pulling out and you won’t get pregnant.
  3. interfering with a pregnancy, like the most common being the classic pushing the woman down stairs or punching her in the stomach
  4. forcing birth control on a woman e.g. in food
  5. coercion not to use a condom or other contraception.

That last one is most common.

Stealthers are not only rapists but yes, it’s reproductive abuse too. A judge would see it that way, no consent was given to the particular acts undertake by stealth/deceit.
This is how the r-selected breed.

I’m guessing that is why Kylie Jenner is up the duff. Hefty toll.