Nuts about corona-chan

“Those with hypogonadism can develop large breasts and erectile dysfunction – a condition which can be cured with testosterone treatment.”

Yes, sure, it sounds terrible for men but…. does it increase breast size in women?
If so, brb for the free boob job.
….I am 50% kidding.

Coof coof I want a DD.

Petition to call this Manboob Flu.
You know you want to.

But yeah, crime is going up, will get worse.
The Global Civil War (with “diversity”) that I warned about looks far more likely now, eh?

Even your “really really nice” neighbour.

I do wonder whether a racial element to unrest would be reported.

National capitalism is coming.

Ridiculous. Every man who is recovering from a major infection, or traumatic injury has lowered testosterone levels it’s a normal natural part of the healing process.

True, hormones are used in the healing response.

They should compare T-levels between porn using men and normal ones. Replenishment isn’t eternal. Maybe men with reduced levels are more susceptible to the virus?

2020: Year of the Boomer Flu.

Supply shock

Yet the Tories closed the garden centres. The one place we actually need.

The brightest Etonian minds.

One of my elderly relatives has gone. No idea if it’s wu-flu. Non-genetic and I never met her but the Gov is refusing to test bodies to keep the numbers depressed. It’s kinda important to all those attending a funeral though. Plus, she had more than 6 kids, the max people allowed AT the funeral so the Gov is fucking up hugely by not closing all borders in January. Or seven decades ago.

Flights should only be permissible for funerals.

Needless to say, my hatred of the chinks is now permanent. Asia’s Jews indeed.

The problem of sufficiency

Yes, I’ve been busy with family matters.

Place blame where it’s due – the CCP and the NWO lot.

A homogeneous culture weather tests better.

There are some rumours that this is a plague breaking a seal in Rev.

God, I hope not.

The only people who bought en masse were the immigrants when they heard places like India were affected. That’s why the corner shops weirdly have a lot of everything.

Comedy Unleashed: Cultural Marxist controlled ops

I figured when they had a bloke randomly sing with and kiss a tranny (to applause, of course) and then a race mixing weeb proudly talk about how much of a cuck he was. Why yes, betray your ancestors, kiss a boy (in a dress, no less) and “like” it. Very anti-establishment.*

*Standard BBC3 fare.

It’s like the male version of “I’m so random” rawr XD girls.

How does inversion operate? Simple:

If men spontaneously tend to become leaders, then in an allocative system should favour women; if humans are naturally heterosexual, then allocative systems should favour any preference except heterosexuality; if a particular group rules and another is ruled, then the allocative system should invert the existing hierarchy.

If humans are naturally monogamous (we are), then polygamy lite aka hook-up “culture”, if humans are naturally racially selective, then miscegenation with any other race. If white nations are civilized, then rapper culture of disrespecting women and family and propriety.


Being merely subversive and crudely inversional, the positive policies of political correctness are therefore arbitrary, changeable over time – generating a stream of stimulating novelties for the jaded bureaucratic palate.

The evaluation of PC policies in terms of human happiness, suffering, income or any other principle is again variable – and often PC policies will make things worse from any common-sensical and experiental perspective.

But none of that matters, since the politically correct solution is always intrinsically superior in so far as it removes the scope or possibility of individual selfishness.

You’re not allowed to laugh at them.

See: Why mockery?

As narcissists, your laughter is like death to them.

….For political correctness to act as if Virtue is higher than Truth and Beauty is therefore very swiftly to embrace that which opposes The Good – not merely the narrowly wicked (anti-virtuous) idea of Bad, but further to destroy the whole capacity for Good.

Political Correctness is purposefully subversive of The Good

PC is not ignorant of The Good – it knows what is The Good.

PC must indeed know enough about The Good, that it may subvert it.

And indeed, knowledge of The Good is built into humans: this is termed Natural Law


The point of PC is that it systematically subverts Virtue, Beauty and Truth and pursues wickedness, ugliness and lies – and not by accident, not merely by ignorance nor by selfish short-termism – but as a matter of the highest principle.

Cultural dystopia.


In morality, PC pursues the-opposite-of-Virtue. It learns about spontaneous human morality – Natural Law – and it does… something else.


Political correctness subverts the natural and spontaneous. It reacts-against it. In practice it does the opposite, or what it conceives to be the opposite: PC inverts.


Because humans naturally love Beauty, and value those who create Beauty; therefore PC subverts Beauty and aggressively promotes dysphoric stimuli. Politically correct art is anti-Beauty – it regards The Beautiful as Kitsch at best and tyrannically fascist at worst; it is about creating expectations then thwarting them, it is about replacing harmony with dissonance, edification with shock, delight with horror, pleasing sounds with noise, elevating subjects with disgusting subjects, aesthetic elevation with visceral degradation.


replacing in general

your genes, clothes, music, paintings, opinions

it is vulgar and crude, its adherents worship their own baseness

they project what they fear: replacement with good genes, good fashion, good music, good paintings, reasoned opinions, funny comedy

Don’t fight them, fuck them, as Littlefinger pointed out. Fuck them up by outshining them.

For years, some people focused (against my advice) on Reaction Vids. That still gives them cultural hegemony. People don’t want warmed-up shit. Give them something better instead, the bar’s never been lower!

They want to be relevant – so ignore them.

A lot of blokes struggle to realise the POWER of omission.

Stop feeding them your attention.

Their street creed is how much they offend the right wing. Starve the Beast.

And PC reacts against The Truth. Truth is to be subordinated to the goal of subversion. Unwanted Truths are Hate Facts. Universally known Truths are replaced with narrow scraps of bureaucratically defined principles; spontaneous and obvious knowledge is contested, undermined, broken-up and contradicted one fragment at a time and replaced with Professional Consensus (Peer Review).

Cuckery Unleashed.