The Addams family and white people

It’s come to hit multiple themes:

dynasties and wealth spending v trendy riches and conspicuous consumption

bloodlines and family being more important than how you make money (modern people uplift their job title above their damn spouse)

the parents as the core of the family unit, not the children

how respect is connected to fear…. well, it is!

tolerance for idiots (who do not know they’re idiots)

multiculturalism – yes, a little bit of that, even just across classes

nationalism and belonging to a culture or time period versus international non-identity (usually channeling into brands over a religion – people literally stan over toaster models nowadays)

persecution based on appearance

needing to fix messes caused by outsiders, super competence being viewed externally as “creepy” (tell me those kids don’t respect their parents, they even have disciplined staff) and their reaction times are better than Special Ops

use of “magic” (IQ) to get what they want, despite attracting a lot of envy

gender roles – Morticia is sexy, smart and maternal (hourglass dresses), Gomez is rich, loyal and paternal (he wears a smoking jacket and smokes a cigar) – his wealth allows them to outsource a lot of childcare and spend time together, strengthening the marriage

plenty of quality family time, even family dinners (values, as one film was called)

emphasis is inter-generational AND in doing so, more individual (the kids encouraged by the parents to find themselves in a safe environment, because they’ll have time to make mistakes)

they are the educated gentrifiers – they own a damn leatherbound library

you can’t cancel people who don’t rely on your approval, maybe some anti-white person would call the child-nappers, faux concerned about Gomez

delighting in the old-fashioned (dead things is the extreme of this, including archaic notions of culture and ancestry)

despite all else, they’re the only happy people – maybe they dress for the funeral of Western Civ?

Hell, I’d watch THAT film.

Instead of fighting one another like the State wants, they support one another.

It’s anti-propaganda. Does Gomez seem annoyed by Morticia or “scared” of marriage?

Do the kids hate spending time at home?

Does Morticia want to do charity work outside the home?

Is Gomez sleeping with a secretary?

Are the elderly relations pushed aside like corpses already?

Are the kids told to shut up and go away, doing dangerous stuff without supervision?

It’s amazing really.

Imagine if they set one film in the ghetto. They couldn’t do it. Too obvious.

“OMG Wednesday told that girl to read a book!”

Maybe the CA wildfires are all the STDs

One Of Three

First off, ew.

Second, why does the fake nice one keep leaking her gossip like anyone cares about her?

You won’t get a film career using your pussy that way.

Like, STFU and be trash in private. Also, stay in America. Nobody wants you back.

This shit right here is exactly why. Nobody actually likes you, they pretend when your legs are open. Your pussy isn’t gold-plated, hunty. It’s just available at all hours. The welcome mat never rolls up.

Sluts are one thing, especially actresses, in California (fine, I’ll ignore it) but when they play the public innocent act while leaking their own scumbag stories, it’s just too much.

Have a kid and be relevant to someone or be an aging homewrecking hag somewhere we can’t see you, ya know?

Pick one: pussy and career or baby. Dressing up your dogs after yoga class isn’t the same. It’s weird. You’re not a momma. Stop saying that.

I normally don’t bitch this much about people I’ve only tangentially known through people they inflicted themselves on like a gold-digging leech but holy shit she’s been doing this for like a decade, I’m sick of hearing the same schoolgirl bullshit.

will they/won’t they

kiss and tell

baby/no baby

Nobody cares.

Move on.

You’re an orgy whore with no career. Nobody cares.

Especially in Cali-fucking-fornia.

Remember, a loud whore is a dead whore.

Jew card won’t save you, either.

Silly cow

Never marry another woman’s leftovers.

Especially if it’s race-mixing Eurotrash.

Do you know what’s worse than being the unmarried, ugly sister?

Being the divorced, abandoned ugly sister, dumped for a fellow foreigner. Probably the same lawyer he was previously engaged to. Also, never marry someone who backed out of one engagement already.

He wants to be famous then he’ll chuck her, we can all see it coming.

“We share so many similar interests and values, and we know that this will stand us in great stead for the years ahead, full of love and happiness,” they added.

She might regret saying that.

His loyalties will always be elsewhere. With the firstborn bastard, that’s where. Slutty women know this and that’s also why non-sluts hate them.


I believe that.

and for another reminder:

This family is a fucking trainwreck and I’m here to watch the whole thing unfold.

“. Harry acknowledged that he still struggles with his mental health. “

That isn’t an excuse for domestic abuse….

You’re not unpopular because of her, don’t take it out on her, you’re unpopular because of you.

Also unironically implies only a mental person would race mix, so top kek there.

Global demographic dead weight

The Wealth of Nations’ IQ average and GDP connection cannot be denied.

There may be a billion Chinese, but they’re no more valuable than the average chink.

That is to say, collectivists are a net drain.

Magic Dirt papers or no.

To understand the economic struggle of the West, simply look at whites as a population % over time.

It becomes obvious.

Demographics is theft.

There’s only one way this can go, as leeches outnumber hosts. Billions of red herrings.

Natural selection isn’t evil, Satanic-sponsored revenge-specific depopulation is.

Great idea!

What will these big brained wiggas think of next? [takes ’em years to adopt what I view as blatantly obvious]

A big America (and other nation, eventually) homeschooling MOOC.

At the moment it’s every family for themselves. That’s stupid.

Kids as illiterate as their parents. “The system fails! Let’s replicate it with inferior resources!”

We uniquely have social trust as a race, we should double down on it and co-operate.

[Also, out-group exogamous marriages are ridiculous from the perspective of expecting endogamous union results. You need two white people for a white marriage. Equalism is a farce. What is this, magic wedding band? That genetic collectivists become magical individualists?]

Vox is about half as smart as he thinks he is. I mean, he moved to Italy, first off. Smart but not… genius. Anyone who moves for the weather is bright at best.

Colleges/schools no longer teach skills unless you count cultural marxist courtier. You must seize back the information they try to hide like a thieving guild of bandits and liars. Firstly, no more paywalls on taxpayer funded studies. They have no right to secret that information.

Second, check for embezzlement with Keynesian buildings. Hard prison.

I’m waiting for people to eventually get to all the places I outlined and predicted, people are terribly slow.

Still waiting on people to get a lot of things…

“63Fire consumed His young men,

and their maidens were left without wedding songs.”

I’d rather be a woman in that scenario. Note that the women were spared because they weren’t sinning by setting the wrong tone of society as the moral authority. In Christianity, men are bound by the higher standards. It’s right there.

Fun fact: most engineers training now know less than Nikola Tesla, at college.

How is this possible?

Colleges decided to stop training in the old mechanical engineering (i.e. core, real, elementary engineering) that keeps society actually running because Silicon Valley wanted desk jockeys and Parveets to customer service the magical internet machines for Boomer routers.

God help us all.

It also stops anyone replacing outdated systems.

At the upper levels e.g. postgrad, it’s so theoretical so you can never challenge them or apply it, making them useless.

Clue 2: talk to the Townsends. A lot of old useful books are out of print.

Russell Brand on Joker

It’s sad this guy of all people has a better take on this than the average right-wing youtuber.

Nice until we’re not basically. Classism from plutocracy. It isn’t about means of production but native resources. You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps… if you don’t have boots.


WTF! Is that really Russell Brand? This is brilliant best Joker review on YouTube and spoiler free on top of that

r-types do understand what they’re doing, they’re just over-estimating their intelligence and competence

consumer culture and such, they know

cultural deprivation of survival needs, including right to self identity (the new patriotism gap is filled by the tranny stuff, imaginary identities), it’s needed for sanity, hence not in the hierarchy

cultural treason, betrayal of meritocracy

they’ll pretend to wanna work with us in the future, to control and subvert, as you see him cuck toward the end

convenient timing

they’ll be like a cult and want a ton of slaves, r-types are easy to spot by no pair bonding ability

think termite mound implosion, you don’t want to align with predatory men, they screw men too