Millennial Woes has brass balls

I had to come off holiday real quick when someone told me he finally made a video about this.

You have just earned nyan thousand morality points from other k-types, love.
There’s the NRx fusion philosopher we all know and remember.

Reasonable, methodical, dangerous to those who want our societies to fall.

Look at the views compared to other recent ones (triple), controversy in the like ratio.

They’re watching and they’re scared of you again. Congratulations, brother.
I remember discussing this with a leading light in the AR this time last year. We just kinda shrugged at each other from across a thot patrol screeching comment section. I had to leave that group for tracking reasons around the time of the last election but it was such a welcoming, salon-type environment (intellectual salon, historical salon).

Apart from that one post the guy made and insta-regretted.
We decided to laugh.

Many moons later, I wrote how the alt right might be ‘too popular’ as a hat-tip.
People trend-spot with me, it’s a fun jaunty hobby.
It had been barely whispered but there was concern about where all these noobs came from (mostly male) and why. Trying to co-opt, lead like Common Purpose (beyond authority) and monetize is a red-flag, prove yourself logically first? You’d think…

I don’t want to make money out of this for ethical reasons but it’s my choice. I know I’d veer to feminine people-pleasing. I respect people like M.Woes who take so much time and research and then it does become a job. I miss the more lecture-style Rotherham type truth bomb posts too. If I may throw a ring in the hat, it would be mine. A smattering of those documentary-almost teaching moments to balance out in-fighting drama hijinks. Histrionics put off those on the fence. Complacency is a luxury we cannot afford.

I wrote Da Wimminz as an in-joke to a small cadre of readers who said in-person to just shitpost it out, in the hopes somebody cared and this came out just after (timezone differences and pre-timed posting). FYI. It isn’t directed at him and he, as he proves here, is among the best we have, but the timing might suggest it. Thusly, FYI.

Simply bringing it up was incredibly brave, regardless of your personal opinion.
Hey, at least you own your opinions like a man and present reasons. What. A. Legend.

“To shut them up and basically get rid of them” the black ops, that’s right. The people who think these are newfangled ideas (traditionalism!) and stride in thinking they can talk down to the rest of us, it’s just most apparent with the women. I disagree with bullies on principle, especially when they claim to be helping me and my thede.

This blog would be more popular if I took a happy bully stance but we’re thinkers here.
I don’t mind a little character baiting or teasing but there’s a line on ad hominem, which wastes time and just outright prejudice (dictionary definition) against the messenger as an excuse to ignore the content.

What do SJWs do? Make a lot of noise and crybully instead of improving anything.
Let’s take the educational approach and not do that. We won with the truth, we need to push it.

It’s these divisions, including some minor class divisions, that have impeded progress. The class distinctions of Europeans are particularly opaque to Americans but I sympathize with their cross-cultural ignorance only to a degree. When they make a judgement call to ignore non-America or history or painstaking social explanations (backed up by other men), they are not intellectually honest and do not deserve to rant from their non-position.

I am alpha male, hear me roar, is not a sound position. Not an argument.
One’s of Clarey’s Worthless, I’m afraid. Shouldn’t you be in the garage, fixing something?

I really want to do a longer post on this, so I think I’ll upload this link now and write in more when my airport business is handled and I’m tipsy blunt at a real table. Airport wifi is expensive, y’all.

This isn’t one of my male or neutral accounts (it’s infuriating how much more respect I get on those compared with female-presenting ones) but I heavily endorse the sentiment. A valuable discussion to open to the floor, for those who want to talk. Part of the depressing element is how anytime a woman tries to bring it up, she’s gaslighted! You’re being too sensitive being the #1 reply. Well, no, because there’s nothing wrong with sex differences, right guys?


If it walks like a bully, and acts like a bully, and talks like a bully…. anyone with a shred of self-respect is gonna head for a different pub. There’s tough love and then there’s vitriolic abuse from a corner of narc rage.

Again, bravo. No American has been brave enough to discuss this, glad it’s one of ours.

Now excuse me while I browse the beauty departments of duty free with a gentle lopping spring in my dainty step.

Da Wimminz

1,900 words. Good ones. Get a drink.

Only a weak man blames women for inaction.
A decent one knows the man should act for himself.

We could point out many things in a democracy, as a majority.

Considering most violent crimes are conducted by men, I don’t think you’d like it.

The broflakes are too sensitive.
Strangely, the ‘war on women’ has become real. The men who reject their role to lead society or defend anyone, even themselves, point to their genetic kin and cry ‘lazy’. Ah, projection.

It’s da wimminz fault!


You still have to grow up, Peter Pan.
The libertarian arguments (and libertarianism) for multiculturalism/cheap labour, protrude from male corners. All-male corners. Your own sex betrayed you, and you betrayed yourselves in the cowardice to admit this fact.

Where to blame?

It’s either generational, for varying reasons of voting cycle and cultural change or it’s civic. Pro- or the anti-social. Men and women need one another to survive. You’re not just shooting yourself in the foot, but the balls.
Losers notwithstanding.
Men evolved on average for certain tasks, expecting them is not “gynocentrism”, pushed by a bitter Boomer divorcee, it’s the dimorphic specialization of evolutionary biology. It keeps society functional. Biology prefers the life-giving sex, before humans came along.

If you want gender roles, start with yourself.

So-called men say childbirth is nothing to a kick, but don’t want medical advances to do the easy job of growing and carrying to term. Uhuh. Easier than a pod though, isn’t it? Actually possible.

I notice men aren’t willing to bear and raise their own children. Too painful?
You might have to go out less with the boys? #lostboys
Stefan M seems pretty happy in his marriage, Elam’s just sore his marriage sucked. It sucked because he was the one who chose it, directed it (as the male party) and ruined it.

Like some people can’t drive, some people shouldn’t marry.

People treat pop culture like Bible studies too. That disturbs me. Fandom philosophy BS.
Crying into a camera won’t change the world. Teaching the truth about it… a formidable enemy. Truth does not equal conspiracy. We know how shitty this world is, we live here. What works, what came before, what was goodness and why.

You teach principles – logical/moral/legal/historical, you nag with opinions.
And don’t make the classic error of acting like America = Teh World.

Identity politics for men, white men especially, will never work.
Why? It’s like a poker player with the best hand complaining it could be better.
They’re spoiled brats. The Charlottesville lot in their gay little shorts weren’t working class were they? They weren’t out producing anything of worth to society (oh, that looks like the terrifying specter of hard work!). No women either, they didn’t forget they had obligations. Family > Race. (see end) You can’t help anyone unless you self-care and build up yourself as a rock first. You have no authority to draw upon. You’re like the trust fund baby champagne socialists of the left. Lazybones, the lot of yer.
Look around and grow some perspective you accuse everyone else of lacking.

1.It’s not about you.

2.Compared to everyone else, you’re doing really well. Crap is the new normal.

Why aren’t more women in politics? You don’t want us there?

You complain about suicide rates. Isn’t that a choice? Isn’t there a ‘retirement plan’ around that decision? If it’s so terrible, and you suddenly value the human soul, shouldn’t it be a crime again, along with abortion? Or is killing an unborn man acceptable?

You need to be consistent or don’t be shocked nobody listens.
What is the way to win here, for men and women? What do you actually want? How does a functional society operate? Envisaging oppression and systemic slavery of women to get hard about won’t work, has never been real (send proof otherwise), we’ll simply stop working, the economy will grind to a halt because most white women aren’t ghetto trash supporting 4 kids by 3 babydaddies. But for supporting ourselves, like adults, you still insult us. WTF do you want? To bitch. That’s all. Useless bitches.

Women in the workplace was fine, for many centuries. (nb. American history isn’t the only history for white people). The problems started with various types of immigration, which were and remain, largely male. If you’d side with a foreign man over white women, don’t pretend to care for “our” interests. Immigration drove wages down, if you look it up. Women were responsible for economic growth, including wage growth. At the very least, husbands could afford to work longer hours if they knew the woman was running the house, a form of labour. America wouldn’t have won WW2 if its women didn’t work. If a man wants to be a stay at home father because he’s good at it, an outlier, why not? Where is your meritocracy while you whine about freedoms?

Consistency! Your American Dreams for consistency!

Your Independence Day is a joke, your country went to the dogs after you booted out your white kin from power for a melting pot social experiment. ..Can a welfare-dogged society really be called independent?

Why are women statistically more clinically depressed? Men do not listen to reason.

That is the definition of stupid.

Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

Hiveminds stagnate. Don’t take on low IQ muh dicks or your movement dies.

Whataboutism re men is also invalid. It’s changing the subject, derailing is an indicator of someone without an argument. You don’t actually want to discuss problems women have, you expect them to magically go away if you ignore them, like the politicians we despise.

Common one?

Workplace deaths are higher, choosing dangerous fields higher, recklessness, higher.


Those are choices.

You are not soldiers, you are not coal-miners, you are ineffectual crybabies riding the coat-tails of your ancestors who can do nothing but whine like a snowflake that you’re too special to try like the rest of us (inc. women) and that, in spite of living in the Easiest Society Ever, in history, you have still failed to be an adult.

The problems of white women are also white problems, equally valid as the men’s.

You want our support? Ya gotta cooperate with the other members of your group.

Our mutual enemies delight in seeing white men throw their women under the bus. It’s probably a terrorist bus too. The group you need to survive is the one you should never turn on. If you’re a, what’s the term, “race traitor”, or if you’re a “genetic suicide”, you never cared, you just want a soapbox. Born with the other set of genitals, you’d be a fully paid up SJW.

Hm, why don’t women (the biologically, heavily investing sex) want to have children in the age of abusive/cheating/deadbeat husbands/fathers? In the anti-natal culture that offers abortion as soon as you’re told you’re pregnant because it’s assumed the father doesn’t want to raise it and lauds minors as fuckbuddies on the Pill whoring themselves out for drinks and impoverished mistresses known as ‘side chicks’? Before cuckoldry became a popular, pomo fetish, there were plenty of cuckqueans. Women didn’t like it much either. Yes, adultery is wrong! What was the demographic of the Ashley Madison hack again? Yes, it should be punished.

With harsher divorce laws. Why are you even allowed to re-marry when you broke a vow, you can’t renege on student loans but you can abandon your family? WTF is that America? Women file for divorce more often…. but why? The head of the house-hold is a failure. Go ahead, protect marriage. You’d be protecting everyone, but everyone includes women. If you hate/blame women that much, that makes us a scapegoat. Scapegoats are innocent by definition.

Who causes most of the problems, mathematically? You never ask that. Poor baby.

Never dare…

Sexual disgust is far higher in which sex? Women.

…So which sex is degenerate? Men.

Backed by, oh, I dunno, paraphilia studies? Pedophilia studies? Rape data? Basically all of the data we have? Continue to deny reality, because it hurts your egocentric quest to Fix the World without working on yourself and your atrocious impulse control.

Why don’t women with their heads screwed on wanna breed with a man who won’t Man Up?

It’s a MYSTERY, guys.

When men fail their role, women quit the game too! Astounding!

And, if men don’t owe women their finances if they don’t want to marry, why do women supposedly “owe” sex? And how pathetic is it to be a pity fuck, on the subject of ego-trips? An AA orgy for omega men too proud to just masturbate and accept they’re undesirable specimens. You want ladies, in society? Well, they won’t be your whores then, and if you expect otherwise, there’s something wrong with you. Standards do not a ‘bitch’ make. Be consistent.

Which came first, the men fucking around since time immemorial without adequate Biblical consequences, or the Sexual Revolution where more women did it too? Where was the mistake?

Double standards are meaningless. Societies collapse in chaos. If a rich man can shoot you but you can’t shoot him…. well…. isn’t that what’s happening? To interpret Darwin in bad faith is a naturalistic fallacy. Men are not like other animals, they are meant to control themselves.

On Peterson, the little troll.

Clean your room is misunderstood as a meme. Take responsibility when the fault lies with you. Women imitate the moral calibre of their men. You done fucked up, sons.

The meme you blindly love? I didn’t explain it on purpose before. Was funny watching idiots parrot it, oblivious to the fact it was intended for them.

It’s a reference to a proverb, well-known in England;

Sweep before your own door ~John Ray, English Proverbs, p. 135 (1678)


You are responsible for yourself and those you take on (wife and kids, the commitment part??) not some weasel word saving the world bullshit. You can’t save jack shit if you can’t save yourself.

And hypothetically, in a thought experiment, let’s say women were weak, like children.

Is punching down at children acceptable in a civilized society? Ya feel manly?

Cucks are bad, cowards are worse. Men cause many of society’s problems and also are the sex to typically resolve them with society’s graces, historically. Sadly, tragically, historically.

We can deal with Sharia. We can deal with the cucks. [Is the average cuck male or female?]

The punishment for cowards, who knew better? Way worse.

It’s going to be much worse.

You want a model to protest on? Protest is a waste of time, you need to develop political power by actually building things first, but here:

One guy at a protest was counter-protesting in a suit and top hat. I think this was OWS. They knocked off his top hat, some random phag took it and you know how fast guys in fringed Afghan scarves can run. Anyway, the guy disappeared calmly round a corner and re-emerged, moments later, in a fresh, new top hat. Like nothing ever happened.

To this day, that BAMF is the smoothest protester I have ever heard of.

End – is there a generic “white race” or racial category for forensic subraces, plural?

But this is the thing – why should other white people listen to you when people can’t even agree on what they are? And should the genetic studies of countries like Britons be lumped in with the Italians? Sicilians??? There is a slight porous quality to whites, because of sex slavery for starters. There are subraces, in forensics e.g. Basque, Celt, whatever, and to overshoot into White only, denies that and denies the kin blood ties of direct family and the genome of the self. Perpetuation of a race is emergent, not deliberate, the human drive is close kin and the owned genome.

And if you won’t ensure your own survival and success, as a member of your group/race/nation, you cannot claim with any intellectual honesty to care about the rest of the population either.

You tailspin into ruin because you reject the majority of your allies.
The West isn’t a treehouse.

Video: Britain’s Hate Speech Police

Most recently, police refused to chase a suspect because the ground was too muddy.

They expect a cushy pension.

Britain used to lead the way in terms of liberalism, speech is core to this.

Why is Pat not more popular?

The guy’s a living legend.

A THIRD of people in Britain believe they cannot speak freely on controversial subjects such as immigration and religion for fear they may be criticised, lose their job or be prosecuted.

The study by the New Culture Forum, a Westminster think tank, warns that Britain has developed a “culture of silence” where people censor themselves in the workplace.

According to a YouGov poll more than a third (36%) believe they cannot speak freely on immigration, while 31% feel constrained on religion and 27% on ethical issues; 20% feel they cannot express their political views.

Royal Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britain never-never-never, shall be slaves!

Put him on Question Time with Mogg and I’d happily pay for a very expensive ticket.

The days are numbered on the Politeness Police. They keep asking for more money to oppress us. A legitimate authority is politically neutral. Mrs Grundy was never this much of a shrew.

The New Church Ladies

On the bright side, to make it official policy (still no end to rape gangs) and ‘crack down’, this must be closer to over than we think?

Hurting feelings now means more than hurting the body itself. Investigate rape? No. Investigate stalking/burglary/rapes*? Nah. You can call a white woman a hooker if you’re a Muslim man, but the white woman can’t call him a piece of shit in return.

When equality under the law goes out of the window, the People will turn on those given ‘special protections’, especially protections to harm everyone else. I believe this is deliberate, to distract us with racial and religious matters while the transfer of money and power is under way. We’d still have severe 5th column problems if they never came/were deported.

*Most reported ‘burglaries’ are actually a new form of crime, actually a stalking/burglary/rape. They target a woman, follow her home, spy on the home (also illegal), pretend to burgle it and happen to rape her while they are there. This gives them a better legal defense if caught. That’s why police don’t investigate ‘burglaries’ anymore.

There’s no police for real crimes, but taxes continue to soar.

If the Alt Right really wants to rustle jimmies, convert to Islam and read all the parts about sex slavery at a feminist demo. Untouchable.

Psychopath scripts and other scumbag spotting

A highly useful article

Trying to force intimacy is prior to discovering their missing parts.


When you only have a hammer…

you’re already semi-Communist.

The authors conclude that the ultimate destination sought by men is “porntopia,” that is, a place of “sheer lust and physical gratification, devoid of courtship, commitment, durable relationships, or mating effort.” On the other hand, they call women’s desired destination “romantopia,” a place of love stories where winning hearts, overcoming obstacles, and getting married reign supreme.

When you only study porn addicts….

Men invented courtly love, so that’s totally off.
There are few poetesses.

There are plenty of masculine female porn addicts (by testosterone).

It is not difficult to see how such information, coupled with the seemingly daily exposure of some men’s unwanted sexual aggression, can lead to the pathologizing of all men as shallow beasts with no control over their impulses. As a sex therapist, however, I have seen the depth of men’s suffering around trying to bridge the gap between their attachment language and their partner’s.

When you only speaking to the suffering….

And it isn’t pathologizing if they have a pathology.
NAMALT, he cries, to cover the obvious error in logic. Even if it’s 99%, that still isn’t good, is it? Never trust a sex therapist, they are some of the worst humans in existence and want to spread the misery.

 Instead, they are hoping that their partner can understand when they use language or actions in the bedroom that may objectify the partner, they are seeking erotic intimacy.

You see, there’s the stupid illogic of saying I didn’t want to kill them, your Honour, only stab them fifty times.
You bring that suffering on yourself.

Assuming women should accommodate men when the sexes are different is absurd.

Men shouldn’t accommodate women either. You negotiate and meet halfway like adults

Objectification is demeaning. It’s demeaning to male models as much as female.
You shouldn’t be demeaning anyone you personally know,it’s a form of emotional abuse, however normalised by perverts. Porn is a fantasy of women you do not know. That is the attraction. The association of objectifying them is porn-learned behaviour.

Intimacy is emotional. It doesn’t require the physical. They need to work on their emotions by speaking to the woman, not griping to another man who will console them that they’re fine – because neither get it. You’re fine, just the way you are – spoken like a true SJW. You see, the more you suffer personally, the more they gain.

Consider the source.

You don’t go to a woman for information on erections, do you?

If a woman relinquished all forms of companionship and emotional support, a man would feel repelled, however ‘good’ the sex. That is essentially what these men are doing. Do not treat your woman like a porn star. You wouldn’t want other men to and she’s the one you’re meant to love best. You can try new things without insulting a woman’s dignity, which is the more common form of virtue when chastity is out the window.

You have half the bargain. You don’t do your half, she’s in the right to walk because you fail as a spouse. If you’re not spouses, you owe nothing. She owes you nothing, because you provide no security, which all women crave. This used to be common sense.

Think back to the 50s. Did men want to think of their wife like a stripper? Did they speak of, treat her in those terms? Let alone the hooker many men think they want. Thanks MTV!

Your downstairs brain will ruin your life.

A woman’s nurturing instinct is killed dead by a man who objectifies her body, because a woman’s most precious resources are inner beauty.

Happy husbands do not objectify their wives, this erodes love over time. This should rest my case but you can’t tell a blind man what he’s missing.

 The least helpful thing one can do is succumb wholly to one’s bias toward a feminine approach to relationship, forcing the man into greater feelings of self-loathing, shame, and suppression of his desires.

Sex therapist encourages fornication.

Is that not unhealthy for the men too?
I mean, impulse control in men is just so 19th Century, and we all know how poor the quality of those average men.

And bias? If it isn’t a choice, or an obligation, how is bias the correct term?

Without balancing both of men and women’s sexual and relational needs, there is a risk of creating even more distance between them.

The Sexual Revolution has only been good for us. We are never/always at war with dissatisfactionBad sex is the cardinal sin. You have too much/too little/bad quality and there’s always, ALWAYS something wrong with yougimme money. I can’t fix the problem though, that’s down to you, and whether you feel you need more development work Mafia style beat downs to your ego, courtesy of the people who know your body better than you and just care too damn much. They only want world peace! A fuck-a-thon orgy for peace!

How about a balance of life and death? Hunger and gluttony? Nude and prude?

A balance between good and evil is not physically possible, and that keeps ‘therapists’ rolling in bucks. Either it’s prosocial or antisocial. What is sleeping around? What is an objectifying (psychopathic) attitude to the pair bonding event of sex?

Ugh, r-vendors.

At least preachers are sincere.

Psychopaths objectify naturally, we’re all ants to them. Used/abused/crushed to amuse.

Those of us who have studied and trained in the concept of healthy sexuality—not just sexual pathology—realize the vast ranges of erotic expression in humans. We have barely begun to open to the idea that what has been acceptable culturally—heteronormative, monoganormative, and vanilla sex—does not begin to address who we really are.

“Vanilla sex” is actually healthy, normal, evolutionary sex. If you can’t appreciate normal sex, there is something medically wrong with you.

There’s the money, there’s the sale, there is what you’re really paying for.

Degenerates. Always preaching, always selling.

Go gay for Putin!

To think of all men as having pathological attitudes about sex is a sure way to shut down the emerging awareness of the myriad ways in which we can healthfully engage in this most basic expression of love and attachment, and differentiate it from the unhealthy ways we are seeing it played out in the media

He just said it isn’t about love and is 100% lust but ignore logic.
OMG it’s basic how can you argue with something so basic just go to a standard fuckparty and express yourself so basic, the only way to attach to another human being requires the Kama Sutra (btw quite a shit book).

Related, do gaslighters know what they’re doing?

Duh. They know they get a thrill out of putting down good/kind/vulnerable people.
You wonder why there are less of them in the world?

The manipulations of gaslighters.

The Alt Right has been flooded with them, power-tripping on the quickly disappearing women and ‘beta virgins’ – no, they won’t read any evolution that makes them know how dumb they are.
“it’s okay to bully you, we’re on the same side” (in evidence, they only care about themselves, not even other white men)
“take a joke, you’re not allowed to be offended by banter” (British term, stop using it America)
“you’re too sensitive, stop caring about things” (not inc. their shit-tier opinions)
“what a loser” (by their highly subjective standards where they are #1 alpha dog in charge)

It would be sad if they weren’t so toxic. Gaslighters are a type of emotional vampire, this is why they threaten to leave – they feed on the drama of being begged to stay.

They leave when the host runs out of histrionics they can cause/manipulate (narcissistic supply) and they kill whatever movement they’re in (the cause of the manosphere implosion).

Men are dumb to gaslighters, failing to distinguish it from regular bullying or, in denser cases, bonding banter. When someone ostracizes you for existing, they’re not trying to bond?
It’s actually the Mean Girls unique form of bullying, deeply female. Isolation, esteem pummeling, all girls have experience with this. Bitchy traps like “you’re really pretty…. so you agree?” are tactically designed to plant a poisonous little seed of doubt or trigger some pain, the stupid men tend to skip ahead and insult a woman’s body parts e.g. her womb and/or fuckability, same as Mean Girls – pregnancy/whore slander and sluttiness/prude impossible fake standards. Think how low a man must be to verbally abuse a woman by her children, existent or not?

Others gaslight in order to feel some sense of control in their own lives by making others depend on them. Gaslighting can also be part of an authoritarian personality. A person with an authoritarian personality tends to think in absolutes: Things are 100 percent right or 100 percent wrong. When a gaslighter thinks that they are not the problem and everyone else is, this is called having an ego-syntonic personality.

It can be very difficult to get ego-syntonic gaslighters into treatment; they believe nothing is wrong with them.

That is called a lie.
In truth, they don’t care or see it as an advantage.
They’re the atheistkultists who lie about Darwin.

A gaslighting spouse or partner may either refuse to go to therapy, or if they do attend with you, they may tell the therapist that you are the problem.

If the therapist recommends that the gaslighter changes a behavior, the gaslighter will label the therapist as incompetent.

Even in therapy, a gaslighter may not truly be aware of, or may refuse to acknowledge that their behavior is the problem.

Worthless scum.

Even if a person is practicing gaslighting behavior without being consciously aware of it, they may get a “payoff” when their victim becomes more dependent on them. And then the cycle continues. The gaslighter also gets a “boost” when there are no checks and balances in place—no one holding them accountable for their behavior.

They claim not to be aware but they know it makes them feel strong?


Someone fell for it. The sob story.

If a gaslighter is not aware of their manipulative behavior, that does not make it acceptable—it is still pathological, and it is still their responsibility. For gaslighters who have read up on this behavior or were taught it, of course, the same rule applies.

People tell them constantly. The definition of insanity? They’re just dense, they will never learn, so they’re commonly just a type of sociopath forever blaming their parents.

Negging is like gaslighting lite. They act like it’s nothing but select for the broken, like attracts like. Anyone with a spine is a ‘bitch’ or in the case of men, ‘an asshole.’ Lord Fauntleroy wants his way so the world must bow to Little Emperor…

Denying Risk: Pholus

Remember, this blog serves as one big thought experiment. Things are posted because they are interesting or unusual, not that I necessarily 100% believe in or agree with. People bring information to me that involves patterns, it isn’t always from mainstream resources.

Astrology was already applied to Brexit and the Rise of Trump/Regulus Rising correctly and later a little of Plutonic effects on the stock market so with those in mind (a little Ixion connected to societal cycles before) here’s some information on another asteroid, Pholus.

So maybe that Pholus ‘giving in to pressure’ thing may work both ways? In other words, while it may say we give in where we know we shouldn’t, maybe Pholus also represents where we ‘kill ourselves’ (or our chances or relationships or whatnot) because we refuse to accept some simple human truths?
If you think about it, there does seem to be a lot of that going around. In fact, since Pholus entered Sagittarius this time around (back in 2005) there has seemed to be a lot of people at various points in our world spectrum who seem to be living in some la-la land of theories which truly can’t work in practice.
That may well be the hallmark of Pholus in Sagittarius. There are certainly enough folks saying ‘this is killing us’ without being heard – and that ‘us’ part comes from the idea that Pholus will work not just in individual charts, but of those of rulers, politicians and nations.
Pholus will leave Sagittarius 21st January 2018.
I thought I’d bring this up now.
Sag is about education because in Sagittarius we learn what works and maybe learn better. Some will learn to YELL REALLY LOUD to daunt people and some will learn they’re just idiotically dead-on wrong!
Right away, having Pholus in Sagittarius sounds like a dicey time. After all, if Pholus is that place where we tend to do ourselves (deadly) wrong out of giving in to public (peer, family, religious, political, image, media, educational, etc.) pressure, in Sagittarius that tendency is going to really be a problem!
If you look around, there’s a link to mass murder and terrorists.
Pholus is not an easy asteroid to have conjunct anything, really. Pholus explodes what it touches–BOOM. It is interesting. In my travels around the web, someone did a study on a plane that was blown up by Muslim terrorists. Pholus was right there. I think they had my article on Pholus as part of their references, but I can’t remember. I find my information on asteroids by studying the myths and then using the asteroids in charts. In the world of asteroids, there is much that is unexplored, so it is perfect for the lover of astrology to find a fascinating journey.
Capricorn is legal consequence, as mentioned in the first article.
Or legal theory and legal debate (Sagittarius) and legal consequences (Capricorn). 
So where the reality comes in stage right to kick you in the teeth.
Considering that, then let’s think…both the Great Stock Market Crash (of 1929) and that worldwide depression and the latest stock market crumble and the resulting recession(s) have occurred with Pholus in Sagittarius. At once the phrase ‘good money after bad’ comes to mind. Then again, there’s also the idea that the periods preceding both money crunches were…well, call it a bit giddy, perhaps? Ideas which might have sounded morally (or at least moralistically) sound like the U.S. “experiment” with Prohibition (1920-1933) happened under Pholus in Sagittarius, and far from improving things, Prohibition became a major cash source for underground crime.
Has America passed any stupid laws lately?
You don’t have to be psychic to figure this one out.
Pholus was entrusted with his people’s resources and got them killed by squandering them to an outsider. Pholus is killed after the genocide he caused, because he was stupid, drunk and treated the thing that killed his people like a toy. It’s an inventive form of protracted suicide. His story is also one of disloyalty, kin betrayal and weakness in the face of external forces.
Sagittarius is the bleeding heart liberal of the Zodiac.
Gif is completely, totally relevant.
I’ll never let the Kevin Spacey GIFs die. NEVER.
Capricorn, the next sign, is the patriarchal, male conservative sign. It’s ruled by Saturn, represented by death, healing surgery and painful consequences. Pure karma. Most people don’t like him much. FYI he embodies patriotism.

How did UK women vote in 2017?

+5% conservative on the last election.
Conservative leaning. Again.
Fuck you. Do your research before insulting us.

This election was literally split down the middle, unlike the past one I covered.
Why does this matter?
Record number of women standing and a record number of women not voting (reported 2015).
If you look at the most well-known left-leaning in sum, Labour+Lib Dems+SNP = 51% of men voted for the far Lefties.
Men are not getting smarter.

Shall we revoke their suffrage?
On what grounds?
The right to vote includes the right to abstain or vote stupid.
In this case, suicidal.

Ah, but this wasn’t predicted, say the wrong people.

“However, these two things cancelled each other out meaning that ultimately the Conservatives polled about the same amongst both men and women. Going into the 2017 election women are, if anything, slightly more (three percentage points) likely overall to vote Tory.”

Quit blaming us. It’s the working class men and the signalling middle.
The margins are so wafer-thin if you got those in order, there’d be no problem.

As you can see in that article and the first one, the classes vote more reliably than the sexes, and the races even more than that (for more/less Gov).
Women were never really banned from voting, that’s another piece of American BS.
Choose a new meme, you look silly to anyone who looks this up.