Cook the rice, pay the price


‘If China is so great, why did Jeremy Hunt’s wife come to England?’: MP’s post sparks Twitter row


and it’s obviously a chicom spy, they all are, they literally all report back or foreign family gets punished.

This has been well-documented.

Hunt has been married to his Chinese-born wife Lucia Guo since 2009 and said this week: “My wife is Chinese. We want Britain to be one of the most successful countries in the world in 20, 30, 40 years’ time.”

But not an English England, clearly. And Britain isn’t a country?

If he can’t preserve his own bloodline, the useful fag should move to China and run for election there.

Yes, he has the starey eyes of a gay man, he pings so hard my gaydar broke.

R-cuck stare. It will eat your soul and destroy your country.

That is his wikipedia photo. He is proud of this photo.

I’d call that face a natural Lib Dem MP, one of the famously kinky freaky bitches.

Fake and gay.

When is he going to deport his waifu?

A good tree bears good fruit, a bad tree only bears bad fruit.

btw his pet name is Mr Big Rice, you needed to know that

rice queen?

If he’s (almost certainly) a spy, can we shoot him?

Trust English cultural future to the cuck who married THIS:

THAT. Ting Tong ChiCom. He’s so ashamed he won’t appear with her in public recently, hoping people forget.

She looks like the cleaner who got lost or a worker at a massage parlour confronted by his micropenis.

Dressing up Hunt’s Cunt in white won’t make her white. Cook the rice, pay the price.

No conservative in their right mind would vote for a guy who is literally a race traitor version of Macron.

He literally looks like a carbon copy of not-so-secretly homo Macron. These people have a look. A look that says “I’m going to betray everyone”.

Macron would be a better candidate for the Tories.

Then again, what Cameron called the Torah party is almost dead anyway.

His ‘as a woman’ is “my wife is Chinese”…

but what about your boyfriend? I’ll guess black, really black.

Ms Goodman later deleted the tweet and apologised, saying: “Last week Jeremy Hunt tried to justify the Tory tax credit cuts by saying, ‘My wife is Chinese… are we going to be a country that is prepared to work hard in the way that Asian economies are prepared to work hard?’

They don’t have workers, they have slaves.

They also poison their people with tons of pollution and no rights.

We do work hard, anti-white wanker. Move to China if it’s so great.

Whose fault is that, cuck?

and they are immigrants, anchor babies are still foreign.

Jeremy Hunt has admitted that he fears for the future of his three children who are half Chinese – because uncontrolled immigration risks causing ‘tensions’ in Britain.

They’re not really his kids, they’re hers. She’s part of the immigration problem.

The slitty slit has opinions though and we should care because….?
It doesn’t belong here, it’ll never, ever belong here. The mongrels neither. He looks like a schoolteacher to them.

This guy has been happy to murder millions of fellow whites on the NHS and most people who marry a chink from here can’t bring them home, obvious chicom plant.


Did he think of the NHS burden before he bought his own load in? Bloody hypocrite.

Move to China then ,you won’t be missed

Why should we worry about his children.

The last time I looked, NHS meant the “National Health Service” not the “International Health Service” subsidised by British taxpayers for non-taxpayers!

Weebs reee, move to Singapore or some other shithole.

Look damn hard, libertarian America

52% of American employment growth in the past year went to foreign-born residents.

Less than 14% went to native-born men.

I didn’t vote for you to import legions of cheap, second-and-third-world labor, Trump.

We need to change this. Enough immigration. Enough work Visas.

We need to take care of our own sons first.

I mean, yes, it’s a step in the right direction. Certainly better than the Obama years by far, but man, we can do so much better for the people who are already here.

but but but the only way to help white people is to help their competition! and introduce more! and replace them! and give the new people free shit! and give them college places! that’s the way to make poor whites rich! and boost GDP! and decrease taxes, because all non-white vote for that!

Don’t look at the stats by nation, I’m sure the problem is Mexican, not Chinese.

Either way, we’re now treating pillagers from nations as entire races. Because if you bring this up, some cuckservative will say whites don’t deserve their jobs – except them, obviously.

Libertarian is code for anti-America.

Don’t tax remittance to the pip squeak, that would be Marxist, not capitalist and all about NATIONAL economic capital and competition!

When our enemies take our profits, that means we win! – Trudeau, probably

Would that be the tranny Jewish boss?

with a mixed vegan boyfriend?

Say Farewell to the Klepto Queens of the British Far-Right

Yes, nobody saw this coming.


Crazy attention whores.

And those guys think literally everyone is a man.

They could see a pregnant woman and be like “the hands, man…”

White people have piano fingers, get over it. The only white people without long fingers have genetic issues.

But in this case…

“It’s a jewish tranny. Same as Lana Lokteff from red ice.”

Look at that Adam’s apple on 1. It’s huge. In 1 you can also see her ring finger is very long, longer than her middle finger in that picture. I’m guessing the waist is synced in, but we don’t really know.

Face still says dude to me on 2. Big brow ridge, man hairline, square jaw.

I think her body looks very straight lined and boy in 3. It’s definitely not very big in the hips whatever it is.

Plenty of women are boney or lithe or gamine or whatever.

Adam’s apple, boy hips, manjaw, brow ridge. Those are the four things.

Oh and 5’9 or taller.

Small eyes obviously, and narrower than a woman with the same face, flatter shape, less sunk into the skull (which would be delicate), they cannot operate on the skull to make the eyes bigger so it’s a tell. Just look at Cumberbatch’s features and compare. There are women with good bone structure, but it isn’t the same as male structure. The eye area is KEY. Memorise this shape.

They use tons of eye make-up, thick liner to look rounded and female, trying to do a Marilyn cateye. That’s my own tell when I look, what would they look like without make-up? Like that Delphine trap, broad shoulder and no hips.

If you look at the Kibbe system, trannies usually try to ape Natural types most (shoulders, no hips) then Gamine (if small and thin) then Dramatic (drag look). Most go for Flamboyant Natural (probable here) or Flamboyant Gamine (model look). Soft Dramatic looks like a Vogue insect. Praying mantis Jolie type but she’s a Natural type.

Broad mouth, all men have a broader mouth than women, needn’t be thick-lipped.

Long upper lip skin (philtrum), weird mid-face that doesn’t fit the rest and/or bulbous head (jaw surgery) plus tan to cover male complexion up. Women are paler than men, within a race, due to estrogen.

They look weird in Classic or Romantic lines. They can’t wear actual styles of those women without looking weird, so they hate them. None try to look like Grace Kelly or Marilyn, do they?


Is he shitposting the shareholders? No, they’re really that stupid.

“Guys, I put a slightly cooler fan in the front for doggo”

That’ll go down well in China, they just had a festival eating BBQ dog.

What’s next, lolcatz icons? Nyan cat breezing around the steering wheel?


I think the doggo would rather be outside. Is there an auto-pooper scooper?

You can tell they’re all too high in America to pay attention.

This is what happens when investors do drugs. That is what historians shall conclude.

Elon Musk, Supergenius

Ooh, I like you.

No, gullible morons with delusions of riches living vicariously.

Will Evans, an award-winning journalist with the Center for Investigative Reporting, published a hard-hitting series about Tesla’s flagrant labor violations, exposing Elon Musk’s purportedly progressive business for what it truly is: a green mirage.

Socialist is a fraud? NO.

“These companies have escaped serious regulation—antitrust, [accountability, occupational standards],” says the Truthdig Editor in Chief. “We’ve kind of anointed these new industrialists as somehow prophets of a future, whether it’s at Apple or Google or Tesla or Facebook. They’ve got the magic wand; they know where it’s all headed. What you have in Elon Musk is sort of the poster boy for that arrogance. He just shrugged it off. You could do investigative reporting, you had the facts, it’s solid as can be–and they just don’t have to care, because they’re the wave of the future, right?”

Is Satan trying to escape?

Behold the r-type, realizing they pissed off everyone they need.

This is like all the times a lefty has come out of the woodwork, after cutting me off for political reasons (smugly), to suddenly be friendly.

Guess who needs my help. Give them nothing. They can ask the boat people for help.

Isolate your enemy – people who want to destroy you. Play dumb and act useless. Their own MO confuses.

Guess what it isn’t:

And that can last a decade, prion disease 1-2 years. I said she wouldn’t retire.

Hillary’s manic spontaneous kuru laugh is a huge sign.


Link: Asian merchants screwing Jews (and whites)

Do not fund your replacement.

Money talks.


WEIRD loses.

Vox Day comments on this article:

A few years ago, a Brahmin coworker openly admitted to me that he was quite happy to take advantage of me and all other white people due to our anti-discrimination laws. We were all stupid, he said. I told him he was smart to do so, since there was nothing white Americans would do about it.

Are we stupid when we leave them all the bill for our national debt?

Like the Greeks working with the Chinese.

One thing this article highlights is that while low-trust tribes have an advantage within a high-trust society, they would never be able to organize enough to stop a high-trust people committed to a common cause. They are gonna go back, Deus Vult.

They can’t feed their own children, duh.

The clash of low-trust, highly clannish cultures can also be observed in financial institutions throughout the US, where it is mainly Indians vs Chinese, with each group almost exclusively hiring and promoting members of their own ethnicity. Whites have been largely pushed out.

Feature, not a bug.

No bailouts.

One would expect all the low-trust people who got easily conquered by a handful of high-trust people would remember.

I find it hard to understand why they don’t seem to be worried about the inevitable backlash. Is it an IQ thing, or a cultural thing maybe, that blocks reflection?

It’s an inbred with your cousin thing.

The Jews in Europe are moaning about restrictions on circumcision and kosher slaughter, as well as Jewish education. The Europeans will have a hard time imposing legally neutral restrictions (as seems to be their wont) on the Indians. They don’t dress funny. And even if their diet is weird, it’s all plant-based. It also sounds like they send their kids to socially acceptable (by their hosts) schools.

Tax spices.

The job is nearly complete whites are docile pussies and sheep by a HUGE margin and they are well aware of it. This is why they co-opt our businesses and institutions in plain sight. Nobody will say anything for fear of getting the dreaded ‘Scarlet R’ placed around their neck branding them for life.

If I was in their position I would do the same. If you going to leave your house unlocked and sit on the couch while I rob you, what do you expect? We have had it too good for too long. Fear & Pain. We are sorely lacking these two educational tools in the West. They are the only thing that work immediately and lastingly for behavior correction. Once we’ve achieved high fear & pain for what is left of the white population then you may see a turn around.

Maybe… or maybe the ship has sailed and they will simply roll over & die being trained to do so for decades. I’m completely ambivalent about it if I’m being honest. I gave up trying to talk to or care about those who care little for their own well being and demise long ago.

Terms useful idiot and fall guy.

My home area and workplace has been thoroughly invaded by Indians. It has not been pleasant.

Did they buy big ticket items? Houses, cars, designer labels?

I remember a Russian acquaintance and I talking about the gem trade being almost entirely Jewish controlled sometime last year. In our conversation, I’d mentioned that it likely wasn’t going to last for long as Russians developed artificial diamond manufacturing almost immediately following the collapse of the USSR and had sold the hardware to American capitalists who improved the tech dramatically since then. That was something which surprised him, as his family had moved to the states when that was all going on. I later gave him a link to a PBS documentary detailing some of how that came about. We joked how Russian and Americans could look past the old rivalries to defeat the Jewish.

I’d figured a few years ago when DeBeers sold their various mines to mostly Indian and Chinese buyers, it was in response to artificial diamonds reaching a quality point where they were no longer distinguishable from mined ones. I naturally concluded that the Jewish at the top were simply cashing out before it was no longer viable to be in the Gem trade and those remaining were mostly about to retire anyway.

Feature, not a bug.

in the end though, considering all this, I’m left with even more contempt for white people who say “I don’t see color”. Especially when all the other colors are seeing color and making it everything. Or as Vox once pointed out – a quote that sticks in my head and I have had to relay numerous times – “You may not be ethnocentric. But your conquerors will be”.

Here in Canada, a Chinese businessman in the financial industry complained that banks have special departments. When Indians come in for loans, they are sent to that department. They get loans on much easier terms, where ordinarily the loan would be refused altogether.

Feature, not a bug.

Obviously I can’t read their minds, I’m just constructing a mental model to explain their behavior. But I think they honestly believe that the reason why they’re succeeding so well is because they’re simply better than us, so there is nothing to fear from us ever.


Even if they read about how high-trust and low-trust cultures interact, my mental model holds that they wouldn’t actually be able to comprehend high trust as a quality separate from low IQ. So I expect that they hold a bone-deep belief that we must just be incredibly dumb.

Gullible, greedy and works long hours…. I think I figured out why they’re allowed here.

You can make a lot of money out of them, as a white or a jew, if you know what you’re doing.

No doubt about it. Here are some charming passages from Suketu Mehta, taken from Steve’s review of the book:

“I claim the right to the United States, for myself and my children and my uncles and cousins, by manifest destiny…. It’s our country now.” 

“It is every migrant’s dream to see the tables turned, to see long lines of Americans and Britons in front of the Bangladeshi or Mexican or Nigerian Embassy, begging for a residence visa.”

More evidence that fake Amehtacans are at the top of the list of the worst fake Americans.

Expect more faked iQ data. That you’re not allowed to question.

And you’re not allowed to set up competing companies, just in case.

No such thing as a hyphenated American. Remove their exit plan, make them burn the other passport.

Uhhh, guy. I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but Beans here in GA have been running their own plumbing and electrical businesses for over 20 years. As someone in the building industry, I had some of my biggest contracts with Beans in Mexico that run huge steel mills, back in the early 00s.
Now though,their families have come over the border and run smaller mills/retail outlets and undercut the prices that we whiteys can buy and sell at, due to their clannishness. My business has been truly suffering since the 08 crash. I
to fold my retail outlet/finishing mill in 2009, losing a crap load of cash. Meanwhile, the Bean boys in North and South Carolina are mopping up, and undercutting the rest of us. 
Recently I had to get some electrical work done and my hubby’s health wouldn’t allow him to do it, so I called the service that our HOA recommended.
Quality Electrical. The person I spoke with was a nice young white woman. When they came, it was two Mestizos in a huge white Land Rover with the owners name on the truck. The father of the guys who came own the biz and they have FORTY FIVE employees. 
You think there are any white ones? 

They want to replace the white man in particular. NO trades.

This undercutting works in our bubble economy.

And most PUA types are secretly Asian, using psyops to turn white men against white women.
Just joke about how much their spices reek and their low national IQs – they out themselves, after claiming to be white.

To avoid the same demonization and white guilt borne of that demonization, perhaps the best option is to give the minorities a long rope so that when the backlash occurs, there’s far more modern historical documentation illustrating why you don’t open your borders and why exclusionary nationalism is still required in a post-war world (which is how policy makers treat the west).

How much more evidence do we need than looking at these people’s home countries? 

Don’t you want to be an obese smelly vegetarian fucking their cousin and demanding gibs?

And no hand washing, it’s white supremacy.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and someone tell me how I’m wrong:

First, the welfare runs out. Then, the inner-city blacks riot. Then, the military goes in to restore order, but with the feds bankrupted they can’t really occupy every major US city. The blacks in the cities they pull out from (which will be all of them eventually due to attrition) will almost certainly rob/murder/rape/eat any other minorities that didn’t flee during the initial bad times, probably back to whatever country they came from. Eventually they’ll organize raids into the suburbs for resources, but the suburbs will organize defenses, and the losses will be heavy for the raiding parties. Rural minorities, as few as there are, will almost certainly be looked at as untrustworthy and only capable of working against whites. They’ll be removed by force in the dead of night unless they are deeply trusted and embedded within their communities.

No trust in that scenario. Weebs will smother their waifus.

I don’t see a future where America doesn’t stay white. It might have been possible if the elites weren’t deadset on robbing the gravy train, but they can’t get millions of minorities to move here if they don’t hand out lollipops and fancypants to everyone. Austerity measures are about six decades too late in fixing the problem, unless they can somehow stack the courts with people who want a socialist dictatorship.

Racial % of producers. If not kept alive, everyone dies anyway.

Even such a political entity would be working on borrowed equipment and ammunition. They almost certainly wouldn’t be able to project sufficient force to prevent multiple territories from seceding at that point. Nor would they have the capability to reconquer those territories.

Feature, not a bug. Let your enemies eat one another.

But be a Jew about it, take their shekels first.

“Everybody did it” before is right. But between then and now was not all cuckery and Free Market Uber Alles. Tribalism and Globalism are a false dichotomy here, because at one point we had a functioning civilization that was neither gang warfare nor Brave New World.

Libertarian is code for anti-West.

Before WWI, the Scots and Irish protested until the government shut down immigration from Asia completely

Jews will think they’re clever for patronizing Juan’s auto shop, because it’s so much cheaper than what white people offer – until they get their car back and all the shop did was duct tape a hose back together. Unlike with whitey, the Jews don’t have any recourse either, because these minority groups do not believe in honor or obligation like Europeans do. You can call them all you want with your complaints – all you will get back is “No habla ingles”.

And that’s only scratching the surface. Jews perhaps foolishly believe there will always be a need for their law firms, media, regulatory bodies – but these things are only beneficial to a lawful society. That’s not the case with Africans and Mexicans who live in a lawless shitholes. They will be entirely unable to find employment in a nonwhite society. 

While they think it’s their nepotism that benefits them, it’s actually meritocracy of Europeans and their frugality which allowed them to flourish here. The nepotism will be what kills them, because they are several hundred years out of practice using it against those with much more serious in-group preferences.


The asians in general assume whites are cowards who won’t fight for their countries.

Long fuse and wrong. Backed into a corner, you’d better run.

They’ll remember.

The upper echelons at Canadian oil fields are Pakistani and Muslim now; whitey still has the low pay low IQ jobs at the bottom of the stack. So I’ve been informed by a friend in Alberta.

No, the manosphere cucks welcome their Asian boss!

because they’re not as mean as the white man! right?

No, I think you’re wrong — I think they’re going to be lucky to even get the chance to go back.

They’ll go back in boxes.

I think [perhaps cynically] that what’s going to happen is that after decades of our globalist and (((elite))) leadership keeping our borders open, despite it being a big issue for so long, and their continual disregard for this desire the people of the US are going to strike back against the invasion, suddenly and without mercy. — as the replacement/conquest becomes ever more obvious, and impossible to hide; an us vs. them existential battle — Trump is likely the last chance for “You have to go back” (little to no bloodshed) solutions.

It literally doesn’t matter if Trumps “I want immigration in the highest numbers!” was all lies and what’s really going on is deportation in the highest numbers if these efforts are completely hidden/unknown to the public — all the US Citizens unconsciously feeling the pressure build up as they’re further and further displaced simply aren’t going to “snap back” to being “happy and productive” instantaneously: much like the prolonged bad economy from 2008 conditioned [esp. younger] workers to expect a hard time finding employment (in part due to ridiculous employer-requirements) as well as conditioned employers to expect they could get away with “you’re lucky to even have a job” that makes them mistrust that our economy is doing as good as it’s purported to be doing.

In the case of dot-Indians, I would venture that’s it’s their incredible arrogance — seriously, it’s almostBoomer-tier.

Hubris and indebtedness.

America sold itself and cannot win a civil war

They’re briefed on terrorists

Motive doesn’t matter. Public attacks matter.

They know something.

Wide scale plans online?

Whether the excuse was sex-based or not, incitement to attack random civilians is totally their purview.

So-called incels are not actually virgins and most virgins are happy about their lot. Incels aren’t getting as much sex (or rape) as they feel entitled to. You don’t have to be a virgin to be “incel”, stop.


It shows you how soft people have become to blame others for their own mental illness.

Misogynists project their shadow onto women then try to destroy women. Doesn’t work. They screech like banshees and wonder why all men avoid them too. There’s no AA for sex, as uncabob said, try being attractive. Firstly, don’t be an abuser. These low IQ degenerates existed since the time of Bluebeard.

Their language is infantile aversion. Female? Female what? Smurf?

Scared of the mere word woman, bloody snowflakes.

If you keep threatening to kill the majority of a white population, a powerpoint is warranted.


It’s all the woman’s fault. They have no respect for men. They destroy what they allegedly love. Sad, actually. Sad for men.

You don’t deserve respect for having a dick. You earn it.

We don’t love you, lazybones. Women are not your mother.


No jobs, no prospects and then they blame women for not wanting to go out with them. Why don’t the Incels get mad at the economy instead?

That would require responsibility.

Growing up.

It’s sexist to ask Peter Pan to act his age.

Your death bed can’t hear excuses.

reply by a gamma

Men and women are not equal, they differ by a chromosome. Plus the argument that men should empathize with women because they are also human beings is rubbish.

Men are mutant women, have lower IQ and more criminals.

If we’re going red pill to oppress anyone, really wanna go there?

Thinks women aren’t human, wonders why they don’t love him.

You couldn’t make it up.

This is the fruit of child centred parenting.

The rotten, rotten fruit.

They’re so busy swallowing their own bullshit you’d think they were doing porn.

[citation needed] for every sweeping statement you can’t call them on

Like, female brain types exhibit cognitive benefits, they’re not even wrong.

Men have so many neurological pathologies precisely because of their mutant brain.

gamma 2

Thereby admitting that women are after our money?

What money? You’re an overgrown baby.

These guys needed to be bullied as a child. Severely. You can only beat out that level of stupidity.

reply by the sane

Sure they are. How else are you going to support the 4 children that you are all planning to have? This is all about your genes making it into the next generation – do you expect women to pay for you?

Their gender role, exactly.

This is not about survival, let’s be serious. It’s about luxury.

Not wanting to starve with a loser’s baby is a luxury!

This is why most men in history weren’t allowed to breed.

sane person

Well, even the male bird has to build the nest for the female bird to get interested in mating with him. That is what babies require.

No, but Incels want a family of their own with little chilblains.

Men are not entitled to female fertility, only rapists think so. They could adopt or hire a surrogate but they don’t want to spend any time with their own child raising it, let alone the “easy” work of being a full-time single parent on a huuuuuge welfare check. Narcissists shouldn’t breed.

What woman wouldn’t want them. In their life. Forever.

You are a woman I see. It is women like you that cause men distress.


Men built the world you live in, wimmin contributled eff all

Wrong and note, they themselves, also men, are useless eaters on other men (and women).

Women contributed children and so, everything men did.

Alexander the Great was only great because of his mother, read a book.

lucid commentator

Maybe weak men with weak psyche’s…

Men weak in character blame all but themselves. Since they can never be women, that’s the easy target.

The old term is wastrel.