Vice tries to hit paper target

Vice tries to mock Cultural Marxism.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. Magazine called Vice, celebrating degeneracy.

I don’t even.

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Yes, ban all anime conventions.

Bullying is OK when an SJW does it and totally NOT shaming and harassment.



Predictably, they ask for donations.

Meanwhile, Jews buy all the Sonic porn they can hold.

Meanwhile, in autism.

‘Member that time Richard Dawkins defended pedophiles?

Yeah, I ‘member!

remember this when we're beyond all hope

I heard a rumour, which I am loathe to openly repeat so story time.

A long long time ago in a land far far away in Cambridge or maybe it was Oxford, a little boy called Dick was touched by a priest and vowed to destroy the Catholic Church, hating god ever after. The End. P.s. it made him a bit of a pedophile but like, only on weekends. Like demonic possession (h/t Vox Day for that metaphor) the urge never leaves them, regardless of whether they act on it.

Video: The Druids and the Egyptians

hey, these posts are fun

advice to the guy: faster tempo, less monotone sound like you’re reading out a lecture, imagine you’re flirting with someone at a bar, fast back and forth to ideas

The origin of the name Scotland and the Stone of Destiny.
Africans don’t have red hair and straight noses, also statues are absorbent, a lot of people dunno that. These white people (red hair is recessive down the ENTIRE line, it’s a Neanderthal trait actually) brought horses and chariots to Egypt, along with metallurgical technology (later expanded during the Scientific Revolution).
NW European genetics link at 7 minutes. GENETICS. 70% of British men. Less than 1% of modern Egyptians have that connection.

boom boom boom blackadder

Once read a theory that Jesus was in Britain during one of his disappearing binges.
I bet that ties in.

Someone get this guy on alt right podcasts.
Seriously, why is he not a thing?

Relates to the Rhesus Negative mutation, which prevents outbreeding to an extent by aborting Positive babies (look it up, medical fact), thereby it must‘ve evolved in isolation (recessive).
Rh- is not present in Africans. It comes from the Cro Magnon man.

TLDR: OOA (Out of Africa) is BS. The BBC should really hire this guy since he crosses over into forensics, wider biology and other fields that are nigh-on impossible to falsify (unlike most mainstream cultural anthropology). That would be intellectually honest, which we know they are not.

The woman on the cover of The Occult Secrets of Vril may have known Nikola Tesla.

I… heard.