Video: Disney’s hypnotic neotony

It isn’t suspicious that it sexualizes children at all, perish the thought. Children can’t have a romantic life. Child marriage is a polite term for state endorsed rape.

The classic Princesses are more popular by appearance because they actually look like women, they’re just beautiful, not cute. One is sexually attractive and the other socially because it’s vulnerable, but in an adult brain this can be manipulative. Comparing competence between related people, one looking cute and another looking mature, would be an intriguing test of this. So would a cute wife serve as wife in their job role performing duties or become needy and flakey like a child if pressed unlike a more womanly woman? It could be medical too, blood pressure and chronic disease risk assessment.

The classic Princesses have more even emotions than the new bratty rebel type ones. People miss the old Disney for the grace these ladies used to have. Disney ladies are effectively dead and buried.

Based on the fox experiment, the pathological altruism of N. Europeans might also connect to visual markers of historical civility e.g. paler skin and this could be studied: skin tone x altruism in a lab game. Noblesse oblige could be genetic.

Fear of the outgroup (and this could apply to humans) does depend on how responsible the environment is for teaching life lessons, harsh ones. Let your kids hang round nice people with lots of tattoos and a gangster trying to lure them into a van has better odds. A parent’s choice in friends, where they have bad taste, can literally ruin them for life. Kids don’t make the distinction, they only see family. They trust but not blindly, based on the things you superficially see in people you trust but don’t make the connection.

It’s like letting them handle hot wax and wondering why they get tons of burns from touching other hot things. They need the mild pain and being told No on small stuff, to avoid life-ruining dangers. Going easy on them is depriving them of the lessons to survive without you. Permissive parenting is responsible for many damaged children, it’s a known finding.

Correction: he says human infants have flat faces, this is particular to certain races, especially African and is largely based on nasal bone differences, rather than the whole face and skull. The profile between babies is totally different but there’s a learning curve in spotting it. Breadth of face is very mature and masculine and Asians, for example, have among the broadest human facial type, so judging by one bone (nasal bridge) or “the jaw” like it’s one thing is another error. How a human face “looks” or “seems” from the front is really atrocious science. There’s more jaw development (major human maturity marker, the species is gracile-jawed) it just projects to the side and consequently, always smaller eyes (they’re paired processes, because it’s a maturation process on the whole area so the eyeball is crowded out by growing bone). A rounded forehead is infantile BUT again, varies by race because it’s skull shape and even subrace.

Short limbs can also be a sign of defective genes or stunted growth (poor diet, stress, heavy labour) so it cannot be relied upon as a trait.

On another point, another difference: African people, for example, “depend” less on their parents, they tend to hit puberty earlier. They also tend to have hardier bodies, shown best in the frame.

Spot the cuckface

What propaganda, they cry!

What propaganda?

You’re falling for it.

Either you’re fine with all those pictures or none of them.

The “fuck you white Mom!” to the mudshark’s “FU white Dad!”

The last photo was linked on 4chan, where they/bots showed they hate white genocide, unless it’s non-Muslim non-Hindu Asians slowly absorbing White people.
“As a white guy that has fucked a lot of Asian puss, fuck this shit. Asian women are on this Earth to be used as sex toys for white men, not for having halfu babies. No Asian woman can match up to a half decent white girl. You hose off all the make-up and get down to their real personality, and Asian women are definitely genetic garbage only good for their holes. If you are going to throw your genes away, at least do it with a Jap, the only naturally beautiful pale Asians.”
White women don’t want you tho….?

This reality post


And this one.


Brutal post. This is a sample.

I’m not even saying anything to these. You already know.

Irrefutable, at best the participants look passable e.g. this guy, who can do at least three times better.

It’s the baby prostitute of Mean Girls fame!

If you’re gonna, at least only date a hot one?

When a subpar non-white woman (she’s like an Asian 3 dude, 4 tops) with the body of a child tries to dress like a top-tier white woman, they always look like a hooker. You are not Ava Gardner, stop. Drink it in and weep.

They know any acceptable looking guys in these unions come out as gay later, right? Assuming it isn’t secretly a man.

Guess how these guys and their kids would vote?
“So a poor white man (like my father) marries an Asian woman because she’s easier – as long as you’re white and are able to provide what she wants” Sounds more like a prostitute arrangement since it’s about money. Whatever happened to for richer, for poorer? They aren’t traditional at all, they’re larping.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fucked a ton of slanters and had a great time of it, they were all beautiful. But having babies with one? Bitch please. There is nothing in Asia that comes close to pic related. Not the smell, the taste, the voice, or the look in her eyes.”

This is 4chan.

Asians taking over London is a problem only when it’s the likes of Sadiq Khan apparently.

Why do White guys date only ugly Asian girls?
I am an Asian, and I’ve seen lot’s of White male/Asian female couples both in Asia and the West.
But 99% of the time, they are with some real ugly chubby shorty unattractive Asian female which most Asian men don’t even bother to look at.
I am really surprised because I myself find White girls more attractive than Asian girls, and yet, the White dudes are dating 1s/10 or 2s/10 Asian girls. How can this be?
Do they have totally different taste?
99.9% attractive Asian girls are with Asian males, and 99% of Asian girls with White guys are unattractive.
And massive number of ugly unattractive Asian girls are flocking to the West to get a White boyfriend, while attractive ones stay in Asia being well treated by their Asian boyfriends.
I guess white guys are just more tolerant when dating an unattractive ones.”

They don’t know or care but expect the rest of us to never notice or comment.
They might cry racism!

“The geeky white guys think they’ve hit the jackpot when they meet these Asian girls, but spend a long enough time in Asia and you’ll begin to realize they’re not as hot as you first thought. I regularly see ugly white guys walking around proudly with below average Asian girls… as well as good looking white guys with ugly Asian.”

I once heard from a European man who refused to date an Asian woman: No pussy is better than embarrassing pussy.

These guys really cannot tell.

“In short: I am the son of a foreign born Asian woman from Hong Kong who deliberately married a tall, red-haired, blue eyed, bearded white man. She, like many Asian women, sought out a man who had a “Western” background so that she could feel integrated into her new home, and better than her fully Asian peers. She was by and large mentally ill, violent, abusive, cruel towards my father when he wasn’t making enough money, extremely controlling, and had self-image issues, changing her entire appearance to “look white.””

“The bigger question is why 90% of them have White fathers and Asian mothers.
Some would say porn stars are sex workers – but doing porn, for millions to see, is a particular form of self destruction. It’s a global losing of face. Nobody really likes being the child of a white-worshipping, depraved fetish couple, so obviously the children suffer.”

“The long answer: From what I’ve heard and seen, Eurasian / half-Asian pornstars outnumber full Asian pornstars, which is insane considering our small numbers…”

I need a study on probability they’ll do porn but it seems true.

The relationship itself is so loaded and so self-assuring and smug in itself (“my children will be beautiful Eurasian superhumans”) that oftentimes self-destruction is the only way to get away from such cringey people. Or even, the only way to fight back and reclaim our power and autonomy.”

“Other times when I am out with a woman, they will give me a “stare” and sometimes will even drop their boyfriends’ hand – proving that they don’t actually like the white male.”

The signs are there.

“My cousins and aunts, all of whom are in relationships with white men, are with men who are extremely awkward, weird (one has extreme allergies to virtually everything, another who is 5’5″ and can’t drive)”

I bet they read Nietzsche seriously.

“and routinely humiliate or degrade them behind their backs, or even in front of them (arguing about directions).”

More on this later.

It seems that the worst marital horror stories seem to involve White men and Asian women. Not only because of the depraved, fetishistic nature of it – but because of the amount of miscommunication, deep seated mistrust, and bizarre quality of the males involved.
I.e., Asian women, having very low standards for white males while living in Western countries, will gladly marry mentally unstable, unattractive or even violent white men n an attempt to properly integrate”

I’ll link a study today.

“Here are some brief examples, there are hundreds of thousands of these guys. Asian women are famous for being highly valued by racist white men, who view them as the antithesis to white female feminism, race traitors, and liberalism. “

Irony. Look in the mirror.

In many parts of Europe, Asian is becoming the PC term for Muslim so don’t expect that pedestal praise to go down well with many of us.

There are immense expectations to be a good little Eurasian child, to “represent” this pairing, to “represent” a merger between East and West, and to be a “master race” replacement child for both pure white children (since the White men hate White women) and for pure Asian children (which the Asian mom hates). White conservative men will attempt to “shape” or “mold” their biracial children to be perfect, as do Asian women, and the two parties are together, complicit, in a very, very political agenda.”

It’s treating a kid like an SJW experiment.

“Conservative white men who are “sick” of the “liberated” behavior of white women. “Liberated” behavior pretty much just means: white women won’t be with me because white women have too high standards. They don’t like my meek behavior.”

All the guys bragging about demanding a submissive wife are really just showing themselves up. Can you not handle your own wife?

“They will have sex with him a few times but only as long as he keeps up the image.

That’s a tell, yes.

Look at how many Asian women love taking trips to London and Paris, taking pictures of the buildings. This is just an image. Nothing else. The white man makes them feel like they’re just as good as the Parisian buildings, the Parisian street scenes they’ve seen in movies.”

Who’s the, ahem, “race traitor”?

Any time you criticize China, as Trump has discovered:

They’re the model of SJW outrage.


Future of America?


“Anti-miscegenation laws discouraging marriages between Whites and non-Whites were affecting Asian immigrants and their spouses from the late 17th to early 20th century.”
“For example, a Eurasian daughter born to an Indian father and Irish mother in Maryland in 1680 was classified as a “mulato” and sold into slavery”
Mulatto doesn’t mean what you think it means, Eurasians always counted too.

“Later, World War II sparked a wave of “war bride” marriages, in which thousands of women from China, Japan and other Asian countries arrived in the US to join white partners.”
They were considered war whores, actually.
Like the French who slept with Germans.

“Additionally, Asian women have been quick to label such men as perverse when their own preferences for white men have made the pairings possible in the first place, she wrote.”
“She cited a study conducted by the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel, in which data showed that of those who specified a racial preference in potential partners, 7 percent of white men indicated Asian. Among women who specified a racial preference, the majority of Asian women picked men of the same race but 34 percent indicated a preference for Caucasian men. The numbers would seem to indicate that dating patterns between interracial couples in which the woman is Asian are most often dictated by female preference.”
That Asian women also choose partners based on race is equally offensive, she said in response to Chen’s piece.”
LOL they wanna hide.
“Dating consultants like The Asian Playboy have made fortunes teaching Asian men how to “score” with white women, imparting expensive advice about how best to convey the kind of confidence that non-Asian women are believed to value.”
Most PUAs are non-white wanting white women. Fact.

More bitching:
View story at

“I’m not blind to the fact that there are race trolls on the internet that say things such as, “control your women, not my fault asian women are race traitors,” or the classic, “asian women just like white guys more than asian guys because we’re man enough”.”

What about the self-hating white men? Takes two.

“Along with the booming trend around trafficked Asian sex workers in the Seattle’s high tech alley; Men from the tech world are paying for sex with specifically asian women in large numbers. Which doesn’t paint a positive image for the men in interracial relationships.”

See title. AFWM is typical hunting grounds.
It’s because they look like children. It’s socially acceptable pedophilia to fuck a whore who only looks of statutory rape age.

And the domestic abuse rates are higher in all mixed couples, including Asian/White.

I’ll repost this to find easier.

White fever in half breeds

“I’ve only met two women that I know of who were half-breeds. Both of them only slept with white guys.”

Stealing our men! (partial sarcasm)

Where did they get the right to invade European gene pools?

“The first was when I was 18 years old. She was 19, half-Indian (feather, not dot) and half-black and was raised on a reservation. She considered herself an Indian and referred to blacks as “them” and “they” and looked down on them.

Not surprisingly she only slept with white guys. I have no idea what happened to her but figured at the very least she had a child by a white man.

Also not surprisingly she hit on me. I knew the reason why: blond hair and blue eyes.

slags, they’re such slags in Asia they just hide it better

I guarantee you most Asian wives of White men are cheating on him, at least once. They got to the West, that was the goal. As long as it’s lighter, he’ll assume it’s his kid, right? Mixing men are generally stupid, they won’t get it tested.

Yet to see the IVF rates (uptake likelihood) but I suspect from the trend of C-sections and so on, they have difficulty conceiving (and carrying to term, biologically connected processes). Interventions suggest ill health and with old fathers, the risk goes up yet again.
I wonder if mixed race is less fertile in general or if it’s more one race than another they’re breeding with? What about two mixed race? Interesting questions science is too scared to answer, but I have looked into it. The study I saw, white Brit women in general were more fertile than South Asians. The study is tagged.

If there are medical problems, they have to admit it publicly to help them.

Everyone wants lighter kids.”

Imagine knowing on some level your spouse only wants you for a pigmentation gene.
Wow, that must be the worst.

“The second one was half-black and half-white and really was high-yellow. She also only slept with white guys and had a child by one, whom I once met and who had blue eyes (she also made more than one comment about my blue eyes).

[creeper alert!]

Her little girl was white. In two generations the family went from black to white.”

White passing isn’t white, genetics is real. Those genes still express in other areas including brain and they’re dominant too, throughout many generations, forever. They’ll still be the average of their parents, so shorter sons (shorter Asian genes, 4-5ft range) and stupid (maternal national IQ), likely fat daughters (father’s contribution). (Find a White-Asian mix who isn’t starving herself to look LA thin and consider the temperament, no wonder they become SJWs when the pressure cracks at college, mixed kids are mathematically more promiscuous).

Yeah, mixed race pretty much can only afford to date one another, so the white guys mixing yellow and bitching about Muh African Immigrants will likely have black grandkids or great-grandkids, it’s just statistical probability.

Nobody wants to tell them that it goes both ways?
Their kids will find other mixes attractive? And they can’t complain because they mixed too?

They don’t own their 18yo daughters like their wife. Consider the wife’s whore genetics to fuck a guy because he can upgrade her to the rich West. It won’t end well, I can’t wait for that shitshow.


ask not for whom the bell tolls

it tolls for thee, cuckey

“People talk about things such as “yellow fever but I’ve never heard anyone talk about “white fever” except for those no-class blacks who go crazy around white meat, although they never use the term “white fever.” I mean non-white or part-white women who only desire white guys. They do exist.

I once encountered a black woman who basically told me, “If I have a kid by a black man the child will be black. Why should I do that when I can have a kid by a white man?””

The most calculating women because, once she’s had the kids, she doesn’t need the guy anymore.
Think about it. And white guys net more in divorce money too. These white mixers are being targeted, like Prince Harry, hilariously.
How many bitter divorced dude stories do you read in MRA forums? Well, did you assume the wife was white? That would be a mistake. You always check. If they get defensive, she was playing for the yellow tribe.

Their cultural loyalty is to wider Asian family, NOT one white man. Imagine when the markets suck again, will she throw hubby under the bus and cash out? You bet.

They’ll pressure her to.

Aw, but they wanted their obedient Mulan wife! Who’s brainwashed by Disney now?

I’ve never met a woman who expected a pumpkin to turn into a carriage but these guys think their penis can turn any Asian female into a fucking unicorn.

Can this be a condition? Penis stupidity? They’re not a magic wand, guys.

“MY waifu, what a beautiful long horn you have!”

[stabs in divorce court]

Logically, if they were so great, wouldn’t they be marrying the top crust of Asians? Seeing how we can’t perceive attractiveness accurately in other races, they usually married uggos and nobody has the heart to tell them.

Did they think she learned those sexual skills from other women? Even the infamous ugly girl’s skill in blowjob technique?

How many guys lose out in divorce proceedings because they’re white, not male? And still, they never get this?

“Some people think sooner or later we’ll all be mixed and turn into a mocha mess. That’s never going to happen.

White men are the most desired and Asian men and black women the least. I had an Asian woman tell me she couldn’t imagine an Asian man and a black woman together. White people are of the same opinion.”

White women mix out the least statistically but you wouldn’t know it by all the bitchy complaints about mud sharks, like that’s the only mixing going on. Sure, K.

Not covering for a guilty cuck conscience at all.

Tis better to have no children at all than shame thy ancestors with their enemies’ blood.

“Miscegenation used to be illegal. I know why. The children belong nowhere, at least the men.”

All the outcomes suggest terrible lives by comparison due to likely outbreeding depression but we need more data.

“There doesn’t appear to be much of a problem with mixed-breed women.”

Ha! They hide it!
It’s like tiger mom abuse. The kids hate them. Read the various blogs and forum posts hating their whore mother for hating their own Asian DNA.

“The women will be absorbed but the men won’t.”

Not by anyone of quality, like the mudsharks. Naturally, nobody will look at the 10 data in those couples but it’s a general finding that people who date out can’t afford to date in. And as soon as those guys lose the money pump in the next recession or whatever, they’ll get a nasty shock when they meet the real person they stupidly married.

Fake feminine women for fake masculine men, I love it!

Thank god they don’t marry non-narc people (both fetishists).

“I actually met the half-Indian and half-black woman when I was living in Santa Barbara and working in Isla Vista, just like Elliot Rodger, the NOWAG half-breed who went insane from lack of meaning, importance and community in his life and so slaughtered several people, starting with a couple of NOWAG Asian nerds, whom he dispatched hands-on with a knife. That’s a lot of half-breed self-hate.”

Psychiatric problems, it’s probably because mixing brain genes is like oil/water between races.
Elliot actually hated white people and especially white women, it wasn’t actually about women in general if you read some of his stuff, he was obsessed about race and how he couldn’t ever be white (racial Pinocchio). The biggest cucks marry Asians, think Zuck. It’s just a fact, they want a woman with the body (pelvic width) of a small boy, that’s pure r-selection. That guy doesn’t have options. It’s a virtue signal though, so they take it with both hands! Then they can self-hate other whites without being called a cuck (spotted ya). Asians are natural SJWs, it’s the collectivism genes. In trying to avoid moderately critical white SJWs (easily done) they’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Men are nothing in Asia, the grandmothers run it. The angry, hostile, abusive grandmothers.

I can’t wait for the show to start on the massive raft of divorces for something like “white privilege” when the white guy just lost a load of money and waifu needs her Gucci to impress her friends over cocktails. So trad!

Awkward red pill.
“My father was borderline-autistic, unable to make eye contact, and saw Asian women as a “replacement white woman” when he was unable to get a white woman; my mother saw his blue eyes and height and saw him as a ticket to integration and higher status in her new life in the west.”

How is that not a whore?

Fund your replacement says Bill Gates

Nice try, I posted about this yeeears ago.

“What worries Bill Gates most?”

The orange snazzy number with his name on it?

“The booming population of Africa looms over his foundation’s latest global survey.”

Ah, of course. The old reliable.

“By the end of this century there will be 4 billion more people on Earth –”

no there won’t, you know there won’t, but you need to rob the people from the present while they’re still alive

“and 3 billion of these extra souls will be born in Africa. The challenge, he says”

what reverse psychology?

and this isn’t our problem, it’s theirs

they have governments to solve their problems

white people should leave/stay out of it

“is that “Africa must almost quadruple its agricultural productivity to feed itself. That’s very daunting.””
War and famine. It can’t even handle its current or former populations, this is heavily IQ and also the laziness of refusing to farm.
If Africans want to escape Bill Gates, they should be allowed to. They’re frightened of him.

So aborting them would be genocide but not white people?

Bet your life on it?

Tolerant left wants to censor private conversations

The Left always become tyrannical oppressors over time, who end up mass slaughtering the people who won’t tolerate it. Lefty bigots.

Trump, when is he banning companies from getting involved in politics?

This is anti-democratic.

I told you not to talk to them. They have nobody to attack any more, nothing to fight – this makes them impotent. If you don’t cut the head off the Hydra, it can’t grow more! Avoid the control freaks (isolate them like they want – safe space?) or they will get you arrested. You can’t fix the stupid. And you’re making them stronger with your eyeballs on their twitter etc. They feed from attention and they’re starving.

She wants to ban jokes.
Seriously. Why not make it the Meme Banning Bill?

State sponsored sense of humour! When do we get a list of requirements!

Vice police of the mind!

This is anti-safe space, does tumblr know?

All the fandoms that would die?

Most fandoms are millions of people in groups online.

Hey, they arrested people for making public opinions known so people hid in DM and PMs and the like, how is this surprising? But how will they ban any forum? (members 500+)


They want to break up large groups so they can pick off each group and the others aren’t warned about this or tactics in good time to respond. A group of minds is essentially a supercomputer and trained on political info (e.g. Q) can uncover many things.

The sluts have the most to fear from this, because if they ban private conversations, all your flirting online will have to be public. All the girls will see all the tactics you try on the others.

This ruins freedom of association, including intimate (emotionally intimate) conversations. They’re trying to call everyone else a cult… the New Church Ladies.

It isn’t about women, that’s a straw man. They don’t like being questioned, especially journalists, anyone with bias. There shouldn’t be “protected groups”, we must be equal under the law? They’re allowed to judge us, we aren’t allowed to judge them (r-types fear The Mob).

She should fuck off and take her menopause meds instead of taking it out on us that she isn’t getting enough follows on twitter. Yeah, you can’t force people to like your message, Mz Hitler! All their signals are turning against them, because their mask is slipping….

And by banning all others rhetoric, that’s what they’re trying to do, they think they can force people back asleep.

She could start a blog but people have to be dedicated to read those and you can’t really shame people for seeking out ideas, a liberal principle. It’s freedom of speech. One reason I don’t advertise or shill. I’m not harming a fly over here so…. where’s the grounds?

Logically, she’d have to ban large social gatherings, including pubs. In London, the largest social gatherings happen in mosques….. so…. nothing will happen. Khan won’t let it.

She’s carping about online harassment, when that’s an SJW-pushed thing. Well, wouldn’t this then apply to all the SJWs who go around monstering random, normal people? Trying to ruin their lives? One rule for plebs, is it?

And you wondered why nobody wanted to vote for “I’ll make upsetting Muslims illegal!” Miliband? We know that ends in a very literal test of the phrase “sticks and stones…” or a gay club shooting. Let them all have their bloody diversity, don’t lift a finger.

She implicitly admitted she starts arguments with people then gets all triggered when they argue back? Like people? Maybe don’t get angry at everything?

You can’t win without having the debate first, you dumb cow.

You people have been politically retarded since the Blair era, they haven’t adapted for the times whatsoever and expect the rest of us to slow our roll.

You don’t have to have a twitter account. You don’t have to use the internet. Go home, old hag, you clearly hate what the internet is about. Nobody gives a shit if you’re an MP if your points suck donkey balls. Those people disagreeing were trying to help you! Become more relevant!

The internet is not for people like her, she isn’t tall enough for this ride.

Young people aren’t buying papers these days, let alone The Guardian (its readership is dead/dying, look up the data). If they had a paywall, their traffic count couldn’t justify all those journalists – and you know they wouldn’t fire all the white ones! The Guardian’s white journalists rake in the majority of their traffic because the Boomers reading it only want to read them (e.g. Toynbee).

This is Old Media (dying media) protectionism.

If politics is a “science”, they can hide data behind paywalls far, far away from the voting plebs!