They’d ban pets too

Since dogs and cats, like humans, are carnivores. [Forward-facing eyes, canine teeth]

Most meat goes to PET FOOD.

How many Guardianistas wanna put Rover down for the Nazi traitor Soros?

Or the SJWs kill the cats?

All Freemasons are like him “muh greater good, end justifies the genocide”. It’s a cult, and you’re not in it!

Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers

Soros meat ban link, hard to find:

Extinction Rebellion is known for its awareness-raising protest events and for making demands aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change,

we don’t negotiate with terrorists

although some fellow green organisations see their methodology as unrealistic. An anonymous person has allegedly acquired Extinction Rebellion (XR) working files that, among other things, contain information on the organisation’s donors, WordPress blogger Paul Homewood reported. The person who uploaded these files claims that they were not obtained via hacking, but due to poor privacy settings set on shared documents.

According to the purported Extinction Rebellion files, one of the over $1 million donations to the group’s cause was made by famous US immigrant and financier George Soros. The sum provided by Soros was concealed even within the alleged XR working documents.

Extinction Rebellion activists protest in Paris, using fake blood © SPUTNIK Extinction Rebellion activists protest in Paris, using fake blood The generosity of other donors was not concealed. Joe Corre, co-founder of the lingerie outlet Agent Provocateur, allegedly donated £50000, Greenpeace – £10000, and the European Climate Foundation – £20000. As of now, half of the money raised in 2019 remains unused, according to the documents.

EU empire, keep ’em weak.

Extinction Rebellion is a climate advocacy organisation seeking to achieve a drastic change of climate policies around the world. XR seeks to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, using methods of civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance. Their actions and threats have raised eyebrows, including a proposal to shut down flights from London’s Heathrow Airport in the Summer of 2019 using drones, although that plan was eventually shelved.


Trump under attack by 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros


Meanwhile, my go long approach to winter-wear pays rich dividends. The other day a woman in a shop laughed at me for buying “all the jumpers” – oh sweet summer slag…. (also, why do people have a go when you shop where they work? Like, I pay your wages, hush?)

We have shortages all the time. Get a space heater. They go first.

Cut off the Scot

It’d have to be financial too.

No Daddy England credit card.

You want socialism, you pay for the socialism.

We said, if the Scots wanted to win, they should’ve given the English the vote.

Then we’d have given them the boot.

Apparently MI5 rigged their ref and polls were true this time… I can believe that.

Video: England belongs to us

The Guardian’s readership is literally dying. It’s only here because of the Autotrader sale and GMG’s overseas tax evasion.

The Guardian is the home of socialist Boomers, who are unrepentant with thirty pieces of silver in their pocket, which their kids are nodding along for, believing all their white hide-outs will magically survive when the working-class holding them up is demolished. Racial NIMBYs.

They know that race is important but it’s a class war, a cold war. While you’re competing with imports, it isn’t them or their kids. So they deny race, hoping you’ll miss how they conveniently win out as a useless pen-pusher middle-class, that would’ve been long since replaced by smart upstarts by now. The rising standard of living and low crime was replacing the socialists, nobody needed them. Can’t have that. So they committed treason in various ways, some terrorism, to make people feel they were needed, now more than ever. They repeat this, it’s gas lighting.

Religion and family also replace the socialists. Think about it.

English culture is very much Protestant work ethic, so they HATE it. They mentally block it out, no such thing or a background hum like a cloud – not a product of the genes of people who don’t need them!

The most shallow englishness I heard was an Asian bragging about drinking tea.

That was it. By the same logic, I’m Cuban when I drink coffee.

Also they thought Asia invented tea…. that Europe has never made its own tea.


MOOCs of actual history without the pozz would be nice.

The Left is culturally white, assuming the culture is global. Their anglophobia is due to defending equal cog nurture theory – give any Muslim enough tea and crumpets, they’ll become Cultural Christians.

Civnats believe in magic dirt aka liberal creationism, even some working-class people still hold out a vain hope, a very vain hope. Behavioural genetics has demolished all hope of that, ever.

He moves his hands a bit too much. A tad.

Good for them fighting back against China’s neocolonialism, wish we did.

Ownership of the land is the POINT of border control.

Who is a citizen, who can own a business/employees, who can vote is the POINT of border control, is the POINT of an army. They win without firing a shot because, for starters, you believe the Smart Asian myth they started.

Not so smart voting in Communism for generations, are they?

Lefties and cuckservatives say we “need” immigration – well, if we need temporary labour, it has various conditions – no buying land, visa expires every 5 years, no law breaking, no citizenship, no passport, no marrying in, no anchor babies, no running for office including ‘activism’, no diseases, no welfare, speaks English, no corruption especially nepotism, no voting. Simple.

You don’t have to sell them the fucking farm, that’s a false dichotomy. If you could fine politicians for lying about the outcome of treasonous policies, so much the Blairer. Some would be impoverished to the fifth generation, the way it should be.

The simple way to affect the job kind of immigrant is to highly tax remittance (our right, it was produced here but permanently leaves, could be viewed as forex manipulation) and crack down on wage under-reporting.

If econ studies included remittance losses, the cost of immigration would be reported as much higher, hugely.

The second passport scam affects the welfare immigrants, in the case of ‘problems’ here e.g. by law-breaking, they run home. Stop the scam, confiscate our passport if they leave.

TV got rid of regional accents and problems, of English instead of Londoner.

They bribe young people with Pleasure Island while at the end they become slaves for the boat people.

I believe there was an EU page from 2000 talking about replacement immigration.

NOT a “conspiracy”, well, conspiracy based on fact.

Read Bruce Charlton.

MGTOW roast

The funniest thing is that the standards have never been lower in human history.

If women shave, so can you.

If you add what these guys spend on their hobbies, it’s roughly equivalent to what self-improvement costs, and women pay more for it.

If you have to tell a guy to wear a deodorant (a proper one) then is he really an adult?

The army isn’t supposed to be nice

If words hurt you, how the hell do you manage bullets?


degrading, humiliating and offensive environment” for them, an employment judge has found.

That happens to everyone.

You sign up to be shouted at.

It’s called training.

If calling a pale bloke Casper is fine, you’re being pathetic.

“MoD implement better equality and diversity training within the armed forces.”

see Agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons, can’t find a link

Starkey on Brexit-blocking treason

Get them on domestic slave charges, illegal hiring of cleaning, nannies, chauffeurs, trafficking of hookers.

Get the likes of (((Bercow))) deported to Israel, passport stripped.

End the ‘City’ of London, the den of vipers.

Nationalise the BOE.

Even the lefties must agree with that.

The BOE need the Federal Empire bailout.