Guardian fears real man

Rees-Mogg was first elected in 2010, with a majority of 4,914, and spent most of the Cameron years as a joke figure, dubbed “member for the eighteenth century”. The MP, a Catholic, holds views so traditional that they no longer can be considered part of the normal left-right continuum of British politics. 


Why now?

This man fought the Alt Left – and won.

By being a gentleman about it.

Male beauty = good genes

Please, stop denying this. It isn’t very red pill of you.

There’s sufficient text there to see it’s a concrete connection – not limited to symmetry, not vanishing upon single-side presentation, please stop denying this. It’s getting difficult to watch.

Full paper because there’s always that one guy where you can tell what he looks like through the screen, like a fat acceptance activist.

Just because they’re scared to use the word beauty in connection to men doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, insecure men are worse than SJWs sometimes.

These studies ain’t hard to find.

You manosphere types are just lyin’.

Symmetry is actually a misnomer, since symmetry is a feature of feminine beauty.

It was recently proposed that symmetry is not a primary cue to facial attractiveness, as symmetrical faces remain attractive even when presented as half faces (with no cues to symmetry).

This is the issue with treating the sexes as the same, especially in evo studies?!?!???

Here, we use real and computer graphic male faces in order to demonstrate that (i) symmetric faces are more attractive, but not reliably more masculine than less symmetric faces and (ii) that symmetric faces possess characteristics that are attractive independent of symmetry, but that these characteristics remain at present undefined.

I don’t see men arguing we must study this for equality’s sake. [but we should]

They seem to prefer ignorance.

Harder to lie about your alpha genes when it’s literally written on your face.*
Deep down, they know. That’s why so many ‘players’ get plastic surgery.

But women are fake, right, guys?

*again, alpha is a pair and a breeding couple, not an individual, it refers to a social rank

Female fertility doesn’t encourage cheating

Moving on to correct an old, old error. I’m sick of seeing it. I went out of my way to find the citation to do this.

There’s one study still going round, being cited, that is absolute bull.

No, women aren’t likelier to cheat when fertile. What sort of Lilith shit is this?

Quite the opposite.
It’s been debunked, for many years.

If you can’t read/understand beyond the abstract.

“Women’s desire for their own partners did not differ significantly between high and low fertility sessions”.

This happened when they actually tested what was only suggested (to get published) in the previous study, that has never been replicated.

If anything high fertility makes her more interested in her mate, which matches literally all the evobio on the topic, including Trivers and the fact that overwhelmingly most fathers are the biological fathers of their children. The exception is a forced match (arranged marriage) to an inferior male, see last post on ugly men. Sexual selection will occur in women, before or after nuptials, get used to it. Naturally, men denying that looks have anything to do with sexual attraction (LOL) will continue to ignore the most important variable in Darwinian theories – your genes.

Where you can go back to Peterson’s bollocks and choke on all his little blue pills.

Ugly men encourage cheating

If bad genes would put one sex off, it’d be the party that would have to carry them. Tend them. For decades. You know, the one putting money down if this is a gambling analogy.
Much better not to shack up with the uggo in the first place, which is what women have been doing (avoiding ugly men) since parental set-ups ended. Putting an end to arranged marriages is one of the most eugenic things to ever happen, second only to giving r-types the Pill and other abortfacients.

They’d be most likely to miscarry such children regardless, so a naturalistic fallacy doesn’t apply. This is a reversal of a dysgenic societal pressure with freedom of choice, not a natural pressure. There is a real-world consequence to mating (marrying) such low-quality men that used to be disposed of in endless wars: lower fitness than the parents, a biological death-knell.

There are more bachelors than ever because women aren’t forced to marry anyone who’d support them. If the woman can do it better for herself (given equal opportunities), the man is too poor quality to deserve fecundity. Men purchase rights to a woman’s reproductive decisions with marriage, that’s literally the whole premise. Monogamy had to be imposed to avoid unrest and rebellion against rulers, because it’s better for low-quality males (they actually get to breed and don’t ‘resort’ to rape – not an excuse) and worse for all females, since the natural exclusion (men used to be kicked out of the tribe at age) of the shit-tier doesn’t occur to the gene pool either they or their children and grandchildren will marry into… Naturally, the uggos in question hate this. Inferiority in humans is often connected to misogyny, despite how women are the life-giving, less violent and kinder sex (aliens would view those as objectively superior traits). Happy men don’t have to take anything out on women (displacement) because they are secure.

Narcissism and other personality disorder is always preceded by insecurity.

It reminds me of the bad husbands who complain of sexless marriages. Anyone with an ounce of empathy or life experience with women, happy couples, would laugh at such a concept, since sex in a marriage is a symptom, an outcome, a barometer. As in, they expect not to change but their marriage to improve, magically, for purely selfish reasons. Like it’s them + sex toy, no union, no greater labour required from the ‘master’ of the house. Rarely do the men in such marriages carry just their financial weight (the one entailed in the vows, also why pre-nups are anti-Christian since you swore until death you’d be responsible). Incompetent men used to be screened before they could marry, in the courtship stages interacting with the parents. Now, divorce is common because courtship has been shortened and too superficial. If they can’t be married, successfully, the marriage cannot continue. It’s a job. Rather than correcting their fellow men, to be capable husbands and fathers, they complain about women being shallow (projection). I suppose it’s the r-selected urge to appease other men and avoid real conflict, which they know women are too good to really instigate. Wife-beaters aren’t sneered at from sexism, it’s because a man hitting a woman knows it isn’t a fair fight. He knows his risk of death is almost nil. That’s cowardice.

Damaging the one human you swore to protect? Evil.

Hypocrisy doesn’t work long-term. Only an anti-honour culture like ours would think this.

You don’t deserve shit. Like, does a fat SJW deserve a 6ft model with a 6-pack because she got bullied for years? Exactly, it’s shit, you know it’s bullshit, sit down and stop.

You cannot be entitled to a human. They’re autonomous. An atheist cannot expect a Christian. A slut cannot expect a virgin. You get your level. That’s the red pill – you deserve what you get.

So technically, unequal pairings encourage cheating. Common sense?

The dark side of high fashion photography

Lighter fare

Nothing to see here.

Money shot, Megan, who has claimed to be everything at some point.

Whedon’s involved, I can smell it….
The comments are interesting, I’m shocked the truth about Serbia hasn’t come up with all the Clinton-bashing.
Yes, Jolie’s pick-up line used to be “guess what’s real” so she knows she’s fake but to be fair, her father is evil.
The two symbols to really look out for are interlocking hearts and butterflies. The British symbol appears to be the latter. Natasha Richardson’s death was sudden. I don’t think there’s anything there though. Elton John should give everyone the creeps, him and Madonna. I know this from secondhand reasons.
“Part of the programming of celebrities involves the creation of narcissism which is then followed by breaking the person down by fracturing the ego through psychological abuse, including the complete absence of privacy which destroys any sense of the self. The attitudes of many of the posters here seem to be that these celebrities are “disgusting” and vile people for being so hypersexualized by the media or whoever else. So how does this serve to create a culture where traumatized people actually feel comfortable enough to come forward about their programming? ANser: it doesn’t. If the people who are the supposed mind control activists are occupied by gossiping and putting celebrities down for what they were probably only programmed to do in the first place, then the secrets are more likely to stay silent forever.”
It’s possible to play the game but rare.
Gaga has shown how to do it: club songs about sex, then the eccentric fashion so people think she’s actually creative, then the collabs and reinvention. Take notes, kids.
Pity she’s shallow as a kiddie pool.
Tila is a waifu plague on any kind of reasonable discourse. Even for an Asian, her tits are boring.
“Or even worse…..they would Kill me. Yes….the GOV would find a way to KILL me, if my voice becomes too powerful in unveiling the truth. Killed by Government….A lot of U sound surprised that I know a lot about this stuff. This is the other side of Tila that I dont share w/the world. The SMART side…” – she says, on Twitter.
You’re using your real name, we know you’re lying.
Nobody brags about the risk of being attacked, silly girl.
Fantasizing about and idolizing celebrities gives them energy, that’s why it’s a sin. If you learn a thing called psychic shielding, men (look up energy vampires for why modern men are so weak), porn stars and such will disgust you. No power, hold gone. (Note: Prayer is a form of shield done correctly). Why? They can’t tap into your root chakra like an oil well, your personal Kundalini energy. All these sexy films, songs and newspaper stories are slowly sapping your life and time. At least your attention!
“Actually, I know a great deal about many forms of electronics, and worked with ECM and related aircraft technologies, among other things, for years. I’m quite aware of non-lethal RF weapons developed by Raytheon and others, which is why I used the term scalar waves, specifically, and included the Tesla reference in an effort to be helpful, if you didn’t know about such things.”
Beyonce will never say anything interesting. She only cares about money and fame and fame and money and this requires her to be completely whitewashed and bland.
“As far as celebs and sexual and/or other childhood abuse, this is a great point, and is exactly why I gave a large number of examples of such abuse, drug use and other common patterns in the lives of so many “stars”, particularly those suspected of MK involvement.
I was, and still am, hoping that people will put 2 and 2 together for themselves, without me having to blatantly spell it out. And many people have connected those dots, so that is very encouraging to see.”
softly softly
“I don’t know if this is of any comfort to you, but it is true, in my experience. Some of our best allies may turn out to be those who we least expect, when we least expect it.”

Did anyone see the Eden plot in Zoolander 2?

Basically the alien thing.

“what about the forgotten kids all over the world. think there needs to be some priorities made”
There are good children’s charities but be very careful and see for yourself.
“A butterfly t-shirt does not a programmed person make, as another poster put it.”
In rebuttal

That is Harriet Harman.

I would say Gigi is the new version of this one.
Scientology’s distrust of anyone claiming to be a psychiatrist and wanting to mess with your head and drug you does have validity but they need to come down and they will come down soon. The chanology op was premature.
The public discussion of virginity is required to pretend it doesn’t exist as an excuse to remove all laws about an age of consent.

Any time a celebrity discusses that most personal of facts, suspect they’re trying to normalize what their subconscious mind knows they have done sexually. Magazines never used to hint at that topic.
The Anon use of masks was in part so brilliant because it stole from the energies of the Satanic/occult/abuser use. A rebellion against rebellion, freedom from abuses of the system.

“It brought in the government and police, who both used Elite girls. People have tried to kidnap and poison me.”
Are the Time’s Up people available for comment?
Watch closely who says nothing and who doesn’t wear a pin.
Abuse isn’t trendy, you sick bastards.
Beautiful people like Karen Mulder can be honest, beautiful people can be brave. Jumping on a bandwagon as a fashion statement is the opposite of standing out. You stand out, you speak out – in person or online.
“Karen was supposedly a multi-millionaire by this point, people should ask themselves why attractive young women like Karen seem to so often end up with these “elite”/billionaires (most people think of them as ‘gold-diggers’ and the like, but this makes no sense as they are already [in public at least] multi-millionaires).”
Blame the victim, we’ve come so far. The male victims on MeToo are completely drowned out by this as well, wake up.
Why do so many well-travelled people with long work hours need sleeping pills? Clue: they don’t. They would never take sleeping pills.
Great legs, why is it always the ones with great legs?

Can’t fake those.
Very Stepford Wives, isn’t it? Scary how many men think that is ideal.
Every 10-20 years, we get the same model faces with a different name.
Bruni > Bella H.

Tell me that doesn’t look like Bella.

Oh look, more Venus (blonde) and Virgin Mary red rose bullshit.

Betty, fringe gives it away. How many of these do we need to see? I’ve seen hundreds of this one.

I’m bored of blogging for awhile.

Post-Subliminal Era Has Begun