They don’t even hide now

Hands up who thinks the Witchcraft Act deal was a mistake.

“We wanna curse people with coffin nails and make torture puppets for fun but when you point this out, you’re making us look bad!”
So many lies, except “It is through union with this entity that witches and folk magicians gained access to the powers that reside within the hidden realms and the natural world, and could awaken the potent fire within.” Wrath.
entered into a close, working relationship and union with the Old One and the spirit world. Via such union, would the ways unto curing ailments, exorcising ill influence, the attainment of desires, and the destruction of the oppressive be known”
Oppressive, where have I heard that before?


I read this shit to know what I’m dealing with, it becomes fun.
It’s quite funny how much they get wrong (mostly American authors) and smoosh together. It’s hilarious how they get their own “religion” wrong from a pastiche of misunderstood junk stereotypes and I know better from historical reading but have no use for it.
“Meaning ‘light bearer’, Lucifer has, from his earliest origins” His?
And the personage of Biblical fame was a mortal King!
“Lucifer has also, in many mystical traditions, assumed a female form in the guise of Lucina, Lucia and Diana Lucifera.” Not the same then. “In his guise as the Serpent of Eden,” oversimplify a complicated story while you’re here “he bestowed a magical philosophy of the Luciferian Woman, she who was not born of the clay, and was therefore especially receptive to the forbidden powers which would render one ‘as God.’”
Absolute bollocks, like the subplot in Zoolander 2.

The Lilith basis is pure Yid, what a shoah of traditional folk myth.
FYI She ate babies and raped men. Feminist deity?
The context also escapes a mention: Orthodox Jews hated women more than any Muslim and for centuries prior! It’s a great excuse to keep them down if they’re related to Sexy Satan. That’s right, Bewitched was more accurate than these kinda people!


“Yet, outside most occult contexts, Lucifer is commonly conflated

…. like you’re doing here? For so many pages?

Everything except Jesus, learn to spot this tactic of edgy bullshit.

They’re the same people who act like Hathor and Isis were the same chick.
Hell no. At least pretend to respect the traditions you rip off?

“with the Christian figure of Satan, or the Devil, a relic of early Christian propagandists eager to repudiate and tarnish rival polytheisms.”
Nope! Read a history book, bitch! They stole babies!

And didn’t you say God singular, earlier? Basic proofreading.

Paganism is what existed beforehand and everyone was fine with it because everyone was one, a real one! Paganism is not Satanism, that’s a conflation from the Father of Lies.

Nature is earthly, like, literally, demonology is ...not.

Naturally, the Antagonist will try to hide behind other religions.

And how can you “tarnish” people by describing their love of blood, rape and corpses?
(Rape may be “symbolic”, still).
Crowley’s book rests solely on unwilling sex, the whole purpose of his “ritual”. To effectively rape the practitioner against their body’s will and urge until they’re catatonic. You tell me that’s healthy, please. The fact he recommends drugging them first has to give you Cosby vibes.

They just throw the kitchen sink at it.
“Also examined is the concept of Lucifer as the Witches’ God,” No, not paganism, witches have no God (common misconception) and if they did it would be 100% Goddess, duh?
“present both in folklore” no it isn’t
“as well as his link with individual revelation,” stole that word and stole Prometheus’s bit
also it’s about human and broader natural interconnection, individualism is anti-witch
“and the nature of the critical interplay between Light and Darkness necessary of Luciferian illuminism.”
Wait, good and evil exist but …evil got a bad rap?
These people…

We’re not the evil ones, you are!

It’s cult-level stupid.

Where that stupid farce of a wedding happened is where the mortal basis (see a theme?) of their malevolent muppet lived. People who hate guns worshiping a hunter in camo, enjoy this irony like a fine strawberry wine.

“Back in the fourteenth century, Herne was one of King Richard II’s many huntsmen”

It’s like worshipping the loch ness monster. Currently confused with Cernunnos by idiots. Did I mention he was a Catholic?

Why do they do it?

“Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated
 detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, 
anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous 
boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead
 of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one’s
 negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the
 spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being.”

Anger-phobia in particular reminds me of so, so many of these people.

And if you think this voodoo stuff doesn’t work whatsoever… it could bag you a Prince.
I wonder if she’s still stocked up on Cleo May oil. More importantly, who’s her supplier?

nb Occult is not Satanism but Satanism is occult.


Cover it, Trump.

Historically what you see in a society that is breaking down isn’t one black swan event. You are taught about those events because they make good topics in history class, but real wrol is slower. What happens is the “right to exercise violence” is questioned and tested, and in a failed state, will ultimately shift to unknown third parties.

This is happening right now in Baltimore. No one respects the governments’ monopoly on violence anymore. Baltimore is WROL. The question is if it will be permanent, which I doubt. In a permanent scenario, the third parties would be gangs. These groups will step up to fill the power vaccuum created by a demonstratably weak police force. In some cases the third party will exercise violence in order to prove that they are the new dominant force in the region. Taliban, ISIS, 1800’s China are all examples of this.

TLDR When you see an ineffectual police force being ignored, that is a bad sign. When the police are being violently swept aside by bands of individuals, that is it. That is why these riots lately are worrying. Every riot seems to become more violent towards the establishment.

Don’t dig for them!

This is why you already have de facto hate speech law, America!

Since when did random Twitter nutjobs have more power in a company than their founder?

Never, that’s when.

Can we send these people a Youtube video under five minutes breaking down SJWAL?

Taking a short time off while Trump is here. DS out.

Video: Sin is a disease

Sexual hygiene will make a comeback, whether you like it or not.

Like, you learn to wash your hands or keep dying of cholera.

The Sexual “Revolution” will be seen as a mass murderer in times to come.

Stereotypes are true. Those people are shunned (including a perception of inferiority to one another!) due to social contagion.

What is allowed (not punished) becomes implicitly good.

The gold standard logical test applies: if everyone did this, would society collapse?

Because yes, no individual should either. It involves other people so it isn’t actually an individual choice. It requires corruption, always evil. Since society pays (on disease load alone) then it isn’t actually a personal claim, it’s a withdrawal from the public good.

Yes, tragedy of the commons applies to moral goods in society.
You want other people to stop being dicks on the road but act like one yourself.

Society keeps rewarding sin because chaos makes money.

It keeps the economy consuming and GDP high enough to tread water.

It can’t last, it won’t last, understand why.

Random but they always look weird, like middle-aged but plastic smooth?

It’s like a circus freakshow, I swear.