Beauty in the time of Hitler

People forget how varied history can be. Any prefix, art history, beauty history, fashion history.

Military history isn’t the only one.

Mein Gott, an honest academic.
He’s right, politics is totally aesthetic. It clues you into values. Bravo.
I want a series of documentaries on the theme of aesthetic in wartime. Every war.
There’s no England, Wales or Scotland video. They don’t go back very far either. One of Lisa Eldridge’s most popular videos goes back thousands of years. I guess it would show up that many cultures didn’t evolve very fast.


Video: Self-respect and good grooming (1940s)

Men had self-respect too.

Remember that?

Me neither.

I swear if I see one more garish red, cheap fabric lumberjack shirt on a man who couldn’t swing an axe if his life depended on it, I may scream. It only looks good if you fit The Look.

On a similar note, those people wishing they could go back to the 50s would usually be considered very rude and ostracized because of it.

Read a little Barbara Cartland or something? Please?
This was the standard.