4chan, what is race?

Old chan logs are fun. 😀


Interesting comments

A species being able to consume a new food source is actually fairly important from an evolutionary perspective.


There are actual benefits to describing the differences between different races, in health treatment, and we should be studying them in depth rather than trying to suppress information that can be used scientifically to help people.

Refusing to study non-whites will mean more of them suffer and die. Literally.
The irony I take the greatest schadenfreude in is where there’s a symbiotic shittiness between suppressive SJWs and their non-white voters/disciples, where both have lower fertility but refuse to study why this. keeps. happening.

If only we had a method to study these things.

Don’t side with the stupid people?

Mixed race infertility is just hilarious because, OK, call the polfag’s bluff and don’t study it and… you lose out on future voters. Future allies. That Beige Future you wanted.

Okay, fine? I’m sure pol will be really sad you prevented the existence of more mixed race people?
….Not the sharpest, are they?

Like, if SJWs had any sense, they’d be the MOST race realist motherfuckers FULL STOP. In practice, they already are. Back of the bus has nothing on the prog stack. They even see subrace, which pol currently overlooks.

They will treat a black person better than another black person, since the first one is slightly, 18% more black. That’s quite amazing, when you stop to think about it. I can’t figure out if that’s not racist or super racist. It preserves the purity of a group I guess but inverting the one drop rule…

They would want ALL the funding diverted to mixed race infertility research. ALL of it.
Thank God they have shit for brains, eh? I guess admitting it in public isn’t worth it. Might activate some almonds. But they admit the mental illness thing?

They don’t really study the mental illness thing either.

Oh, and also. It is just my personal observation but it looks like black vegans look much healthier than white vegans. White vegans often look like malnurished old people by the time they turn 30 but black ones look like super athelites in their 20s until they turn 70

True, I don’t think white people can go vegan without looking like the Crypt Keeper but other races seem to look okay.

Black don’t crack ain’t true tho – it’s harder to see the shadows of wrinkling on dark skin is all.

However, they do have thicker skin as a race. Tough call.

Anyway, these exist.

/sci/ is smarter than almost all of reddit.

Channers don’t do satire anymore

My past came back to haunt me, a random posted this to many people, which happened to have included me.

I regret posting this.
Like, you can see my writing style ooze out of it and I feel dirty.
The longer I stare, the worse it gets.

I’m having an existential crisis over my own troll of trolls, I’m trolling myself and I can’t figure out a way to make it stop. There isn’t a term for this. Instead I’m posting it because it’s funny in 2017 for all the wrong reasons.

Normies is now a known term.
The ironic misogyny is no longer.
The 50s kitchen advert joke has totally lost context.
I haven’t seen a single person question the meaning of For Chan.
It’s a mess.
I fear this year may be the one I get bored of the internet.

Let it burn.

All of it.

Weapons-grade autism and anti-fa karma


h/t Anonymous Conservative

I already knew this but remain conflicted on whether we should openly discuss it and warn them.

They’re in public and they take photos of everyone else to try and ruin their livelihood for passing through. Bloody SJWs. OK, photos on the Tube are the only problem.

They also film people without permission, like pick-up artists. PUAs break those laws too. I went into some of the laws on here once. They think filming always protects them, when if they break laws (they’re unaware of) on film and refuse to dish it up to the judge, it looks worse? If you film, be prepared to use it in court or you shouldn’t be.

Filming someone can also count as intimidation, even when it’s legal, and how you use that data, especially re defamation, is critical. So filming a happy girl and insinuating she is a slag, is illegal. Americans have a speech amendment, Europe doesn’t.

Crime in progress type of thing should be filmed, like if someone is blocking you from moving in public and won’t stop saying lewd things, that’s the best time to film them and mention it’s being backed up on the cloud so nicking your phone won’t work. Going up to someone and sticking round to shout at them then claiming they harassed you won’t work. They tend to do this when they film as some idiotic protection? This includes sexual harassment but narcissists are dumb. You’re not allowed to go up and abuse someone who annoys you, like you can’t go up and sexually harass someone you like the look of. Still illegal. Even if Hitler came back (have you seen Look Who’s Back?) you couldn’t go up and do those things. Rights apply to everyone. The anti-fa dehumanize, the crux of ‘hate speech’ law, to oppose dehumanization. 

It’s based off Redwatch, I think. Since they attack people and then cash into Daddy’s trust fund because the parents are none the wiser.

They wear those face scarves so they can move into politics, Daddy’s company or a cosy upper-middle class lifestyle in about a decade. Also why they’re fine with Muslim face coverings, have you seen the studies that covering your face makes you more antisocial and socially aggressive?

Autism meets astronomy in the chan’s latest daring attack on Shia’s sanity

I’m crying with joy and pride.
That is without a doubt one of the best trolls in the history of trolling.

The Hitler ones seem familiar to me. ~Pavlov’s bells ring in the distance~

Especially the Hitler quotes Taylor Swift one.

Tears, tears, delicious tears


Post is fake, news is real.

Check – arrests are being made.

Communists love the State and despise property, until it punishes them for their actions and takes their liberty.

No longer above the law.


imagine if the ‘fa’ started hitting back
crybabies? no. bullies. they only hit when the victim cannot return it.
assault is illegal because seeking confrontation is illegal.
settling it is fiiiiine