No one cares what your credit score is

That should include yourself, for the most part.
Your credit score only matters if you want to borrow more than you can save. If you want to borrow more than you can save, your credit score will be shit because you cannot handle money and shouldn’t be trusted with it.
Credit scores are fast becoming a status symbol.
Pause for a moment to consider how nonsensical that is.

You are not exempt from call time. Pay attention.

If you need credit, the score will be too poor to get it. If you don’t need credit, your wealth is the status symbol and your score is irrelevant. Yes, it’s unfair. It’s also known as Business.
Credit scores are like a video game now – people look for ways to get one higher than the neighbours. Who cares what your fucking neighbours do? Do they control your life? Couldn’t you better spend your time? The time you make others pay for? Value yourself! Few people factor in their wage when considering what they spend their time on. i.e. Would it be more cost-effective to pay someone else to do your laundry? As in, less than the time away from work making money? A little rationality goes a long way, people.
This is a sign of The Decline.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

When the illusion of money (hell, not even the illusion, it’s a shape from a computer bit) outweighs the social value of actual money and tangible goods, things are going wrong in a big way. People have inverted priorities and people (plural) control the markets. Herd mentality, to be precise/pedantic.
Credit scores are only useful if you need a loan on a short-term basis e.g. start-up capital. Long term is probably a con, or why else loan it? These people run a business and you are their living, breathing profit generators. Keep ignoring that interest rate, usury thrives on ignorance. When they come to take your games console maybe you’ll jolt yourself awake and start to give a shit what happens in the real world.

The 9 to 5: Illusions of Success and Ultimate Failure

With each increment of aging, new questions surface. One of the first to encounter is “maybe you should get a job”. The assumption being that the responsibility and experience will be somehow beneficial. Working for a faceless corporation though, fulfills only the weakest-willed among us. At each turn, you are at best used, and at worst broken.

Being employed by someone else is something I could never conceive. To waste my hours, my talent, for someone else to profit? Unthinkable.

My personal nightmare is a 9 to 5 with unpaid overtime, an evil manager, distracting gossip around the water cooler, low wages, being unappreciated, bored, trapped and pinning all my hopes on a promotion that would never come. It happens all the time.

So yes, I’d rather take a chance, and fail repeatedly by myself, than that apparent “success”. Those successful people either turn into workaholics, living to work, or they have a nervous breakdown down the line, when it’ll be difficult to change

It takes courage to step apart from the rest of your generation and say No, I want something better. The people in the system, like the Matrix, won’t like you, might fear you, secretly admire, but they can’t bring themselves to unplug.

Most people I encounter sense something about me, something new, they’ve called it everything from charisma (when I’m on their side) to arrogance (when I am not), but they sense I am different somehow and it affords me the opportunity to lead (even those with authority over me have allowed me to do this with their blessing); to control people for a common aim, normally career-driven. They know I draw energy from something, and they respect me for always maintaining my professional standards at what is frequently great personal risk. What drives me I never disclose, this would ruin my contacts with information overload. Cutting off my nose to spite my face. I like my nose how it is, thank you.

Like any system, there is a way out of ours. And I’m determined to play the system until I find it. Even it if kills me.

This trapdoor won’t be easy to root out, obviously. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. But I’ll put in the hours of my spare time others will think I’m wasting, look at the loopholes (legal and otherwise) of this life I find myself in. To find a way out. To tunnel to freedom. And I’ll document my thoughts along the road, of course.