Academics be like

You remember the Petty song?

It’s a little like that. Bigger words. Blunt sarcasm.

Yes, we do memes.

We own memes.

Speaking of memes. Memeing. Memerly.

..see what I mean?

I’m not going to tell you which ones are mine.

And you all wonder why I seem so random.
These are my people.
These are my fellow freaks.

How else do you think I’m an expert in spotting rationalization?

Funny stuff I couldn’t be bothered to post one by one

Have at it, edgelords.

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This is not real but give it time.

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They didn’t see his porn collection…

The first feminists have a point.

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Depends. There’s an event horizon beyond which they’re damned.

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No other race willingly freed their slaves.

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He’s a sociopath, of course not.

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Nobody is that hungry.


My future child.


Link: Academia keeps down the working man

So the intellectuals have always sided with the aristocrats to maintain a society where the businesspeople were kept down. You might say that capitalism was the first time that businesspeople caught a break. Because of Adam Smith and the philosophy that came along with that, the industrial revolution began this huge upward surge of prosperity.

They’re the equivalent of the courtiers saying whatever is needed.

BREAKING NEWS: Academics lie!

These were University students.

People who believe they know a little something about a topic – confident though they may be – commonly and easily claim knowledge that is impossible for them to have, say Cornell University researchers in a newly published study in Psychological Science.

ego over info

The researchers catch people claiming impossible knowledge by observing when they assert familiarity with made-up concepts, fabricated events and people who do not really exist. In psychology, it’s a phenomenon called “overclaiming.”

filthy fucking liar isn’t easy to get to print

To overclaim is to claim familiarity with – or knowledge of – something that doesn’t exist,” said Stav Atir, a Cornell graduate student in the field of psychology and lead author of a new study, “When Knowledge Knows No Bounds: Self-Perceived Expertise Predicts Claims of Impossible Knowledge.” David Dunning, Cornell professor of psychology, and Emily Rosenzweig Ph.D. ’13, Tulane University assistant professor of marketing, are co-authors on the study.

Basically all of gender studies then.

The general idea is that practically everyone is somewhat vulnerable to overclaiming, but people are the most vulnerable in those areas of life in which they perceive themselves to be experts,” said Atir…..

I guess that includes net experts.

In another part of the study, despite warning participants of fictitious concepts, the researchers found that participants still overclaimed . Participants with self-perceived expertise in geography prompted assertions of familiarity with nonexistent places. Although the participants knew about Philadelphia, the National Mall in Washington and Acadia National Park in Maine, they also claimed familiarity with the brilliant blue skies of Monroe, Montana, the cheesy farmland near Lake Othello, Wisconsin and the geography of Cashmere, Oregon – all places that don’t exist.

Global warrrrming.

The researchers also found that 92 percent of people claimed at least some with the nonexistent biological topics of meta-toxins, bio-sexual and retroplex.

This is why I ignore or mock angry comments.

Dunning said that overclaiming does not necessarily make someone a liar.


“Life gives many opportunities for people to claim expertise they don’t have. Focusing research on non-existent concepts allows us to be sure they are overclaiming,” said Dunning. “Along with other researchers, we have noted that warning people that some are fake does not eliminate their overclaiming, which suggests their mistaken claims are honest.”

No, it’s so ingrained in their behaviour they can’t turn it off.

Dedication to studies at high school translates as success in life


“High school grade point average (GPA) is a strong predictor of future earnings, a study concludes. The findings show that a one-point increase in high school GPA raises annual earnings in adulthood by around 12 percent for men and 14 percent for women. Although previous studies have found a relationship between higher levels of education and greater earnings, less is known about the association between academic performance in high school and income.”

How about time management? Memory retention and retrieval? Not procrastinating?