Link: The European Cuddle Pile

What we’re approaching are the limits to peace. Peace means compromise and the promotion of odious regimes for far longer than they might be able to survive otherwise. Excessive cooperation rather than the grasping for advantage has made it so that the entire Western bloc has lashed itself together, so that when one of them falls, they all fall. When one of them makes a spectacular error, they all suffer (best demonstrated by Germany’s mass importation of Middle Eastern indigents within an open border zone).

A good metaphor for the EU.

Cultural Marxism and World Cup propaganda

Cultural Marxism is often misunderstood as having, or wishing to create, something new, it isn’t, it is a wrecking ball with no further purpose than to destroy. This is why its internal logic is so often paradoxical and, generally, an incoherent mess. One example of this is the way the modern Left claim to stand simultaneously for Islam and Gay Rights. It doesn’t make sense, it isn’t supposed to, what matters is that both gays and Muslims are groups lining up to attack the traditional society Europeans have created. Placing blacks as aristocrats, or coming soon, characters in Beowulf, opens up yet another paradox in New Leftist thought. If blacks are a historically oppressed and abused group at the hands of racist Europeans then by the Left’s own logic it is absurd to cast them as being a historically integral part of European civilization, as aristocrats and viking warriors etc. If we are now supposed to believe that blacks made up the classes of the British ruling elites are they, then, culpable and guilty for slavery too? what do today’s blacks think of this?.

If they can convince you into insanity once, they never need do it again.

Asch’s lines. How many lines do you see?




Or Moscovici’s blue/green study appropriately dubbed “minority influence”.

In many of the conformity studies described so far it was a minority group who were conforming to the majority.  Moscovici (1976, 1980) argued along different lines.  He claimed that Asch (1951) and others had put too much emphasis on the notion that the majority in a group has a large influence on the minority. In his opinion, it is also possible for a minority to influence the majority.  In fact Asch agreed with Moscovici.  He too felt that minority influence did occur, and that it was potentially a more valuable issue to study – to focus on why some people might follow minority opinion and resist group pressure.

They want all histories on a wiki so they can edit as times go on as is expedient.

Moscovici made a distinction between compliance and conversion. Compliance is common in conformity studies (e.g. Asch) whereby the participants publicly conform to the group norms but privately reject them.  Conversion involves how a minority can influence the majority. It involves convincing the majority that the minority views are correct. This can be achieved a number of different ways (e.g. consistency, flexibility).  Conversion is different to compliance as it usually involves both public and private acceptance of a new view or behavior (i.e. internalization).

Why does that push for “awareness” and “acceptance” sound familiar?

Article: What you can’t say

What scares me is that there are moral fashions too. They’re just as arbitrary, and just as invisible to most people. But they’re much more dangerous. Fashion is mistaken for good design; moral fashion is mistaken for good. Dressing oddly gets you laughed at. Violating moral fashions can get you fired, ostracized, imprisoned, or even killed.

Ideas have fashions too. They have a timeliness and a reactionary component to them.
Useful to anyone beyond the mainstream.

The essence of liberalism: the Cheerleader effect and self-esteem

“It caught everyone by surprise, how successful liberalism has been.

I should clarify: liberalism is successful at taking over societies. It is not successful at making them thrive. In fact, it tends to destroy them and leave behind burnt shells with third-world levels of social order, hygiene, corruption and morality.

In other words, liberalism is a successful illusion and motivator, but doesn’t work so well in reality. In contrast to what your television says, reality does not have a liberal bias, because if it did, all those liberal republics would be doing well.

Instead we have disaster. ”

Society doesn’t tolerate you? We do, because we’re so rich and powerful that we can afford to like everyone and accept everyone. Those who need to limit their social groups to functional people only aren’t making it rain like we are!

“Sexual Politics” feminist opposes acceptance of the transgender

“Transgenderism is invariably born of severe psychological distress”
where’s the money….

“Dr Jeffreys also argued transgenderism undermines women’s rights by seeking to expand entry into ‘women only’ spaces, such as toilets, changerooms, women’s shelters and even rape helplines.

As such, when transgender rights are inscribed into law and adopted by institutions, they promote ideas harmful to women’s equality.”

Irritatingly. Painfully. Predictable.
There you go, manginas, you can literally cut your dick off and they still won’t accept you.