1929 elderly Americans

The humour, the dignity, the health.

I think TV + bad food causes modern ugliness, mostly.

Looking at these types of footage, they’re definitely poisoning your food.


Amazing! These people over 100, you can easily knock off 25 or 35 years. They look like “our” 65 and 70ish year olds. Must be the lack of processed food and simplicity of life.

Hedonism too, think who you compare them to, burned out hippy Boomers looked incredibly aged and haggard compared to the good old-fashioned self-controlled Boomers (who do exist, rarer). It can’t just be sun damage because these people did more outdoor, honest work and remember many STDs also affect appearance (just burning on the immune system, even if they’re treated and cleared getting any disease it’s a physical stressor).

nah, they just worked way harder then nowadays

very true they worked about a thousand times as hard as we do

Hard labour is good for young boys (teens) and men, helps them develop. Gyms don’t develop the body properly, especially with starvation diets. Compare a man in an outdoor job e.g. building with a gym rat of the same age and it’d be easily to tell who looks younger (the one that isn’t pushing his body to the limits, burning it out and using its full range of motion instead). Body builders are some of the most haggard people around.

I’ve noticed women who exercise like men started to look like them, and older. Much older than other girls/women their age. Drinkers too, across the sexes. Everyone knows about druggies.

It’s not just hard labor. They knew how to manage life and didn’t try to over complicate their lives. They had real values, not perfect but, real as oppose to the moral relativity of the day.

I’ve noticed real Christians have a glow of health that others don’t, including CHINOs and Churchians. A good way to spot.

The more sallow a young person is, the likelier they are to be atheist. I don’t know why. It also applies to the fake moniker “born again” cultists, the people who hide behind a cross and hope you won’t know they’re wearing sheep’s clothing. Ex-sinners are not superior to the people who were never malicious enough to do bad things, daily, for years, America. Karma is an idea you’ll also find in the Bible, you don’t get to ignore it.

Anyone who wasn’t fit and healthy was dead, today half the population is dying but kept alive through advances in medicine.


Most refreshing of all, that adds to the dignity, they aren’t dressing like teenagers or trying to act cool or younger than they are. I think those Boomers will go down in history as the clown ones nobody should emulate.

Only a person who wasted their life wants to be 21 again.

It’s easy for idiots to point and laugh at these people, but someday, we’ll all be old, if we’re lucky.

Cool or pseudomature?


It’s hard to find studies on this.

They’d rather make money selling them things.


The wide spread in young people’s rates of social and psychological maturation has led some researchers to propose that we think about adolescents not just in terms of their chronological age, but also their subjective age: how old they feel and act.

The concept of subjective age seems like an excuse to drop age of consent.

We already have legal age and mental age.

Agency is similar in root to age.

Age gap marriages unhappy


Thanks, Dr Obvious.

“What did surprise researchers was that women who married to older husbands were also deeply unsatisfied whilst those who married younger men were far more content.”

probability the researcher surprised was male? 100%

because a woman who doesn’t want ED and other age-related problems, who wants a virile husband who can protect her, that’s just sexist!

how dare the sexes be different and want different but actually the same things?

less BS

which is common with-

younger spouses

quelle surprise

it doesn’t discuss sexual spoilage, namely, that if you’re spoiled, you’ll never be truly satisfied with one person, who has many limits and isn’t the best at everything you’ve had

ah, the wages of sin

Traditionally, spouses are similar age and both young.

Exceptions exist for the wealthy because so many of them died.

This very subject was a common theme of paintings. One party was under duress.

Europeans have always married in their 20s

Using my own country as an example, link other data if you have it.

I already covered the historical norm of spouses within a couple of years of one another.

This is what K-types do, get established then select a mate.
Both sexes are most fertile but least stupid in the twenties. Thank the frontal lobes.
K-types need time before they marry to mature, lest they overbreed or starve their offspring from lack of resources.

Click to access British%20Population%20in%20the%2018th%20c.pdf

The 20th century is the outlier here. With easy divorce, they married earlier and divorced earlier, to get married more often.
Trump, for example. Yet the re-marriage problem isn’t even addressed, let alone called a sin.
By self-proclamed traditionalists, who believe in marriage. Sure, Jan.

It would be great if Americans stepped out of their bubble and learned real history instead of the BS their schools lead them to believe. I have to keep correcting errors that would embarrass a child. Boomer Professors LIED. Their normal is NOT normal!

Update: it seems they changed the link. CEDA Berkeley British population data.

They keep doing this to my links.

Whatever, I tried.

Ideal age to marry?



..Would you look at that?

The medieval range of mid-twenties, which also happens to be when women are most fertile and men are fertile but capable of self-control (both bodies and cortices are finally matured).

” The greatest indicated likelihood of being in an intact marriage of the highest quality is among those who married at ages 22-25″

“However, the findings do suggest that most persons have little or nothing to gain in the way of marital success by deliberately postponing marriage beyond the mid twenties.”

They’re going to marry someone else. Dating is like musical chairs and after 30 the options are grim.

The 20s are neurobiologically intended to equip you for parenthood.
You can’t waste them.
For a relatively good breakdown: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/02/05/dont-waste-your-20s-train-your-brain-for-lasting-success/

You find the right person? You put a ring on it.
That sort of thing doesn’t happen twice in a lifetime.
Obviously, you need to be self-improving and on the lookout for the One in the first place.

No, in the Olden Days, most girls didn’t marry creepy old men


It’s a bit weird for certain circles and people (you know who) to salivate over this prospect like it meant what they think it means (sex, proximity, choice) and furthermore, to infer that what is old is good, from a time when leeches and the Iron Maiden were in use.

The Data

  • 71% of marriages had spouses within 0–5 years of each other.
  • 88% of marriages had spouses within the acceptable “not creepy” range.
  • 17 was the average marriage age for women.
  • 36% of women married under the age of 15.
  • 23 was the average marriage age for men.
  • 20% of men married under the age of 15.

Young women – and young men.

It’s a creepy old man (30-40 considering the ages we define as Old, properly adult) wanting to marry someone so young thing that weirds people out. Like, might hang out at the school gates and kidnap your daughter kind of weird. As if they can’t handle an actual woman with mature expectations and want to pervert an innocent’s understanding into deviant abusive stuff.

In addition, these couples do not have their first child until the wife is at least 16 years old, if not 18–25.

They had standards. Marriage didn’t mean sexual access, especially where young marriage was common, in royalty.

Often they could just appear at functions together and live in different places (or different bedrooms) for a number of years. The women had to mature enough (16-18) that childbirth wouldn’t kill them. Yeah, that. Fucking pedophiles advocating this don’t give a damn about that.

There could be a couple reasons for this. Régine Pernoud notes that 12 was generally considered the age of legal consent for girls and 14 the age of legal consent for boys, though local custom could set consent at a later age.

This doesn’t require that 12 and 14 were expected ages for sexual activity, so the data would support the suggestion that young marriages were not consummated until both parties were older.

Key word – consent.

If your wife didn’t consent to consummate, (or marry you, if that was a choice) then you couldn’t rape her. The wedding night thing is more modern as a stupid expectation (you’re too tired to do much) when the ages were brought forward or they needed to explain the early pregnancy. There would be social consequences considering her youth and weakness (women also being considered like children in this time period regardless of age), especially if it was done with great violence (it would need to be, so basically rape).

I didn’t look at the background of most other marriages, but from the time between marriage and first births, this seems to be pretty typical. Marriage age and age of sexual activity may not have been the same thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found anything from scholars to give more guidance on the best way to interpret this information.

It’s a thing feminists use to make men look evil. The worst part is that evil men pretending to be good (it’s good for society, as they say they don’t want their daughters to do it though) advocate what is tantamount to child rape (they give excuses). We know from medicine and anatomy and physiology that childhood is completely real, provable in forensics and can be measured to the last detail and psychological maturity, such as for consent, takes longer to form. Logically, the age of consents should be pushed back at least until the age of majority (usually 18) but that would make sense so I don’t expect governments to implement it. Lower ages of consent give pedophiles various excuses.

Half of these “creepy” marriages bore no heirs, and in those that did, the wife was of an age we would consider sexually responsible by modern standards.

The virgin fetishists always raise their ugly head in these discussions and expect they’re the norm. Imagine being one of those people who gets off on ruining purity, how awful. Seeking out good in the world to destroy it, would make anyone balk. They want social sanction, even encouragement, to hurt children.

In 20% of marriages, the wife was older than her husband. In most she is 1–3 years older, but in a couple, it’s as much as 8. I mention it simply because I’ve never seen this information included in a study before.

Don’t tell the idiots who believe age is like a use by date. I hope age is cruel to them.

Christine Klapisch-Zuber says that “literature of the fabliaux widely exploits the theme of unequal ages in marriage between a graybeard and a tender young thing.” [2] This appears to be the best answer to the stereotype. Fabliaux or satires usually depict events that were seen as unusual, strange, and undesirable by a medieval audience. When a modern audience no longer has the same point of reference as the original audience, many of these become mistaken for the norm, and a stereotype is born.

rdj claps applause mhmm

Perverts even in the Middle Ages. When you’re weirder than torture, congrats. I recall seeing some, they were depicted as despicable lecherous pigs with scraggly beards and grope hands. Like Fagin.

In modern times, people still prefer 20s and early 30s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_at_first_marriage

Healthier children this way too. Going back…


Arguably, this is why the West developed.

Women married earlier for protection and a lower risk of death. Hardly a stellar choice we want to emulate.

….by the end of the 18th century it had risen to roughly 26 years and continued to climb with the celibacy rate as a result of falling infant mortality rates, declining famines, and other factors…

And when times got really bad, no marriage at all.

… in the decades after the Great Famine, the age of marriage had risen to 28–29 for women and 33 for men and as much as a third of Irishmen and a fourth of Irishwomen never married due to chronic economic problems that discouraged early marriage…

While the average age at first marriage had climbed to 25 for women and 27 for men in England and the Low Countries by the end of the 16th century,[15] and the percentage of Englishwomen marrying fell from over 90% to just over 80% through the 17th century and their average age at first marriage rose to 26

There are lessons here. Don’t ask a gross old guy who puts off women his own age anything about marriage or little girls.

The rise of Christianity created more incentives to keep families nuclear; the Church instituted marriage laws and practices that undermined large kinship groups. From as early as the fourth century, the Church discouraged any practice that enlarged the family, like adoption, polygamy, taking concubines, divorce, and remarriage.

Adoption – of bastards from a promiscuous manwhore. Anything that redirected attention and family resources (part of the bargain of marriage) were forbidden.

Ideally, the ages match, and we saw this as the world developed

as Christianity expanded men married increasingly earlier and women married increasingly later

Basically, the manosphere is wrong on pretty much anything regarding wives and LTRs.

the chance for women to earn money in the one hundred and fifty years after the Black Death was attractive, with less competition for jobs; as much as half of women in the North willingly worked to earn money for marriage while their Southern contemporaries were married or widows before turning to work and unmarried young women only worked as a last resort, lest her honor be put at risk

In the last decades of the century the age at marriage had climbed to averages of 25 for women and 27 for men in England and the Low Countries as more people married later or remained unmarried due to lack of money or resources, and these averages remained high for nearly two centuries and averages across Northwestern Europe had done likewise.[42]

So when I see some loser approaching middle age salivating over the prospect of a naive schoolgirl for a supposedly docile wife who won’t complain or know to complain when he’s a bad person or a terrible husband (purpose of vows), this question is often a good test for creeps.

If I hear “Women should…..”

wrong dr house urgh shut up idiots

It’s like a feminist saying Men should. Don’t. Nobody needs to do anything, who made you Pope?

The Wall and male peak, or, 32

About 30, yep. 30-35 if they age well physically (look at most guys your age).
Look up a testosterone level chart for further details, the female Wall follows the oestrogen levels. But too much (like by supplement) will throw your levels off and cause problems (premature balding, for example).


A closer examination of this theory, however, shows that many other variables are at play for determining a man’s real-life results, and that the common man may be better served securing long-term partners before waiting for his supposed “peak” to arrive, especially if he doesn’t practice game….

cracking up dawn french

So, most men most of the time. I’ve been saying this the whole time. There’s nothing like talking to burned out former players (in their 40s) about their regrets to drive this home.

Don’t waste your prime years:

The Wall refers to a peak in SMV and how everything after is a relative decline, the downslide, so really this is his way of guessing male Wall ages without telling his male readers explicitly what he warns them against. Clever.

That sweet spot will likely be in his mid 30’s, where he has a high level of resources, game, and social status but still maintains a hopefully youthful aesthetic that doesn’t turn off the most beautiful women in their early 20’s or even late teens….

Notice the bolded hedging.
It’s like 27 in a woman. You can tell whether things will bode well in their SMV future (or likely not) at these ages. If you look at the current male celebrities in circulation, a bizarrely high number of them are 32 years old. The female ones tend to peak in fame at about 27. It can’t be a coincidence.
Most 27 year old women have gotten fat. Most 32 year old men too. They start to lose It, their erotic capital or SMV. If they’re gonna go, let themselves go, it will probably have already happened by then. This is my personal theory about why both sexes wait longer to marry – to insure against buying a lemon two years from self-destruction.

Here’s a famous example I saw recently, and I was actually shocked by, to inspire me to look into it. Public figure and public pictures so I don’t feel like I’m being mean.

Tom Hiddleston age 32, in 2013.

Tom Hiddleston, age 34, in 2015.

I showed other women more recent pictures and they were like “omg wtf happened to Loki?
It’s been two years, since they saw him at SDCC. Women openly mentioned this brief time window in their response.
Even Tumblr has started to lose interest in the guy who was formerly Prince Charming of Tumblr. Which contains some of the most desperate horny women on the internet.

I’m sure this downgrade in female attention had nothing to do with his newfound feminist advocacy in 2014, age 33.

I think I’ve proven my point. Note: this applies in general. Of course there’ll be exceptions, have a cookie.

Even Roosh admits he’s bumping into problems based on his age (and the guy isn’t even properly Old yet, 40+).

The “men peak in their mid 30’s” theory applies if:

  • ….He lies about his age to women in the 18-25 age range since many of them don’t want a man 15+ years older.

…This constitutes less than 1% of Western men, and it doesn’t even apply to me….

…..I’ve since peaked. I’m getting pretty girls but not obviously hotter than the one in 2008 and nowhere near more quantity than in 2011….

I admire the guy for his honesty on results. Men deserve the truth on these matters. Although for ego reasons he blames the lack of approaches (something within his control – what a coincidence), which can’t account for the whole thing, surely.

When I got to this part I LOL’d so hard;

My most prolific year was 2011, when I was 32.…………

mean girls regina george that's really interesting sarcasm

Because I understood why. Oh, I understood completely. 

dean winchester supernatural evil smirk lol laughing amused

I physically and mentally can’t approach a high number of girls anymore.

See the T-level thing I said up top.

Most guys I know maximize their game effort in their mid to late 20’s and start dropping off in their 30’s.

Where in their 30s? 32, by any chance?

evil grin lol smile happy
I’m having way too much fun with this.

Warning: you cannot unsee this age thing now. I’m sorry.

For this second group of men, their peak will be in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

That wouldn’t happen to be about 32, would it?

Unless a man is paying for sex outright through prostitution or Russian-style “sponsorship,” his ability to get 18-25 year olds will begin dropping gradually after 35, while his ability to get promiscuous mature women who had their spins on the carousel will skyrocket.

Beware of suspiciously round numbers and factors of 5.

I just turned 36 and I’m so far from my peak that I am having trouble approaching even 10% of the girls I was doing just four years ago.

Does that sound 12 months off from the peak/Wall, tops?

In terms of the most desirable women of society, it will very soon become harder for me every year to attract the women I want.

Ah, entitlement. How sexy in either sex.

We now live in a time where girls in their prime don’t care about a man’s resources.

This is true. So why do you factor it into SMV at any age, for short-term flings? You can see SMV from across a room.

The denial in the comments is hilarious. The “I’m still hot!” self-rationalizations.
They’re all like: focus on other stuff! women shouldn’t be so shallow! and sound like feminists who think a man should be attracted by their CV.

With some sage words;

An excellent post. As far as age, by itself, most men peak in late twenties. The older you grow, the more you need compensatory traits to make up for the age gap. There is plenty of wishful thinking in the manosphere about male peak, but its obvious that it gets harder to bang prime age women every year you age past 30.

It’s fairly obvious that men peak about 27 in many dimensions.

27 for men if they have low quality genes and start to age up really early, yes. Otherwise, too low an estimate, if you take care of yourself. Men have thicker skin among other traits, so their aging happens to be delayed in the face.

People age at variable speeds (biological age)


Antiaging interventions are needed to reduce the burden of disease and protect population productivity.

Translation: they want to work you like a dog until you die.

Young people are the most attractive targets for therapies to extend healthspan

How is that NOT eugenics? You can bet it would be enforced.
Covered here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33409604

…The analysis showed that at the age of 38, the people’s biological ages ranged from the late-20s to those who were nearly 60.

Pretty huge variance.

“They look rough, they look lacking in vitality,” said Prof Terrie Moffitt from Duke University in the US.

The study said some people had almost stopped ageing during the period of the study, while others were gaining nearly three years of biological age for every twelve months that passed….

Wouldn’t it make more empirical sense to study the verifiable Dorian Grays of the group?
Could this be genetic load?
Epigenetics with environment?

Taken with other studies, such as caloric restriction, might the body have an optimum stressor rate, beyond which it begins to break down? What could affect this? Processed food, particulate matter (air pollution), toxins processed or physical exertions?

“Any area of life where we currently use chronological age is faulty, if we knew more about biological age we could be more fair and egalitarian.”

I don’t see how. Unless you shoot people for being too young.

She argued the retirement age may be unfair for those “working at their peak” who then had to retire.

Oh, the government wants another excuse not to pay your pension. Fantastic.
It’s also ironic I was writing today about how men have a Wall too. Deny this. We’ve all seen people from school who were late bloomers, as well as people who peaked at age 15.

The Wall for women (and men) aka Men hit the Wall too

I agree with about 60-70% of this, I won’t do a full breakdown of what’s wrong with it because it’s generally okay. The comparison to children is sound because in the state of nature a man would be responsible for both his woman and their offspring together. Woman is like a placeholder between child and man in this tribal scenario according to strength and weakness but the childlike comparison holds true to an extent. Neotony is nubility is fertility and men have markers too. The reverse of the ones listed i.e. rugged jaw, height, shoulder breadth, cheekbones, brow bone, tighter ocular area (based on ligaments). He doesn’t mention holding men to these standards, despite the real MGTOW focus on self-improvement, which is expected alas disappointing. Do you think women are selfless and stupid? Is that honestly the supposed Red Pill position we’re taking here? Women are just as shallow as men, we simply don’t talk about it. Covered here too. If any honest human could choose between two people and one was hotter, we all know who we’d choose. The Red Pill has no place for liars who argue otherwise for their own ego.

It’s from a very male perspective, assuming too much about women based on myths like we’re an alien race and telling the fake MGTOWs exactly what they want to hear aka the blatant falsehood that All Young Women Have it Easy in the West ALWAYS. I mean, really? Really. Women are so well-balanced in this century, you know, so feminine and perfect and flawless, ideals of our sex. Women don’t have ANY problems… Cognitive dissonance is on the phone for ya. Ring ring ring.

I have never seen the manosphere acknowledge a Male Wall. Men hit the Wall. It’s called aging. Nobody with a secondary education would dare argue men are immune to the ravages of time and age, even if they had never heard of gerontology. Men are more interesting in this regard, and change more than women past middle age. Past 40 everyone is on the downslide compared to their peak selves (18-25) and physically men can extend this another ten years to 35, with enough hard work, but that’s mostly social power than physical prowess and the T-levels back me up. Don’t get Dorian Gray syndrome, guys. If you expect your future is gonna be rosey by virtue of not dying that long, you won’t dedicate the effort in improving yourself now, while the iron, and your body, is hot. Unless you’re lazy, hopeless fakes and just want to use women as an excuse to vent your innate bitchiness. Women don’t even put up with that dramatic nonsense from each other, it’s unattractive.

To ignore biological realities as they apply to your own sex is true blue pill. It’s the same thing feminists do when they ignore ovarian reserves, yet the manosphere says the sperm quality studies and psychiatric risk studies are BS…. No. It’s immature to assume the natural peaks and troughs of nature and disease cannot apply to you, or that you can arrogantly master an aging body. Will to power isn’t that strong, nor delusion.

It gets certain things totally wrong and I cannot abide this e.g. sex drive and gamete quality in both sexes are optimum age 18, it takes a few years for the reproductive systems to stabilise. Hence age of majority and marriage. This might be why eldest siblings do so well, they get the best quality of everything, including their parent’s genetic material. NOBODY gets better with age. Unless you’re a jellyfish or some type of lobster.

Don’t be this guy.

The general tone of this video savours bitter, as if women get all this help from men, and men never get any, ever, and everything is seen through a sexual lens. I help male friends more than female and I’m not the only one. It sounds reminiscent of the tired “Nice Guy” Lie, when being nice is just the cost of being in polite society. Stay in the basement if you want to be a rude gamma/delta bitch to everyone, male and female, because the world isn’t fair (it never was) and passive-aggressively turn against anyone who isn’t willing to pity fuck you for being a decent person, which is such a huge challenge apparently. Nobody is forcing you to open doors for women or carry heavy boxes. If you make a choice or offer, you don’t get to bitch about it. Man up and STFU. You don’t wanna hang around women, fine. There are other men in the world and I doubt they’ll notice. Don’t fixate on them when you choose to avoid them like a cloistered monk though. Do your manly stuff. You don’t need women, remember? This includes emotionally and intellectually. We should barely enter as a topic of conversation. And if we’re so (insert negative adjective here) – isn’t it embarrassing that the amoral examples can pussywhip you like that? I would be embarrassed, as a man, to let a woman, or women overall, have that much control over me.

Nice Guys don’t do things expecting a return. It isn’t an exchange, sociability and geniality aren’t hard for normal people; it’s an action which does not require reciprocation, that’s WHY it is NICE. No gold stars for you. It would be like a girl who goes around handing out home-baked goods who expects everyone can eat them regardless of diet and to be worshipped for it like she’s Nigella Lawson. I have seen this happen and it’s equally as petty and pathetic. The world doesn’t owe you shit. You aren’t under obligation to be nice to people, but if you choose to be, or you are a real nice person, you wouldn’t expect to be owed by the world for being yourself, am I right? That is a mindset of entitlement.

Don’t be like the feminists, or you may as well be their beta bitch.
I say this to try and help you. Your priors are flawed. There is no such thing as burn time, which is meaningless and doesn’t impact your future. You don’t have time to waste, you only have one life. Every single year counts. It’s carpe diem, not Waste Time Today and procrastinate my own future down the drain while being outcompeted by your own age group. This talk and the book basis are priceless advice for women AND MEN.


Men have a Wall too.

I’m tired of seeing this Peter Pan BS in the manosphere. Men age. Men age terribly. There are no current male sex symbols beyond middle age. I respect men enough to tell them the truth. Look at the average older man, he looked better in youth. There is no magic pill. You will age too.

Brad Pitt in his prime vs. Now, post-Wall. Such a terrible loss.

Men have a Wall too, but it can be kept at bay a decade or so longer on average, perhaps (considering genetics).
It still exists.

Timescale based on the average male;

25-35 hair loss – includes overall thinning

35-45 weight gain, beer bellies and man boobs (reduce alcohol and other sugars)

45+ back ache, knee pain, other joint issues preventing you from doing certain sports (supplements and surgery)

Anyone over 50? Risk of accidental injury goes way up.

Studies are random sampling I pulled up and read quickly because I don’t get paid for this.

The hormonal malfunction is a big issue and quite the norm for both sexes. Everyone knows by now about testosterone drops in men, you could supplement. However, that isn’t all you need to concern yourself with.


I will take the high ground and leave comment on sexual performance to other people. Except to say merely having erections become infrequent (compared to the person’s own youth) and when maintained, softer (artherosclerosis and alcoholism make this worse). This happens gradually to every single man because 40 is not the new 20 for men either. Please don’t delude yourselves like the feminists. Please? We all have telomeres.


In general, don’t be fat while you’re young or you’re screwed. It’s easiest to shift weight while young because of hormones. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19540307

Be wary of dosing yourself with too much testosterone. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25741229 “conversion to estradiol by aromatase converts the androgen to estrogen activity”

Sadly, men have a prime. Deluding yourself by pointing the finger at women (who also age, duh) won’t help you personally.
“The loss of muscle mass is one of the most striking characteristics of the ageing process.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3955329/

Invest in good skincare, stress hits men worse. No one looks good with a face of excess wrinkles. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/09/140910132532.htm

See aging as a neutral thing. Be stoic about it. Hence why I’m pleading with you to drop the Peter Pan myth. You aren’t helping yourself or your sex (if male). http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140220095001.htm

Get cardio check-ups if you do supplement T. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/11/141112115930.htm Be wary if you have family history.

“The rate of physiologic, or molecular, aging differs between individuals in part because of exposure to ‘gerontogens’, i.e., environmental factors that affect aging,”http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/05/140528133209.htm Tip: SPF with both UVA and UVB filters for air pollutants.

Finally, fertility. If I were a man, I’d have frozen my sperm age 18. Honestly, you guys have it so easy for method and you don’t do it! Why??? If the manosphere’s “Have it All” dream were to hypothetically come true for you as an individual, your children with your (ideal) 18-year old blushing virgin bride would be far healthier if you used your youngest sperm. If you are even considering possibly having kids, someday, get your little soldiers frozen pronto, there is even a name for this mutation issue. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paternal_age_effect You can’t blame this one on women! Your insurance policy is as easy as masturbating into a cup! I wish we women had it that easy, use your advantage.
For general fertility issues conceiving at all (naturally, as you assume you could);
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3253726/ “Age-related infertility will continue to be a problem. A basic understanding of the issues is critical for health care professionals so that they can effectively counsel patients who are considering a delay in childbearing for social reasons or for those seeking fertility treatments. This review details the changes in fertility seen in the aging male.”

Surely, the use of these references has helped you to wake up to the real dangers of this? This Peter Pan, Dorian Gray-style denial? If I hated men, I wouldn’t tell you any of this out of spite, and let you find out by yourselves. I am not trying to tell you what to do, I am trying to point out the medical fact that an older man is physiologically inferior to his youthful self. Factor this into your choices and decision-making, since you’re classically the logical sex that acknowledges hard truths. Prove it!