Player burnout and the hedonic treadmill

A man who limits himself to one sexual partner has, by definition, the best sexual partner of his life with whom he is having the best sex of his life. The player, not so much. Any long-term relationship he may try will always be haunted by the ghosts of better sex and more beautiful partners of time past. The more partners he had prior, the more likely and stronger the hauntings.

Alpha widows go both ways, it seems. A person can never be fully content while haunted by the spectre of their past experience, the glories of the olden days, like that Jock talking about his High School football matches. Like an addict chasing a high, your imagination doesn’t have limits while your body certainly does. You will age and you will be constrained by this, men have a Wall too because everyone peaks in youth. This is without going into the STD issue, they have no right to look down on gay men for the exact same behaviour (glorifying anal is especially suspect).

The curse of the player, then, is ultimately illumination, tactile and cerebral. His own success in love betrays his quest for the ultimate love. He has seen vistas he cannot unsee.

It’s about time people were addressing this topic. It’s such a stable pattern the ignorance of the matter makes the manosphere look bad. The player lifestyle isn’t for everyone, by definition their numbers must be few, outcasts to the system. In fact, very few of those can do it without losing something of themselves along the way. Choose short-term or long-term and stick with it, like a man. Don’t assume you can “Have it All” – sound familiar?

I advocate they make these choices and their consequences clearer to men in future. They don’t want to become like the feminists, shouting down whoever tries to point out the realities and limitations. For example, I’ve seen it written by men keeping ‘harems’ that if they were to marry, they would cheat, lie about it and have no problem doing so. In fact, they see it as necessary or even good. Did they bother looking up the vows? It is a legal contract, after all. You are in agreement of ALL terms. Assuming you found a woman worthy of marriage, how could you do that to her whilst decrying the feminists as evil for cheating and taking their bitch husband to the cleaners? She would be well within her rights to divorce you if you made a vow you had no intention of keeping. Hypocrisy doesn’t flatter anyone.

If you respect marriage, you must prove it. If you would get married, take the vows seriously. Or else, never get married. It’s really that simple. In this century, nobody is putting a gun to your head and frog-marching you down the aisle.

If harems can bring down Kings (Solomon, looking at you) it can bring down the average player.