Video: Undercover at Anti-fa

Many old embeds of mine keep disappearing into the code so I’ll also post the link in case.


Causes terror, promotes violence, political = not domestic terrorists?

They literally bus or coach people in. I’ve seen them plan it.

I’m in a few groups where they openly discuss how they want people’s scalps or to crack open skulls. Sometimes they draw fanart. They’ve never seen American Psycho.
They see everyone as inferior to them and let’s just say they’re big on cosplay. You go to anything cosplay or find any cosplay group and they’re in there, and usually on psychotic meds for delusions. Hostile to the lower classes, they’re always middle-class and with a massive chip. They only go to lower class events, since the upper would sue, it’s hate crime. Pretending to be an artistic geek or posing as an intellectual nerd makes them feel more superior again, they’re single-handedly the reason those things have become uncool and the real ones are hiding it. How to stop them? RECORD. Give them a police record, nothing less. TELL THE PARENTS. All of them are trustifarians, they need to stay in Daddy’s good books, the cheque book to be precise. They don’t care so much about the record since their connections will land them internships, and if you find their real accounts you can find Intern at Company, but they also expect to retire early on inheritance, never to hold a good job. It’s like Bullingdon but actually worse.

All you need to do is watch social media or track social media from the days of a terror attack or some Gay promo. They can’t resist the chance to signal, it’s like a fat kid with candy. ‘member Redwatch? Man, I could go down a Gay Pride RSVP Going list and easily get half of them. Fandoms: Glee, Modern Family, SPN (Destiel shippers only), GOT for the porn and Frozen. You could easily come up with a list of fandom likes to check. Tarantino features highly, surprising no-one.

A lot of the doxing comes from the ones in IT. They’re entrusted with banking data. Bitter people who dogpile and troll, only to concern troll that in fact the other person was is the real troll. Same antisocial fake cheesy nice funny guy routine, even women.

Liberals v. Alt Left

I had considered using the term Alt Left when AR became more popular except there was this one guy who really wanted that to happen.jpg and I hated his guts. So.

One loves liberty, the other loves the slavery of others.

The Left always drives down to its authoritarian soul eventually. What we think of as fascism is instinctively leftist. Statists don’t have God, they play god.

From Marx to Mao they just keep swimming, just keep swimming.