Would that be the tranny Jewish boss?

with a mixed vegan boyfriend?

Say Farewell to the Klepto Queens of the British Far-Right

Yes, nobody saw this coming.


Crazy attention whores.


And those guys think literally everyone is a man.

They could see a pregnant woman and be like “the hands, man…”

White people have piano fingers, get over it. The only white people without long fingers have genetic issues.

But in this case…

“It’s a jewish tranny. Same as Lana Lokteff from red ice.”

Look at that Adam’s apple on 1. It’s huge. In 1 you can also see her ring finger is very long, longer than her middle finger in that picture. I’m guessing the waist is synced in, but we don’t really know.

Face still says dude to me on 2. Big brow ridge, man hairline, square jaw.

I think her body looks very straight lined and boy in 3. It’s definitely not very big in the hips whatever it is.

Plenty of women are boney or lithe or gamine or whatever.

Adam’s apple, boy hips, manjaw, brow ridge. Those are the four things.

Oh and 5’9 or taller.

Small eyes obviously, and narrower than a woman with the same face, flatter shape, less sunk into the skull (which would be delicate), they cannot operate on the skull to make the eyes bigger so it’s a tell. Just look at Cumberbatch’s features and compare. There are women with good bone structure, but it isn’t the same as male structure. The eye area is KEY. Memorise this shape.

They use tons of eye make-up, thick liner to look rounded and female, trying to do a Marilyn cateye. That’s my own tell when I look, what would they look like without make-up? Like that Delphine trap, broad shoulder and no hips.

If you look at the Kibbe system, trannies usually try to ape Natural types most (shoulders, no hips) then Gamine (if small and thin) then Dramatic (drag look). Most go for Flamboyant Natural (probable here) or Flamboyant Gamine (model look). Soft Dramatic looks like a Vogue insect. Praying mantis Jolie type but she’s a Natural type.

Broad mouth, all men have a broader mouth than women, needn’t be thick-lipped.

Long upper lip skin (philtrum), weird mid-face that doesn’t fit the rest and/or bulbous head (jaw surgery) plus tan to cover male complexion up. Women are paler than men, within a race, due to estrogen.

They look weird in Classic or Romantic lines. They can’t wear actual styles of those women without looking weird, so they hate them. None try to look like Grace Kelly or Marilyn, do they?

Link: The Litmus Test


Alt light: Multiculturalism is killing us.

Alt right: The liberalism that caused this is killing us.

Alt light: Brown people are the problem.

Alt right: We’re all the sodding problem!

Blue pill: when they do it, it’s evil.

Red pill: it’s evil.

Blue pill: we’re defending the West.

Red pill: what can we do, apart from laugh and cry over a meme stash?

Blue pill: we have the truth.

Red pill: we wish we didn’t have this.

Blue pill: we’re helping.

Red pill: stop fucking. Please, just… stop fucking.

Dear people who fuck everything up: stop.

Chew on this:

If it weren’t for the Sexual Revolution, Rotherham and Co. couldn’t be written off as a series of tiffs with boyfriends. SJWs don’t oppose Rotherham at all because they see it as collateral damage of what they caused, it’s a sign of their power. The culture you help them to maintain. They control men by the dick and you let them. You aren’t “showing them” at all! That’s why they laugh at you!

The world we live in is a direct outcome of how we act. Society is the mass effect of individual choices to virtue or vice. Evil leads to evil.


Why do you think they got so upset when Trump voters said they wouldn’t sleep with them any more? The one genuine threat is ignoring them. The original MGTOWs got this.

By limiting his sexuality to one quality woman, a man is stronger.


In their most famous quarrel over love, Hera insisted that men received more sexual pleasure than women, while Zeus argued the opposite. In an attempt to end the dispute, Hera and Zeus agreed to consult Tiresias, a mortal who had been both male and female. Tiresias sided with Zeus, claiming that women had much greater pleasure than men. Enraged by his answer, Hera blinded Tiresias. Zeus compensated Tiresias for his loss of sight by giving him the gift of prophecy.

Birth rates and Western culture

I don’t think I linked to these.

Malthus and the Making of the Modern World

Click to access Malthus_final.pdf

On the characteristic individualism of Western cultures.

Click to access 82p171.pdf

“Weber suggested that one of the central causes of the emergence of capitalism and its associated features was the disappearance of extended family structures. … ‘freeing’ the market and the individual.

The individual didn’t exist beforehand.

It’s a common question so here you go, either you can read it or stop circling the same three questions like clueless vultures.

1.How did we get here? – Libertarians who thought they could share without loss.

2.What’s going on with our demography? – r/K but read Malthus first aka Who is alive and why?

3.Why are we different? – Individualism opposes collectivism (non-Europeans) and those differences are irreconcilable, because they are genetic.


Nationalism must come before any capitalistic position or you lose all your resources to the outgroup. You must be fair on your own citizens or no good will come of it.

Hello 2018

2014 was the year of refreshment.

2015 was the year of galvanizing.

2016 was the year of the normies.

2017 was the year of rest and repose.

First, you observe.
Then, you respond.
Then, you teach.
Then, you set in motion.
Low time preference is our weapon and I am not lacking in arsenal.

As the 18th century was r-selected and promiscuous, it made the 19th century K-selected and prim. The 20th century was the heaviest r-selection in human history, so what about this century’s trajectory might we infer?

America’s Pluto Return starts in 2020. That’s gonna be tough.

This year, I doubt bad politicians will drop like flies, but we can hope.
Do not buy up cans of tomato soup en masse. It would be wiser to grow heritage tomatoes. In farming, as in all things, heritage is better.
Instead, we must loosen them and keep loosening. A slow process they don’t think to, nor can they possibly defend against. It’s too subtle for them. It’s like loosening a stone in a ring, it seems secure until one day it plops out, never to be seen again. ~They are only as strong as their support.

Cheerleader effect is wearing off, with the likes of Evil Creep finally shutting up. Do not anger them, do not frighten them. Blackpill them. Make them so morose about their true situation they have no energy to be active with. You’ll have won without lifting a finger. Remember your own process of accepting this reality. They need space and time and their own body to slowly, grudgingly accept the truth of the world.

Every left-wing prediction this past century, has turned out to be wrong.

Their work is futile. Let it fail. Let it be met with silence. When the audience leaves, the actors are nutters talking to themselves. Your power is the stream of your attention, they cannot control it for you. Expend your time on constructing the future, personally and socially, than scoffing as theirs collapses. Remember, you didn’t build that, it was doomed regardless.

Silence horrifies these people. They goad you into talking, to entrap you. To learn your tactics, your vision. To twist it and thwart it. I tell you, you can’t thwart something you don’t understand.
Silence is the best device to fight them, as Shy Tories always knew. Jesus didn’t insult the Pagans, did he? He didn’t spend all his time sitting around, trailing after them, trying to change them into what he refused to become. This is where atheistkult has failed, there is no lifestyle to practice. Sky fairy rhetoric or Xmas prezzies? Do not be hollow.

‘Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.’

If you want my opinion on the economy as it stands:

As for shitcoin, bit rot aside, anything that can be nationalized, will be nationalized. It’s the European way.
America has the bigger problem of South American invasion. When the lights go off, what are they going to do? Twiddle their thumbs in the dark and wait to fuck off and die? I don’t think so. If only you had a wall or something… (yes, that’s why Wall). When poor, desperate neighbours outnumber you, better build a fortress.
The dwindling quality of resources is apparent in diamonds. Older diamonds are better quality. Why? [rhetorical] With newer stones, the cutting techniques discuss ‘bringing out’ parts of the stone. If a stone is good, you don’t need to ‘bring out’ shit! Brilliant cuts are a lie. How does this end? No more new iPhone models, first off.
Expect another Biblical disease to pop up, we’re overdue another threatened outbreak to distract from terrorism. Growth will never be 4% again with current demographics. IQ is practically synonymous with GDP, this ought to be well-known.

Back to annual matters of studied import.

This past year, I have been quietly setting up long, complex chains of dominoes. This way, whatever happens to me and my interest in these things, they are likelier to fall the nationalist way than the supranationalist, the People over the Elite, the poor workers before the arrogant bankers. We had to clear out some of the guttering that is Hollywood and the Lefty signal set. Precedent is important, see Roe v Wade if you don’t believe me.

First, you make the women demand equal pay (plot twist: they earn more per film, in shorter careers) and put the white actors out of a job (signal transmission dead). Suddenly, the middle class and their representatives in media are on the defensive, the issues of the Chattering Class rise to the top of public discourse.

Streisand effect comes in as efforts to suppress, exacerbate.

The critical domino was to expose the Left’s hypocrisy in 2017. The hypocrite preacher becomes an object of ridicule and scorn, aversion and finally, open rebellion. Personally, I won’t sit here and be lectured by filthy degenerates.

I believe this task is accomplished for the time being but until everyone cringes at Clooney the way they do Hillary today, I shan’t be satisfied. I’m greedy when it comes to these people.

What is 2018, you may ask? Have heart and rejoice. Today opens a nice year, for us.

2018 is the year of culture and civility. A slow grope back of what has been lost or forgotten.
I’m not alone in this opinion.

He gets it. Positive contribution to your people or GTFO and join a Communist group to sponge off.

Culture is paramount, if I had to choose one. Yet they go hand-in-hand.
Sitting round twiddling your thumbs hoping someone else will impose standards of a 21st century honour culture won’t do anymore. You must live the quality, and demonstrate the moral standards you expect of the world (because you are in it). Honour is something individuals must possess, and to lead with that moral authority, before society follows. It is largely what you do not do.

This is bigger than pride or money.

Do you think there aren’t facts I dislike? I can no more deny them than the fact I need air. Pointing out something nobody chose has nothing to do with advocating it, it’s like observing gravity. It isn’t a proposition, this is the system you are IN. You have always been in.

There are benefits to seeing what you don’t want to. Mainly empowerment.

I want to be on the right side of the fence (outside and free) and the right half of the history books – that’s the future half, in case you were still fending off a demonic hangover.

Listen, if I can restrain myself from meme-ing the chicken story… the Poundland ‘Princess’ doesn’t interest me. The wannabe POTUS Looney neither. If you can’t see the big picture, it’s safe to assume you’re damaging it for short gains. We know the laws of nature and must use them in our favour.

These are the foundations of future success, it is no guarantee. Quit celebrating prematurely.

Meanwhile, nerd ruins life.

We had comedy, now we need quality culture. This is exemplified by the humble library.

Read every old book you can get your grubby little hands on, if you want to use this year well. Start with Project Gutenberg if you’re poor and flea markets with loose change, I am completely serious. Especially look for lost, recent (past two centuries or three) treasures from your country. Don’t let them die. This goes for everything from novels to recipe books. Traditionalism is a thread in all of them. Wisen up, be a force for good. Do not think something because it’ll make you seem cool. Do not waste time signalling topical bullshit, or else all your labour would be useless in a week.


Rites of passage are prohibitively expensive? Duh?

I’m bored of excuses from grown-adults. They sound like hippies. You’re not Boomer enough to get away with this, you were born too late to feel that entitled. Look clearly at the world you inherited.
Describing the obvious is not knowledge, especially if you’re too dense to teach it. Children are earnest to describe reality. You need to stand for something, you must pick principles (and reject others) and have a real argument for those who already knew and still have nothing to do. Adults expand, cautiously. And so what?

What now?

Posting will be on-off, this is hardly my primary vehicle of influence.
The Government is shaky and chaos is a ladder.

Quotes on women and misogyny

Warning: food for thought.

I was deeply dissatisfied with my final post of the year and figured I’d slapdash together something that is more intellectually stimulating, in a similar vein. It’s only mildly controversial if you’re interested in labels over substance.

“When women act like women, they are accused of being inferior. When women act like human beings, they are accused of behaving like men.”

Does that sound like a healthy civilization with any longevity?

What happened to all the meritocratic arguments to incentivize contributions in capitalist theory?

So we can accept racial differences and class differences and national differences and age differences but sex differences you can prove in a scanner or under a microscope are evil (well if God made…) and we must all be the same (the male standard is also shit) in misery and behavioural equality, the neuroscience be damned? Is that the world you want, putting power trip fantasies aside?

No society with catch 22s will survive, let alone thrive.
There must be two paths: to do, and to not do. There must be clear praise and condemnation and no blurring between those paths. No muddying the waters or blurring it for certain people. Either a thing is right or wrong, unless you are a moral relativist and then you believe in neither, for they’re absolute concepts.

The logic between sexes must be consistent also, it is no more right for a woman to steal than a man (Ten Commandments shout-out). It is no more moral for a man to assault, as they do, mathematically. Naturalistic fallacy is not an excuse, we are all biological and still retain the human quality of impulse control.

At the least, we ought.

We can uplift both sexes in a society without oppressing anyone. The technology exists now, where most of us can probably live in leisure most of the week. If we discussed it and developed it, i.e., cooperated together for mutual betterment! Where did you get the idea oppression has limits? It can’t be historical… Wealth is the hard cap but aside from that, men won’t be spared the same societal factors women would live under.

e.g. Employed singles of either sex still pay for the living of feckless breeders and the spawn without limit.

Misogyny is prominent when rich men wish to evade their intrasexual responsibilities and do so by blaming the women.

You can’t appreciate your fellows? Well, we don’t have a future then. Darwin always wins, darlings. Think of the tribe, we are not atomized, lonely individuals like the 20th century tries to force down our throats.

Where it exists, oppression spreads. Sadists work that way. It’s a betrayal whoever is on the receiving end, these circumstances predate our birth. Nobody living is fully responsible for this system, another red herring.

If we spent a little of our time wasted on the Third World that doesn’t want to change on improving our own lot, imagine what could be achieved. Immigration and multiculturalism are a deliberate ruse to throw off our resources, especially time, into establishing what used to be a norm. We’re stuck playing catch-up and tempers fray, stressed we lash out at the in-group, worsening our collective condition. It is no coincidence we replaced child labour with female. The economy will take its pound of flesh, I suggest we do robots instead of adult people. Society cannot ever again be ignorant of the female potential exemplified around the 1940s but bursting in brief lights long before. Can we afford to turn away our own kin for something minor as not being exactly like the current leaders, who, by the way, are clearly doing such a bang-up job of running things, aren’t they? /s

Do the foolish deserve to fail in any good society? How to deal with their complaints?
Failing men (and women) will complain about it. They’ll say the competition is wrong.
Obviously they will, never before have the dregs had such a loud voice. Nobody else has time to protest that much or write such long blog posts. ~glances at viewer and nods~ The antisocial and envious must be constrained from infecting everyone else like the emotional vampires they are.

They live better than Henry the Bloody Eighth. Prisoners do too. We are the grandiose brats of modern history. To compare farther back is sickening.

Again, there is no need to ban the un-competitive, they simply fall away in a fair contest. It’s obscure to claim a barrier, arbitrarily, in equal opportunity theory, either they misunderstand it or argue in bad faith.

Good for whites, bad for whites, you all say? We have a word for it, prosocial or antisocial. Use the proper terms, the Left will not. Accuracy is our strong suit.

If you only read male philosophers, sorry, but you haven’t read the subject. This isn’t like novels where they’re basically all the same, you get a pass on that for preference. Still, I didn’t skip out on male poets because that would’ve been sexist, you should be fascinated to hear the other side of humanity to which you may never belong. Unless a person really can change their sex? ….Thought not.

Violent crime statistics. MRI studies of psychopathy. Appeal to history (which cannot be demonstrated when called upon, because it never existed in fact, it was a helpful societal myth from around the Enlightenment era). Concepts like Patriarchy are unfalsifiable both ways. However, when I see Husband Selling like they’re subhuman chattel, I might believe in a Matriarchy. If you whine, do it with a smidgen of self-awareness?

Freud Freud Freud Freud Freud Freud Freud and a little bit of Nietzsche.

If you had a loving wife and children, you wouldn’t feel the need to rage at wombs.


Do you want us to try equally hard (effort) or are we allowed to be lazy, pick ONE.
Don’t give us shit for doing as you asked us to…?

That left-side of the bell curve… we all have stories, men don’t really think twice about it though. The sexual prevalence of obnoxious people doesn’t strike them, which is convenient and annoying.

Maybe we need studies.

They don’t even notice the abundance of Men Doing Stupid Shit stories in the newspapers, it’s like a goldfish noticing water. You don’t get to pin a badge on your chest reading Accomplished because you have a Y-chromosome. Arrogance is a male quality in all the myths for a reason, men over-estimate themselves in studies vastly more frequently. Arrogance is not esteem, far from it, nowadays it’s called narcissism. Men need to be the slightly simpler sex, because otherwise they’d have never taken the stupid risks to survive once kicked out of the tribe at the time they hit majority age (otherwise incestuous rape with female relations was a possibility, plus they needed to find a mate by travelling to other local tribes and passing their tests). Shall we bring back that rite of passage, if we want strong men again? You can’t have strength of character without the fatally high stakes that turn boys into men. Courage and stupidity are blurred but while shouting about the former, they literally deny the latter…. which rather suffices to prove our point.

Relevant so included. The mediocre ones are easier to control/rescue from life-risking stupidity that ends up ruining your whole family along with their misplaced sense of arrogance. Other men used to check them in youth but that isn’t happening soon. Average evolved as a sexual preference.

Original form of “the map is not the territory”.

It’s strange they’ll go on about Rand but only the economics and ignore De Beauvoir’s existentialism.
By strange I mean completely intellectually dishonest.
Arguments from bad faith, a certain moral cowardice common in young men at present.
Maybe some slice of laziness where they assume there’s nothing worth reading, but recall, they aren’t misogynists, somehow…
Well, if that prejudiced disdain of anything female isn’t a misogynist, what is?
She pre-empted Dawkin’s Selfish Gene: “Life is occupied in both perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself; if all it does is maintain itself, then living is only not dying.” If you care so much for truth, why not credit? It’s also a sweeping condemnation of hedonism.

If quoting a woman makes you feel insecure, women aren’t the weaker sex.

A little on metrics before I go.

Once the priming effect and other systemic, proven problems in all academic testing are accounted for, women are beginning to score objectively better than men on the blind-marked IQ test.
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. HBD doesn’t tell you what you like, it tells you what is possible.
The narrow definitions of IQ have never been legitimate, and this goes for verbal, for instance, that women score better on overall. It’s a global metric of all-round functioning as ‘g’ or invalid to be counted as the theoretical construct.

IQ is originally a learning ability test and since learning requires obedient following of instructions, you would expect women to do better on it. Learning is feminine-oriented, as an activity. It isn’t a marker of human superiority the way America has tried to make a genius idolatry a form of hero worship over Hollywood. There are no ‘celebrities for smart people’, scientism is old. The Hollywood people actually have to do something – other than exist?
Paper genius is bullshit. They sell the official piece of paper to ditzy parents.

However, IQ and other metrics correlate to life outcomes, it is useful scientifically.

Identification (with celebrities) should inspire you to act, not live vicariously like a stage Mom but claiming involvement in the glamours of STEM work (anyone can get involved, go clean test tubes).

Wilson: “And a second very big question is, since, women are as intelligent as men, or more so, why did feminism take so long, historically, to get started?”

That one is easy, compulsory schooling about 150 years ago, universities places about 60-80 years ago, in living memory women were forbidden from competing fairly. He goes on to make the classic error of assuming men haven’t changed too. They don’t try at school, porn is a distraction during school years and schools are mixed when evidence says that reduces scores. A blend of exam and coursework is best, not to avoid favour – although this too – but because the more metrics of knowledge, the better the qualification in the market.

And isn’t that the point? These aren’t vanity academics.

Boys were pulled off the farms in the middle ages in the first schools, same boom of intellectual achievement happened then too… since it pre-empts the mythical Enlightenment time period, atheists do not wish to discuss that priests might’ve done something right, to the collective denial of male work ethic and social mobility. The middle class sprang up and families were liberated.

Simone on the decline:

“Whatever the country, capitalist or socialist, man was everywhere crushed by technology, made a stranger to his own work, imprisoned, forced into stupidity. The evil all arose from the fact that he had increased his needs rather than limited them; . . . As long as fresh needs continued to be created, so new frustrations would come into being. When had the decline begun?

The day knowledge was preferred to wisdom and mere usefulness to beauty. . . . Only a moral revolution – not a social or political revolution – only a moral revolution would lead man back to his lost truth.”

You don’t read this stuff, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Remember the original feminists objected to the idea that former slaves would be treated better than them, relatives of the men drafting the laws with demonstrable intellect and accomplishments. It has a history soaked in race realism. We can pick and choose the structures from history that suited us best then and apply now. Nobody is doing this. The scientific approach. Machiavelli would be disappointed.

I hope Odin brings you plenty of shiny Asian-produced crap this year.
It’ll break by February, much like my patience on the topics that are life/death to conceited white people. We are all human and all flawed and all riding in the same, sinking boat.

This is a post I’m proud of.



“Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth.” Sartre, her lover.

A post about truth

Let’s see how much I can teach you without actually telling you.


The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. Frederick Douglass
When the sword of rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away. English proverb

The damaging pomo myth of America is feelsbad=evil.

Magic Skirt theory. Wearing a skirt/looking like a woman, doesn’t make you a woman. Ask a Scot. You can’t buy citizenship to womanhood. Similarly, your friends, your passport and your politics don’t make you a man. Identity comes from something deeper and like a snake’s skin, you constantly grow a new one, a better one. Men are allowed to be stupid, but women are encouraged.
You are not wrong in your motives, but your methods are.

Good boy, sit. Listen.

Men call themselves philosophers because they truly believe stating the obvious to nobody is profound.
I don’t mind when people laugh at me. If you fact-check all I have predicted over the years, I neither need nor want to laugh.
I only seem quite stupid at times so people listen to me, and then they might take things in subliminally while they’re judging me. That is the female art of playing dumb. …Men go pro.
eg The best way to kill third-wave feminism’s power was to introduce an intersectional approach. The less pretty white women, the less attention; the less attention, the more acting up and the less cool. The public soon follow. So much for the years of Youtube videos and millions of scornfully worded screeds on blogs nobody reads… you could see the other pawns but missed the board entirely. 😉
Why don’t women use much logic, generally?
Men will never notice something that happens to women until it happens to them too.
Down with Western Civ? Which sex would you target first? ..Ah.
Stay with me, do not stop thinking.
…Logically, why?

Part 2 of Brass Balls: The Analysis coming whenever the fuck I feel like it.
I know you all want to feel important, but you’re already important, so could you just listen when people are trying to help you/r thede? Or is e-celebrity worth losing your future? You are the sons of the world’s greatest minds and conquerors. You invented open-mindedness. I figured I’d be a philosopher and yes, that’s why the blog title. Five years of hinting at my sex before I had to openly admit it in practically every post before anyone would believe me. Many of you don’t, two years, almost three later. Because science? Really?

There’s no argument for white power structures without white ingenuity, culture and creativity.
The same would hold true for any race. Learn.

Misogyny = rich men telling poor men it’s women’s fault. Men fucking other men (MSM).
Sexual orientation theory is a social construct.

I earned this holiday from planet Earth. Brexit can be re-written without me.

One week until Saturn hits Capricorn.

Da Wimminz

1,900 words. Good ones. Get a drink.

Only a weak man blames women for inaction.
A decent one knows the man should act for himself.

We could point out many things in a democracy, as a majority.

Considering most violent crimes are conducted by men, I don’t think you’d like it.

The broflakes are too sensitive.
Strangely, the ‘war on women’ has become real. The men who reject their role to lead society or defend anyone, even themselves, point to their genetic kin and cry ‘lazy’. Ah, projection.

It’s da wimminz fault!


You still have to grow up, Peter Pan.
The libertarian arguments (and libertarianism) for multiculturalism/cheap labour, protrude from male corners. All-male corners. Your own sex betrayed you, and you betrayed yourselves in the cowardice to admit this fact.

Where to blame?

It’s either generational, for varying reasons of voting cycle and cultural change or it’s civic. Pro- or the anti-social. Men and women need one another to survive. You’re not just shooting yourself in the foot, but the balls.
Losers notwithstanding.
Men evolved on average for certain tasks, expecting them is not “gynocentrism”, pushed by a bitter Boomer divorcee, it’s the dimorphic specialization of evolutionary biology. It keeps society functional. Biology prefers the life-giving sex, before humans came along.

If you want gender roles, start with yourself.

So-called men say childbirth is nothing to a kick, but don’t want medical advances to do the easy job of growing and carrying to term. Uhuh. Easier than a pod though, isn’t it? Actually possible.

I notice men aren’t willing to bear and raise their own children. Too painful?
You might have to go out less with the boys? #lostboys
Stefan M seems pretty happy in his marriage, Elam’s just sore his marriage sucked. It sucked because he was the one who chose it, directed it (as the male party) and ruined it.

Like some people can’t drive, some people shouldn’t marry.

People treat pop culture like Bible studies too. That disturbs me. Fandom philosophy BS.
Crying into a camera won’t change the world. Teaching the truth about it… a formidable enemy. Truth does not equal conspiracy. We know how shitty this world is, we live here. What works, what came before, what was goodness and why.

You teach principles – logical/moral/legal/historical, you nag with opinions.
And don’t make the classic error of acting like America = Teh World.

Identity politics for men, white men especially, will never work.
Why? It’s like a poker player with the best hand complaining it could be better.
They’re spoiled brats. The Charlottesville lot in their gay little shorts weren’t working class were they? They weren’t out producing anything of worth to society (oh, that looks like the terrifying specter of hard work!). No women either, they didn’t forget they had obligations. Family > Race. (see end) You can’t help anyone unless you self-care and build up yourself as a rock first. You have no authority to draw upon. You’re like the trust fund baby champagne socialists of the left. Lazybones, the lot of yer.
Look around and grow some perspective you accuse everyone else of lacking.

1.It’s not about you.

2.Compared to everyone else, you’re doing really well. Crap is the new normal.

Why aren’t more women in politics? You don’t want us there?

You complain about suicide rates. Isn’t that a choice? Isn’t there a ‘retirement plan’ around that decision? If it’s so terrible, and you suddenly value the human soul, shouldn’t it be a crime again, along with abortion? Or is killing an unborn man acceptable?

You need to be consistent or don’t be shocked nobody listens.
What is the way to win here, for men and women? What do you actually want? How does a functional society operate? Envisaging oppression and systemic slavery of women to get hard about won’t work, has never been real (send proof otherwise), we’ll simply stop working, the economy will grind to a halt because most white women aren’t ghetto trash supporting 4 kids by 3 babydaddies. But for supporting ourselves, like adults, you still insult us. WTF do you want? To bitch. That’s all. Useless bitches.

Women in the workplace was fine, for many centuries. (nb. American history isn’t the only history for white people). The problems started with various types of immigration, which were and remain, largely male. If you’d side with a foreign man over white women, don’t pretend to care for “our” interests. Immigration drove wages down, if you look it up. Women were responsible for economic growth, including wage growth. At the very least, husbands could afford to work longer hours if they knew the woman was running the house, a form of labour. America wouldn’t have won WW2 if its women didn’t work. If a man wants to be a stay at home father because he’s good at it, an outlier, why not? Where is your meritocracy while you whine about freedoms?

Consistency! Your American Dreams for consistency!

Your Independence Day is a joke, your country went to the dogs after you booted out your white kin from power for a melting pot social experiment. ..Can a welfare-dogged society really be called independent?

Why are women statistically more clinically depressed? Men do not listen to reason.

That is the definition of stupid.


Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

Hiveminds stagnate. Don’t take on low IQ muh dicks or your movement dies.

Whataboutism re men is also invalid. It’s changing the subject, derailing is an indicator of someone without an argument. You don’t actually want to discuss problems women have, you expect them to magically go away if you ignore them, like the politicians we despise.

Common one?

Workplace deaths are higher, choosing dangerous fields higher, recklessness, higher.


Those are choices.

You are not soldiers, you are not coal-miners, you are ineffectual crybabies riding the coat-tails of your ancestors who can do nothing but whine like a snowflake that you’re too special to try like the rest of us (inc. women) and that, in spite of living in the Easiest Society Ever, in history, you have still failed to be an adult.

The problems of white women are also white problems, equally valid as the men’s.

You want our support? Ya gotta cooperate with the other members of your group.

Our mutual enemies delight in seeing white men throw their women under the bus. It’s probably a terrorist bus too. The group you need to survive is the one you should never turn on. If you’re a, what’s the term, “race traitor”, or if you’re a “genetic suicide”, you never cared, you just want a soapbox. Born with the other set of genitals, you’d be a fully paid up SJW.

Hm, why don’t women (the biologically, heavily investing sex) want to have children in the age of abusive/cheating/deadbeat husbands/fathers? In the anti-natal culture that offers abortion as soon as you’re told you’re pregnant because it’s assumed the father doesn’t want to raise it and lauds minors as fuckbuddies on the Pill whoring themselves out for drinks and impoverished mistresses known as ‘side chicks’? Before cuckoldry became a popular, pomo fetish, there were plenty of cuckqueans. Women didn’t like it much either. Yes, adultery is wrong! What was the demographic of the Ashley Madison hack again? Yes, it should be punished.

With harsher divorce laws. Why are you even allowed to re-marry when you broke a vow, you can’t renege on student loans but you can abandon your family? WTF is that America? Women file for divorce more often…. but why? The head of the house-hold is a failure. Go ahead, protect marriage. You’d be protecting everyone, but everyone includes women. If you hate/blame women that much, that makes us a scapegoat. Scapegoats are innocent by definition.

Who causes most of the problems, mathematically? You never ask that. Poor baby.

Never dare…

Sexual disgust is far higher in which sex? Women.

…So which sex is degenerate? Men.

Backed by, oh, I dunno, paraphilia studies? Pedophilia studies? Rape data? Basically all of the data we have? Continue to deny reality, because it hurts your egocentric quest to Fix the World without working on yourself and your atrocious impulse control.

Why don’t women with their heads screwed on wanna breed with a man who won’t Man Up?

It’s a MYSTERY, guys.

When men fail their role, women quit the game too! Astounding!

And, if men don’t owe women their finances if they don’t want to marry, why do women supposedly “owe” sex? And how pathetic is it to be a pity fuck, on the subject of ego-trips? An AA orgy for omega men too proud to just masturbate and accept they’re undesirable specimens. You want ladies, in society? Well, they won’t be your whores then, and if you expect otherwise, there’s something wrong with you. Standards do not a ‘bitch’ make. Be consistent.

Which came first, the men fucking around since time immemorial without adequate Biblical consequences, or the Sexual Revolution where more women did it too? Where was the mistake?

Double standards are meaningless. Societies collapse in chaos. If a rich man can shoot you but you can’t shoot him…. well…. isn’t that what’s happening? To interpret Darwin in bad faith is a naturalistic fallacy. Men are not like other animals, they are meant to control themselves.

On Peterson, the little troll.

Clean your room is misunderstood as a meme. Take responsibility when the fault lies with you. Women imitate the moral calibre of their men. You done fucked up, sons.

The meme you blindly love? I didn’t explain it on purpose before. Was funny watching idiots parrot it, oblivious to the fact it was intended for them.

It’s a reference to a proverb, well-known in England;

Sweep before your own door ~John Ray, English Proverbs, p. 135 (1678)


You are responsible for yourself and those you take on (wife and kids, the commitment part??) not some weasel word saving the world bullshit. You can’t save jack shit if you can’t save yourself.

And hypothetically, in a thought experiment, let’s say women were weak, like children.

Is punching down at children acceptable in a civilized society? Ya feel manly?

Cucks are bad, cowards are worse. Men cause many of society’s problems and also are the sex to typically resolve them with society’s graces, historically. Sadly, tragically, historically.

We can deal with Sharia. We can deal with the cucks. [Is the average cuck male or female?]

The punishment for cowards, who knew better? Way worse.

It’s going to be much worse.

You want a model to protest on? Protest is a waste of time, you need to develop political power by actually building things first, but here:

One guy at a protest was counter-protesting in a suit and top hat. I think this was OWS. They knocked off his top hat, some random phag took it and you know how fast guys in fringed Afghan scarves can run. Anyway, the guy disappeared calmly round a corner and re-emerged, moments later, in a fresh, new top hat. Like nothing ever happened.

To this day, that BAMF is the smoothest protester I have ever heard of.

End – is there a generic “white race” or racial category for forensic subraces, plural?

But this is the thing – why should other white people listen to you when people can’t even agree on what they are? And should the genetic studies of countries like Britons be lumped in with the Italians? Sicilians??? There is a slight porous quality to whites, because of sex slavery for starters. There are subraces, in forensics e.g. Basque, Celt, whatever, and to overshoot into White only, denies that and denies the kin blood ties of direct family and the genome of the self. Perpetuation of a race is emergent, not deliberate, the human drive is close kin and the owned genome.

And if you won’t ensure your own survival and success, as a member of your group/race/nation, you cannot claim with any intellectual honesty to care about the rest of the population either.

You tailspin into ruin because you reject the majority of your allies.
The West isn’t a treehouse.

Fallout plus solutions

select comments incoming

It’s funny being proven right time and time again and people still ignore me.
I gave up. I’m not cleaning up the mess of people who are less intelligent, less productive, should have less voting rights than me in any logical system, who deny this based on my sex while claiming to love me for my flesh tone. They only love themselves and their pathetic revenge fantasies. Listen this time or burn to the ground like all other internet shitshows, like the degenerate human circus that was the manosphere.

I will say this only once: this is exactly what you should do.

They don’t want to, the ego won’t let them take orders like men.

If you lack references and observable, real-world proof for your belief system (looking at you socialists – parasites in all but name) then FO like the other Pinkos. And stop being degenerates, you’re a laughing stock talking about morality without acting on it, you have no standard.

Make your fellows realize who the enemy is. Not some spectre from the 30s, the people who claim to be nice and think white success = supremacy, worthy of prison or murder. That is all you need, make it personal and obvious. Demographics helps, make infographics, bitch. The future is wake up or perish.

Memes are fun but need to be funny and uplifting or teach something. Not stupid thot patrol manosphere bollocks or White Sharia grandstanding, that sickens everyone with a conscience. Grow the fuck up and put down the vidyah games.
You need IRL goals but constant, small battles. Things only a crazy person would object to e.g. weak self defense law helps criminals, who are those by demographic? Information campaigns. If the truth is on your side, you need only a vector to spread it. References, truth, knowledge, skills.

Step 1. Replace Old Media.

Step 2. Most globalists are Boomers, simply teach the young how they’ve been financially screwed over.

Step 3. Online schooling in the truth, on every subject. Start with the basics – national history, biology, culture and logic. Completely flawless accuracy or don’t bother.

Step 4. Expose all the sick depravity of the Left’s poster brats – the porn, the sex slavery, the drugs, the money grubbing and the mechanics of virtue signalling.

Step 5. Boil the fucking frog.

Read: Sir Glubb’s The Fate of Empires

How this isn’t better-known I do not know.
It’s short.
26 pages short.
I must admit my own stupidity because I wondered in a quiet moment, why is nobody citing this? I assumed I’d already linked to it and like Camp of the Saints, it should be popular. Searched, nothing.


Final page, for those who wanna know.