Alt Right – The New Hippies?

I can’t respect people who tell me about the graphic details of their personal life.

If it happens in a bedroom, keep it in the bedroom.

I don’t wanna know.

Why do people assume you want to know?

I think if they keep it all to themselves, whatever, I don’t care. Don’t tell others, don’t encourage others.

The headline here in Blighty: UKIP won the European elections

UK Independence Party. They’re anti-Establishment. Result counts as the best news in ages.

I bet it hurt the BBC to make this, the “most extraordinary result in British politics for 100 years” indeed.

ukipwinThe “political earthquake” came as predicted.

Labour and Nick Clegg’s Breakdown;

“Attention will now turn to next year’s General Election, and with both main parties performing badly, this could lead to one of the most interesting elections in British history. On the current performance, both the Conservatives and Labour are unlikely to win a parliamentary majority and will likely have to rely on smaller parties to form a government.

There will also be intense focus on whether UKIP will win its first seat in the House of Commons, which judging by its performance tonight, is now a real possibility.”