“Hotel workers”


Notice how a woman can’t quietly drink at a hotel any more? Every drink may be drugged.

While every man may not be a rapist, a certain level of paranoia is prudent.
If they target you, that’s pretty much it.

The victim blaming in these common cases makes me sick. It’s such a Just World fallacy where men expect if they were a woman, they’d be too smart to get raped… it doesn’t work that way. Predators target. Men are typically much stronger and in groups, impossible to resist. It’s so horrifying they shut their brain to the possibility, that life is really that dangerous for women, that what they most fear about prison is quite a statistical reality for the sex most rapists choose.

I think the real fear of rape is the only reason feminism is clinging on.
After all, the men won’t protect us.

I’m avoiding the internet until this wedding farce is over.

BTW, the father was never going to make the trip. It takes weeks to learn the cues and get the tailoring and co.

It was all PR to make her look doting.

Instead of a callous bitch.

They’ll say the mother or someone doing it is a “powerful feminist statement”.

Usual BS.

I looked up the news in Windsor. To see how very safe it is.

Lots of rapists.


It’s a new thing.

There might even be a rape gang.

Rapists are pairing up!


“Maidenhead” lol

They’ll spend so much on security for an American nobody cares about, meanwhile the white women are meant to just get raped and get over it.

No security money for them.

This seems to be a pattern.

No justice, certainly no real sentences. No deterrence whatsoever.

They also stopped giving out rapist descriptions, which would help women avoid the monsters.

Of course, you can guess why.

One-third of white natives have freedom of association

What are the odds these xenophobic, genophilic whites are to be “honour” murdered, have acid thrown on their face or raped for wearing a skirt?

Can’t stop K-shift.


However, Professor Hewstone noted that the evidence suggests that people tend to make friends with people who are similar to them,

OK, when are you splitting up the gigantic Asian mobs at every Uni? No? Only white people again, huh?

The most noticeable finding is the lack of racial and sexual diversity among many Brits’ friendship groups. One in three white Britons (35%) have no friends from an ethnic minority background, while a similar number of straight Britons (33%) say they have no friends of a different sexuality.

I jest, I thought there’d be more cucks.

If they split acquaintance to real friend, the number of diverse circles would drop and the most racist groups are ~drumroll~ the Asian ones, unless you have money. For as long as you have influence.

What now, assign friends?

They would, they actually would.

Except studies show TM – that when you force diversity on people, and it sucks, they hate multiculturalism more! The Left misread their own data, stereotypes get reinforced with proof by experience!


They’re trying to call Friends racist like Ross and Monica were white.

Meanwhile, white-majority in white country shows are more popular than ever (The Crown, Downton Abbey before, films like The King’s Speech). It’s almost like people will pay to see themselves on a screen. As K shifts, white people are preferentially seeking out media cast with their own group. Diversity fests struggle to get attention.

There’s so much non-white media, the non-whites themselves choose their own specialized type than a random pick n mix. Africans aren’t patronizing Asian films and Bollywood isn’t tuning into Nigerian cinema. What is this, cultural segregation?

~side-eyes Black Panther fans~ And that genophilia is natural, nothing to be ashamed of.

This graphic contains hilarious information. As usual, it’s poorly gathered. We expect that.

The middle-class shun the poor, women shun creeps who pretend to befriend them for sex, Labour voters shun Tories, Remain voters shun Leavers, wow, I wonder who the cunts are!

Where’s the poll on how many of us want to deport Guardian readers to Spain?

But many other groups make up a much larger proportion of the population, to the extent that many Britons should come into contact with them on a regular basis. Howevver, our data shows that significant numbers of Britons don’t have any friends of a different class, political leaning, or even gender.


This is news to me, in my echo chamber.

Among these more common characteristics, the biggest skews in Britain’s friendship groups are class-related. A third (34%) of people who consider themselves working class say they have no friends from a different social class, with 83% overall saying their friendship group was exclusively or mostly working class.

“middle-class people are cunts” you hear it all the time

All they do is talk about Ikea and drinking. When they aren’t sneering at your football flag.

Likewise, 15% of those who identify as middle class have no friends of a different class, with 75% overall saying all or most of their friends were also middle class.

That’s when they admit to being middle-class.

The most annoying part of the middle-class is when they deny it.

Never befriended a Tory

Friendship groups tend to be politically homogenous too.

That’s called bigotry because you choose your beliefs, unlike the other stuff.

While the nation split 52%/48% at the EU referendum, few people’s friendship groups see both sides represented so evenly. Only 8% of Remain voters and 14% of Leave voters say that roughly half of their friends take an opposing view on Brexit.

Of the two groups, Remain voters are more likely to surround themselves with people who share their views on Brexit. A quarter of Remain voters (26%) have no friends who want to see the UK leave the European Union, compared to the 18% of Leave voters that are not friends with anyone who wants the country to stay in the EU.

That’s why they’re called cunts. Either they bullied them out or bullied them into silence.

“How many of you feel personally victimized by a smug Guardian reader?”

Mind your Ps and Qs, never say cunt like the proles do, but sling bigot like it’s “the”.

When they don’t use the dictionary-accurate meaning of bigot, because obviously.
Their wrong use of bigot means not middle-class. It always fits.

Point out their classism when they sling bigot at everyone not like them and they shut right up. Short and sweet, “classist”. It works, repeat it and they always back down.

Similarly, those who voted for Labour in 2017 are more likely to have politically homogenous friendship groups than their Tory counterparts.

So much for the tolerant Left.

Wow, did they hate that meme. Struck a nerve.

A third of 2017 Labour voters (35%) say that most or all of their friends are Labour supporters, with 16% having no Conservative-supporting friends at all. By contrast, only 15% of 2017 Conservative voters say that most or all of their friends are Conservative supporters, with 11% saying none of their friends support Labour.


Sorry….I seem to be unable to see the data for the number of white friends black or Asian people have. ? Did you not measure it or am I just missing it?

And many immigrants and foreigners prefer to live in their own monocultural community.

Ban monoculture hovels or make them go home. If they don’t want to be here specifically, doing it our way, they have no claim on being here (not that there was any before).

Here’s a couple of memes to resurrect.

The SJW’s MO:

The SJW’s analysis, heavy on the anal.

But progressivism is the terror

It destroys the world and kills every culture it touches.

It drags down the highest tech societies.

Materialism + Hedonism + Equalism* = Progressivism.

*”Liberal Creationism”


Survival instinct is the worst signal to them, that you don’t self-hate, that you want to preserve something good, that you don’t want to go down with the poorly constructed ship.

We have lemmings, laughing as they jump off a cliff.

The muddled view of Westerners has been to decide to aggressively evangelize the world to adhere to the progressive faith….

Perhaps the more significant (and even darkly amusing) issue is that slave raids are now common enough in England that the government bothered to produce a report about it which claimed that the practice was pervasive throughout Northern Europe. It’s not so much that Westerners can’t be roused to action on behalf of foreigners in distant lands — they can’t even be roused to battle in defense of local girls.

To even begin to attempt to rouse people against it is to provoke the wrath of the authorities.

Low in philia.

There is no state charity because it’s compulsory. Charity had no problems when it was voluntary and Church-run (philia institution). The Government is low in philia because a dollar is a dollar is a dollar. The whip-hand goes to those who pay them.

This country was gun-stripped under dodgy pretense but the wedding next month is getting weapons protection.


If we’re so equal?

Why do some people get the right to self-defense?

If foreigners don’t realize that they really want to be progressives deep-down, if we spend enough money on foreign aid, capitulate to shakedowns from foreign powers, and show an unwillingness to use nuclear weapons, they will eventually learn to become more progressive.


Collectivism is genetic. They have already “utterly failed” – Merkel.

Malaria medications et al. for signalling savior white people really fucked over our age-old strategy of getting rid of them – send them abroad on “missions” and they won’t come back. At least machete attacks are up.

One way to convert more people to the progressive cause, it’s thought, is to respond to provocations with greater and ever-more-insistent demands to be tolerant

No, you don’t know these people. I do.

I go to their parties, their charities, their galas, their vacations, their funerals, their many, many weddings, their dinners and their common meetings and meeting places.

They aren’t throwing up the white flag AT ALL.

The message is clear: take the other white people and leave us alone!

So they are. Have been for decades. They do. For now. They’ll allow the betrayal as long as their own kind are spared. They are selfish, greedy cowards. That’s all.

This is being challenged by numbers. Hence slight push back. Toothless, still. People scared of unwashed kale. You should hear some of the shit they tell me. Fairies, crystal alignments, any superstition to replace religion.

Everyone else – The Lion.

The poor people are the scapegoat, the sacrificial offering. They all blamed for all sin. This toughens them.

They assume they, enlightened Saints, will always be spared.

Hollywood will always be sick until white leading men are a thing of the past.

“Dey took our jobs!” say the rednecks in South Park. Keep laughing, let’s cut off California’s water supply.

It’ll happen.

Already, they can’t pay their bills because Hollywood refuses to pay its “fair share” of taxes.


We’ll see how funny it is when Lawrence is on the street as a syphilitic crack whore.

[she does not currently have syphilis, to my knowledge but it is on the rise]

Notice less signalling white men since the non-whites have started asserting themselves?
They grow bolder every day, turnin’ everyone a K.

With hardly any white people to prop them up, the social justice movements are dying.

If only we had a metric for this.

Spot the Coincidence

Joan Rivers knew about Lawrence and Weinstein then Rivers ends up mysteriously dying on an operating table. Uhuh. Then most of Harvey’s girls’ pics get leaked, all their blackmail and only their blackmail material, blamed on “hackers” (read: Anonymous, who doesn’t care about famous tits), after a rumour they’re gonna take him down circulates.

I don’t like internet people getting blamed for the degeneracy of normalfags.

I don’t like it one bit.

When is Assbender getting divorced from that dog?

But not all the yacht girls: Winslet, Hayek and co are safe. For the time being.

Personally, I want to see Blowjobs Rosie go down.

Geffen, Spielberg, many creeps walk free. They make money.

Sweet, sweet, tax-free pedo change.

In other news, Dale Winton, gay Trump admirer, turns up dead.

Confiscations for the non-white education

Picture Head Start but a million times worse.

You cannot change an apple into an orange.

IQ is immutable. Robbing the “rich” is a crime.
(Mostly normal accounts will be hit, it goes up to Rich amounts that wouldn’t be forgotten).

Why can’t young people afford kids?
They’re paying for other people’s. It’s dead wrong.


Reminds me of


Hundreds of millions of pounds will be seized from dormant bank accounts and used to tackle homelessness and help disadvantaged young people, a Government minister has said.

Their home nations can pay for them.

If you turn up at a foreign country with nothing, that’s your own choice. They crossed how many others to be here? You could waste a King’s ransom on them and they’ll do nothing with it. That’s why their home country is poor as shit. They lack the low time preference to invest anything.

Up to £330m will be made available from bank and building society accounts across the country that have remained untouched for at least 15 years and where the holder cannot be traced by a financial institution.

Was I exaggerating?

Tracey Crouch, the minister for sport and civil society, said that housing initiatives aimed at homeless and vulnerable people, social enterprises and local charities

Charity with someone else’s money

will receive around £135m across England over the course of the next four years.

This is a nation collapsing in slow mo.

In the latest allocation, a further £90m will be used to help disadvantaged young people into jobs,

they don’t want them, they lack the IQ to be competent in them

notice nothing about the white working class? help everyone else but the people struggling most

meanwhile, the largest group this would target “Asians” are already disproportionately middle-class compared to Whites. They should be the ones funding it.

and £55m is to go on “financial inclusion initiatives” such as tackling problem debt.

worse than subprime

this won’t stimulate our economy,  it’s stolen from the taxpayer here for remittance

Up to £50m will also be distributed by the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“By unlocking millions of pounds from dormant accounts for a range of good causes, we can make a real difference to lives and communities across the country,” Ms Crouch said.

For the greater good, why don’t we strip 100% of her assets and see how she likes it?

How many Guardian readers have offered up their bank accounts? Or are they off shore?


The Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act established the legal framework for withdrawing these assets in 2008. And in 2010, the Tories introduced the Big Society Capital to help distribute assets to front-line sectors

That’s called Communism.

That is literally hard Communism and all Communism is.

To reiterate why this never works (social issues to one side) if you gave everyone in the country £1 million, by this time next year some will be richer and most will have lost it all.

Innate human differences.

Meanwhile, the schools


Wakefield City Academies Trust has been accused of transferring millions of pounds from its schools’ reserves into its own accounts before it collapsed last year.

Open fraud.


You have homes left empty by foreign investers, Why not go down that route, I think not.

That would be justice.

Protect the oligarch, spit on the poor. Imagine a boot stepping on your face, forever.

Guardian: British magazines “too white”


I read that title and thought…

You make me sick.

Note: original title of headline in URL altered on site as of present.

Oh, wait.

What is this?

Suddenly it makes sense.

Is there a problem with African magazines, that don’t depict enough Whites?

I don’t think so somehow, do you?

It’s a business, when did you last buy a magazine, author?

Actually, why is the Guardian now primarily online?

It doesn’t get enough papers sales to keep running does it?

Race and money is a category. Hm.

Er, do they seriously expect white women to buy fashion advice that doesn’t apply to them?

She does, doesn’t she?

It must make her really, deeply uncomfortable, to see so many white people….

What a tragedy. She feels out of place, does she? Like she doesn’t belong?

If you want to live in a society of people who look like you, don’t live in Europe?

You haven’t collected “data”, you are not a scientist. What you have is a fucking tally chart. You couldn’t get that shit published in the lowest tier scientific journal.

A scientist would compare all photos IN a magazine over time with the demographics of a country.

And non-whites are far, far, FAR, over-represented.

Obviously race isn’t real and you can’t tell what someone is by looking… unless you’re writing a hateful article about how the homeland of white people has too many natives in its media.

Regard the r-type, reminded it is outnumbered, triggered to fuck by this insight and feeling hideous by comparison to those quite average white models. It isn’t about race, it’s about sexual attractiveness. No amount of complaint will make you any prettier, bitch. Their genes are still what they are and yours are what you are.

Don’t like it? Complain to your parents, they are the ones responsible for how you look.
We’ll see more and more of these mixed cases complaining over the years.

I didn’t make them fuck, love. Your discomfort is Freudian.

For all the flak they get, you don’t really see Black women complain in America. They don’t give a shit if Jessica Simpson is on one cover as long as Beyonce is on another. That’s smart. This is bullshit.

Non-white magazines go out of business for a number of reasons…. 1. you don’t buy them!

The covers of four magazines – Marie Claire, HomeStyle, Your Home and Prima – did not feature a single person of colour throughout 2017.

Mummy mags?

How many black women are married? Tell me those stats.

One of the most popular – Mr Tumble Something Special – was based on the children’s TV personality Justin Fletcher, who is white

Damn white people, how dare they be creative and get acclaim!

When Shulman stepped down in 2017, making way for UK Vogue’s first black editor, Edward Enninful, her leaving photo depicted an all-white editorial staff at the magazine.

Hiring white people, the horror!

Here’s the Huffington Post

When will the Guardian announce how many white people it hires?

When will it stop hiring white people? Including Owen Jones.
And by white, obviously Jewish doesn’t count. You can still hire Jews and not be racist.

Enninful rebooted interest in the magazine, with a much-celebrated first cover featuring British Ghanaian model Adwoa Aboah

so…. Ghanaian

Brits have no right to steal Ghana’s triumph there

The magazine’s most recent cover headlined “New Frontiers”, was also praised for featuring a diverse range of models including Halima Aden,


“Young Hollywood is thin, white,” ran one critical headline in response to the magazine’s 2010 cover, which did not feature a single person of colour.

You think Hollywood is white?

“The industry is still overwhelmingly homogenous,”

the horror

says a senior figure from an ethnic minority background working at another UK magazine, who did not want to be named.


“that doesn’t change the fact that magazines are still incredibly white and middle class.”

Total domination only.

You know, that’s why they cancelled My Family? Middle class is code for white.


But there are more middle-class Asians than Whites in the UK, yep, they stole our prosperity. All that social mobility that would’ve and should’ve gone to the native White population.

Growing up, I would pick up magazines, and I never saw anybody who looked like me,” says Afua Adom, former editor of Pride. “I was really into music, so I used to read Smash Hits and magazines like that; I never saw a person who looked like me. And where I lived in Scotland there was no one who looked like me anywhere. My mum subscribed to Pride, and that’s why I wanted to work there all those years ago – because it was the only magazine I saw full of women who looked like me.”


What a vain cunt. I don’t pack my bags and move to Japan and bemoan “Oh, my feelings! Why does no one here look like me!”

Wait, you’re counting her

as black?

No? She has freckles IRL.

She has tons of blue blood in there, you can practically swim in it.

“You can’t find those features in white people!”

Bull-SHIT, son. English rose.

How many black or non-white models are owed covers, as if they can’t earn them?

We had two black actresses lined up for 2017, but their publicist decided to go with other titles.

How many cultural reparations in white countries and only the white countries, is enough to stop the whining?

Give us a number. Ah, but they never will. It’s never, ever enough.

“At Marie Claire, we used 17 models of colour – which is probably about a third to a quarter of all of the models that we shoot.”

So they get too many jobs!

 The website Fashion Spot reported a rise in diversity in global fashion in 2017, with the big fashion capitals of New York, Milan, Paris and London all featuring more women of colour than in previous years.


Why is the fashion sector struggling?

I wonder.

What’s the average spending power and priority of white to non-white women? Any stats?

And of the 266 major shows and 8,258 catwalk appearances across the four cities in 2017, an average of 30.2% of castings were women of colour. 

So they’re getting too much work and you complain?

Half that should be white.

But covers matter. Those who appear on them are the ambassadors of beauty, success and commercial appeal.

Only if you’re vain and insecure, I never felt threatened by Japanese covers in Japan, African covers in Africa or American covers in America.

Beauty is not commercially viable, sexy is – a lot goes on in her head, doesn’t it?

There’s a danger, too, that diversifying the models inside magazines while the covers remain white sends a new message of hierarchical beauty standards

standards are always a hierarchy, hot or not, idiot

– suggesting women of colour have their place, and it’s not on the cover.

You literally cannot win with these people, it’s never enough!

The magazine industry’s reluctance to put BAME women on its covers is not the only way it is failing the public. The situation is even worse regarding larger, older and transgender models.

Here we go. Boomers are still pushing Jane Fonda as a sex symbol, the creaky haggard narcissist.

But there are numerous firsthand accounts of the way in which representation of race has a particularly negative effect on black women.

She ain’t black, why is she talking for them? Get a black girl to write another article!

everyone was talking about how beautiful she was

so insecure

do they know what female trolling is?

As the country becomes increasingly diverse – more than a quarter of schoolchildren in England are from ethnic minority groups – it is of special concern that this is not being reflected in magazine covers. Corinna Shaffer, editorial director of Immediate Media, which publishes 21 children’s magazine titles, including all but one of those featured in the Guardian study, acknowledges more needs to be done.

And most of those will move back “home” once they’re sent a bill for white Baby Boomers’ national debt. States during the Great Depression made welfare recipients pay their total received plus admin plus interest. This will be worse. They also made all welfare recipients into a de facto manual labour force. Compulsory.

A report last November found that 94% of journalists are white, compared with 91% of the working population as whole, a figure that does not take into account the fact that many publications are based in London, where only 60% of the population is white.

I dispute that.

Fire all the white people who work for the Guardian or why should I listen?

White people’s articles get more traffic on the Guardian, you’re full of shit.

working population whites 91%

what’s non-working population non-white?

“The erasure of black and brown people from magazine covers is part of a much broader process of “othering” – it reinforces the idea that people of colour are not the norm,”

Norm is statistical, you aren’t the norm. Globally you are, and whites are the minority.

What about the white erasure? There are Asian and African-only mags, is European-only illegal?

“the idea it creates that people of colour don’t belong.”

No the idea created is in your head based on cultural standards you don’t want to observe or want to reduce.