What white genocide?

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The demographic problem is everywhere BUT Europe. Try maths.

Once is enough.

The only population at sustainable levels is Europe – the rest of the world has the problem.

This, after we invented contraception and literally handed them it for free.
Monkeys use contraceptives.

Notice anything unusual about the picture on the left?
Not postmodern, is it?

Source: DFP

It’s because the baby is white.
I guarantee it.
All the hospital charities, primarily GOS, fall over themselves to do anything for brown children. They will literally import them, then tell Brits there aren’t enough beds and shrug as white kids suffer and die.

Look it up. You can see that’s the only difference.

LA never disappoints

They have full range.


I would like to point out that white men are our greatest allies. Yes, 62% of white men voted for Trump, but that is expected of them. The largest betrayal was 53% of white women voting for Trump. I hate them so much; the world would be a better place if white women all died, quite frankly. This includes the ones who are married to men of color like Madchen Amick and Ali Landry.
The 38% of white men who did not vote for Trump are our biggest allies because they truly have the power in the world. They are educated, wealthy, handsome, and successful. They use their power to uplift all minorities and they are passing on their wealth to minorities by marrying women of color.”

What White Fever?
Speaking of Our Men

you seem pressed.


Anyway, I disagree. I hate white women (most are unattractive, envious, entitled, jealous), but I like most white men. I think white men are fine with their power crumbling. That’s why they date out the most. Their children with their nonwhite wives will obviously be nonwhite, too, and they will pass whatever wealth, assets, and benefits they have to those nonwhite children. They are contributing to the diminishing of the white supremacy structure and that’s a good thing.
Besides, white men are preferred by most. They have no reason to be insecure or envious of other men since they are the top of the food chain. White women, on the other hand, do … since not even their own men prefer them. They are trashed across the Internet, but white men are not. There are Tumblrs, threads, and other sites dedicated to white men who are with women of other races. There are NO things such as that dedicated to white women.”

This is what they really think about your Yellow Fever arse, they’re winning the gender war and the white genocide one. They are 100% woke on it. So when I see white men start insulting his own race bc Feminism, I want to strangle him for entirely justified reasons.
Race traitors sell us out.

Then there are great posts.
The key is to never show a narcissist you’re being harmed by them. Negative people who want to bring about discord to pacify their inner chaos do not know how to respond to kindness and calmness. For them, it is an impenetrable barrier. They only know one thing and that is to create discord and see you suffer as a result. If they do not have their reaction, in either situation, they become absolutely powerless and they’ll show you what lies beneath without being able to control it. The vexation and agitation will build up in them to such an intent, that it’ll be a catastrophic explosion of rage etc that will obliterate the mask, the facade and hidden agenda.”

“The best advice posted in this blog is to emotionally detach and be unreachable. Be the unruly character that won’t be pigeonholed. This unnerves them to the core. When approached, I become Mr Spock, I don’t emote and I make them feel like they are being inspected and studied so that they avoid me. Ha!
They’re automatons, formulaic machines. Their response to seeing you pressed for time, rushing is to engage you by offering salutations and conversations to covertly frustrate you. If you nod while keeping it moving, you’ve ad libbed and gone off script!”

Hello bitch shield my old friend….

Things only attractive women know. They prey on politeness. But you’re not obliged to talk to strangers, actually – you’re not supposed to?
If they can’t be introduced via work or social circle, there’s a class conflict anyway.
Don’t bother with a Federline. REMEMBER FEDERLINE.

never 4get

Like, the fullest range.


“These girls are gorgeous, now. But, what I thought was hilarious is what I heard from a guy.. he said something I never thought of.
These men marry a stunning beauty, but they don’t realize they’re in for a huge shock when their kids come out with the features of her real face. Classic.”

Beauty is an advert for genes.

“Generally, I tend to have an idea on what sort of surgeries these women have had but I didn’t realize that some were getting lower eyelid surgeries and lip implants. I’m not sure if the video is in Russian or Ukrainian but I know it’s one of the two. ”
White women do the fake femininity thing too.
I didn’t post before because I hadn’t found fitting examples until now, I’m not excluding my own race.

Not a patch on Aaliyah, if we’re comparing races.

It’s a mistake I’ve pointed out before to apply individual judgements based on group-level differences.
The world doesn’t work like that, you have to look at the individual. If the group is SO (thing) then the individual will be too.

“The Russians sure do know how to do some lips. They need to bring their ass over here so these white housewives can stop hurting my eyesight.”

“The Koreans are the wizards of plastic surgery. If OP does a thread for them, you’d better be sitting down while you scroll. The Russians come in close second and the Brazilians are third.”

Men need to be informed.

See? I’m not being racist (today), I’m being bitchy. All races are doing this, but in different ways and I think it shits on various men from different heights. That is wrong.

London thugs taken to using acid

Embrace the vibrant diversity.
All cultures are worthy of living among us.
Ignore the mutilation and murder.


“These are the same kind of young men, with few boundaries and little understanding of the consequences of their actions”
What’s with the infantilizaton?
And they know – there are no consequences.
Now they take to bragging in the papers.
“According to the online testimony of one ­Newham gang member, even their knives are dipped in acid, ‘so the wound doesn’t heal’.”
No motive there.
“Increasingly, these ‘scores’ involve the use of acid. According to the charity Acid Survivors Trust International, the UK has one of the highest per capita rates of recorded acid attacks in the world.”

In the East End. Particularly Newham.
What’s special about their demographics, we ponder?
Victorian women who used acid got the death penalty. Bring that back.
“On the street, the gruesome nickname for acid is ‘face melter’. It is an apt description. Acid can dissolve skin, flesh and bones.
An eye or nose can disintegrate in seconds. Often, victims never recover from the psychological damage.
The use of acid was once restricted to so-called ‘honour’ crimes in the Asian community, to permanently scar women who were thought to have been unfaithful to their husbands.
Some of the most high-­profile cases outside the Asian community have also involved women.”
White women. Pretty ones.
Feminists say nothing.
“Could there be any more chilling proof of this than the events that unfolded in the early hours of Sunday, when a paramedic on a 999 call in North London was flagged down by three men who appeared to be in distress?
She stopped — and they immediately pulled bandanas over their faces.
‘It all happened very quickly,’ she said.
‘One of them threw liquid out of a plastic bottle at me. The window was only open a few inches, but the liquid went on my face, neck and chest. The man was wearing latex gloves, so my first thought was: ‘Is this acid?'”
Oh, it’s purely accidental, sure thing.
Attacking paramedic women too, how brave and logical. Totally a gang dispute matter.
Later on another “A 17-year-old from East London, is now serving eight years for the random and unprovoked assault.”
They never give a name when it sounds foreign.
“Most of the burns went almost all the way through her skin. She had two skin grafts, which have only been ’85 per cent successful’.
Detectives believe Sibbons, who was from a broken home, was paid to carry out the attack”
“His story is depressingly familiar. One of a large family, his parents, who were born in West Africa, split up when he was ten.”
Where’s the violin?
Instead of restricting various ‘weapon’ after ‘weapon’, just deal with the crime, like it’s their entire purpose?
“‘Yes,’ he says. ‘I do regret it.'”
Completely irrelevant.
Words are just that.
Saying sorry doesn’t excuse crime.
‘Not long afterwards, friends of the person I attacked tried to ambush me in the street. I got away — but I realised this was never going to be over.'”
That’s why he regrets it.
As a comment points out, these people are completely useless.
Society doesn’t need them.
They enjoy violence.
They are not civilized. We put animals down for attacking humans once, what makes them an exception?
Well, this country used to have creative means of dealing with those people, like boiling in oil.
Perhaps just throwing the same acid on this lot would be the just punishment?
This country is so weak the criminals actually think saying ‘sorry’ will placate?

What has changed?
You import the people, you import the problems.
Top 3 boroughs
1 – Newham – 398 attacks
Over 70% non-white. Minimum.
2 – Barking & Dagenham – 134
Over half were minority status in 2011 but they have large families.
3 – Tower Hamlets – 84
“The 2011 Census results showed that Tower Hamlets has one of the most diverse populations in the country, home to many communities including the largest Bangladeshi community in the country.”

This will need to be dealt with eventually.

White nationalism’s creepy fertility cult

It’s bachelor types telling everyone to breed.
Oh, me? No, I’m not dumb enough to marry! type.

“But other people, men and women alike, have a different calling. No one is obliged to breed. No one should be shamed for not having children. (Rather, one should be shamed for having children, then neglecting or abusing them, as all too often happens.)” – A K trying to reason with r

“White nationalists who try to shame, bully, and guilt-trip others into parenthood on account of their whiteness are not expressing a desire for more children to be loved, cared for, and appreciated for their inherent worth. Instead, they want more ivory-colored pawns to be placed on the global demographic chessboard. Whether these children are loved or not, appreciated or not, whether their parents are worthy or not, appears to be of secondary importance. The main thing is to “make more of us!””

Pull up a chair, sit down son.

IQ density is important.
Population density is a weakness in times of economic downturn (now) and famine (soon). Why else would Asia be overflowing and crawling over one another like locusts to leave? If it’s so damn prosperous?
Many of the ‘refugees’ coming to Europe are from ASIA. Look it up!
We want the fewest whites possible to die in a famine, it’s that simple. Thankfully, we’re K-selected and all our children survive infancy, we’ve already controlled our breeding to sustainable levels in Europe.
Yes, sustainability, the topic you must discuss in demographics to have any legitimacy and hardly anyone ever does.

There is no sustainability without a controlled fertility rate.

We need to fix the multicultural problem, then food security – and we’ll be mostly fine. We’ll adapt and survive.
How often do you hear about the food security issue?
The elites don’t tell you. Oh, but they’re buying Apocalypse bunkers in New Zealand! The Guardian even covered it, brainlessly.

R-types migrate en masse when the Malthusian trap is about to snap shut.
You don’t talk Malthus? All your predictions are off!

The people pushing this don’t want 18 rugrats of their own.
They want someone else to pay for their party lifestyle and expected pension. They want you to invest, for them. Your time, their dependency.
They want more socialism. They don’t want the gravy train to stop before they’ve emptied it.
They’re not right-wing, that’s why. They can’t parasite your children if you fail to have any. They have a family fetish because they know the taxes will keep them in STD shots and Pills for their sluts.
It’s a GOOD, eugenic thing that men and women who don’t want to breed, fail to breed.
Most men didn’t breed throughout history. It’s a quality filter.
It’s about time the women had the choice to opt-out.
Why would you want those genes in your children?

We must praise good husbands, wives and families.
Naturally, men must marry before expecting children.
The fertility problem is a marriage problem.
I’ll repeat it until it sinks in.

You never mention it.

However, we mustn’t encourage the r-selected, who will try to twist and distort to outnumber us and use our programmes against us, see war widow pensions and the beginning of the welfare state. Reward the Ks, oppress the r.
The TRUE problem.
Africa has about a billion people.
China has more, slightly.

Which is a bigger threat to the West?

The Asian population is over half the world. Literally, over half the pie.
You can’t control them like blacks can be (gibs and grievance), I’d say the refugee problem is a mass red herring. Once you have Asians just in a company, they only hire and promote other Asians. The ingroup preference makes it impossible to cooperate with them. Inviting them in is a Trojan Horse labelled Chinese Food.

It’s deliberate, they don’t want other Asians because they know.

Why China Isn’t Hosting Syrian Refugees

Given what you know about supply/demand, why do you want to invite economic competition when you can barely afford to support a family on two jobs as it is, when they’re still in China??! Are you mad??!

We don’t need more white people than we currently have. We need to be sustainable in our native homelands, of better quality with superior K-selected childrearing habits.
To see it in terms of a raw numbers game is so spergy.

The solution to the dysgenics of the Third World isn’t to imitate the dysgenics of the Third World because it looks like they’re winning during the middle of the match.

Use your size as your strength.