Video: Instant Karma Feminist Edition

A couple of these are just misguided but most are gold. Cognitive dissonance wow.

In one or two instances, the man is actually at fault and getting very triggered.
This might not ping to another Yank but it does to us Johnny Foreigners.
Are all your TV hosts and politicians so disrespectful? Why talk, then?
However, the woman appropriating tartan was the rudest and also disrespectful.

Link: What’s the problem with feminism?

Should say SJWism. Different beasts. One postmodern and actively irrational.

There is one classic distraction tactic: you have X, you should be happy. Don’t bother for Y or Z.

Well, fuck you, that isn’t how humans work. Rape is a bigger problem in Europe now than before, so his statistics are craptacular. It’s about protecting the vulnerable, including children.

Equality of opportunity = literally meritocracy. Everyone is behind that. Everyone.
Feminists used to be people you could respect, they just wanted the same respect for the same work.

Equality of whatever they feel like today that’s nice? BS.

Social justice is one gigantic distraction from class.

Whatever they do, they fuck the poor.

They fuck them over by buying foreign products and inviting policies that keep the lower orders down, beneath them.

They’re preserving their privilege. There is no privilege but class privilege.
The middle-class are claiming to speak for the bulk of society and openly reviling those opinions.

Video: “Feminism is about equality”

love rdj tony stark sempai
love crush hearts

e.g. Like we need the self-styled likes of “Em Wats” telling us to read a depressing book about someone with a mental illness who refuses treatment.

Who do these people think they are? Know-nothing control freaks.

Telling a person you know what they should really think? Brainwashing en masse, gaslighting on a personal level (unless they’re a shrink and those have proof).

She wasn’t bitching about cultural appropriation when she was trying to rap.
I know exactly what she’s doing, she’s trying to be like Audrey Hepburn.
….The same Audrey who married, had kids and wore pretty dresses?
I don’t recall Audrey getting around with rugby players and rich SWPL?

They have this Puritanical approach to anything non-SJW. Burn the bigotry! Ban the bigots!

Recently, the Lefties here are going full anti-Semite with greedy, untrustworthy Jew rants about London mayoral candidate Goldsmith. The mask of sanity slips off.

They hide behind a label. To excuse a range of actions, all subsumed by a polite term: equality. Anything in the name of equality, the end justifies the means? Equality is their God.

They’re cowards.

They refuse to own their opinion. It must always belong to the Mob Hivemind Majority.

This entire schtick about equality for the demographic ‘minorities’ is inherently anti-democratic.

Mention it’s all about demographics, and entirely anti-democratic. They smoke at the ears.

They’re pretending they’re popular. 

I’ve heard the pitch. Here’s the subtext.

“Don’t you wanna be popular? Look how popular our opinion is. Most people are on our side. Don’t you wanna be with the winning side? We’re on the right side of history. Ignore their data, they’re liars! Would we lie to you? We’re the real victims here. Join us and we’ll give your sad sack of a life some purpose! Someone to be angry at! All hail Equality, where no one can laugh at you again!”

The Emperor has no clothes.

SJWs are a minority. In a democracy, their political clout should reflect this fact.

Finally, stop calling them what they want. Stop buying their social frame. They lie with language.
Don’t call them feminists.

Call them SJWs.

Every. Single. Time.



That was my line. I think this woman’s been placed on a pedestal.
Just because someone disagrees with your enemies, doesn’t mean they agree with you.

Most of all, I distrust the moderates. There’s no such thing. They’re too sneaky to admit what they really want.

Can anyone tell me what she actually wants?

I can’t find anything.

Isn’t that a little odd?

An activist with no real game plan?

Who only wants to ‘open a dialogue’?

I also find it disturbing some truly vile, utterly misogynistic men are taking her logic rebuttals as moral proof of their opinions. ‘Look a woman agrees (no she doesn’t), so it must be the Woman keeping us down!” Consider how absurd this is. No, anecdotes prove nothing, anymore than a male SJW validates their opinion of normal white men.

She’s an academic, and therefore, to be treated with caution.

Millennial women are rejecting feminism in record numbers because we see it isn’t an ideology, but a cult, it isn’t a form of activism, it’s a personal lifestyle choice. We reject the lifestyle that makes women angry, ugly and thinking that running around naked, daubing their blood everywhere is a good idea.

Link: Feminism as the death of self-respect

Yes, both sexes lack tradition.

The boys have gone from Patriarchs, fathers and respectable professionals to …well, none of those things, to put it politely. Women can’t follow until men lead. 

Where’s the dignity in this?

Nobody wants to put a ring on it, so in typical projection fashion the (low SES) blokes are pretending to be MGTOW and they wanna stay single forever (while whining about the lack of wife material). “If you don’t you’ll be alone, and like a ghost, I’ll be gone.” They’re slowly realizing with the internet access, women are seeing what they’re doing, discussing it and simply Nexting them.


Dignity, guys.

Young women have the power and they can’t stand it. I don’t know a single successful rich MGTOW, those ones don’t seem to have a problem finding a wife.
It’s simple, they want to be like a ghetto hood rat and have a harem of faithful women who treat him like a wife would, up to and including secured monogamy he refuses to provide, without him actually keeping them, like a wife (because he can’t, emotionally or financially). The growing number of conservative women are growing dating standards. Why else is the likes of Tinder over? Why are clubs closing? Where did the women go?
Men, ask yourselves, would you marry a woman that lies like that? Considering how sensitive women are socially, it’s amazing some men think their single activities, however egregious, will be given a Free Pass by women (no, that’s how men judge one another).

It’s a generational thing. The younger you are, the more conservative, and you could say there’s a Wife Strike.

“Women evolved to want effective men.” – Geoffrey Miller
If you’re going to abuse evobio, get the concept of fitness right.

“Women are disgusted by players because they have poor self-control and are not discriminating. They trade in a low-quality market.” discussion at same link, Trivers’ parental investment comes into play (the low investment are the r-types among us) as they have nothing material to offer, nothing special. (These people brag about being disposable, really interchangeable, it isn’t the female’s fault for believing him).

The traditional women seem to be exiting the dating pool in a tidal wave, if you look closely. There’s a fair bargain struck.

Be the man or be gone.

Spoiler: Both of those songs are saying the exact same thing. Men have money, women have eggs. Hey, babies are expensive.

Video: European men have been too feminized

This is sexual terrorism directed towards women” – perfect tweet.
Rape jihad is terrorism, Islamic State brag about coercing their enemies into submission, their trade in Christian women as sex slaves, the original type of slave (the word comes from Slav and they’re white as snow). They use jihad to target the men for regular violence (unless they’re little boys, equally evil, is it their fault for what they wore too?) in what are openly called ‘terror attacks’ yet dehumanise women into sex objects (acted upon, no volition or humanity, less than animals which at least defend themselves without getting arrested) and blonde whores (they’re all porn addicts), and the t-word is one the media dare not utter. Women hold the democratic power, and as I’ve already covered in the statistics, skew more conservative than men already. Those are the hallmark behaviours of an invasion, the respective punishments to men and women, without mentioning ‘conquest by womb’ as they admitted they’re doing. FYI rape can cause infertility and they get off on taking something belonging to another man (in this case ‘their’ women).

Even Hillary admitted there is a Christian genocide ongoing in MENA. Does anyone in power help? No. The rape of outgroup women is also genocide, because it prevents them from reproducing with their own.

The ‘men’ in power are weak and will be shortly removed.

Yes, they were raised by Boomers under cotton wool tactics but the pendulum is swinging back now. Replace Merkel with this woman.

If you look at all the Left wing demos over the past 6 years, there are increasingly fewer showing up and their fervour is dying. Look at the pictures, look at the numbers. I have seen this with my own eyes. The Open Borders protesters are actually the same people being coached into France or England as needed. It’s the same 50-100 people, over and over again as if to seem like there is wide support, as I covered in a Calais support post on their activities.

Every left-winger I know is shifting rightward on some positions.
The former gammas are still gamma, but quieter and they’re beginning to signal edgier positions.

The moderates are becoming conservatives. We’re battening down the hatches like a war.

Fewer men than ever are aligning with feminism, seeing it as a waste, and increasingly identifying with patriotic sentiments. (This doesn’t work for Americans because you pride your identity on a melting pot aka you’re doomed). Other identity politics still divides and conquers us, we are beginning to see national pride as the single point of legitimate, lasting pride. A house divided cannot stand and whether it’s male/female, white/tan, these divisive tactics are failing. The male/female Sex War is something the feminists want to rentseek and reduce the fertility of more attractive prospects. It is anti-society and Millennials are beginning to live up to our hero generation status, aligning with conservative family and economic values. There will be much screeching – because identity politics is dying. That’s the sound of the Left eating itself.

People are paying attention to the news, but not in the way foreigners think.
We’re using it as a starting point to research online and swap stories. We’re watching the videos and listening for names and drawing connections. We’re gathering intel in the calm before a very big storm. This is not mere passivity. We’re making history. The EU is supranationalist, we’re scaling it back down. The experiment is over, the gears are barely turning but the rest of you are yet to see it.

What’s missing from Sex Ed?

Duh. Of course.

Most of the feminists teaching hate marriage.
They think it’s a prison.
They have no idea how to navigate any of it. Not a bit.
It would change the required course e.g. don’t sleep around and lower your value.
It would discuss exchange and responsibility.
Families would become a good thing and the nuclear family health and success evidence assessed.

One place they are not likely to find evidence-based guidance is at school in sexuality education classes. This should give us pause since research shows that teen relationship history is linked to future romantic patterns.

Caused by.
A person is shaped by their personal history.
Cause. Effect.

Sex Ed is founded on the Pleasure Principle.

That’s why it screws kids up. Look at any metrics by age group, more reckless behaviour as time goes on. The classes encourage them. Here in the UK, we now have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. MORE THAN SWEDEN. Thanks to the most far-left extreme Sex Ed saying that orgies are fine, morally. [I heard this because in principle, this promiscuous gay man said while sucking on a flavoured condom, it’s the same thing as one person at a time but with much shorter time between, don’t ask for more detail, please].

They always say “It’s about LOVE!”

Reject frame. “It’s about LUST!” Obviously.

Sex Ed based on marriage and children would be anti-feminist.

Another thing they’ll never allow is accurate information on fertility (female and male), from sperm quality to ovarian reserves and the obvious importance of epigenetics in a pregnant mother (e.g. no drinking, no smoking, act responsible for the child, you’re an adult).

Women’s role in the workplace and history

The most important job in the history of the world is making and raising better people for the world. You can’t really top that for a purpose, the gift of Life. Ancient societies used to worship women for this power.

It’s the most difficult job because quality is hard to ensure. It’s also vital to a better future.

And look at the Spartan women – one job they had, to make little Spartans, they had one job, and they didn’t do it. And everyone died. This is left out of the feminist propaganda. 

A theme that could be applied to this blog: smug

I see other women my own age running about like headless chickens saying “I want to save the world” and I have to point out, 1. that’s impossible, 2. it isn’t a pleasant task (wouldn’t it involve mass-murdering all the evil people? the simplest thing?) and 3. surely the best one person can do is become The World to another person aka children?

As you can imagine, precisely none of this gets through.

STFU and pay attention to the truth you little bitches we are trying to help you!

As a rule, I don’t explain myself twice to stupid people who don’t deserve to reproduce if they can’t understand something the first time around.

The evil of feminism

~ written by a beautiful black woman.

Radical gender feminists hijacked the women’s movement and have been using the might of the government to further their extremist agenda of oppression and exploitation for decades. The scrutiny these Marxist revolutionaries received from their counter parts in academia hasn’t done much to stop this unscrupulous and dangerous cabal from wreaking havoc on innocent human life and society at large…..

applause clap clapping yes well done

Disappointingly short. 3 more paragraphs.