Women care about looks, stop deluding yourselves guys

We care AS MUCH, sometimes more. The manosphere needs to get over itself on this one. Everytime I hear a man bitch that women don’t care about looks online, you can tell he’s an ugly motherfucker. It’s like a feminist whining about attention paid to pretty girls, it’s pathetic. Stop. Is/Ought.

oh really am I supposed to be scared angelina jolie wanted big man uhuhO rlly? *I’m* the little bitch if I’m the tenth woman in a row to turn down your offer?
It’s almost like people don’t like giving away their valuables at a loss.

Sperm = cheap
Eggs = expensive
Sex = valuable to men, women? Not so much. The one who cares less holds the power, right?

Research: http://psychologyofattractivenesspodcast.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/overconfidence-when-we-think-were-more.html

You’re swallowing what your grandmother told you – “looks don’t matter” (to women) and passing it off as your original belief because it serves your ego in sheltering you from the reality. It’s in the same category as JBY (Just Be Yourself) for advice that requires a disclaimer about a book long and a series of asterisks listing exceptions longer than the Game of Thrones book series. If random people keep pulling this weird, twisty lip face when you discuss dating, you’re probably ugly.

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

Don’t take my word for it, do the damn work and find out your number: https://disenchantedscholar.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/an-easy-way-for-men-to-find-their-10-scale-value/ You’ve got a range of 1-2 based on external factors and the desperation of the prettier party.

This doesn’t make us women shallow anymore than not fancying landwhales makes you shallow. It’s nature. Everyone fancies attractive people. It’s evolution, it’s health, and it’s about the health of potential offspring.

Even when it comes down to the r-types, we have the Sexy Sons hypothesis. This overwhelmingly strong female attraction to appearance might dictate the bulk of their psychology, it’s that powerful. The stated exception is gold diggers, because plastic surgery is expensive and they’re rarely natural lookers themselves. The money overwhelms their disgust reflex and they’ve usually been around the block before settling.

Why do you believe women are special snowflakes when it comes to options? It’s ridiculous. Given two equally appealing choices, everybody, male female or alien would go for the more physically attractive. This was often swept under the rug because women had little historical say in mate selection (the betas and lower are the ones bitching about this now for that reason, they lost their power) and arranged marriages, complete with veil, meant if they knew they had a negative opinion of their husband-to-be, she had neither time nor purpose to point it out. It wasn’t as if women were expected to enjoy sex, was it? The woman’s sexual desire wasn’t a factor in the historical equation, so very little was written about it. Then courting came around, then dating and now hookup culture, where it’s plain to see if you pay attention. Look at any male model’s instagram account. Same as a woman’s, isn’t it?

Of course people care about looks when it comes to the opposite sex, that’s the difference between friends and more – do you find them physically attractive? It’s almost like boys in the manosphere haven’t heard the two ladders metaphor. This defines a big difference between male and female attraction mechanisms. If a woman fancies you, you’re on the prospect ladder. If she finds you ugly (that’s the brutal truth, it’s yay or nay) – you’re on the friend ladder. You ain’t never getting off, and the Friendzone is such a big deal online, because the boys in question refuse to believe women have eyes.

And dare to exercise a personal choice in whom to date.

You’re probably average, no shame in it, get over it. What do you think the Brad Pitt rule is about? Do you honestly think that guy needs a single bit of Game to have women interested in him? Pre-fame and money? Christian Bale met his wife when he was dirt poor and she traveled round with him. Any guesses why, children? [Clue: everybody has a personality, that doesn’t count as an answer.]

The starving artists stereotype is always drop-dead gorgeous. As is the hot nerd. And the hot librarian. And the hot businessman. And the hot gamer. It isn’t the context/skill/status that makes them hot, but adds to pre-existing hotness. And all pure stereotypes that appeal to women sexually, are already 10s….

What was I saying?

Gee, I guess that’s a MASSIVE coincidence…

You can’t convince women to be turned on by losers (genetic or otherwise), neither can feminists or SJW freaks. Attraction isn’t a negotiation. I’m saying this to help you. Women didn’t lie, your mother probably lied but she has vested self-interests, it’s usually the media who lied to you. The world has always been this way. Prince Charming isn’t the Hunchback, he’s a physical specimen of 10 like the Princess. The Beast turned into a hottie at the end to match his fiancee. Look at all romance plots written by women, the guy is never ugly.

Of course women are shallow, when it comes to dating, that’s all it is – being really, really shallow. Until you meet someone’s mutual standard of shallowness. One of the few totally valid PUA criticisms – they look at their actions, including external factors like income, and never pause to consider their physical league. If women seem to have a “bitch shield” around you, and you aren’t being rude, you’re probably swimming in the wrong gene pool. People with status abhor being approached by the SMV/MMV equivalent of peasants. This goes for men too, don’t start on a misogynistic rant about how all women are bitches and blaming them for your problems. If you were unemployed and walked up to random successful men in swish suits in coffee shops and in the street, they’d be disgusted too. You gotta have something to offer those people and bring to the table. What’s relevant in business? Contacts, contracts, money, skills. What’s relevant in dating? Looks, looks, looks, and a wildcard, like maybe you have a sense of humour like most people on the planet. You know that thing where everyone laughs at the hot girl’s non-jokes? It’s cos you don’t really see past the packaging, isn’t it? Women online are upfront about this, who they crush on and who’s the hottest out of XYZ options and men have the temerity to call us superficial…. nah, not gonna cut it, men discuss passing women in the street with the same lack of respect and when men have topless calenders and read lad’s mags at work, inappropriate doesn’t cut it either. We’re all adults here, opinions are okay. Alpha/quality males are serene about this and acknowledge quality women have options too and the non-quality proles of both sexes will daydream (few are foolish enough to try and play out of their league).

If you dare try and pull that feminist shit like “we don’t like being judged, it hurts our feelings” – erm, how do you think we feel, being literally marked on a scale when we walk down the street, like produce? Which sex is more sexualised in the media? Again, grow up. Adults judge things all the time and it’s a good thing. If you fall short, that’s your personal issue, not the people judging you and finding you wanting. You didn’t bring it to the table. You weren’t tall enough for this ride, whatever. Offer rejected. Nothing personal. You’d be a glad of a “bitch shield” if it was your wife maintaining it, in fact, you’d rely on it. That’s what really gets us – you expect us to make an exception for you and turn around and complain about special snowflakes. Does that make your hypothetical wife a bitch? Nope, she’s a quality woman who doesn’t fall for that casual nonsense we call pick-up, you’re just crybabies that spitting certain lines isn’t like a cheat code for sex with any random woman.

Short-term, who cares, get rejected thousands of times for all it matters. I don’t speak to those guys who wanna die alone because it fulfills some mythic complex about Eve and the wicked temptation of women.
For long-term, you need to redpill and look at the data. Assortative mating. People end up (most of the time don’t anecdote me) with someone of similar attractiveness to themselves. Not higher. Not lower. Similar. This way, neither party feels like they’re losing out on the deal of the relationship, getting the wedding is the easy part, maintaining the marriage requires effort on both sides. Sure, she loses post-pregnancy weight for you, but you can’t get a beer belly and wonder why she keeps getting headaches. It’s an exchange, no woman will ever be your mother (a mother figure you wanna fuck, creep alert!) unless she’s a co-dependent drip you don’t respect or trust. Long-term it’s an exchange of genetic material, the most serious decision you’ll ever make, an Eloi with a Morlock is poorly matched and won’t stick around for long and no, celebrities aren’t a rule or proof for anything in the real world.

Nothing wrong with being average, it isn’t your spiritual worth as a person, but it is your real SMV and likely highly correlates to your MMV, male or female, gay, straight, bi or whatever. Better happily matched, once your ego is over the shock, than #foreveralone because you had the male equivalent of Cinderella syndrome. Notches aren’t alpha, that’s a lie from PUAs trying to sell their book/site/method by spinning out notch numbers (not accounting for quality), your life isn’t a video game where you score for your score and if you’re top of the leaderboard you’re Mostest Alpha Man; it’s getting the Best woman in a social circle (the socio- in sociosexual hierarchy) and keeping her is what an alpha male does.

Bonus attachment!

A quick explanation of the British girl makeup look (why it’s so ‘heavy’)

I’ve seen questions about this knocking around for so long in various places I decided to take a punt explaining it. I hope you like slang because it’s my cup of tea. Here is the benefit of my wisdom (i.e. this post will be short given the topic).

Science makes complete sense, it is people who are wrong!

Americans have been avoiding their mirrors and turning their scorn onto us Brits. Common criticisms are: their makeup is too heavy, they trowel it on, they don’t wear it enough/they wear it too much and it ages them, they all look the same regardless of age and status and why is that etc.

First you have to understand that make-up resides at the intersection between many topics. It isn’t like painting (colours, priming, materials and tools), it isn’t like sculpture (depth, fullness, convex, negative space), and it isn’t about visual effects (except for Halloween) but it borrows from these and more. Don’t try to understand it, just trust me. There are make-up trends but this post covers solely the overall ‘look’.

As you can tell from the subjective bent of these topics and the fact that feminine women practically drink enough make-up via their pores to live, it’s seen as the one acceptable form of beautiful expression in these cold feminist times (they can make me wear trousers but they can’t take my lipgloss).

never take our freedom braveheart

It signifies a level of selfless consideration for everyone who will have to look at you on a Monday morning and feminists hate it because men like it. TLP covered that delusion of wearing the external for the internal in: http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2013/01/no_self-respecting_woman_would.html It takes a lot of effort to apply daily make-up and as truly womanly clothing is prohibitively expensive, this is what we make do with.

Red again. Like the British and English flags. See a pattern?

Red again. Like the British and English flags. See a pattern?

I’ll focus on the English because it’s what I know and when people say Brit they usually mean London, fashion hub and where the important people live who start trends. We are incredibly classist. Class is an invisible omnipresent power in our lives. Class indicators include how much you open your mouth when speaking and we love to signal our class because at this point even the underclass is proud of itself so it’s a free-for-all. The euphemisms vary in class from “put my face on” (upper class mask of propriety) to “powder my nose” when it was the done thing (middle class maintenance) to “tarting up” and this is why you rarely see us in the upper echelons with one item of make-up: wearing blush (rouge was associated with prostitutes since French women adopted it). We do not think of ourselves as European but a little set of islands that happen to exist on the European continent. We must distinguish ourselves from both the rest of Europe and America, closest to us in culture.

Harking back to the effort involved, this gives the full meaning to the term “lipstick lesbian” for trying to please men and feminists trying to pretend their “dolling up” has NOTHING to do with ‘keeping up appearances’ [beauty standards]. The personal is political and the one remaining mode of acceptable feminine expression is on the front line of vitriol.

Note the liberal usage of blush, whorish blush…..


This is going to be blunt and technical and as I prefaced, trust. Further detail isn’t necessary if you look.

By now men are starting to twig that there is no such thing as “natural beauty” because women are in fact human with pores and spots etc. The natural beauty idea is a Look created by makeup, which can do two things: 1. cover flaws or 2. accentuate assets. This dates back to ancient societies (Ancient Egypt eyeliner, Ancient Rome lipstick) – natural beauty was presumed to include upkeep. It has never existed in a raw form. There were often legal limits placed on this to prevent men being tricked into marriage because “too much” make-up or hair product was applied (including dying the hair to a rarer auburn or blonde for example).

We all know the association between whores and “too much” makeup because they had to hide their terrible faces marred by smallpox (grey lips and “mind your beeswax” mottling), plague (dark circles, hollow appearance and scar patches), syphilis (complete facial collapse) etc. It gave the appearance of youth and health. It was practical. Men wore it too: http://uk.askmen.com/sports/health_300/393_stds-that-show-on-your-face.html

The difference between ancient Natural Beauty and the modern British Look is one of pigment.

We can wear the same brand of makeup, the same product line, the same amount in the same places. If we wear it in Nude or Ivory or Blush or another ‘natural’ colour, how can strangers [men] tell how much effort we put in? How will they know our expertise, hard won in application? [status cue] How will they know we find their aesthetic pleasure at looking upon our visage important? [feminine] We associate red with national fervour [Blitz glamour] even when times are tough [Lipstick Index] – “London bus red” is widely considered the best red, universally flattering. Yes, there are types of red.

Blue makes teeth and sclera whiter. Orange makes the complexion seem healthier. It’s a tradeoff.

What do we end up doing, practically? Red is professional and classy since Elizabeth II wore it at her Coronation. You cannot out-signal the Queen. The application and effort is overt yet tasteful. It wins.

Pink is girlish, youthful and natural-lookiing, a spring/summer colour. Berry is the autumnal/wintry variant. You wouldn’t notice these walking down the street, but you would speaking to the wearer, it’s a compromise. These are the three main lipstick choices if you wear any, the Holy Trinity in Britain. If a woman were to apply red lipstick, however well by itself, it wouldn’t look right (whereas pink and berry are fine alone). There are reasons for this I won’t go into. Basically, you must define the eyes and smooth the skin too (both indicators of youth, incidentally). The bare minimum fix is one coat of mascara (maybe clear), perhaps a little tightlining (looks natural) to “balance the face” [features] and smoothing the skin tone and texture to make the lips the visual focal point (a sign of oestrogen, foundation used to be the only way to do this, now we have dozens of products).

The bold ideal;

Note the balance. Normal eyebrows. Clear skin. Best with dark hair. NO TAN WHATSOEVER. [That last is often the reason for the make-up criticism but foreigners cannot tell why). The tan and straw blonde combination from America looks atrocious with this Look by design. It is supposed to distinguish us [class] from All American make-up and colouring. Sometimes a muted red is used to give a softer look, it appears closer to pink or brown so whether it’s noticeable is up to the choice in specific pigment.

rouge cocoFor comparison, here is the same brand, with a model of similar colouring, wearing the same amount of make-up and the only real difference between the Looks is the pigment in her lipstick.

coco shine

Foreigners and commoners apply too much [overcompensating], in a cack-handed way [cheap lighting and tools, hurried], with more than one look at a time [lack of expertise] including contradictory ones and wonder why it looks bad. The effort it takes not to smudge red lippie is immense, it naturally ‘bleeds’ from the lipline and as such it also functions as an active sign of classy behaviour (sipping drinks demurely, not snogging strangers).
This is how it should be done;

from http://www.lisaeldridge.com/video/25389/ultimate-guide-to-red-lips/#.VOBE7C45vIUb



at your service sweeney todd you're welcome bows

Sexy versus cute


Prime example.

“Some girls have expressed their disappointment when I’ve told them that they look “cute” rather than “sexy” or “hot.” I used to respond to their reaction by claiming that it was unwarranted. After all, cute is still attractive. But in the back of my mind I knew that my compliment was mildly backhanded, even though it was never my intention.

To one degree or another, all women want to turn heads and make men’s jaws hit the floor; and they know that “cute” doesn’t elicit this kind of reaction…”

There’s also a great one for women on the ‘natural’ look. This guy really knows his stuff.

If I had to explain the difference to a man: sexy is what you want your girlfriend/wife to look like. Cute up to beautiful is what you want your daughter/sister/mother to look like.

Quick Wisdom: “Don’t waste the pretty.”

This is the best piece of advice modern women are never given.
In fact, we’re told the opposite.
Our main media tell us things in opposition to our best interests. Now, perhaps we might suspect this with the fad dieting and other overt examples but until it really kicks up a notch with exposure by the likes of us, the herd behaviour of women will dictate we walk like lemmings off a cliff. In Jimmy Choos.

Decent fashions are also hard to come by, some of don't want to dress like skanks, thanks

It’s all downhill from here, dollface. Plan accordingly.

Oestrogen studies can’t be wished away. Use your most feminine weapon while it is at its sharpest.