Forms of high intelligence and associative horizons

In my considerations about genius, I have over the years realized one of the pillars of brilliance is associative horizon (the other are intelligence and conscientiousness). To explain what I mean by this, here is a somewhat structured list of its suspected features: ………….

Partially personality-based, but don’t hold that against him. Rigidity of worldview.

Summarized, the person with wide associative horizon is primarily living one’s own mind, not letting one’s mental state be determined or strongly affected by others. This is not a choice but a personality feature outside of one’s control. Such a person may be seen as unusual, isolated, original, bizarre, detached from emotion, cold.

He just explained INTJs.
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Multiculturalism reversing, students are self-segregating

“The study, which analyses the social lives of almost 4,300 people from 13 to 80, shows that a clear trend towards each successive generation becoming more integrated than the one before breaks down when it comes to under-18s.

Despite growing up in more diverse society than ever before at a time when mass migration has transformed the make-up of Britain, today’s teenagers have almost 30 per cent fewer friends from other ethnic backgrounds than people in their 20s and early 30s.

Overall the analysis, designed by experimental psychologists at Oxford University, found that the current generation of teenagers show similar levels of social segregation as middle aged people.”

“This issue will not rectify itself, and requires urgent attention to promote better integration among young people when they are at a particularly formative moment in their development,” he said.”

Freedom of association?

““Today’s findings reveal a striking lack of mixing among the youngest in our society,” said Mr Taylor.

“This raises serious questions about the lack of integration in Britain’s education system, yet also suggests that certain institutions, such as higher education, have a positive effect on people’s propensity to mix.”

He said the aim of the study was not to support “social engineering” but find ways to “nudge” people to mix more closely.”

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““But what we would also say is that because we believe integration is a good thing and because Britain is becoming more diverse by ethnicity, age, income and social class we need to look at what steps we might take to overcome that natural tendency.”

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