Harry/Meghan Experiment revisit

Almost two years later:


Choice quotes:

“She challenges his beliefs.”
“He feels he must protect her from the world, whether she is vulnerable or not.”
“Her sexuality will define his public image.”
“He might want to move to the middle of nowhere and avoid the press.”

Wow, surprised how spot-on this turned out.

“However it’s square to her Lilith, eventually there will be a conflict of ego and she will probably leave (that’s the Lilith story, refusal to submit).”
“His Jupiter in Capricorn rather reinforces the notion of wanting a stay at home, quiet wife. In Vedic, this planet represents how a man acts as a husband. He wants to settle down and stay out of the press.”

Like, hot damn. There might be something to this.

“However what she wants is a bit colder than his fluffy family aspiration”
“She would almost definitely have trouble conceiving. If she’s been trying to get preggers for years according to gossip sites, that makes sense.”
“She would probably have them by IVF (Saturn in his 8th house of heirs, maybe if they divorced she’d keep the kids away in America).”


I’m so glad my own D9 chart is good now. (That’s how you judge an individual).

It’s so accurate on them so far I’m shocked. WTF. I see why the Indians do it before arranging now.

“He’d ruin his country for her.”

“She could totally change personality once she’s got the ring for a while and established, perhaps with a child. Don’t trust the mother in law. There’s meddling and plotting.”

“Her Bilk conjunct her MC. She will try to take advantage of her husband’s power.”

“In the myth, Nessus dies. I hope that’s irrelevant. He brings his own downfall due to his lustful choices.”

Well he’s certainly slid down the totem pole thus far. Burn the coal…

“Evil revenge. Medea kills her two children to spite their father. I hope that one isn’t relevant either.”

If that actually happens then astrology is 100% real.

As a scientific person I expected to be wrong. What is this.

“She has Kleopatra somewhat close to the Ascendant but in the 12th. Very power hungry. I hope William checks his brakes.”


Reddit’s hate-on for astrology

I haven’t spanked reddit in a while.

Loves: astronomy, Elon Musk, popular sci-fi books, telling you how smart he is.
Hates: using google, research, empirical studies, bigoted people who dare disagree with him, history books.

Reddit Greg’s Greatest Hits:

“Snowflake PTSDs aren’t real but my ADD is”,

“Essential oils are bad for you but smoking pot makes you smarter, as you can see”,

“There is no scientific benefit to being Christian, they’re all so angry, at least when I talk to them”,

“Morality doesn’t exist but I’m not a psychopath”,

“SJWs get offended by everything, that’s why I post every time they do something that upsets me”,

“We don’t need to study atheists like a separate group, just trust we’re superior to you”,

“Conservatives are literal Nazis, they aren’t even human”,

“I can’t keep my wife happy so monogamy is a social construct”,

“My multiple divorces were caused by feminism, I’m a great catch, a real…Nice Guy…”,

“Cheating is just biology… unless a woman does it… unless a woman does it with me…”,

“Women shouldn’t breastfeed in public, that’s disgusting. Lingerie ads are capitalism and fine around children”,

“Women trick men into asking them out, dating them, proposing to them and marrying them”,

“My next wife’s gonna be Asian, all women are lying whores”,

“I don’t have a haltlose personality disorder because I think I’m fine”,

“Porn is safe, I just need to strangle women to cum naturally“,

“I’m not gaslighting you, you’re crazy”,

“What does creepy even mean? I never creeped out myself therefore I cannot be creepy”,

“If you hate me, you must hate all men, I am logical because I am a man”,

“If a man lies about a woman’s sex life, it’s a joke and it doesn’t matter, get over it but if a woman lies about a man’s sex life she might as well murder him because it ruins his life and career and she has no heart”,

“MeToo is stupid, victims don’t matter, they’re probably faking but men get raped and nobody even CARES, where’s OUR movement?”,

“Single mothers are evil but deadbeats are flawless little angels, even when they murder their kids it wasn’t their fault, it’s feminism”,

“I don’t have anger issues, the world makes me angry”,

“I have tons of scientific evidence about this important social issue but if you dare ask ME for any references I won’t give them to you and call it obvious, it’s just obvious”,

“That doesn’t count as assault because it’s something I’ve done, that’s how laws work”,

“I am very self-aware and actually very deep, nobody has ever experienced the same problems as me in the entirety of human history and I’m entitled to get whatever I want as a reward…. social justice is cancer”,

“I don’t hate women, I just hate everything they say, do and are, lol”,

“I can tell which men are hot and how women think but I’m not gay”,

“Threatening rape is a joke, that’s why men do it to one another”,

“I want to have tons of promiscuous dangerous sex but I’m a gentleman who’ll treat a woman right,”

“Women expect Prince Charming is gonna rescue them, I just want a virgin with a religion I don’t share who’ll let me internally damage and degrade her”,

“Women are supposed to bleed that much, scar tissue isn’t real”,

“LOL what a cuck… except when I’m cucking my wife, totally different, that’s consensual humiliation, my consent”,

“Women are shallow – no fat chicks, no one taller than me or who makes more money”,

“My masculinity isn’t fragile, my WW2 vet grandfather would’ve spent thousands on e-books about it too!”,

“But masculinity is in danger because of feminism, not toxic though!”,

“Women should work and pay their equal way but magically stay at home and never leave, leaving the Man to make ALL the money, the way it should be – why do they ignore us?”,

“It is totally my business what is happening in happy marriages, this isn’t weird”,

“Hello discussion of uterine cancer. Equality is a myth but WHAT ABOUT MEN?”

“Men age like a fine wine, that’s why I’ve been taking risky testosterone supplements from the wise old age of 21”,

“Testosterone supplements make your dick work better, that’s why they’re $12 a jar!”,

“Testosterone makes black men more violent so all white men need to take more testosterone and be like Africa, famous Matriarchy”,

“Women are regressing but wanting to fuck random teenage girls the rest of my life is healthy, not a fetish”,

“Age 29, a woman’s ovaries poison her to death like a gremlin after midnight, a doctor friend told me”,

“Reddit isn’t a prison for people who’d make the world worse, they’d make the world better – if only they could quit the site”,

“Rape gangs don’t target boys so living under Sharia would be fine, it isn’t like they castrate the conquered”,

“What was the virgin wearing when she was raped?”,

“Men and women are different but women should be more like men… and less like men… but more like men… but not those men… “,

“Idiotic women blame the Patriarchy for rape, but I’m smarter, I blame feminism”,

“Abortion is evil but rape is normal, just get a gun and get arrested for having a gun, then get raped in prison!”,

“Men don’t have to defend women, women should defend themselves with their weaker biology because I’m a coward”,

“Abortion is evil but fathers are not responsible for the life they made, no matter how many times they fuck without protection”,

“Boys will be boys but muh male on male homicide rate, be sad”,

“Women vote Left, because the Left said so, and they wouldn’t lie about that”,

“”The Pill has made women whores, let’s keep it legal!”,

“What was the rich guy wearing when he was mugged?”, (I wish)

“Patriarchy is a good thing unless I have to earn money for my gender role.”

“A rich man who marries is asking to be divorce raped”, (that was pure troll)

“Women need to earn respect but men deserve respect for existing creating war, usury, genocide, rape, various crime statistics….”,

“Women are useless, that’s why mothers are so important to us, in the kitchen, keeping us alive”,

“Women are crazy but let’s hand them a set of steak knives and take a nap”,

“Men are geniuses, that’s why I can’t name a single living one from the past century”,

“My delusions of male grandeur say yes, the national IQ of Russia says no”,

“More men are alive than ever, that’s why the world is in such great shape, look at India!”,

“Celebrities are cancer but the cult of Musk is life”,

“War is coming to teach these women a lesson but no, I’m too ____ to be drafted”,

“Womyn is stupid, just say woman, what is wrong with females?”

“The death penalty is fine but child support is cruel”,

“I’m not a soy boy…. but soy sauce doesn’t count”,

“Women are gold diggers, I asked a woman to go out with me and she expected me to pay! She should be grateful I made the offer, I didn’t offer to pay too!”, (check this one)

“I deserve a good woman, whether they want me or not“,

“Promiscuity is good for men, look how well-adjusted manwhores are from middle age on”,

“Stupid Boomers are paying for their years of ‘free love’, glad that won’t happen to us!”,

“I don’t want to get married but have all the reliability and loyalty of a wife, because I’m me,”

“I don’t want to rape you but I insist on getting you so drunk you can’t fight back”,

“I’m avoiding all women, by spending every hour of every day bitching about them”,

“They’re calling him a rapist without a trial, but he doesn’t want a trial!”,

“It’s assumed she wants it until she presses charges”,

“Women are so stupid, that must be why they reject me and I want them”,

“Men can’t be beautiful so I can’t be ugly”,

“Fuck character, women want huge muscles because the guys at the gym said so”,

“We can study everything without censorship but looking into the life outcomes of slutty men might hurt their feelings”, (Hare did it)

“Old men are happier than old women, free, they even die earlier, ultimate MGTOW!”,

“What causes so many male suicides, we’ll never know! Smith & Wesson retirement plan FTW!”,

“Bachelors die sooner but that doesn’t make it unhealthy”,

“Deadbeats don’t harm their kids but girls get periods early”,

“Studies proving low IQ are real until you get to the political implications for low IQ white men, who don’t exist”,

“Communism is impossible to sustain but socialism is fine”,

“Marx was a man but all lefties are women”,

“Social science isn’t real but the mental disorders I claim to have online are valid”,

“I don’t believe in r/K because a pattern throughout species insults me personally”,

“There are obvious brain differences between left and right wing people, if only we had an evolutionary theory that tied this all together!”,

“Political persuasion works but I’m a materialist, everything about the mind, including consciousness, has a biological explanation”,

“My child IQ score allows me to sit on my ass all day judging others instead of contributing to society”

“My parents paid for this expensive education that clearly did wonders, that makes me right and you always wrong”,

and “Vaccines are safe, I had them and my autism is total coincidence. You should trust pharmaceutical companies even though you can’t sue them for vaccine damage but Big Pharma wants to kill us all, they want us all stupid. Drugs are bad unless I bought them from an illegal immigrant involved with child slave rings, then they’re good for you! Oh my non-existent God, don’t you know how bad smoking cigarettes is for your erections?”

I’m taking the piss out of everyone, if you can’t tell.

The good, the bad and the downright ugly

Update: This woman covered them if you want competence (it sure isn’t here).

How about an astrological experiment? Pick up a drink. 2,700 words.

The combined efforts of three people made this post.
After this, I can’t be asked covering them much anymore. You’ll see why.

There have been paltry media posts on Meghan and Harry’s astrology (the ones I saw lied) so I roped in two extra people to gather the data. One with rather a lot of experience in charts and another as critic and filter.

We’re running three charts, as you can guess.

It will be interesting to see what plays out.

Details are retained so you can check up on us.
By all means, run your own analysis of these charts. Check!
We might’ve got it wrong, once or twice. We don’t really value it. Don’t @ me.
This is a bit of fun, we don’t actually know if this stuff is legit.

We have years to see.


Birth date and times from here.

“Their synastry isn’t that impressive”

True, let’s see. A synastry chart is a comparison of the two people, it is commonly considered a test for soulmates. The dark side of what might seem like a soulmate connection – but isn’t – is called a karmic tie by LA hippies and it’s the relationship Hell Criminal Minds warned you about.

The standard is astro.com and their Extended Chart Selection. Here’s what it looks like.

This is the bog standard, basic chart. It doesn’t tell us much.

Their connections suck.

You can see examples of great synastry charts in other couples. For example, Liz Taylor.


Even within the family, the synastry of Kate and William is impressive e.g. his Sun is conjunct her MC. The MC is a traditional marriage angle and this would represent how he raised her status in society to a point of prominence and fame.


Back to Harry/Meghan, henceforth referred to as Haghan.

He is a;

Virgo – demanding and perfectionistic.

Taurus Moon – demands conservatism, a wife as a second, that might cause conflict off the bat. I guess he thinks her feminism will satisfy her politically…

Venus in Libra and she does have a stellium there (grouping of planets), good sign. She is closer to what he’d physically desire than average but the Moon is what we select in a spouse for longevity and she’s weak in Taurus.

Their major angles do NOT align, terrible indicator.

His MC aligns with her 5th house cusp, she is famous for bringing that lascivious LA tinge to his life.

They’re surprisingly short on aspects, I’m looking for things to say.

“I haven’t seen a chart this empty before”. But the birth times must be accurate.

His Jupiter in Capricorn rather reinforces the notion of wanting a stay at home, quiet wife. In Vedic, this planet represents how a man acts as a husband. He wants to settle down and stay out of the press.

His Jupiter squares her Moon, her heart. That’s one of the worst aspects possible.
We’ll be sticking to the main aspects (conjunction, trine, sextile, opposition, square).

Well, see for yourself.


“Unrealistic expectations” says it all.

The way he thinks she’ll be, isn’t the way she’ll go. False promises.

I put in some basic points on chart selection, to post each would be too confusing. Their bowl shape would look like a mass of red lines, that is odd. Couples are often crosses, tightly conjoined, locked in love and destiny. The three charts will be basic, positive and negative factors. It will not be complete, there are thousands of options.

I’ll list aspects you can check rather than pic after pic after pic without context.

His Vertex (soul angle) in Leo might give rise to the impression she is his soulmate, that’s her Sun sign (expression). However it’s square to her Lilith, eventually there will be a conflict of ego and she will probably leave (that’s the Lilith story, refusal to submit).

It is also square to her Chiron, indicating she will bring him pain.
The Vertex pulls energy in.

Her Chiron is conjunct his Moon, she could literally “break his heart”.
These negative aspects only activate upon marriage, FYI.

Her Part of Fortune (destiny) is conjunct his North Node (future). They were destined to end up together but this is no guarantee the marriage will work out.

Her POF sextiles his Lilith, she seems like a good lover for him, compatible.

Her Chiron is opposite her Uranus (which is also conjunct her Lilith). An erratic sexual temperament, it provokes trouble. It’s impossible to determine if that’s past or future. She’d be fun during the honeymoon period for certain.

The most apparent aspect is how her Mars is smack on top of his DC, she brings him raw desire. This can also stand for anger and a clash of priority. Conjunctions can go either way, it could change.

Sextiles and trines are positive, trines moreso. Trines are natural free flows, only bad if Pluto or Saturn or something dark is involved.
Squares and oppositions are negative, squares moreso. You can’t ignore a square, it will find you and you can’t really overcome it like an opposition.

Her Vertex conjunct his Uranus, an exciting connection that could become chaotic. She might demand destructive changes to his life or vice versa.

Her Neptune conjunct his Mars, she could deceive him or blind him with desire.

His Neptune square her Moon, Jupiter, Saturn. Their ideals do not match in the long run. She might wish to restrict him and turn his dream into a nightmare.

Her Vertex square his POF, her Venus square his Chiron.

Cross purposes, growing apart, he might come to feel smothered by her.
He could easily go from burning love to burning hatred for her.

“I have never seen synastry this terrible.”

We both agreed. Going by the book, they’re doomed already.

His Chiron trine her Libran trio could initially be viewed as a relief, a healing balm… if it weren’t for that Saturn. Glue becomes shackles. Good luck spoils.

We are not going to cover all aspects, it would take days. You can do it.

We haven’t even got past the fundamentals.

His Saturn in her 4th house of home and family. He can see himself settling down with her.

Her Pluto in his 9th. She challenges his beliefs.

His Vertex in her 2nd. She feels like she owns him. Politely, he belongs to her.

Her Vertex in his 11th. He feels like they’re good friends first and can do a lot of good in the world via charities. She reminds him of his mother.

She has nothing in his 12th. He feels she is hiding nothing from him.

Her Sun in his 7th house of marriage. She appears to be wife material.

His Sun in her 3rd, she feels like she can easily talk to him (and wrap him around her finger, she is a Sun conjunct Mercury woman, very calculating).

Her Chiron in his 4th. He feels he must protect her from the world, whether she is vulnerable or not.

His Chiron in her 11th. He opened up about his mother early on. She may have used this information to reinforce the last point.

His Mars in her 5th house, he feels she will be a fun partner, the end game of his playboy days. He wants children with her, many children. She is aligned in this goal strongly (DC connection with her Mars) but perhaps for less pure reasons, as he craves the happy family he didn’t have.

He looks to his brother and feels less of a man without children.

Her Lilith in his 10th house. Her sexuality will define his public image. Could be very, very bad. She could be worse than Fergie. She could be the wanton fashionista of the family, positively. If she dials up the sex appeal.

His Lilith in her 9th house. She approves of and fulfills his fetishes. A high degree of sexual comfort.

His Saturn trine her Mars. This is a good aspect. He is confident he can keep house with her as his second in command and that her wishes will be subsumed by his. Whether this is true is another story.

His Moon opposite her Uranus. She seems exciting at first. This won’t age well. She’s too wild for what he really needs.

Her Sun square his Saturn. I’m having trouble thinking of something worse. This could end up an abuse aspect although it’s impossible to say who starts it. She will pull one way, he will try to pull her back. She will feel restricted but it’s necessary for the union to work in the long term. She could feel like he holds her back (or prisoner!) and his family dims her shine, she’ll miss LA a lot.


He might want to move to the middle of nowhere and avoid the press.

I included some new aspects. To post a bunch of charts would again, be silly.

Her Ixion conjunct his Saturn. She will rebel from his wishes, it’s a matter of time.

He will respond by trying to stamp it out. And he will. For as long as they’re wed.

Her Eris opposite his Venus, she will play with his heartstrings, cause trouble to amuse herself or punish him. Make him dance for her in public, to her tune. A mean aspect.

His Pholus opposite her Juno. An explosive temper when she crosses him as His Wife. He will expect obedience.

Let’s look at her basic positions like I did with him. I won’t pull punches. Combined, it’s a picture.

She is a;

Leo – attention seeking.

conjunct Mercury – conniving

Venus in Virgo – emotionally cold (she can freeze men out if they displease her) bitch (critical) unless bought (Earth signs are materialists). They seem like a match only superficially because at the moment her mind aligns with his.

However what she wants is a bit colder than his fluffy family aspiration (Libra Venus in 8th house of making children).

This union will be a case study in, can you turn a hoe into a housewife?

There is nothing close to her AC or DC, relationship angles, it’s a heartless connection.

Her MC/10th house is empty, so according to this they’ll divorce, as are the 7th and 8th houses. She would almost definitely have trouble conceiving. If she’s been trying to get preggers for years according to gossip sites, that makes sense.

It isn’t a naturally fecund union.

She wants children with him, for maybe deceptive reasons, her Mercury in his 7th. She would probably have them by IVF (Saturn in his 8th house of heirs, maybe if they divorced she’d keep the kids away in America).

This seems to be a karmic tie, payback for his playboy ways. He’s getting played.

I’ve had to interpret houses because there are so few planetary forces.

The Moon in Libra is often indicative of a prostitute (Libra in general, especially Sun too) or at least a woman who can cut off her conscience and feelings from her actions entirely, like a man. Jupiter in Libra can support this, with a woman who makes money from her sex life (casting couch?) conjunct Saturn, sign of bosses.

This is quite official opinion.


“These Moons are notoriously disloyal with Libra being the worst. Libra Moon is called the Courtesan’s Moon: cold and fickle.”

Her Algol conjunct his Ceres. If he expects her to be a kind mother, he is sorely mistaken.
She could be sadistic to his children to hold him to ransom.


Her Sedna trine his Mercury. She could betray him once they are married, great deception is possible. She could totally change personality once she’s got the ring for a while and established, perhaps with a child. Don’t trust the mother in law. There’s meddling and plotting.

There’s free will, of course. This is potential.

Pluto/Venus is hot alas short-lived, about three years, tops.

It’s the only classic aspect between them I can find.

His Nessus conjunct her Sun, insatiable passion at first. Smoldering passion often becomes seething resentment. In the myth, Nessus dies. I hope that’s irrelevant. He brings his own downfall due to his lustful choices.

It’s a typical karmic tie connection. Her Nessus sextile his Sun, square his Pholus.

She would win, if it came down to who could be crueler (stronger Nessus).

Her Eris trine his Nessus. Oh dear, oh dear.

It’s a match made in Hell. [Not that either is a Saint.]

I’m sorry, there’s no nice way to put it. Mind games, emotional abuse, hate sex.

The papers will be busy. I should buy shares in the Daily Mail.

She has her Nessus conjunct her Ascendant in the 1st of ego, this explains why people don’t trust her. It’s an intense aspect. She is the stronger of the two. It can be used constructively but it takes an utterly selfless person to do so. She prides herself on standing up to “bullies” but could be the worst one. By far.

It will be intriguing to see who she labels as a target worth attack.

Arguing with such a woman is inadvisable. The Sun-Mercury seals it.

She’ll pull every trick in the book. Every low down, rotten trick to win an argument (like bringing up his mother’s death). No fighting fair, pure revenge and spite motive if pushed (offended). Eris tests, sows discord, enjoys ruin.

Thank God feminists don’t get easily offended, huh? Eris is social justice.

Her Pholus sextile his Chiron. She’d just erupt, dangerously (to his family), she may threaten to bring down the monarchy. Quite literally.

I wouldn’t push her, Harry. Give her the shiny shit.

She would win and he would never emotionally recover, even if they stayed together publicly.

I almost feel sorry for him. He proposed and had plenty of time to assess her…

His Juno conjunct her Ceres, it could’ve been so beautiful.

Her Dejanira is clear, she is by no means a victim.
His Dejanira is square her Mars. She could wound him. A moody Mars.

Her potential for rage is hidden from him (Mars in her 12th).

Her Bilk conjunct her MC. She will try to take advantage of her husband’s power.

Interestingly, his Bilk is conjunct her DC. He think he’s taking advantage of her!

At first.

Her Venus opposite his Medusa. Her Medusa trine his Vertex, square his Bilk. We’re dry on this one, could mean anything.

She has Lie opposite his Mars, she is a liar. Anything bad happens, she will lie about it.
Right to the papers or Oprah.

He has Lie trine her Venus, he’d cover for her. It’s square her Sun, for the family.

Her Nessus AC opposite his Bilk. Not a happy marriage. His AC square her MC.

She will not provide what he wants from marriage.

Her Medea square his Venus, trine his Moon.
Evil revenge. Medea kills her two children to spite their father.

I hope that one isn’t relevant either.

“What does he see in her?”

“He has Sun in the 8th, sex.”

On a hunch, we checked Nemesis and Karma.

Her Nemesis sextile his Chiron. His Nemesis clear. She could betray him greatly.

Her Nemesis trine his Uranus, he’d be taken totally by surprise. Last to see it.
Her Neptune, planet of deceit, conjunct her Karma.

His Karma conjunct his Venus. Wow.

Her Karma square his Sun. She isn’t fond of his masculinity. She probably doesn’t like white guys, deep down.

Otherwise, his karma is clear…

Once you ignore all the ….rot.

Let’s try to find some nice ones to round it out, shall we?

Since they’re both vain, beauty aspects.

His Lust widely conjunct her Sun. (“Well, that explains a lot.“)

Bacchus conjunct her North Node, he wants to party with her and have wild orgiastic sex. Cheat? He brings her plenty. Money?

His Helena in her 7th house, he’d fight for her. The idea of her.

Her Helena opposite his Neptune, she seems too perfect to be true.

Her Lust trine his Kallisto (dark beauty). He likes her black features, I wouldn’t be surprised by slave roleplay. His Kallisto sextiles hers. She’s into it. Kallisto in her first, she uses her race as a strength.

Her Aphrodite in her fifth, practically insatiable. Conjunct his Uranus, keeps things fresh.

Her Lust ambient conjunction to his Helena. She’s roughly his perfect woman, physically. She knows this. Oh boy, does she know this. He’d ruin his country for her.

Her Eros trine his Mercury. The idea of her turns him on. He’s never been a smart lad.

His Eros conjunct her Neptune, she is versatile to whatever erotic thing he wants her to be.

With the Moon of his conjunct her Chiron, he would’ve felt she could heal him… this is impossible but apparently sexual in attempt.

We tried.

Their Psyche oppose one another. He has Kleopatra conjunct Neptune opposite her Helena. She has Kleopatra somewhat close to the Ascendant but in the 12th. Very power hungry.

I hope William checks his brakes.

His Eros sextile her Pluto. His Psyche trine her Moon. Her Psyche conjunct her Mercury. Quite nice?

An essay is quite enough. Haghan is a dim prospect. Should be fun to watch.

Denying Risk: Pholus

Remember, this blog serves as one big thought experiment. Things are posted because they are interesting or unusual, not that I necessarily 100% believe in or agree with. People bring information to me that involves patterns, it isn’t always from mainstream resources.

Astrology was already applied to Brexit and the Rise of Trump/Regulus Rising correctly and later a little of Plutonic effects on the stock market so with those in mind (a little Ixion connected to societal cycles before) here’s some information on another asteroid, Pholus.


So maybe that Pholus ‘giving in to pressure’ thing may work both ways? In other words, while it may say we give in where we know we shouldn’t, maybe Pholus also represents where we ‘kill ourselves’ (or our chances or relationships or whatnot) because we refuse to accept some simple human truths?
If you think about it, there does seem to be a lot of that going around. In fact, since Pholus entered Sagittarius this time around (back in 2005) there has seemed to be a lot of people at various points in our world spectrum who seem to be living in some la-la land of theories which truly can’t work in practice.
That may well be the hallmark of Pholus in Sagittarius. There are certainly enough folks saying ‘this is killing us’ without being heard – and that ‘us’ part comes from the idea that Pholus will work not just in individual charts, but of those of rulers, politicians and nations.
Pholus will leave Sagittarius 21st January 2018.
I thought I’d bring this up now.
Sag is about education because in Sagittarius we learn what works and maybe learn better. Some will learn to YELL REALLY LOUD to daunt people and some will learn they’re just idiotically dead-on wrong!
Right away, having Pholus in Sagittarius sounds like a dicey time. After all, if Pholus is that place where we tend to do ourselves (deadly) wrong out of giving in to public (peer, family, religious, political, image, media, educational, etc.) pressure, in Sagittarius that tendency is going to really be a problem!
If you look around, there’s a link to mass murder and terrorists.
Pholus is not an easy asteroid to have conjunct anything, really. Pholus explodes what it touches–BOOM. It is interesting. In my travels around the web, someone did a study on a plane that was blown up by Muslim terrorists. Pholus was right there. I think they had my article on Pholus as part of their references, but I can’t remember. I find my information on asteroids by studying the myths and then using the asteroids in charts. In the world of asteroids, there is much that is unexplored, so it is perfect for the lover of astrology to find a fascinating journey.
Capricorn is legal consequence, as mentioned in the first article.
Or legal theory and legal debate (Sagittarius) and legal consequences (Capricorn). 
So where the reality comes in stage right to kick you in the teeth.
Considering that, then let’s think…both the Great Stock Market Crash (of 1929) and that worldwide depression and the latest stock market crumble and the resulting recession(s) have occurred with Pholus in Sagittarius. At once the phrase ‘good money after bad’ comes to mind. Then again, there’s also the idea that the periods preceding both money crunches were…well, call it a bit giddy, perhaps? Ideas which might have sounded morally (or at least moralistically) sound like the U.S. “experiment” with Prohibition (1920-1933) happened under Pholus in Sagittarius, and far from improving things, Prohibition became a major cash source for underground crime.
Has America passed any stupid laws lately?
You don’t have to be psychic to figure this one out.
Pholus was entrusted with his people’s resources and got them killed by squandering them to an outsider. Pholus is killed after the genocide he caused, because he was stupid, drunk and treated the thing that killed his people like a toy. It’s an inventive form of protracted suicide. His story is also one of disloyalty, kin betrayal and weakness in the face of external forces.
Sagittarius is the bleeding heart liberal of the Zodiac.
Gif is completely, totally relevant.
I’ll never let the Kevin Spacey GIFs die. NEVER.
Capricorn, the next sign, is the patriarchal, male conservative sign. It’s ruled by Saturn, represented by death, healing surgery and painful consequences. Pure karma. Most people don’t like him much. FYI he embodies patriotism.

Ixion 2019

“Then 2019 rolls around. Pholus hits the Capricorn ingress ‘reality’ quotient as Ixion passes over the Galactic Center (the Galactic Center being the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy).

Let me put it this way: in the realm of theoretical celestial one-upmanship, while Ixion is ‘closer’ to us (i.e., more “native” to our sense of individual life and wanting what we want), there’s no question but when the fight is billed as Galactic Center (Black Hole) versus Ixion, Ixion loses.

One assumes that those most ‘Ixion-ish’ (who do what they want or what will benefit them without regard for morals, morays, laws or ethics) will find someone lighting a fire under their tails about then.

We don’t know who (or what) will be striking this match. But since the mythic Ixion ends up tied to a rotating, flaming wheel for all eternity for having ignored the opportunity to learn better…these stories do seem intertwined.”


I know it’s very popular to try and guess economic hardship, but I’d put my money on here.

Deutsche Bank, maybe somewhere else.