Link: Millennials don’t know what socialism is

This chart gives me hope.

Despite all the brainwashing, capitalism edges a win.

They don’t know what it is because their teachers didn’t teach them the truth.

…She got in.

Higher standards, less places, STEM-only? Sure. But Universities can’t raise prices above, say, 10% profit.
You see, students are conditioned to believe the universities are benevolent, when in fact they are businesses and will respond to market shifts e.g. higher demand, higher prices seen recently. Regulate them as harshly as they deserve by their beloved government and watch them squeal.

The rich will move. The prices will go up (see minimum wage and cost of living). You will be paying for this in yet more tax. All those social engineering programmes? You’re paying for them. Hope you didn’t plan on retirement this side of death. Ironically, the spoiled brat Free Lunch middle class OWS kids promoting these ideas (and here, the EU debt bomb) are tricking themselves out of their inheritance, let them…
Taxing at 100% would only last a few years, see here.

If you want to be charitable, see here.

This isn’t algebra.

Two negatives do not a positive make!

British attitudes turning on multiculturalism

“”In an increasingly diverse, multi-cultural country, we might expect people to be more relaxed about what it means to be British, yet the trend is going in the opposite direction.” source

I’m going to make this very simple: if you take away pride (the poor man’s dignity), you take away money, you take away space and foreign people who further impose on those things are going to get the brunt of it.

Since space and money aren’t going to change parameter, national pride needs to be reinstalled and emboldened.

This won’t happen. It will get worse until it boils over because the politicians refuse to make amends.

Immigration or invasion?

A thought-provoking comment caught my eye;

“Allowing a foreign culture into your country and allowing it to proliferate in a way that allows it’s adherents to have no intention of integrating is not called ‘immigration’ – it is called ‘invasion’ – successive governments have failed us – and continue to fail us on this point.”

And I can’t fault it.

I believe this to be the subconscious recognition behind the recent European sweep.

From this article:

I would add that having a value doesn’t bequeath it with value.

Article: Middle class 30-something Brits aren’t patriotic

“Soon I found myself well under way. I had declared my conviction that the embers of British brilliance still burn under all the suffocating bureaucracy and was beginning on some of our most promising industries when I looked around. My friends’ heads had retreated deep inside their hoods, their faces tight with distaste. At Staithes, where James Cook first dreamed of setting sail, we had it out. I said: it’s exciting, Britain could be a contender! They said: but what’s so great about leading the world? Don’t we all compete too much? It’d be better if we just relaxed. One friend said Cameron was right to want to measure general wellbeing, not GDP. Another said Britain had had its day. We don’t need to be best; let other countries have a chance. The grey sea roared at my back, my woollen hat was solid with mizzle and I lost heart.”

“I turned the matter over in my mind. These are bright, educated women, some left-wing, some right. They’re the sort who once would have manned the war effort and cracked codes, so what’s this will to decline? And forgive me, my friends, but isn’t it irresponsible? It’s easy to be sniffy about ‘economic growth’ when you’re not struggling to make ends meet. ”

“Come morning, I had two answers, and one of them was guilt. My friends don’t all have easy lives by any stretch, but compared with jobseekers in the north-east, they’re well off. Guilt about their luck in life has shaped a reflex to be ‘nice’. They think workers should be liberated from unpleasant jobs; they show solidarity with the poor by despising ‘profit’.

Historically, that changes when harder times arrive.

Self-loathing is no match for starvation and rolling blackouts.

My generation will make mince meat out of these people for selling us down the river with the likes of life-ruining student debt.


Prejudiced attitude survey on racial prejudice

Those charts are obviously fiddled, the construction is downplaying it.

No mention of what the questions were, nor the race of the person taking the survey/giving it. Basic.

Awfully big gap from Gen Y in years. I wonder why they left that data out.

There goes the uneducated myth. The left-wing brainwashing machine starts at degree level over here.

What questions were asked to ascertain this?

Just over nine in 10 of those who admitted to some level of racial prejudice said they would also like to see a reduction in immigration levels, compared with around seven in 10 who said that were not prejudiced at all.

Oh. So the entire thing is political bullshit for the Left. Nevermind.