Q gets it

But you missed the point. It’s a basic logic gate function through premise after premise.

True = 1

False = 0

Resources exist to exploit (capitalism) = 1

Powerful people exist = 1
Powerful people are above mortal or mundane laws in a nation = 1
Powerful people are above international law = 1 look at Blair
Powerful people have similar goals = 1 “international relations”?
Powerful people know one another = likely.

Combine them.
There’s your conspiracy = authority + evil intent to use it.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You can prove the first part, the second must be deduced.


Medicine is eugenic, transhumanism is dysgenic (undue power, unnatural). Classism goes unmentioned by name. Don’t look at the rich people. No connection to power there. A little moral Communism – for the “greater good” with no good absolute and no greater Godhead. It’s about decreasing independence and increasing the number of dependents, a simple ratio.

Ask simple probability questions and observe reality:

How many cows does the cattle farmer want in future: more, the same or fewer?
What are the odds no rape gang has abused a Jewish child?
How is the economy still running with fewer producers than ever?
What is the plan for population density as food production plummets?

Nootropics and neurotoxins are an existing chemical example. Who gets what?

best comment
Maybe the population should never be this big. When you have this many people alive on earth your basically inviting the smartest of those people to get together and find out a way to conspire against those below them. Forcing their hands into doing things and thinking about things that should never be done. All in the name of damage control. It just seems like a lot.

There is no noblesse oblige and they would resent the parasite load.

They’re locked into their investment (“Human Resources”, the scariest term in the English language) for certain, until they switch over to 100% robots. They’ll keep chopping up those transhumanist-loving chumps until there’s only machine. It reminds me of Hannibal where he’s eating the brain.

No, thanks.

The body is sacred.

We already consume ourselves with the social construct and financial fiction of debt. Debt requires a bondage, homogeneity and has confines e.g. jubilee years.

Power isn’t IQ, that’s what they want you to think because it deters challenge. If you assumed you were gonna lose, you wouldn’t try to rebel. They’d lie about their IQ. I’m getting Assassin’s Creed flashbacks: nothing is true, everything is permitted. OG Fake News meme.

Now, how many people own the media channels?

Is a little paranoia justified upon noticing things?

Link: How to escape the age of mass delusion


You need to unplug.

…I think the reason there is so little “comedy” that’s funny today is the genre itself has been hijacked by the humorless PC crowd. Why is their humor so unamusing and so dependent upon mean-spiritedness? Consider this possibility: “The totalitarian mind is like the schizophrenic individual; it has a contempt for reality. Think for a moment of Lysenko’s theory and its denial of the influence of heredity. The totalitarian mind does not observe and verify its impressions of reality; it dictates to reality how it shall behave, it compels reality to conform to its fantasies.”…

all no none joke humour funny

Study: Liberals love being special snowflakes, are actually still sheep

study coverage

This is an important study imo. Note the anti-conservative slant too? Have to get it in there.

“Contrary to stereotype, conservatives are not more accepting of authority than are liberals. But they are less concerned that their opinions appear unique. [see: Tumblr]

However, the political right’s valuation of consensus over uniqueness might explain why the Tea Party had more success than Occupy Wall Street. “Conservatives’ stronger perceptions of consensus with like-minded others might give them an edge in mobilizing their ranks during the incipient stages of forming a movement,” [DS: they can organize themselves because they are useful to society and have real jobs]

People make judgments about sexual orientation based on stereotypes, and previous research has found that conservatives are more likely to lean on stereotypes about masculinity and femininity when making such judgments than are liberals. [as opposed to…?]

Stern’s findings might seem to back up the stereotypes of conservatives as conformists and liberals as free spirits. But a second study by another group of researchers found the two sides are not so different, after all — at least when authority is concerned. [Liberals replaced God with Government.]

I had stumbled upon a kind of deference to authority that forbids asking questions,” Frimer told Live Science. “It was just like the U.S. culture war, only with left and right reversed.”

This time, the answers revealed that most people accept authority, as long as the authority is on their side. [also: water is wet]

“When the authority demanding obedience is a liberal advocate, liberals are the ones who demand obedience,” Frimer said. “When the authority has no ideological leaning, liberals and conservatives have similar feelings about obedience.”

No other studies had picked up on this shared love of authority for a simple reason: When people on both the left and right hear “authority,” their brains substitute “conservative authority.” [they are the ones with boundaries]

“In the ongoing culture war, it often feels like the other side is biased, corrupt or even crazy,” he said. “Liberals often struggle to understand [everything] why conservatives seem to blindly follow the orders of their leaders. These new findings suggest that liberals may do the same. Deep down, liberals and conservatives may be more similar than they appear at first.””

Conversion efforts, anyone?


Government is your God

You appeal to it and beg it to solve your problems for you. You pray for long-sought proclamations to fell your enemies and appeal to its righteous authority when instated. There is nothing higher, you say. Its divinity cannot be revoked. Ah, but what of Revolutions? Never of Government you know, it must be the money. Money is the root of all evil, you misquote and lobby for your Government Gods to wreak vengeance on Wall Street for its believers. After all, we should be equal under God.

Some days I have trouble handling this amount of stupid