Tranny sex offender tried sneaking into school

Repeat Sexual Offender Arrested After Dressing Like Woman to Sneak Into School: Geoffrey Kelley

Ballygawley, County Tyrone, UK – A man convicted of three previous sexual offenses has been arrested after he was accused of donning a wig and women’s clothing to enter a local school.

Police accuse Geoffrey Rainey Kelly, aged 35, of putting on a white skirt, pink jacket, pearl necklace and blonde wig, and gaining entry to St Ciaran’s College through a side door.

Not premeditated at all.

School staff say they caught Mr Kelley wandering the halls and attempting to turn the handle on various doors.

When confronted by staff, the man claimed to be searching for a particular third-year female pupil, and gave staff the name. Staff could not find a child listed with the name on the school register, and questioned him further.


And what if they had such a kid? Let that thing in a room with them?

Mr Kelly then stated that he was “just looking around.”

It would make sense if most misogynists (sexual predator kind) just pretended to be trannies to attack women in gym showers. It would make sense.

He left the school and drove away in a vehicle, and was later arrested by police at Ballygawley Park and Ride, still wearing the clothing described by St Ciaran’s staff.

Declaring Mr Kelley at high risk of re-offending and noncompliance with bail conditions, Judge Mark McGarrity denied him bail, noting that he had violated a Sexual Offences Prevention Order that bans him from coming within 20 meters of schools and other places frequented by minors under age 18.

like only minors should be protected?

Mr Kelly has prior convictions for sexual assaulting female individuals in 2016 and 2017, and a 2017 conviction for entering a clothing store and emerging from the changing room fully naked in front of a 16-year-old girl who was employed there.

Rehabilitation is impossible when they enjoy offending, literally.

The cure for pedophilia is lead.

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Sex offender caught wandering school dressed as woman

Also, library drag freak a convicted pedophile.

“Drag Queen Storytime” Reader at Houston Library a Convicted Paedophile: Albert Garza

Pedos don’t dress up like the big bad wolf anymore, but a hooker.

Video: Behold, the truth about trannies

Mask of sanity slips sometimes.

Genetic > delusion.

Insanity is defined as a break from reality.

The true face behind the recent PR effort is as mentally defective as they are physically.
Autogynephiles become intensely violent and aggressive (this is now Exh. A) when you threaten their sexual exhibitionism, which you are compelled to take part in, without consent (whether you like it or not) from merely viewing them in pantomime to verbal roleplay (Pronoun Police).

Bet: refusing a tranny for sex on those grounds will become a hatecrime, or they will want it to be.

Tolerance = tolerance for Cultural Marxism.
Whom is the bigot?

Book: The Man Who Would Be Queen (transgender psychology)

Click to access TMWWBQ.pdf

Link thanks to SuperMisdreavus. Whole book.

Autogynephilic and Homosexual Transsexuals: How To Tell Them Apart at pp.192

I don’t count the homosexual ones as you well know because they just come under a queer type of gay really, but good luck getting that back into the DSM when it’s more political than the literal Bible.

And although Blanchards ideas are fundamental to an understanding of transsexualism, they might not matter that much for helping transsexuals, which most clinicians have as their first priority. With luck, the next revision of the DSM will distinguish homosexualfrom autogynephilictranssexualism. But will popular features on the transgenderedbegin to mention the teenage masturbatory cross-dressing? Will The Cher Mondavi Storybecome a made-fortelevision movie co-starring Robot Man?Probably not, and it is a pity. True acceptance of the transgendered requires that we truly understand who they are.”

This is why natural women have an aversion to cross-dressing men. Disgust, if they’re honest.

Rather, sex reassignment has a rational choice component: Can I make it? Will I be happier as a female? Will I be more successful getting straight men as a woman than I am at getting gay men as a man?(The last decision has to be weighted by a particular transsexuals degree of preference for straight versus gay men. Most vastly prefer straight men.)

Normal men need substantial legal protections from rape by these creatures (the homosexual type usually). Open disclosure prior to offer at least. And the men who think they can fuck a man with breast implants and count as ‘straight’ need some serious social correction, it’s a damaging delusion when you consider the STD risk.

Prostitution is the single most common occupation that homosexual transsexuals in our study admitted to. About half of them have worked as prostitutes at some point….

The rate of HIV infection among transsexual streetwalkers is very high, partly due to the high rate of intravenous drug use.

The self-destruction – this is why people avoid them.
You don’t want these “straight men” passing these diseases onto the very women normal men sleep with, in general sexual marketplace circulation. It’s a public health risk.

The manosphere need to nip this in the bud and make it law for these men to out themselves.

Living on the edge is more out of necessity than desire. Most of the homosexual transsexuals I talked to had similar dreams for the future. They wanted to get their surgery (if they had not yet had it) and meet a nice, attractive, and financially stable heterosexual man who would marry and take care of them. This is obviously similar to the hopes of many non-transsexual women. When I was conducting my study of homosexual transsexuals, I routinely asked them if they knew anyone who had realized this dream. No one did.

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Your move, guys.
Your move.

Link: Transgenderism, a pathogenic meme

…A rare issue of a few men—both homosexual and heterosexual men, including some who sought sex-change surgery because they were erotically aroused by the thought or image of themselves as women—has spread to include women as well as men. Even young boys and girls have begun to present themselves as of the opposite sex. Over the last ten or fifteen years, this phenomenon has increased in prevalence, seemingly exponentially. Now, almost everyone has heard of or met such a person….

autogynephilia, my money’s on a porn addiction aetiology

At Johns Hopkins, after pioneering sex-change surgery, we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits. As a result, we stopped offering that form of treatment in the 1970s. Our efforts, though, had little influence on the emergence of this new idea about sex, or upon the expansion of the number of “transgendered” among young and old….

First, do no harm.

 The photograph of the posed, corseted, breast-boosted Bruce Jenner (a man in his mid-sixties, but flaunting himself as if a “pin-up” girl in her twenties or thirties) on the cover ofVanity Fair suggests that he may fit the behavioral mold that Ray Blanchard has dubbed an expression of “autogynephilia”—from gynephilia (attracted to women) and auto (in the form of oneself)….

oh shit damn fuck hell no give up dean winchester  shrug

But the meme—that your sex is a feeling, not a biological fact, and can change at any time—marches on through our society. In a way, it’s reminiscent of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. In that tale, the Emperor, believing that he wore an outfit of special beauty imperceptible to the rude or uncultured, paraded naked through his town to the huzzahs of courtiers and citizens anxious about their reputations. Many onlookers to the contemporary transgender parade, knowing that a disfavored opinion is worse than bad taste today, similarly fear to identify it as a misapprehension.

Fear being the operative word.

I am ever trying to be the boy among the bystanders who points to what’s real. I do so not only because truth matters, but also because overlooked amid the hoopla—enhanced now by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity and Annie Leibovitz’s photography—stand many victims. Think, for example, of the parents whom no one—not doctors, schools, nor even churches—will help to rescue their children from these strange notions of being transgendered and the problematic lives these notions herald. These youngsters now far outnumber the Bruce Jenner type of transgender. Although they may be encouraged by his public reception, these children generally come to their ideas about their sex not through erotic interests but through a variety of youthful psychosocial conflicts and concerns…

This is how they recruit sexually. Trannies tend to sleep with one another (HIV rates, drug use). This is how they get plenty of fresh meat to sleep with in 10 years, when they’re nice and psychologically vulnerable. It’s sick.

First, though, let us address the basic assumption of the contemporary parade: the idea that exchange of one’s sex is possible. It, like the storied Emperor, is starkly, nakedly false. Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they “identify.” In that lies their problematic future.

When “the tumult and shouting dies,” it proves not easy nor wise to live in a counterfeit sexual garb. The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people—extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered—documents their lifelong mental unrest. Ten to fifteen years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to twenty times that of comparable peers…..

Read the whole article, it’s top-shelf.

For all the hate I get about ‘hating’ them, I’m actually trying to save their lives.

The Great White Witch Hunt

It’s become a farce to the apathetic observer at this point.

Omg so sad lemme tweet dat hashtagn cos I care

Compassion fatigue has well and truly set in against the self-proclaimed victims who want press attention, money and revenge. Essentially, we are seeing an historic inversion where the normal people become the hunted.

As for the cause of autogynephilia, it’s simple: porn addiction. I would bet good money most, if not all of the transsexual/transgender/whatever lot, fell down the rabbithole and ended up with a fetish for he/she porn. Prove me wrong with a study, you go prove me wrong. I know what the data would say.

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I haven’t seen this anecdotal evidence ever fail me in those cases. Also, tranny “helplines” have a known verbal abuse problem, with some men in question using it like a sex line. Did you know that? Explain that.
Eventually we’ll end up giving them head transplants or something. #wrongbody #two-spirit

Article: What is a woman? (Feminists v. Transgender ‘women’)

Read it. No. Really. Read it. I enjoyed reading it. There were feminists speaking and I agreed with them – because they were being logical.

…Abusive posts proliferated on Twitter and, especially, Tumblr. One read, “/kill/terfs 2K14.” Another suggested, “how about ‘slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw-like torture machines and contraptions’ 2K14.” A young blogger holding a knife posted a selfie with the caption “Fetch me a terf.” Such threats have become so common that radical-feminist Web sites have taken to cataloguing them. “It’s aggrieved entitlement,” Lierre Keith told me. “They are so angry that we will not see them as women.”

…As members see it, a person born with male privilege can no more shed it through surgery than a white person can claim an African-American identity simply by darkening his or her skin. …

Transracialists, transn—-ers and transethnics would disagree.

…In the book, Jeffreys calls detransitioners like Russell “survivors,” and cites them as evidence that transgenderism isn’t immutable and thus doesn’t warrant radical medical intervention. (She considers gender-reassignment surgery a form of mutilation.) “The phenomenon of regret undermines the idea that there exists a particular kind of person who is genuinely and essentially transgender and can be identified accurately by psychiatrists,” she writes. “It is radically destabilising to the transgender project.”…

Sex is biological. Genetic. Chromosomal. The brain is set, it even affects toys we play with. Change the brain if anything. Do not abuse children.

… Jeffreys is especially alarmed by doctors in Europe, Australia, and the United States who treat transgender children with puberty-delaying drugs, which prevent them from developing unwanted secondary sex characteristics and can result in sterilization….

We should have learnt from ” a Canadian man born biologically male but raised female following medical advice and intervention after his penis was accidentally destroyed during a botched circumcision in infancy. …Reimer later went public with his story to help discourage similar medical practices. He later committed suicide after suffering years of severe depression, financial instability, and a troubled marriage.
People are not interchangeable. Egalitarianism is a lie.

Excuse the privilege stuff, because the sexes are treated differently in society for good reasons, and it’s scarily lucid.

And she gets to the core. Why are there so many male transsexuals?

But, if that’s true, why would men demote themselves to womanhood? For reasons of sexual fetishism, Jeffreys says. She substantiates her argument with the highly controversial theories of Ray Blanchard, a retired professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, and the related work of J. Michael Bailey, a psychology professor at Northwestern University. Contrary to widespread belief, Blanchard says, the majority of trans women in the West start off not as effeminate gay men but as straight or bisexual men, and they are initially motivated by erotic compulsion rather than by any conceived female identity. “The core is, it’s really exciting for guys to imagine themselves with female breasts, or female breasts and a vulva,” he told me. To describe the syndrome, Blanchard coined the term “autogynephilia,” meaning sexual arousal at the thought of oneself as female.

Blanchard is far from a radical feminist. He believes that gender-reassignment surgery can relieve psychological suffering; he has even counselled people who undergo it. He also accepts the commonly held view that male brains differ from female brains in ways that affect behavior. Nevertheless, Jeffreys believes that the work of Blanchard and Bailey shows that when trans women ask to be accepted as women they’re seeking to have an erotic fixation indulged.

you're awesome yes thank you finally dean supernatural

Yes it is a fetish. It’s always been a fetish. People who believe they need to have any non-sexual limb amputated still aren’t indulged. But when it’s sex, they cave. When it involves unnatural orgasms, it’s a fetish. Hormones don’t make for sex either, the brain is formed by hormones in childhood and in the womb, when according to feminists, they don’t exist as people.

Just because it is a temporary fix (which some regret because surgical complications mean the orgasms from the fetish can no longer occur as expected and/or they still commit suicide anyway, even with/out surgery) doesn’t make it the proper solution to a medical problem. Brain is broken? Fix brain. Dangerous fetish? Don’t indulge.

“All transsexuals rape women’s bodies by reducing the real female form to an artifact, appropriating this body for themselves,” Raymond wrote. “However, the transsexually constructed lesbian-feminist violates women’s sexuality and spirit.”

A man can’t be a lesbian.
If you have a Y chromosome, you will never be a lesbian.
By lying to actual lesbians to have sex with them? Yeah I count that as rape, since by definition, they wouldn’t consent to sex if they knew the true sex of the other person, that’s why they get off on “passing”, aka deception. As I do count it too when trans”women” lie to men. Also rape.

“If I were to say in a typical women’s-studies class today, ‘Female people are oppressed on the basis of reproduction,’ I would get called out,” Ivey says. Other students, she adds, would ask, “What about women who are male?”

Feminists pointing out the stupidity of other feminists.

sherlock bbc cracking up lol laughing so hard

In May, they voted unanimously to stop using the word “women” when talking about people who get pregnant, so as not to exclude trans men. “We recognize that people who identify as men can become pregnant and seek abortions,”

Yeah, feminism jumped the shark ages ago.

To transgender activists, Vogel’s stance is laden with offensive assumptions: that trans women are different in an essential way from other women, and that they’re dangerous.

Take an underage girl in a gender-neutral bathroom. Is the possibility of her being brutally raped by a serial rapist higher or lower than if she were able to use a woman-only bathroom?

“The trope of trans women” constituting “a threat to women’s spaces has been tossed around forever,”

Men have been known to try and break into women’s homeless shelters to seek out their battered girlfriends and drag them home. There are good, legal and protective reasons for exclusion. I wish there were men’s only ones too.

A few years ago, though, Vogel says, some protesters committed acts of vandalism—stealing electrical cables, cutting water pipes, keying cars in the parking lot, and spray-painting a six-foot penis, and the words “Real Women Have Dicks,” on the side of the main kitchen tent.

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She said, “This moment where we’re losing the ability to say the word ‘woman’ or to acknowledge the fact that being born female has lived consequences and meaning is kind of intense to me.”

SMG understands the pain of women in STEM watching feminists talk about STEM

Censoring words…… who made that okay?



European Court of Human Rights rules same-sex marriage is not a right

Sorta. You know it couldn’t be that simple.

coverage here

The highest human rights court in Europe has told European LGBTs that they have no human right to same-sex marriage, in a case that also shows how complicated sexual and marital norms have become in this new transsexual world. [whose fault is that.]

The case arose after a man in Finland, who was married with a child, decided he wanted to live as a woman. After a sex-change operation, he attempted to change his governmental “male identity number” to a female one. [fraud] He was turned down because, according to law, he needed his wife’s consent to change their man-woman marriage to a “registered partnership”, which she had withheld. [think of the poor kid]

The problem in short is that this married man and woman could no longer be considered married in Finland if he changed his sex to female because Finland does not allow same-sex marriage. [yet] The couple would be required to accept a “registered partnership”, something they objected to. [but not voluntary castration…]

The couple sued [move somewhere else?] and told the court that “a divorce would be against their religious convictions” [bullshit] and that a “registered partnership did not provide the same security as marriage” and that “their child would be placed in a different situation from children born within wedlock.” [by having a national laughing stock for a father]

Some of the claims made by the plaintiffs made to the Court of Justice of the European Communities show how complicated these matters can become. Among other things the transsexual said the court’s decision — that a “registered partnership” was appropriate for their relationship — required that his wife had to become a lesbian [please stop] and that a registered partnership would mean he could no longer be a “legal father to his child and could not be her mother either, as a child could not have two mothers.” [BIOLOGY. > feelings]

Lower courts repeated told the couple that a registered partnership was on par with marriage [then why push it] and rejected their claims, which they took to the European Court of Human Rights, which oversees the European Convention of Human Rights signed by 47 member states of the Council of Europe, which is distinct from the European Union.

The high court said there two competing rights that needed to be balanced; the “applicants right to respect for her private life by obtaining a new female identity number and the State’s interest in maintaining the traditional institution of intact.” [one is real, the other a fantasy, hardly a tough call]

The court reiterated that nothing in the Convention on Human Rights imposed an obligation on States to allow same-sex marriage. [yet] The court said his alternatives were either a registered partnership, something that requires his wife’s approval, or divorce. [or 3. man up.]

The court further said “it cannot be said that there exists in any European consensus on allowing same-sex marriage” and that same-sex marriage is allowed in only ten of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

The decision flies in the face of ongoing LGBT claims that same-sex marriage is about to sweep in the world. In fact, same-sex marriage is recognized in only 18 countries out of more than 200 listed in the CIA World Fact Book or the 192 member states of the UN. [‘cos voting people don’t want it]

Just last month the Italian Constitutional Court rejected same-sex marriage and said civil unions were sufficient to protect same-sex couples. [because they are]

The Finnish man and his wife remain defiant. On his website he said, “I will stay married after this judgment. There is nothing on earth that will get us separated. We won’t terminate our marriage. We do not call it cis or trans or whatever. It is a religious marriage as I have proven to the court.” [no it isn’t, if you truly believe you’re a woman, which you clearly don’t]

Shouldn’t the wife sue for paternity fraud or something? He lied about being male. Isn’t that rape? Can we get some radfems on this?
I’ve noticed with a lot of these trans, they’re just men who get off on the idea of looking like women. It’s the like the ultimate Being Inside plus insecure narcissism or something.

A page on autogynephilia, the male sexual attraction to oneself as a woman


I wonder if the tidal rise of gynocentrism in culture has anything to do with the increasing number of men identifying as ‘women’. Maybe they figure they’ll get some respect or recognition that way.

“This self-selection process explains the intriguing observation that transitioning homosexual transsexuals tend to be physically smaller and lighter than their autogynephilic sisters. (6) The bottom line is that in homosexual transsexuality, too, a sexual calculus is often at work. Transsexualism is largely about sex — no matter what kind of transsexual one is.”

Medical ethics of performing mutilating surgery aside, duh.

Where’s the legal protection for knowing what born-sex (real scientific chromosomal sex) one is sleeping with? Can feminists get on that rape law? It isn’t consent if you’re lied to in the decision-making process.