Beauty has become a hate crime

to see it, to think of it, to feel it, to judge it, to parse it

…There is no discussion of it because by convincing the public that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the Left has placed it beyond the realm of discussion. According to the Left, beauty is a matter of taste, and arbitrary taste at that. There is no discussion of taste because to give reasons to prefer tasteful to tasteless things is elitist, nasty, uncouth and inappropriate. To have taste implies that some cultures produce more works of art and better than others, and this raises the uncomfortable possibility that love of beauty is Eurocentric, or even racist. To admire beauty has become a hate crime.

Syphon off the blood supplies to the beast

When the societal split comes, they can live among their primitive ‘art’ in a hut and we can live in the Roman columned-mansions. Personally, I prefer the Greek style, but w/e.