Video: Marxists laugh as Atlas shrugs

ADE, the Grim Reaper taps his glass
I hope it was worth it, your ‘domestic pass’.
Your social credit score has a carbon limit
now you need ‘clean’ organs with no one to give it.
No surgeons, no nurses, no judges, no bakers,
no binmen or shelf-stacking candle-stick makers.
They don’t need a reason, their body is their property
and dirty little Commies want everybody to belong to thee?
Whatever happened to consent, the liberty of choice?
And throw over yourself a millstone, depriving children a voice.
It’s for your own good, said Mao and Mengele
and history thinks those guys were pretty swell.
You smugly thought you could travel, for many a year
but your carbon limit won’t allow, let’s shed a tear.
You’re saving the planet, but saving it from you
the experimenters didn’t need to tell you that truth.
The depopulation quotes were official for years
but you trusted journalists to feed your fears.
They etched it in stone, like Biblical times
but you said it wasn’t a Mark, you lied and gaslight.
The brotherhood of liars, with Masons at the top.
But it’s just a conspiracy, there’s no control to stop.
You were laughing at China having no human rights for how long?
Until you got a taste of power and sang in red the same song.
Braying for blood of your countrymen
because the best defence is an offense, again and again.
This is a war and you are the propagandist’s art.
Degenerate and treasonous, no brain cells to spark.
Judas felt enough shame to kill himself
But you spent sixty silvers in wealth.
You were given victory, the greatest historical society
but you found it boring and turned it into an orgy.
You gave the needle to your children like the Nazis did before
but times are different now, with no prejudice of yore.
You don’t believe in segregation, you said, or subhuman oppressions
social justice, much like mine is your social media obsession.
For I am become Death, and older than you all
I have seen much pride and it never lacked a fall
social justice is real, but it culls the stupid first
and in terms of generation, you, Boomer, were the worst.
You slaughtered your children and are back at it again
you cannot pay for heaven in blood, you paid to Satan.
Now your line dies with you
since you sterilised your children, fool.
Hate them as you may, the Nazis fought for their families
while you fought to destroy everything sacred in thee.
When you listen to the most atheist person in the room
you deserve no respite, you earned your doom.
Florida has no shipping problems, I wonder WHY?

Now hold still you filthy hippy, and prepare to die.

Above may be reproduced with credit for no profit.


Keep pumping it in, your insanity, excess mortality is chef’s kiss.
I’ll wait here to debunk the notion that ignorance is bliss
tick tick tick ding dong ur wrong
You won’t spend it all before you bloody die
you agreed to euthanasia, so there is no crime.

nb What an excellent way for the eugenicists to select the Thanos Snappers, by making them self-identify as terrified to die. It’s evil genius. Still, abjure the hippies in every generation. Boomers complain the Most Diverse Generation of Young People Ever don’t respect them, we all ask, why? Either you told them to hate white people (das you) or you murdered their siblings for being an inconvenience while asking the survivors Y NO GRANDKIDS. The good Boomers don’t have this problem. Elders are revered for religiosity and piety, that’s never been a Boomer forte. Everyone respected the WW2 generation for obvious reasons, what did you do that wasn’t stupid? It’s difficult to pull up bootstraps when you coated them in Third World shit. They have the honour to be the first generation to ever fail – the living standard predictions for their children and grandchildren are worse than they inherited.

Pureblood & Proud

A Boomer is still a Boomer

If it looks like a moral relativist, and walks like a moral relativist and talks like a moral relativist…. how can you trust any moralistic didactic pronouncement it comes out with?

Funnily enough, the same people who idolize him hate liberal arts majors,

I tried to warn them. I told them about Peterson numerous times and they called me the stupid one.

He blocked you off from other explanations of the same shit. When you only know one breakdown, you know nothing. To get that tier knowledge, ya gotta pay for it. Expensively.

“There is no such thing as truth-” then you switch off because they’re going to rim you financially for it.

It’s literally the levels of a cult. Secret, mysterious knowledge they can’t give you an overview of up front before you buy in.

“How much can we get out of them before they realize we don’t know?”


If there’s no truth, they are under no obligation to EVER, EVER provide it.

And they shouldn’t morally offer the impossible, should they?

The deceivers in my own group are also tossers. No free rides here.

If everything is a matter of interpretation (something Freudians are rightly insulted for) then all you’re doing is listening to an old man tell you boring stories from his life. Go to the local old folks’ home, at least get range! Peterson wasn’t in a war!

He has grown men treating Disney movies like the classics. Male IQ, god damn…

The attention span of a postage stamp. He references, like, five authors. That’s one per DECADE.

Here’s my own boring story as example.

I was at a bus stop. The bus was late, the State is unreliable. Nobody spoke on the bus, technology has made people cold, apparently. Someone dropped a gum wrapper. I didn’t tell them off, society is already full of trash. It was empty, like most young people. It had outlived its purpose, at least it had one. The shape is based on convenience but what is the convenience of needing something to chew, in evolutionary terms, when it’s repressed rage? When we’re stressed? Everyone hates life. We’re so smart. Stop chewing gum.

^That is what listening to a Peterson lecture is like.

Pay me. I’m a guru.

Jordan Peterson: “Sex is dangerous”

There are people who don’t know this?

Have you read any history books, ever?

Where did syphilis come from, huh?

The original position of misogyny is that women carry disease.
Women are evil for making us lust (dude, look away).
Now we know it’s quite the reverse, women are more exposed to male vectors.
Women suffer higher infertility and more reproductive cancers than men.
However, men still need high awareness of the risk, a very real, fatal risk.

Here’s a law, which I’m gonna call Scholar’s Law:

If you assume the opposite of any typical Boomer position, it is likely to be correct.


Technically, sex should classify as the most extreme sport, if we are foolish enough to consider it as exercise at all!

The Spanish Flu pandemic was also caused by soldiers. Slutty, slutty soldiers. I’m sure the weakened immune systems didn’t allow their vaccines to mutate….

They cared more for their boots keeping clean than their penis.

Video: 10 reasons Baby Boomers are the worst generation

a few of my own based on observation

  1. tech-illiterate
  2. refuses to learn, calls us all lazy
  3. compare apples to oranges
  4. ideology over reality
  5. take no responsibility for their actions despite being in charge of everything
  6. can’t stand to see anyone happier for any reason whatsoever
  7. they will give you advice and mock you when you’ve ruined your life by following it
  8. underemployment and unpaid internships are slave labour
  9. bitch about their youth, where they spent all their buckets of cash on a low cost of living and bitch about age, where they failed to save for retirement and got into even more debt somehow like a cat that keeps getting pregnant
  10. obsessed with immortality, like Voldemort
  11. they won’t support families in their own country and they won’t fund people who want to have kids (unlike themselves) to keep the economy that pays for their goodies working but they want to import people with less skills and less culture who don’t even resolve the problem
  12. fearmongering about how bad fighting a war is, ignorant of the concept of a Just War
  13. they get stuff, you protect their right to get stuff, or you’re Hitler, the socialist
  14. voting bloc
  15. standards for thee but not for me = post-birth abortion is OK but you question vaccines and you’re a babykiller
  16. justify every personal failure as actually the Right Thing To Do
  17. youth culture and the marketing monster
  18. lies about history and tradition to push utopia, a word that means No Place
  19. think bossing you around is work (when there is nothing of value in what they say and more often it slows you down), you have to babysit them but they get the higher salary
  20. sleeping around is great, sex is always good for you ignore all social damage and medical evidence to the contrary you’re killing our buzz
  21. we dress like a teenager but you’re immature for disagreeing with us
  22. yet the truth is subjective
  23. don’t know what science is, no really, basic scientific method/philosophy

The Guardian finally turns on Boomers and AC’s immigrant prediction

As much as one percentage point could continue to be knocked off annual pay rises because firms need to plug holes in the pension pots of retired staff, according to a report.

The blame lies with the retired baby boomer and their employers who failed to ensure enough funds went into their final salary schemes during their working lives. The deficit-ridden schemes must now be filled from company cashflows, denying today’s workers a proportion of the forecast wage rises.

The day that average wages regain their pre-crash peak is now expected in the middle of 2017, but the Resolution Foundation points out that the pensions effect will continue to be felt in pay packets for years to come.

Economists have failed to make the connection between private pension scheme deficits and workers’ current wages, according Jon Van Reenan – an economics professor at the London School of Economics and a leading expert on the labour market.

Brian Bell, an associate professor at Oxford University consulted by the report’s author, said the huge sums involved would deepen the already growing inequality between generations.

Maybe this should not come as a surprise after more than a decade watching those who own assets – mostly the over 55s – ringfence their booty from anyone planning to tax it or allow the market to diminish its value.

….However, the report shows that since the 2008 financial crisis wages have similarly been depressed by pension payments – not because the money has been diverted into workers’ retirement funds so much as it has been used to fill huge black holes left behind by former workers; who can now claim to be among the wealthiest pensioners in the world.

R-types always turn on one another eventually, and they begin on the frail.
It’s a Big Lie that they’re the side who care about the elderly and infirm, that’s why the old rarely vote Left.
#4 article in Business, only 12 comments. A lot of Millennials are reading and thinking.

When the multiculturalism bubble pops

What I predict is this. This immigrant wave will preferentially target the European leftists in ways indigenous Europeans could not and would not do. They will savage the European rabbit class, from rape, to robbery, to murder, with the tacit approval of grassroots European K-strategists, who will not intervene if they are smart and want their nations back on a more permanent basis. In return, European rabbits may push for universal vulnerability, through total universal disarmament and punishments for self defense, but I would expect that to not fly by that time.

No, I think they’ll want to call the K-type army in to protect them, despite calling to disband the whole thing now and for years.

To be clear there will be collateral damage along the way to good K’s but lets face it. We will deserve a lot worse for allowing this to happen. If I ended up burning in along the way, I think I’d have to acknowledge I had it coming. The vast majority of us will escape the punishments we deserve, while I suspect the rabbits will not.

I disagree. We’re too quick to blame ourselves for what others have wrought.

Once European rabbits are sufficiently removed from the equation by the invaders (either fled, humbled, or dead), the invaders may try to attack K-strategists out of necessity.

From experience, neither side are that smart.
It will probably be like the knock-out game where it’s random and based on race.
The r-types might double down, join the other side and especially spy on us normal people.

Then you will gradually see a movement to eject the invaders by force, and they will flee that “persecution” back to their homelands. My guess is humans will hear endless whining about the “Crusaders” for the next 400 years, and as the rabbit population rebuilds they will bemoan the cruelty and lack of consideration inherent to ejecting the invaders.

No they f&(%ing won’t. It’ll be like discussing the Holocaust now. Or fending off coastal invasion by the Nazis.
I wonder what will happen to the mix families.

We may not see the whole thing in our lifetimes, but I expect to live long enough to hear rabbit wails of anguish and horror, and laugh my ass off at them. For now, we are just waiting on the collapse.

Every Guardian reader I knew is being turned off politics.
They don’t even want to hear about it.
Let alone speak of it.
They’re being triggered by the slightest mention of a political topic and getting angry. I haven’t seen them angry before.

It makes me laugh.
I warned them.

evil grin lol smile happy

Tally ho.

Baby Boomers screech about property monopoly tax

It hasn’t even been applied yet.
It won’t be until 2020.

Yes, you’re reading that link right.
This ….person, has SEVENTY-FIVE properties, and is completely convinced that he has no impact on the market whatsoever, he’s just a small-time investor and this taxation (closing of a loophole) is morally wrong.

Property isn’t a pension.

I’ll repeat it for the cheap seats.

A property is NOT a pension.

Torquay landlord Graham Chilvers owns 75 properties. None of them, he says, could have been bought by first-time buyers – because in every case he either built or restored them himself.

Sounds like a cartoon character.
I’m fairly certain younger people are better at DIY and restoration, actually. Stronger at least.
It’s like saying “nobody else could have won this lottery because I guessed the numbers” – the solipsism.

Landlords argue that not only will the change force them to evict tenants and sell properties en masse, but that it will also prevent the building and development of new homes – hindering the Government’s objective to increase housing supply.

Evict? No.
Sell? Yes.
Why? They could never afford them in the first place.
Inversion of supply-demand law. More properties on the market = less, somehow.

“The Government justifies its attack on buy-to-let by saying landlords have an unfair advantage over people wanting to buy their own homes,” Mr Chilvers said. “But no homebuyer was competing with me on any of these properties.”

staring angry glare really omfg no stop dorian gray

Many of his other properties were also once hotels or care homes, while some he built from scratch.

And he cuts Victorian houses into flats.
What a helpful guy.
So many couples must be cheered living in a 2-bedroom apartment, unable to have more children because it’ll make him more money.

He reckons his portfolio is worth £6.4m, against which there is a modest £2.4m borrowing.

Ah, so he can’t actually afford it.

Rental income totals £330,000 per year. The cost of mortgage interest is £80,000 with maintenance, insurance and other expenses coming in at £100,000 to £120,000.

That gives a taxable annual profit of between £130,000 and £150,000.

His tax bill today is around £50,000. When the new taxes are fully applied he will pay an extra 32pc in tax, with his bill rising to almost £70,000.

He would then be paying a tax rate of 44pc.

It’s a job.
That’s about the right level.

One of Mr Chilvers’ biggest anxieties is the way the proposed tax will bite when interest rates rise. Because of the perverse way in which the tax operates, landlords will actually pay more tax when their mortgage costs go up – even though this will result in their having less gross profit.

You mean, quickly remedying the people who monopolized the market and can’t really afford to be there without taxpayer ignorance?

“Not only will this tax prevent me from undertaking further development, but it poses real risks to my business just at a time that interest rates could rise,” said Mr Chilvers.

You took on that risk.
You lost.
The taxpayer shouldn’t bail you out.

I describe you, you hate me. Really, you hate yourself and everyone knows it.

Other full-time landlords share Mr Chilvers’ view that mainstream homeowners are not competing for the same properties as landlords.

All property ON A MARKET is competed for.
There isn’t a single attempt at intellectual honesty here, is there?

Fuck Baby Boomers.

Like many professional landlords she is not altering her strategy until more detail about the new tax regime emerges. This is expected within weeks as part of the Finance Act.

These people are morons.

She said future options included selling some of the properties in order to pay down the mortgages on others.

You mean, releasing the houses you can’t afford and bought in greed on credit?

…“The whole point of this was to provide an income to live off.”

See above. Cheap seat.
They imagine themselves to be like serf lords over Millennials. Wankers.

The only buy-to-let investors who will not be hit are the very wealthy who buy property in cash and who don’t need a mortgage.

Aka people who can afford the investment. The way it should be.

In other words, tax will be applied to the rent received – rather than what is left of the rent after the mortgage interest has been paid.

Closing a loophole.

don draper crying baby wah wah wah

They end with a tedious example where the landlord makes zero profit. As if that’s immoral or the end of the world. No, you choose to take a risk and breaking even is a blessing. You aren’t legally obliged to make money. Especially from cornering a market you could only enter because of when you were born.

The 1.54% Boomer Riche

One in 65 UK adults now a millionaire, latest figures show

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

I wonder which generation this could be (mainly).

The number of millionaires in the UK has shot up by 41% over the past five years, with one in 65 adults now classed as having a seven-figure fortune thanks to booming house prices and stock market gains.

The stock market thing is usually a fluke, real estate is the prime moneymaker.

There are now 715,000 millionaires living in Britain compared with 508,000 in 2010, data from Barclays UK shows. Nearly half (48%) of all new millionaires since 2010 live outside London and the south-east.

The bank’s prosperity index found that Reading, Cambridge and Birmingham are the most affluent cities outside of London, and the east of England is the third most prosperous area.

Surging property prices and big returns in equity markets in recent years have combined with higher wages and employment rates to create more millionaires as the UK economy gets back on track.

It isn’t back on track but OK.

The research shows that every UK region is now more affluent than it was five years ago, with measures including household wealth, gross domestic product (GDP), exam results, charitable donations and entrepreneurship taken into account.

QE does that.
They mean NGOs, not charities. A lot of embezzlement.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the richest 10% of households own 44% of household wealth.

And which age group are they? Pray tell.

Akshaya Bhargava, chief executive of Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, said: “The UK is becoming more prosperous, with every region having grown in affluence since 2010. It is also encouraging to see that regions and cities are starting to close the gap with London in terms of prosperity, with the north-east, for example, seeing business growth rates behind only London.”

London and the south-east remain the most prosperous regions, and the capital boasts the most millionaires, up 48% in the past five years to 191,000 – more than the combined millionaire population of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

The east of England comes in third behind these two, as rising house prices push more wealthy Britons outside of London, with 23,000 more millionaires calling the eastern region their home.

Reading is listed second for prosperity in the UK, according to the index, with average earnings of £30,562. Growing numbers of entrepreneurs in the UK is also seen as a factor in increasing wealth, with Cambridge emerging as a startup hub and ranking third.

The north-east and Newcastle fall low on the prosperity index. But the study showed the highest rate of growth in millionaires was in the north-east and Wales, both up 50% since 2010. The study said northern regions “may be on the cusp of change, with the north-east leading the way”.

Despite the jump in wealthy Britons over the past five years, the research said growth in millionaires was expected to return to more normal levels over the long term, with a 9% increase in the UK expected by 2025, in line with GDP growth.

Almost like they brought in a new tax on BTL (buy to letters).

If we go back to before the Boomer panic of the Guardian, to  2011:

The inadvertent burden baby boomers have bequeathed the young is sending Britain broke.

…Yet the accusation that boomers are protecting themselves at the expense of everyone else still stands, because relatively ordinary boomers will retire as millionaires, paid for by younger workers. Even the poorer over-50s need to recognise they are going to take out of society more than they put in….


ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Among other resources;

One British household in every 10 now has total assets exceeding £1m, according to a new book based on work at the London School of Economics published last week

Wealth in the UK crunched the findings from a comprehensive official survey that took place between 2008 and 2010, and found that 10% of households had total wealth of £967,200 or more….

…As lead author Professor John Hills explains: “It is not that there are millions of people with millions of pounds in the bank, but rather that London property prices and – for those lucky professionals who retain them – final salary pensions have quietly made technical millionaires out of many who would only consider themselves as solidly middle-class”….

i hope you fucking choke love heartbreak

…In addition, over-55s accounted for most of the 2.5m ‘millionaire households’, having benefited in particular from rising house prices. But there’s also a great wealth disparity among households in this age group….

Yet about 1 in 10 of those still managed to fail. Fail to save. Ever. Because magic money.

…The top 10pc in that age group own assets worth more than £1.46m, said Prof Hills, and the typical household had wealth of £431,000…..

…He also warns against the complacent temptation to regard the great surge in wealth at the top end as a “purely paper” phenomenon, arguing instead that it will have implications for social mobility for a long time to come…

translation: Gen Y are fucked.

The members of Britain’s baby boomer generation who are just starting to enter retirement have been called “the richest generation in history”. Yet, to a large extent, the British welfare state still treats age as a proxy for need, transferring large amounts of public money to all pensioners in the form of universal benefits, regardless of how wealthy they are.

Old goats for votes.

In order to help further the debate surrounding how Britain’s welfare state should be reformed as the population ages, IF undertook this study to discover how many members of the older generation live in households that have assets of more than £1 million, using data from the 2008/10 Household Wealth and Assets Survey.

The author estimates that in 2011, there were approximately 1.9 million over-60s living in households with asset wealth greater than £1 million, 1 million of whom were over-65 (above state pension age for both males and females). This finding should lead to increased debate about how the British welfare state treats pensioners who have large reserves of private asset wealth, and whether benefits should the distributed according to need rather than age.

Remember the Communist mantra?

no do not want go away displeased

…Pattern? What pattern?

In case you think I’m doom-mongering for Gen Y (Gen X got a mixed bag):

It begins (from this June);

Younger people are being left with ‘apocalyptic’ levels of debt, a report warns today.

I know the feel, bro

So-called Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000, will be forced to pick up the bill for decades of Government over-spending, it is claimed.

*throws K-selection confetti*

Analysis by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) accused baby-boomers of making unfunded promises on pensions and benefits and then leaving their children to pick up the bill.

Surges of hormones make Hulk angry

Coupled with unaffordable housing, university debts, poor pensions and a ‘rapidly retreating state pension age’, Generation Y now faces ‘a quality of life below that of their parents’.

The CPS accused politicians of ‘fawning over the baby-boomers and older pensioners’ as they were more inclined to vote. The think-tank says the state’s liabilities – including ‘off the books’ spending commitments – is £6trillion, or £221,000 per household.

In the report, Tory peer Lord Holmes of Richmond said people in their twenties and early thirties faced ‘a struggle not experienced by previous generations’ as they had been left to pick up ‘the tab’.

He said: ‘Why should you suffer a standard of living lower than your parents?’.

The think-tank said overall liabilities had risen by hundreds of millions in the last five years alone – despite the country supposedly living in an age of austerity.

The CPS said the bill would be picked up by today’s young people, so-called Generation Y.

Their parents and the so-called baby boomer generation born after the war have been protected by politicians unwilling to upset older generations who are more likely to vote.

…In a devastating analysis, the report’s author, Michael Johnson, says: ‘Baby-boomers have become masters at perpetrating inter-generational injustice, by making vast unfunded promises to themselves, notably in respect of pensions.

 I love this suit and everything about this demeanour

The Best of Baby Boomer memetown

Feel free to link to others (imgur preferred).

Honestly, I could just leave it at this one.

Since they can scarcely use this interweb thingey, this is the best means of attack. It might get through to the Twitterati, now wouldn’t that be fun?

You need experience, to get experience…. Fine, when the time comes we’ll say you need a pension, to get a pension.

His daughters Paige, Buffy and Arya.

What, like it’s genetic…?

I know some people retired longer than I’ve been alive.

Fact-check, anyone?

The charge of narcissist can hardly be applied to the people responsible for paying a bill of luxury goods they didn’t run up.

We’ll get the last laugh. They care about themselves, and their legacy, in that order.

They can’t live forever, and we’re writing the history books.

Since they pushed the marriage poison of Sexual Revolution and wonder why we aren’t making (great)grandchildren…

Why am I posting these?

It would piss off The Guardian.

deanwinchester supernatural wink flirty hey hello nice

And baby, that’s all the reason I need.

The tide is turning: The Guardian is defending the Baby Boomers

It’s pointless for younger people to point a finger at baby boomers. Their struggle and ours are the same: and we need their votes to win power.

The sentiment is rising. Wait until my generation hear the worst of it and the harsh restrictions start coming in full throttle.

haters gonna hate lol iron man tony stark

Literally ALL of the BB commentary is justified, they voted in more money for themselves en masse (not all of them granted, but enough) and it’s readily proven, usually with a hefty blow of statistics. They’re fucking terrified of the full facts coming out because it makes the hippy’s Leftie inclinations from that point onward look bad – proving that their anti-traditional policies from the social level upward will bankrupt us in the end (running out of other people’s money). There’s other articles like this one by a feminist [tagline: Young people are skint. But we can’t blame the baby boomers for ever.] but I won’t bother covering it directly for obvious reasons. This one by overgrown boy Owen has a pretense to data.

In full;

If the mantra of generational conflict was persuasive in the coalition years, the general election seems to have cemented it. The over-65s, showered with state largesse, expressed their gratitude to their Conservative benefactors in the polling booths: 47% plumped for the Tories. Among the repeatedly kicked 18-24 age group, it was a Labour landslide: 43% for Ed Miliband’s party, with just 27% opting for a candidate with a blue rosette.

Wait for it.

Though my own youthful credentials are now tenuous, it might seem natural for me to champion generational conflict, calling for a crusade against the cushioned existence of the baby boomer generations.

Don’t trust anyone over 30, they said. Until they hit 30. You don’t hear that phrase anymore. Hmm.

Wrong: the newly published report by the Ready for Ageing Alliance is right to take on “dangerous myths” that set generation against generation.

Myths? Where’s your data? They aren’t myths, they’re hard fact.

“Baby boomer”, they say, is now a term of abuse, and the conditions of pensioners are diverse.

Uhhh, it’s only a term of abuse because of how they acted. The stigma is rooted in behaviour.

They’re absolutely right, of course. According to Age UK, one in six pensioners live in poverty, or about 1.6 million people. Well over a million more are on the brink of poverty.

They chose not to save money. They spent it. That’s how money works.
You don’t get to have your cake and eat it.
I once saw a sign outside an ice cream shop that said “No OAP discount – you’ve had longer to get the money”.

Among women, single people and private tenants, the risk is even higher. Despite the fact that the state pension has been increased, it is still one of the least generous in Europe. German, French and Spanish pensioners are all at less risk of poverty.

The first women who burned bras and who proclaimed they didn’t need a man? Fish-bicycle women? The most independent in history? My heart bleeds. Bleeds, I tells ya.

yes lestat dancing happy cheery morbid black comedy

It is depressing, indeed, to imagine that, in one of the biggest economies on earth, hundreds of thousands of Britons end their lives in deprivation: often in cold homes, worrying about bills, unable to enjoy the comforts that should be the reward of a lifetime of work. And this is why it is so difficult to generalise about generations, because there is a chasm between the lives of a retired miner in Ashington and a multimillionaire in their 70s.

Where are their children? Did they have any? How long have they been retired? Decades? Whose fault is that? Didn’t they make a choice in these areas? Aren’t they the ones remortgaging and going on nude cruises? Sex tourism? Spending their children’s inheritance because they can’t do anything right?

Yes, George Osborne has shielded the over-65s from much of austerity, and indeed extended to them a generosity denied to others.

Hence the WTF.

And we know young working-class and middle-class people have suffered a shellacking: the trebling of tuition fees, the attack on benefits, the scrapping of the education maintenance allowance, a slump in income, the housing crisis, cuts to youth services, the lack of secure, well-paid jobs, the rise of unpaid internships, and so on.

It’s that bad, a whole paragraph – AND SO ON.

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

But the lives of young people will not be improved by kicking the older generations, any more than attacking the pensions and wages of public-sector workers helps private-sector workers, or further immiseration for the unemployed benefits the low-paid.

Yes it does. Bare-faced lie. Pointing out public sector workers earn well above private helps the private workers.
Do you know WHY Baby Boomers have the power they do?
Voter turnout numbers. This is why I’m so hard on them all, despite some rare few not voting in free money at their grandchildren’s expense. They pulled record numbers at the polls and continue to do so, so every politician is sucking up to them like a hooker to a pimp. That’s the real reason. We could pull together like that before things get too bad …if everyone pulled their head out of their ass and surgically detached the dumbphone from their Kung Fu death grip.

The real targets – the financial sector that caused the crisis, or politicians inflicting unnecessary austerity, or the richest 1,000 who have doubled their wealth – are spared, and replaced by our grandparents.

Who voted in those politicians?
Which generation is running every industry in this decade? They’d have to be, what middle-aged, at least? Elderly at the top, the real power-brokers. We never saw them on trial did we, not a single one, the legals helped them out too. If we did, we’d notice they all share one thing in common – powder white hair, like the wigs of the Aristocracy before the French Revolution.

Attacking the conditions of pensioners would be yet another attack on the young.

Nominated for Orwell sentence of 2015.

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Attacking the people IN power is the same thing as attacking the people with NO power.

That’s because all young people are future pensioners: all of us will one day retire.

Hold the fucking phone, Sunshine:

Stripping away benefits enjoyed by older people, or raising the retirement age, will mean that today’s younger generation will be hit by a double whammy: a standard of living now that is worse than that of their parents; and a standard of living when they retire that will be worse than that of their grandparents.

My generation are going to have a bitch fit when this one comes true and there’s no money left. Like, we go to the bank and they say there’s no such thing as a pension “pot”, maybe an IOU sign from dead people. It’ll be too late, but it’ll be funny.

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But it would be suicidal for the left to indulge generational conflict for more pragmatic political reasons.

You mean how they rose to power in every other single generation ever?

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Labour enjoyed its best result among 18 to 24 year-olds in May, though fewer than half voted. As is well known, nearly eight out of 10 of the heavily Tory-voting over-65s filled out a ballot paper. The solution here, of course, is twofold. Labour needs a leader with policies that can actually inspire the suffering younger generation to come out and vote, giving them confidence that politics offers solutions to the everyday problems and insecurities they face.

A shitstorm. It’s going to be a shitstorm.
The host is dead and the vultures are going to be squabbling over the fiscal corpse of the county.
They must choose, and I believe they will choose the Boomers again because like I said, turnout. There’s more time to promise the dipshit Millennials a free dinner anyway.

Moreover, Labour self-evidently needs to win over more of the older generation if it is get in power again. A good start would be to implement the policies suggested by the International Longevity Centre – and deal with the crisis of adult social care.

Childfree! Alone but not lonely!
Bet they’re regretting those abortions now.

That both we and our parents may not receive the care we need in retirement, stripping us of independence and happiness, should terrify us all.

Just the rabbits.

Because of cuts to English councils – leaving them with a gap in funding of £1.1bn – the social care sector is unable to employ the number of workers it needs.

Happy to build more mosques though. And pay legal aid to terrorists.

This is of course putting pressure on our struggling NHS.

Not the millions in population explosion the system wasn’t designed for? Check.

The longevity centre is calling for the full implementation of the Dilnot reforms, which cap individual contributions to care. For the sake of both generations, the centre also advocates incentives for downsizing, to free up family homes.

They want to make the elderly homeless. To give to the immigrants.

At the last general election Labour was committed to unpicking the universalism that should underpin the welfare state, taking away benefits from older pensioners. Partly because of means-testing, we know that many pensioners are not getting the benefits they need, suppressing their standard of living.

Cheaper champagne on their yacht.
If you have over £60k a year, about where payments cut off, you are not poor.

About £5.5bn worth of benefits – such as pension credit and housing benefit – that should be in the pockets of older people goes unclaimed each year.

That’s clever. Go with an estimate that burdens the State even more. It’s unclaimed, which means it doesn’t count on the system.
Cloward-Piven is alive and well.

Labour should be promoting universalism, because without it, many of the pensionersvoters* who most need benefits don’t get them.

Fixed it for y’all.

Inspiring young people and addressing their problems; finally eliminating pensioner poverty; addressing social care; defending pensioners’ benefits: these are not contradictory strategies but complementary ones.

Wait, weren’t pensions and welfare supposed to end these problems? Then why have they gotten worse?

They will ensure that today’s young people can reclaim a sense of optimism for the future, rather than one of foreboding. The mantra of generational conflict is poison – and if indulged by the left, it will help to destroy the left.

Here’s the truth: he senses the end.

The end of the gravy train.

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A good resource on how screwed we are is Captain Capitalism.

Video examples 1

and 2

The Great Rabbit of Greece

…As Piers Akerman said “the man responsible for turning around the failed Greek economy has bolted from two nations because they were led by two competent leaders who managed to prevent them going down the path of bankruptcy.”

Blue people badfeels.
He literally skipped the country, twice, to avoid them.

Ominous signs for Greece indeed. This anecdote, while amusing, has a serious side for some in the political class, mainly on the Left, a fundamental denial of economic reality is taking place…..

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People who don’t know r/K theory are starting to see it.
It’s such a beautiful exemplar of the theory I had to link.

It’s like the Jews abandoning Europe in its time of need, don’t let them back in. They made their choice and we must respect that. Treat them like adults. If you want to be a deserter, fine, but you aren’t welcome back here, it’s where you’re heading and your real country of origin if they’ll take you. I believe this open borders, citizen of the world nonsense is pure r-type, as it holds no consequences, duties or obligations to citizenship, like -I dunno – staying in the bloody country? It’s that, like, the FIRST thing?

Preppers have a very good point, the shit will hit the fan, take a brolly

What you reward, you cause.
If you reward the unproductive people, your economy is screwed.
If you kill off the golden goose, you dipshits deserve to die (financially speaking).

This is what happens when I get bored.