White perceptual supremacist babies

Yes, I am joking.


However, instincts and perceptual detail clue us into evolved needs.


the tribe over is a bigger threat to spot than someone one continent over.

On the positive side, it allows natural affection needs to be met. The Cinderella effect applies within a race, remember.


Babies aren’t just ‘a clump of cells’, says science


These are findings from child psychology, which includes the latest addition of fetal psychology now imaging tech is sufficient not to harm them (which would be evil immoral).

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Whenever a feminist makes a scientific claim, they’re wrong. General rule.

How regular people don’t laugh them out the room when making baseless sweeping statements is the mystery.

Just because you lack evidence for something (humanity) doesn’t make it less true, especially when unstudied, and these people call themselves humanists, to be ironic. If artificial wombs did come in (they won’t), they’d still say it needs A womb to survive, therefore inhuman. But an 83-year old hooked up to a respirator to live has full human rights. They just hate children. Imagine what a spiteful terrible person you have to be to loathe innocence (this applies to men as well). Women destroy innocence by killing it, men destroy it by fucking it. That’s why you see it’s usually women drowning their newborn, and usually men raping it. Sometimes reputation, social damage counts.

When we begin thinking we can make these decisions for other humans in favour of death, death camps become a reality, you just switched out the sign over the gate as if God doesn’t care what you’re doing, but the excuses you give for it.

[However, cutting many people off from the West would kill them, we are under no obligation to provide for healthy adults fully capable of working and farming their own food. This is a medical point, not correcting a bad policy decision that always leads to learned helplessness and bribery corruption. Those people maim and blind their children to make more money as beggars, they don’t care about their own children either and that’s part of the reason they make too many.]

Link: Ultrasound, birth defects, retardation and the abortion incentive

There’s no cost to the medical professional for making a woman abort a healthy baby. Despite clear negligence in their role.


I know this looks like madness, not scanning when necessary and scanning when not. This is why women need to be fully informed of unbiased material on the research available so they can carry out their own risk assessment before deciding against or demanding upon an ultrasound. In normal routine scans to assess foetal growth I deem them unnecessary and harmful, but using them to see if I am ectopic, that my baby or myself is at fatal risk, I deem necessary. After I have understood and assessed the risks involved, for now at least, I realize that I do not understand enough and further research of updated material is always required.

As with most incompetence, upon further investigation, it seems that perhaps incompetence is trained, guided and managed perfectly well.

There was a huge study in China (called the China study in these circles) connecting the number and severity of birth defects with the number of ultrasounds. It was clear causal evidence, huge sample, great method. Ultrasounds haven’t been retested in decades, and since then their power levels have been raised greatly.