Undiluted Satanism


Using the forms of Christianity, the devil is able to ape the good in order to advance his satanic agenda……

At the turn of the 19th century the people of Europe could not absorb undiluted Satanism. So Satan came to them in a diluted form…..

Our culture was consecrated to Christ; it is now consecrated to Satan….

The Self is God and hedonism is your church. It isn’t a belief, it’s an excuse. A child doesn’t believe they deserved to binge ten cookies, they’re lying. We give them a small amount of give because they’re learning to control impulses. What is the adult’s excuse? None.

As such, complicit in repeated iniquities, they can only blame themselves.

You did a bad thing everyone warned you about and bad things happened?

Who fucking cares? You wanted that to happen, it’s called consequences.

The path to Hell is shiny and alluring.

“You can be a good person while doing bad things.”

How the Hell do adults fall for this?

Charlton said in a post “what we call adulthood is not ‘maturity’ but merely a sustained and degenerate adolescence.”


Then again, Trump and co. have done nothing about the ongoing Christian genocide. Even Hillary mentioned this, guys.

Why so open? They think the free money will last forever and they have all the institutions on their side including media. It’s a network, a coven, an unholy alliance.

If God is the Father, Satan is the creepy uncle you think you can trust until he screws you. Don’t intervene when he comes for them. He’s worst to his own.

How can you spot a bad lover?



Later, sobbing: why do women treat me like I hate them? Why do they avoid me like a humanoid plague of repulsion?

A minor point a man would be unlikely to notice: the focal point of sex is not counting orgasms like a top score.
Literally all these males have to offer is a penis and none of the masculinity that makes it worthwhile to a woman. That would be dissatisfying enough to make a nympho unresponsive.
If you aren’t skilled enough to help one woman, all the rest were faking. Manual skills with your tongue or hands don’t just disappear and a good lover knows the same technique won’t work on everyone or all the time, they have range (like a dancer). Who wants to tell him they did it to shut him up?

They rarely leave the woman after a short time, she Nexts them because they’re bad in bed.

Can structures be emotional vampires?

I would argue yes, since they are mass intention of individuals.


Just don’t ask me for a full list, who has the time?

I think the Renaissance got architecture right – grand, majestic, with a few flourishes.

The medieval is humble but good for smaller purposes. The Victorian is fine for squashed environments.


Glass and concrete is the soul-killer.


One upside of deficit spending is that it funnels money into useful academic channels, rarely.

By accident.


These places look like prisons, much like the thought paradigm of postmodernism.

For your interest






It reflects the popular mood: grim.


All glass, nothing to show.

No soul.


There was a great lecture by a respected architect but I think it was taken down.

That’s been happening to an awful lot of good content recently…..

What should our home look like? is a fundamental question.

Who’s discussing it? Even the bloody appliances! Do you need a toaster that could spy on you?

This is shocking in England, we worship our homes (see “Watching the English”).

How far back do we go?