Abolish the BBC tax

Taxpayer money, private profits. They are not a branch of government.
They are a publisher, not a platform. Various people are banned and most expressions barred.
Censorship, low ratings, anti-white hiring against the Equality Act.
The age of radio is dead, we don’t need nor want an official news source.
They omit reports they don’t want to cover or cover them insufficiently e.g. rape gangs, Sharia courts, family court secrecy, human (sexual) slavery.
A TV license is absurd, especially if it’s national (therefore a citizen’s right).
It claims to be national but also international… why can’t other nations pay the fee?
It hates nationalism and patriotism. Who do you represent?
They routinely bribe celebrities with lavish gifts while wringing their hands about the poor.
Why can’t they be sued for lying? For fraud? For defamation? Why doesn’t the law apply to them?
Crony capitalism is a plutocracy because only those with a mind to propagandise would purchase vestiges of a dying medium.

Why aren’t their products freely available if they’re a public service?

Not even educational ones?

They’re so arrogant, dead man walking.

I’m never getting a TV and everyone I know is the same.

It’s a protest against the ridiculousness of the license.

Why pay for something I don’t want to use?

Once you’ve experienced life without one for a while, all the free time it allows, I’d pay them not to shove the propaganda in my face like a Sharia-pushing bukake. I feel free of an abusive psychological relationship.

Actually there should be a Parliamentary petition about it, it’s extortion. Most people with TVs don’t buy it for the BBC. We use TVs, if we get them, for video games and the internet.

Seriously. I think I just proved how young I am.

It’s just another screen. This is like comparing the death of newspaper sales (inc. Guardian) to the death of the classics. It’s a non sequitur. Nobody watching BBC Three is interested in The Iliad.

None of us like the BBC. Watching it after years of not, say in a bar, is actually close to torture. It’s asinine PC crap.

I would rather watch paint dry than the latest lame NPC rhetoric shoe-horned into a diversity parade drama very, very awkwardly.

Literally nothing is a better alternative.

The Left is right on one point, representation is important. White people want to watch other white people. It took Downton Abbey to prove this. The most successful drama since the 1980s – not the BBC’s.

They tried to do their own version but it failed – due to PC plots and casting choices.

Also, have you seen their presenters? Why do we watch TV? We want to watch attractive people. They do not cast attractive people. Ratings would be higher if they stopped trying to act like looks don’t matter. In showbiz, that’s 90% what matters.

You can sign up for plenty of streaming services with more documentaries and differences of opinion than the BBC could ever produce. Lindybeige plugs one all the time.

rabbits run or “You can’t deport me, I’m leaving!”

Nobody was going to deport them. Idiots.

wtf facepalm

We’ve stepped up efforts to deport the illegal ones. That broke the law?


We’re supposed to feel sympathy that they have the mobility and money to move and work anywhere they want in the world. Oh, our hearts bleed, I tell you! Rivers of blood!

As the anarchists would say: They’re upper-middle class, eat them.

Although this exact type was pearl-clutching and lachrymose before the Brexit referendum about Death Camps and getting rounded up to get chucked in La Manche attached to a medium-sized boulder, so you can’t trust many things out of their sub-nasal orifice.

The funniest thing is, they threatened to leave and are amazed we dare flout their wishes, like we care?

Who do they think they are? We do not need them. We are an overpopulated island as is. Are you seriously telling me that in a population with somewhere between 70 and 80 million by food supply volumes, that there wasn’t a single person more qualified for the job? Pull the other one.

All the working class people I know (real working class, not the middle class people trying to claim they’re working class because they ‘work’ in media) are overjoyed when competition announces it’s leaving – higher wages!

Supply and demand!

They know the difference between UP and DOWN! Imagine that!

Not to mention the local relief on infrastructure and public services. Large families, usually.

Like, why should I care about some German bird? I don’t want to go to Germany and compete with her, it’d be unfair since I’d have had the option to travel and it’s like tragedy tourism but for jobs. Seek out a plum market and suck like a leech. That’s what an ‘economic migrant’ is, it’s a leech. Bon voyage, bitches.

How dare they whine after admitting we gave them more than they deserved? When we give our own people so little that food banks are coming back?

Nobody is making them leave, as they’re acting, it’s their choice, as they exercised a choice to come here in the first place, unlike those saddled here by birth and circumstance, with no choice, no money and no mobility; they simply want a more grovelling host. Except nobody asked them to come here specifically so… why they’d think we care either way is beyond me.

We can train up our own people, the average IQ is higher regardless.

The poor are not lazy, they are underfunded and very, very bitter. They have every right to be. No documentary about them, but they’re paying that license fee for the BBC. Guess who the companies, including the BBC, would rather train up?

Recently, the BBC was openly anti-white in its job advertising. Some equality. Third class citizens in your own country. Will there be signs saying NO WHITES? I bet they want to put them up.

The Left wing has betrayed, robbed and raped (yes, Rotherham and others) the White Working Class and until they realize on which side their bread is buttered, they will lose every democratic battle. Helping immigrants is actually insulting when they chose to be in that situation, with many other host nations to pick from, when those watching and often paying in taxes can barely get by (rent, food, bills).

However, we all know the CM agenda won’t ease up, the entryism is too far gone. These institutions will simply crash and burn, as they deserve to in a free market where they insult the clientele and push something they don’t want, let alone want to pay for. Why do you think Gen Y down are making it a fashion to abandon TV? These people. The content is crap. It’s really that simple. It’s all political, you can’t watch the news without seeing a person completely incompetent with distracting facial incongruities, clearly hired for diversity. It’s insulting to our intelligence. They can’t even speak in Queen’s English, that requirement had to be stripped from the job because they couldn’t do it. Seriously, look at how many UK TV presenters are ugly and compare with America. It’s nothing to do with race, they’re preferentially hiring ugly people to be fair. In a LOOK-based industry. They have faces for RADIO. This includes the white people.

The cuckier Tories don’t have the balls to pull the plug on the BBC’s public charter, despite how digital has rendered State broadcasting a fossil. They could’ve easily made it a non-compulsory purchase of the parts you actually wanted, that would save people money too in this economy, but nooooo……


He also said the BBC will be “required to give greater focus to under-served audiences, in particular those from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, and those in the nations and regions”.

“We want the BBC to be the leading broadcaster in promoting diversity,” he said.

You wouldn’t know it was a conservative speaking, would you? Cuck-a-doodle-oo.
Why do you think ratings are down, dipshit? People are sick of the programming. It’s priming, a very real psychological effect and it must be enforced as often as possible i.e. in every program. It gets painful to watch.
For one, they keep casting Africans in our history. Even ancient history. As if we’re blind. There’s artistic license, and then there’s taking the piss. Funnily, (always fake) race-blindness has, for a few years now, been considered widely racist, so I’m being PC here.

The new leader is weak, sadly confirming every stereotype about women in power.

They’ll reject a system that’s proven to work, that’s fair and simple, because the Opposition don’t like it? They’re not supposed to like it!

There go the Tories’ 2020 chances. Place your bets. They don’t see the new direction of the pendulum.
MORE Conservative! People voted for MORE! Otherwise, Labour would be in right now! Common sense!?

Wonderfully, even those previously sympathetic to media manipulations (like that toddler with the slaver/trafficker father) are switching off now. The compassion fatigue affects everyone. We’re sick to the back teeth of it.

The Mainstream Media is dead. Long may it rot in national memory.

They can’t predict elections, let alone affect them. They’re pompous propagandists with taxpayer-puffed pensions they will never deserve. oh but they’ll distract you by talking about nurses, that doesn’t get old

With any luck, mass immigration will turn into mass emigration before the country is completely beyond repair. They’ll only desert the ship once they’ve eaten all the resources.


Of course, once we have repaired it, they’ll want back in again, what do you expect of rats? They had no loyalty to their home nation, why be any more civil and fair with us lot?

Irish comic character cast as mixed mystery meat



Mixing nixes the white recessive genes. This isn’t political, it’s Mendel.
If you do not agree, you literally need to pick up a school book because you are inferior in intellect to a child.

Detour for butthurt:


Behold, an Egyptian! And he’s one of the swarthier looking ones!

At best, they’re tan. And the ancient ones were paler because the Muslims hadn’t invaded yet and raped the women as slaves. #history #educateyourself

Fuck Afrocentrists claiming the white people stole from them for once! [FBI data, suck it]
We have genetic proof from mummies, documentation from the time and other cultures and artwork showing the elite (at least) were, in fact, pale. As in, white. This is conclusive, definitive and anyone arguing differently is a rent-seeker on white achievement. Cleopatra was Ptolemaic dynasty, a Greek-racial line (fun facts: the Greeks used to be blond closer to the founding of their Empire, Helen of Troy was blonde, but as they mixed and became swarthier, the Empire fell; I’m sure that’s a coincidence and nothing to do with Calhoun). She insisted on using Greek in documents in tandem and preferentially. The Rosetta Stone is no coincidence, and they used many languages because the equivalent of newspapers were leaving out stone tablets with the official record on them.


Apparently speaking Afrikaans would make me suddenly Black? Does that mean white African settlers aren’t colonialist oppressors now? #unintendedconsequences

To sum up: it is quite possible that Cleopatra was pure Macedonian Greek. But it is probable that she had some Egyptian blood, although the amount is uncertain. Certainly it was no more than half, and probably less. The best evidence is that she was three-quarters Macedonian Greek and one-quarter Egyptian. There is no room for anything else, certainly not for any black African blood. 

But sure, these people are the ones telling us race doesn’t matter. Of course, all their actions show this.

cute wink

Back to the SJW corporate entryism problem murdering anything cool by making the bandwagon a campaign slogan when the entire purpose of comic book films is ESCAPISM from that EXACT bullshit…

(these people are Grundies, they are the anti-matter of cool)
(as in, all this casting tumblrism nonsense may be making comic films unbearable for regular people)

I love the logic of these people, the way they claim if this one actor doesn’t get this one role in this one appearance-based industry they chose to work in, then every example of that race is doomed to failure like the Borg, but with black people. Is that not racist to assume, that they need Blackwashing Welfare? Why can’t black people write more books and make those books into films? Would they not be as good/popular? Why play the Cup and Ball game with actors? (Although seeing the signalling SWPL out of their multi-million dollar jobs is a 24K gold lining to this, finally they see consequences, hence intersectionality, really Black Power Feminism, oddly hasn’t caught on).

We all know the Spiderman reboot has been a shit-show but to fuck up the romantic lead as well? The character is bland, she does nothing but look ginger. That is her purpose, look reddish and pout. They know the performance but assume this franchise is a shoo-in for purchasing toys. Seriously, check the BO figures and compare to the Irish-complexioned counterpart once these become available.

This girl isn’t even black, the worst part is they keep calling her black when she clearly isn’t. She’s mixed, an entire other group, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills the way they abuse the One-Drop Rule when it suits them, labelling anyone slightly black as Black (Obama, basically all the part-black scientists by descent), but using it yourself for scientific purposes (e.g. heart medicine, not poisoning them) is supposedly bad?

Heads will roll...

Yes, these two could be twins…

See, first they replace the white people in Hollywood because the propaganda didn’t go far enough in the past 50 years (dating site data), then when white people see their immigrant replacements in the street (and outnumbering them, plus super-fertility) their brains don’t flag it up, accepting it as normal. That’s the plan. They did the same with the false Fun Gay stereotype, but ignore the facts on suicide, drug use and domestic abuse, they cracked a joke in this show. Humour creates sympathy without actually doing anything, and oh look, the Funny Black Sidekick stereotype appears! Wow, such coincidences.

Political correctness lies to create change, thusly Progressivism is brittle and already crumbling, with nothing Patriarchal left to burn as a distraction. Regular people are noticing now and disoriented.

There’s nothing racist about noticing that there’s no such thing as a black girl without black hair, they are literally defined by their hair colour more than their skin, the defining character trait is red. This is like when they hired the talentless hack black girl to play Lady Guinevere, whose entire thing was being white in the legends of a white country that had a real Saxon king called Arthur in a white continent and then claimed it was cos she was ‘best for the part’ (then again with ANOTHER black/mix playing literally The White Queen) and everything was ‘mythical/fictional’ (so why not ‘hire’ a sock on a stick? logic) bull-SHIT.

Let us not forget the worst example in recent history.

The sequel is not canon, QED.

If they can get you to say up is down once, their politics of delusion have got you for life. We are not blind and people are not putting up with this pretension, that’s what it is, a pretense. If you enter a looks-based industry, you choose to be judged on your looks. If race doesn’t matter, this shouldn’t happen. Yet we even see it with models despite their casting also being chosen based on clothes revenue (because that’s their job, not to stand there, but sell) as an actress’ job is to sell the character they are based on.

Social justice gives people a chance who don’t deserve a chance, on the grounds that other people get chances. It’s cultural welfarism and the groups involved should reject it on principle. If they believed they had merit to compete fairly. You have a toy, they must get a toy. You get to play Princesses (European royalty), they must get a Black Princess because fuck logic even when it’s set in a non-monarchical society. Selling toys is one thing and I noticed Emma Watson didn’t insist Belle be played by a Black girl, but perverting historical record is fascist, next they’ll be deleting people from photos instead of cropping and painting over the skin of portraits in galleries.

Feminists should be pissed because this is seen as a half-measure from casting a black MAN, as if the women were inferior in import and expendable.

It’s like when we all pretended Rihanna looked good blonde to be polite instead of admitting she looked fake like a stripper. It’s jarring to see a black girl (well, brown) Act White. It’s like a Wigger but in reverse, just wrong. Where’s the cultural appropriation people for white people’s hair colour? Oh, magically they cease to give a shit, like the rest of us.

This is oddly racist against the Irish, more of whom were slaves than black people, period. [read a book, seriously]

I’m tagging this as anti-white because the Irish have all the recessive traits including distinctive red freckles (MJ = Irish) often with green/blue eyes, genetics win this round. This Z-list girl looks the opposite of MJ, total miscast on purpose because they expect character fans will always show up anyway out of loyalty (but reason to execs this will attract the black girl demo, that hate SFF unless a black girl is cast, so …they hate SFF full stop, it’s all Mary Sue-ing) – not so in reality for both $$$ claims, not with so many properties on the market at once, hiring some social media bint is demeaning to us all just put in a fucking Kardashian you PC-peddling scum ruining ART.

Expresses my feelings on this issue

inb4: I would support a Kardashian hired in the role because at least it would be entertaining.



Up until the last couple of centuries, ‘black’ as a descriptor of women referred to HAIR. It was presumed by skin that all women were white, and where black, the particular geography was mentioned instead. Helen’s hair was not mentioned but her fair skin was, and even if brown as a half-way measure, women frequently dyed it. Fairness of flesh was picked up on as a class cue, implying fairness of eyes and hair, which crowds rarely saw so it didn’t matter much.


She was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Greek origin that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s death during the Hellenistic period. The Ptolemies, throughout their dynasty, spoke Greek and refused to speak Egyptian, which is the reason that Greek as well as Egyptian languages were used on official court documents such as the Rosetta Stone. By contrast, Cleopatra did learn to speak Egyptian and represented herself as the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess, Isis.

I know I’ll still get some “it doesn’t matter”s and “you’re racist for discussing race” people trying to write ALL this proof off.

  1. If it doesn’t matter, don’t alter the casting.
  2. It’s a conversation on pop culture, when you bring up race, it is on the table for everyone to discuss EQUALLY because this isn’t a Race Powertrip Studies class where you can preach solo and silence groups you hate, oppressively.

Also, we’re now so far into counter-signalling that trannies are turning anti-LGBT to call trannies ‘trannies’ and degenerates. What a time to be alive. You’re still a dude in a dress Blaire, but it’s been fun. It’s like when Roosh tried to be a white supremacist for edge points or that honest Holocaust documentary Jew was called anti-Semitic.

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

Illegal Immigration crisis debate stifled by Left elite


If they cry loud enough, nobody can hear the facts.
It’s a huge problem. Their stock prices have tanked from this.

The Dublin Agreement is clear. Fingerprint the fuckers.

I saw it coming and I still don't care, funny really

Fear the press release PR job


As the field of science journalism has contracted, the science PR industry has grown to fill the vacuum.  Consequently, churnalism is now common in science reporting too.  Its not just the private, profit-driven media that’s effected. Another speaker, Dr. Felicity Mellor of Imperial College, reported that even in the BBC up to 75% of science stories were sourced directly from press releases. But as long as good science is getting featured in major media outlets, is this a bad thing?

If you hold the BBC to an objective standard, it will always fail 100% of the time.

lol laughing rdj tony stark heehee haha

So – hackademics, funded by the taxpayer regardless of public interest, are lying to the unprofessional media (BBC) also funded by the taxpayer, to justify their lies (propaganda)… allowing them to continue funding from the taxpayer?

….Isn’t this illegal? Isn’t this fraud? Criminal fraud.

Video: UKIP’s Nigel Farage threatened on BBC Question Time by UAF’s Bunny La Roche

Why wasn’t the bitch arrested? It was broadcast to millions of people. Notice how they tried to take the microphone away so the audience at home wouldn’t sympathize with him?

If she’d have assaulted him it would have been the full scorecard of Left ‘debate’ techniques.
Interruption, shouting, -isms, threats.

UPDATE: Informed the crazy (woman?) is called Bunny la Roche. Literal name. She(?) is a member of the Socialist Worker’s Party, formerly worked for them, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) member;


known affectionately as “Boiler” Bunny

she even attacks her fellow Left wingers

affiliated with the Kent International Socialists

who said;

“Heckling is a long-established democratic tradition and to equate it with violence is ludicrous.”

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bunnylaroche

affiliated with Left Unity (unofficial group)

LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/bunny-la-roche/35/5b9/5b9

and a ‘Stand Up to UKIP’ campaigner.

Is this what stares out of the abyss?