Children watching necrophilia porn?

Don’t punish the child, producers, platforms or parents?

Baby them!

“A school counsellor and a group of parents came to me because what they found on a child’s phone wasn’t even regular sex. We’re talking necrophilia and bestiality. It had already gone that far.

Believe me now?

Part of the grooming process of pedos is to show them explicit material: sex, violence and animal cruelty.

It shuts down the brain from trauma.

Supernormal stimulus, ban it without a credit card.

Link: Bestiality orgies

We’re worse than the Romans, perhaps.

The dark truth about bestiality parties

In a major newspaper. This is where “if it feels good, do it” leads.

“consenting adults” is a lesser form, trying to appeal to a kind of legalism

We don’t let ‘consenting’ adults do plenty of things. Certain things you aren’t in the right mind to consent to.

Hardly anyone is mature enough at 18 these days to know what is actually good for them.

Appealing to minors, like the sex section of teenage magazines, is outright grooming.

“One woman describes how her first time was in front of her husband and eight other members of their BDSM group.”

I remember a commentor on Vox Day’s site suggesting that these pain/pleasure circuitry malfunctions, as well as being indicative of other mental illness (it’s always the BDSMers, isn’t it?) would fit many of the ancient criteria for demonic possession, demons being best known for their sexual sadism.

Personally, I don’t trust people who have to pervert any of the necessary pleasures for life.

This isn’t like handcuffs BDSM, the nice PR version, like lipstick lesbianism.
It never is. Escalation is common with addicts.

I was re-reading this link and well, it fits.

The immature fixation on sexuality as a polyfiller for the spiritual emptiness is too true.

All these Hollywood types high on their own fake PR have no idea what they’re dealing with when they host the PC term for orgies: sex “parties”.

50s parties involved a table of treats and dancing to a radio.

This will come back to haunt them, I guarantee it.

Bestiality brothels shouldn’t surprise you

PETA is suspiciously silent.–4452570-PHO.html

“Lifestyle choice” now where have we heard that before?
R-types = animal rapists and violent abusers.
Germany = animal porn illegal, rape of animals legal.

I happen to know from a paraphilia researcher that Germany has had bestiality brothels for a long, long time. It used to be known for that in Europe, over places like Amsterdam. S&M and bestiality. That was its USP. It had laws that didn’t expressly forbid them because it was a great way to blackmail foreign diplomats. Picture Hitler crying.
Danes have something similar but who cares about Denmark? Danes with Great Danes, sick bastards.
This is what happens when sexual entitlement meets weak consent laws.
They also use heavily pregnant women to test the pedophilia laws, since they’re technically having sex involving a child.

Instead of blaming prostitution (and fornication), they blame capitalism. There’s nothing more objectifying or dehumanizing for the species than hookers and sex robot slaves. Is that the best use of humans or robots?

The women-are-property meme is not only un-Biblical (violates the vows about honouring and cherishing), it’s part of the degenerate spiral to paedophilia because if women are property and cannot say NO (withhold consent, the assumption) then neither can little girls.

OT How long before vore becomes an accepted fetish among African cannibals?
The ultimate way to deal with this is to spread out pamphlets from the Koran that forbid premarital or extramarital ‘fun’.
They can’t possibly dispute with this, without insulting their own religion. It becomes No True Muslim.

Nobody chooses the niqab, ‘to submit’, the meaning of Islam’s name. Similarly, no sane woman chooses to become a hooker. It’s exploitation on par with trafficking, which is sex slavery that uses prostitution as its cover.
Nobody owns an unmarried woman’s body, the only sexual right is the conjugal and the religious canon in Christianity clearly states that the spouses own one another’s bodies. Atheists lie, thinking if they can’t control one woman, a whole flock couldn’t possibly refuse to submit…. A+ logic. Having one nagging wife is Hell, imagine a herd.

A white woman’s body isn’t a public squeezy toy and even a dog understands ‘No’, unlike these IQ85 degenerate scumbags.

HIV and the STD jump from apes to humans via bestiality

It goes on about genital ulcer, pushes circumcision and still admits that it doesn’t explain the data.

“Transmission of simian retroviruses to humans is not exceptional.”

But this one is different.

“Simian foamy viruses (SFV) have frequently been transmitted to humans exposed to bushmeat, apparently without further spread [20] and the epidemic human T-cell lymphotropic viruses (HTLV) arose from their simian counterparts (STLV) through contacts over thousands of years. It is generally accepted that SFV, STLV, as well as SIV, entered the human population through bushmeat handling. Although such events are common today [20][22], and therefore assumed to also have been common in the recent and distant past, they seldom result in a virus with epidemic potential. Despite progress in identifying SIVs closely related to HIV groups [1][3], [9], how and why only some of the transmitted SIV strains established epidemics is subject of ardent debate”

That’s as close as an academic gets to I know I’m lying but I need to get this published.

NY Magazine sympathetic to bestiality

NY Magazine recently ran a piece titled “What It’s Like to Date a Horse,” in which writer Alexa Tsoulas-Reay spends approximately 6,200 words to share her interview with a 42-year-old Canadian man who’s sexual preference is female horses. Yes, horses. Feel free to read the article, if you like, but our purpose here is to explore how this story and it’s elements are all quintessential elements of Jewish sociologist Herbert Marcuse’s ideas of “repressive tolerance” and his application of fellow co-ethnic Sigmund Freud’s idea of “polymorphous perversity.”

This is what happens when you give crazies what they want.
They get crazier.

I had to use this gif.

I had to use this gif.

The history sections are good too.

This inversion tactic is one preferred by our Brahmin class, dating back to the mid-20th century, when Marcuse’s fellow members in the Frankfurt School published The Authoritarian Personality. As Kevin MacDonald noted in The Culture of Critique, the authors of The Authoritarian Personality characterized the people who expressed normal feelings about family, sexuality, and also expressed general happiness with their lives as repressed individuals, while social misfits who were depressed, antisocial and tended to hate their families were held up as normal and well-adjusted.

Verbal judo;

Polymorphous perversity fits into the equation by upholding sexual deviancy as a virtue,

I have heard the new Sex Ed line is “All sex is normal and to be encouraged”…

and then framing any objection to it as “bigoted” or “hate-filled.” Opposition to gay marriage? Homophobic bigot. Opposition to the push for transsexual rights? Transphobic bigot. And so on and so forth.