Fear the press release PR job


As the field of science journalism has contracted, the science PR industry has grown to fill the vacuum.  Consequently, churnalism is now common in science reporting too.  Its not just the private, profit-driven media that’s effected. Another speaker, Dr. Felicity Mellor of Imperial College, reported that even in the BBC up to 75% of science stories were sourced directly from press releases. But as long as good science is getting featured in major media outlets, is this a bad thing?

If you hold the BBC to an objective standard, it will always fail 100% of the time.

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So – hackademics, funded by the taxpayer regardless of public interest, are lying to the unprofessional media (BBC) also funded by the taxpayer, to justify their lies (propaganda)… allowing them to continue funding from the taxpayer?

….Isn’t this illegal? Isn’t this fraud? Criminal fraud.

Proof the Left’s posturing on “inequality” is a lie


Gee, what a shocker. If people are allowed to enjoy the rewards that accrue from serving the needs of others in the marketplace, they’ll have more incentive to be productive. That sounds like a good system, particularly compared to places where success is penalized.

So, capitalism works. Just read the whole thing.

In other news, social sciences are left-wing biased; (over 90% liberal researchers, ya think???)


Crap article, good links.




Great series, actually;


4/5 needs moar data

Greater left wing bias in the news could be coming


…Only public revelation of this type of systemized anti-conservative bias in social media management provides any leverage against it. The people who are trying to purge the Web of conservative opinion, the liberals who are trying to silence conservative voices online, know full well that what they are doing is both hypocritical and wrong, but this is part and parcel of how progressives think. To the progressive, any opinion he or she dislikes is not just incorrect, but evil and bad. It must be eliminated. To the liberal, there is only one side of any issue: the correct side. Anyone who dares to come to an opposing conclusion is a dangerous moron whose behavior must be controlled and who should probably be jailed for various crimes, to include political incorrectness, hate speech (where hate speech is defined as the expression of any opinion a progressive does not like) and “climate change denying” (to name only a few).

It’s the same reason Google recently announced plans to change how it weighs search results to factor in Google’s left-leaning opinion about how “true” the websites are.
DuckDuckGo numbers are up, incidentally.

Study: Liberal Privilege in Academia


This comment is in two parts. The first presents some implications of Inbar and Lammers’ (2012, this issue) findings by making salient many of the advantages and privileges enjoyed by scientists when they extol the moral and intellectual superiority of liberals, liberal beliefs, liberal attitudes, and liberal policy preferences over conservatives, conservative beliefs, conservative attitudes, and conservative policy preferences. The second part of this comment refutes (or, at least, vigorously contests) some of the most common arguments that have attempted to defend social psychology from charges of unscientific and distorting liberal biases.

Full PDF here: http://lesacreduprintemps19.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/liberal-privilege.pdf

Article: 10 lessons for the corrupt ‘journalists’ in #gamergate


My shorter version;
#10 Anyone who knows what a 4chan is doesn’t buy a 4chan troll’s conveniently leaked and edited chatlogs.
#9 Calling anyone who disagrees with you a misogynist no longer works.
#8 No one gives a shit about pseudonym Zoe Quinn anymore, that was 2 weeks ago.
#7 #NotYourShield is being ignored by the very people who need to hear it.
#6 Blocking is not suitable professional retort from a journalist on their own ethics.
#5 Attacking gamers who pay you is not a wise career move.
#4 This is not going away, when you ban discussion, the Streisand Effect applies.
#3 This is a big issue if you bother to look into it, awards may have been rigged.
#2 These ‘bad’ people are actually doing the charity work and funding it.
#1 It’s being dragged into mainstream attention, and these ‘bloggers’ when questioned / ‘journalists’ when they want free stuff are being held accountable. We have won. These places are dead to the core demo, real gamers no longer trust them.

Polygon has also lost an advertiser as #GamerGate advocates emailed them with their concerns.

The most important thing to remember from all this is that gaming journalists need gamers, but gamers certainly don’t need them.