Circumcision and sensation

Male circumcision, loss of sensation

“Circumcision also ablates junctional mucosa that appears to be an important component of the overall sensory mechanism of the human penis.”

Arguably the most important structure.

Of the female partner’s (sub-par) experience

The difference in sexual behavior in men is the real reason.

Rise in ED in other studies, check.

Rise in masturbation (read: needing porn), oral, anal and anal with other men, all expected.

Needing lubricant is the big deal, that fact alone would increase the risk of STDs it supposedly prevents.

Women, and adult men who knew both, preferred the natural, complete set.
Well, yes, that’s how we evolved, well done.

“What is white?”

I knew I had the reference somewhere.
Racial allele gradients needn’t be precise to count for categorization, Sargon.
The absence of so-called discrete clusters would be expected WITHIN a species.
Race = sub-species.
The weasel word in the abstract is “major”.
The PDF is free.
Discontinuity is itself an arbitrary concept, depending how you crunch the numbers.

Don’t do ketones, kids

If you’ve seen the company product of liquid ketones by the company that doesn’t know why its name is so hilarious to those who misread it the first three times…

You might be tempted to think you can cheat your KB levels.

You cannot.

For the same reason wearing stilts doesn’t make you tall.

No longitudinal studies.

Usually when you supplement, you lose natural production ability. With NTs (neurotransmitters) your uptake suffers. Then there’s the chronic conditions, as here. There’s no such thing as a nootropic because intellectual performance is largely genetic – there’s no such thing as a free lunch either. At least organic food is a possible label.

You’re better off drinking detox (laxative) tea or eating activated charcoal.
That would trigger ketogenesis and you won’t need supplements.

Even if you missed out on your fullest genetic potential, you need to keep up ALL of the healthy habits to dial in the epigenetic side. No slacking. Ever. Most suckers purchasing supplements think it’s a cheat code. Your body isn’t as stupid as your mind.

If they’re trying to sell you shit, it’s a sale pitch, not science.

This is unnatural. This is literally the cause of fat people getting Type 2 – not sugar or fat. Ketones’ fuckwittery. Your body produces them only on a glucose (food) fast because having both slowly kills you. Unless you’re fasting the entire duration you take these into your body, in which case why are you still taking this, then you’ll frazzle it. You’re overloading it. Like an obese person. You can’t avoid glucose, it’s literally food. Glycemic spikes? Even in vegetables. Enjoy your celery.

They test athletes deliberately, those are not human diets nor human exercise routines.
They have eating disorders, especially orthorexia. Try it in a normal, middle-aged population and I might be impressed. It’s like testing donkey medication on a set of purebred horses.

Do men have hormone cycles?


Duh. Men are mammals. Obviously they do.

No excuse for gaslighting neither.

“Endocrinologist Peter Celec of Comenius University in Slovakia, thinks that men have a straight-up monthly hormonal cycle too. In 2002 he published a study showing that both men and women experience roughly lunar rhythms of testosterone; the levels in men’s saliva peaked dramatically on day 18 of a 30-day cycle. Celec’s findings have not been replicated or accepted in the field, yet he remains convinced: “I have searched the literature for negative findings, but I have not found anything.”

The powder-dry witticism at the end slayed me.

I won’t ruin it.

[chuckles in science]

r/K and Trivers’ Parental Investment Theory

I assume you know r/K, here is a paper direct from the source on the latter.
You’re smart enough to draw the connection here.

Promiscuity is bad for males.


Science. Evolution.

GTFO, haters. Either swallow the redpill data or quit pretending to care about the truth.

shrug lol toldyaso fuck you batemanhappy bateman

Also, evobio arguments about fertilization don’t apply to sterile sex.
For the same reason a man’s opinion on periods is baseless, they aren’t really having it.

DAT Table 7.1

Video: Greg Johnson’s ‘In defense of prejudice’

Pattern-seeking, also called patternicity, is innate to mammals.

It is a survival instinct.

We can no more switch it off than our perception of colour.

Ignore the patterns at your own peril.

When you recklessly imperil the lives of those around you, they’re going to perceive two threats.

Original Threat + Traitor

Where there one concept, there is its opposite.

Where there is loyalty, there is disloyalty.

Where there is safety, there is danger.

Endangering others? Makes you responsible too.

Scorpion and the Frog. A snake doesn’t change its nature.

As for the mathematics, this is truly probabilistic. I haven’t seen this application before but it’s dead-right. This is why social science has proven (and hates to admit) that stereotypes are mostly true. Prejudice being acting according to these, where there is individual information to the contrary that they are ‘not like that.’ Self-preservation and precaution (Christian prudence) are the psychologically healthy reactions to logical assessments of risk.