bioweapon blues

bioweapons are not one thing, they are also made in different batches so as to test for different effects, both in the disease progression itself and the subjects it affects e.g. targeting young people, targeting military age men in particular. A disease that wipes out the enemy army e.g. ONLY WHITE, young men, is priceless. Global domination in a bottle. But keep simping for Chicoms. I’m sure they love you really. Like they love their own children, enslaved in factories. BTW USA still pays them foreign aid. Land of the chicuck, home of the globalist simp.

“A 58 year-old MALE”

-race suspiciously not mentioned?

Releasing this before a war would almost ensure victory, if permitted to spread. They did write the Art of War.

And America is literally selling them the farms.

Ebola crisis: why is there bushmeat in the UK?

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We don’t know why West Africa is currently suffering from the largest outbreak of Ebola, but humans were almost certainly first infected through contact with “bush meat”.

In short:

Food critic Charles Campion, who has investigated the sale of bush meat in London markets, says that African immigrants buy the black-market meats for a taste of home.

Ebola is a Class A bioterror weapon.
These people are so stupid they know this and keeping eating it.

But carrying bush meat into Britain is illegal for health and safety reasons and to protect animal welfare. There’s no oversight into cleanliness of the meat, and the methods of transportation are often unsafe.

Well, at least they’re not keeping it around other people…

A 2010 investigation into bush meat in Europe found 270 tonnes coming through Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport alone. Researchers discovered 11 different types of bush meat from African forests, including whole sheep and calves that were wrapped in plastic and kept in holdalls during flights.

Once the bush meat arrives in Britain, street markets and Africa restaurants are thought to stock the black market goods, keeping them hidden under the counter for familiar customers. Six butchers and food stores in Ridley Road Market, Dalston, were discovered selling illicit rat meat by a BBC investigation in 2010, and Campion says he knows of Hendon restaurants that sell bush meat.

I think I may need to move.