What IF being gay is a choice?


 If a group rests its beliefs (in the case of creationism) or its moral standpoint (in the case of gay rights) on a set of claims which cannot be borne out by the evidence, then it risks losing its beliefs, or sacrificing its moral standpoint, when the facts can no longer be denied.

Literally all the legal framework they’ve built up so far would be torn down. The legal decisions rest on the evidence and arguments presented. When they lose the argument, the decisions are reversed.

That’s why I laughed at the “gay marriage” arguments – they believe it is indelible. Written in stone. Like the Constitution…. it cannot be changed.

Ah. Can you hear Orwell laughing?

If you deny sexual agency, you cannot consent.

Are polygyny, promiscuity, hypergamy and cuckoldry pathogenic?


Yes, why aren’t there studies of vaginal bacteria cultures? Doctors already take millions of samples.
I would also like to see male sample studies from STD checks to ascertain % transmission. As do the men, I would imagine.

Is this why feminists are insistent upon receiving oral? Subconsciously trying to pass on promiscuity or cuckoldry-causing strains?

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This is too much of a fuck-mind to consider all at once. It sounds scarily probable.